Review George GVE370-2 Hoover 3-1 Cylinder Vacuum

Every carpet needs a wash at some point in its life, and the George hoover GVE370-2 might be just the piece of kit to get the job done. 

As a dog owner and someone who often finds themselves taking part in some serious muddy walks, I was keen to see if this machine was able to combat the carpeted mess that was at my front door – and I had high hopes for another Numatic success. 


Honestly, I wasn’t disappointed, and this is because Numatic always ensures that each model of vacuum cleaner (or carpet cleaner) that they release is the best it can be. Plus, there is so much more to this machine than the three functions it claims to come with.

In actual fact, we could easily say that there are more – something you will find out about when you read this George hoover review. It’s time to relax and take a few moments to see if this is going to be the model for you.

Review Summary


Product Name:

George GVE370-2

Product Type:

Wet / dry vacuum


Around £200


Whether you’ve spilt milk or have a full-on kitchen flood to deal with, the George hoover GVE370-2 makes the perfect vacuum cleaner for every situation – whether it’s a wet one or a dry one. Powerful and robust, it’s everything Numatic stands for and more.

Presenting the George GVE370-2


The Numatic GVE370-2 is the perfect vacuum cleaner for those that are in search of something that is powerful, reliable, and built to last. It promises to keep up with whatever happens in your home, and that its lower wattage won’t let you down.

In fact, you are likely to be surprised by just how powerful this little creation can be, and also how effective its cleaning is.
However, if you need a vacuum cleaner that is able to expertly deal with pet hair and other fibres, you should try having a look at the Harry Hoover HHR200-11, which we have written a full review on.

It was designed to deal with pets and all the fluff they leave behind. While the Numatic GVE370-2 does do a good job with hair, it’s not as powerful as the Harry model. 

  • Pros & Cons

  • Features

  • Specification


  • Long cord and hose
  • Easy bag replacement
  • Easy tank filling
  • Easy to use
  • Separates dirty and clean water
  • Great accessories and tools
  • Comes with Numatic shampoo
  • Quiet running


  • It is quite heavy and bulky
  • Does require more effort on carpets

Features and Benefits

Power & Design

Overall, the George hoover GVE370-2 offers a superb level of suction and power, both in wet and dry-cleaning modes. It is quick and effective, and offers the level of power that you would expect from a Numatic vacuum cleaner.

The wattage is higher than most of the models in the collection, but this is because it needs the extra strength for the wet cleaning mode, which offers two bars of pressure.

There are two different function buttons for you to use when cleaning your home, and each of them features a waterproof cover to ensure that no damage is caused to the machine. 

There is a power button, as well as a wet and dry one, so you can select which cleaning mode you want to be in. It is very quick and simple to switch between cleaning modes, eliminating any extra hassle.

Expert Tip

If you lose track of time while cleaning up a flooded kitchen or forget to check the tank levels, don’t worry. When the machine fills up with water, a flotation ball will cut off the suction – so you can’t cause any leaks or damage to your machine through overfilling.

Interestingly, this model of Numatic wet/dry cleaner uses the old floor head for regular vacuuming. This still has the foot operated switch to go between floor types, but also features the metal baseplate and no side cleaning brushes.

It does, however, come with the new parking slot for the main floor head on the back of the machine. This is perfect for storage or when you are taking a quick break. The George vacuum GVE370-2 comes with two hoses, one for wet cleaning and one for dry.

george numatic

While you can use the dry hose for wet cleaning, it is important to make sure that it is dry before you use it for regular cleaning again otherwise you will end up with a very dirty hose.

The wet hose is longer, ad it has the solution tube moulded to the outside, which is different from previous models as they had it on the inside.

The George vacuum GVE370-2 comes with Numatic brand shampoo, but when you run out it should be noted that other brands can be used as Numatic is not widely available.

The tank is incredibly easy to fill (it fits in the sink) and slot back into the machine. Plus, there is a flotation ball in the pump that will ensure suction is cut off if the tank becomes too full when you are cleaning up liquid messes.

The pump also features a mesh filter to prevent any unwanted debris from entering. While this is stated as a 3-in-1 vacuum cleaner, you could easily say that there are actually five functions to choose from (each of which is talked about in this review):

  • Dry vacuum cleaner
  • Wet vacuum cleaner
  • Carpet shampooing
  • Upholstery shampooing
  • Floor washing (different solution)

The bent handle comes with two extension tubes for you to use, helping you reach high areas when you are dry vacuuming.

The trigger for the solution when wet vacuuming is in a very convenient location, so you don’t have to reach to get it, and the cord measures at an excellent 10m. It is stored externally, but in a way that won’t cause annoyance and is easy to tidy up.

Safety Tip

Before you suck up any wet messes, make sure it has been put to the correct setting. It can damage the machine if you suck up a lot of liquid when it is in the dry setting. Similarly, do not clean up dry mess when it is in the wet setting.

Effectiveness When Cleaning Stairs

The George vacuum GVE370-2 has a hose that is slightly longer than most Numatic machines, and as a result, it can just about reach the top of a standard flight of stairs. This means that when you go to vacuum them, it should be a safe experience.

However, the option to purchase a longer hose separately still remains. When you do go to clean the stairs, using the vacuum cleaner accessory kit will help you to achieve the best possible cleaning results.

It makes the process easy to use, but the tools also work effectively to remove all of the dirt and grime from your stairs. You can read more about the attachments later in this review. 

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george hoover vac

Weight and Handling

The George vacuum GVE370-2 is heavier than other Numatic vacuum cleaners, and this is both because it is larger, but also due to the fact that when the tank is full of water, the weight is largely increased.

However, it is quite easy to store away when not being used, which makes it a little more compact than an upright vacuum cleaner. It also has a parking slot for the head to slide into.

Despite the added weight, the handling is still quite easy, and the wheels mean that you won’t feel the weight as much when you are vacuuming the home.

The tools and attachments are easy to use, and this helps to make the overall handling easier. Plus, there is an excellent cleaning radius so that you have enough space to clean effectively. 

Dust Capacity

This lean and green machine has an excellent capacity for both wet and dry removals. When you are using it as a regular vacuum cleaner, it has a nine-litre bag capacity.

For wet vacuuming, however, the tank has a 15-litre capacity that can tackle even the worst kitchen or bathroom floods. It ensures that your home will remain both clean and dry.

Did You Know

When it comes to floor washing (which is different from carpet washing), the results are actually often better than those produced by a steam cleaner. This kind of vacuum cleaner works excellently as a carpet cleaner, regular vacuum, and a way to keep your floors perfectly shiny and clean.


When looking at the vacuum cleaner bags, they are the new Numatic HepaFlow ones, and this material is much stronger than the former paper bags.

This means that even when you overfill the bag, it is not likely to burst. Additionally, it has a new and very secure seal to ensure that those with asthma and allergies are protected from potential reactions.

It comes with a total of dour dust bags. The filter is also excellent, and it is used during dry vacuuming.

It is a standard Numatic one, but it slots nicely into the machine and captures the vast majority of dust and allergens – preventing them from being pushed back into the air. It is also easy to access, and you can clearly see when it is becoming full or in need of cleaning.

Cleaning Different Floor Types

The George vacuum GVE370-2 works as both a wet and dry vacuum cleaner, as we have already established, and as such, it is important to note how it cleans in both modes. First, we will look at how it did when dry vacuuming the home (one of the five total functions). 

When it comes to carpet, it is definitely powerful. However, you might need to run it over the same spot a couple of times to get everything up. The reason for this is that it can have a little trouble with smaller particles and debris, which means it needs a little effort to really bring it up.

However, it works wonderfully for the larger chunks. However, when working with hard floors, it works absolute wonders. There is the usual snowplough effect with the main head, which is where the debris is pushed forwards, but this is down to the design of the brush.

george hoover on floor

To tackle the large debris, all you need to do is lift the head slightly so that you can suck it all up and the job is done. However, with small debris, there is no issue at all.

Next, we can see how it did with cleaning the home in wet mode. As a wet cleaner sucking up spillages from the floor, it works very quickly and effectively to remove all the moisture from the ground on both carpets and hard floors.

The suction power is excellent, and it certainly ensures that nothing is left behind. You can use it to shampoo carpets using the fishtail attachment (which we talk about below). It’s brilliant for removing stains from carpets and mats, but it does require a little extra effort for a thorough shampooing job.

So, if you are prepared to put some elbow grease into it, you can rest assured that your carpets will be scrubbed to perfection. The fishtail attachment will also leave the carpet touch dry and does an excellent job of removing excess liquid.

For hard floors, it is also very effective. We talk about the hard floor head below, but to give you a little more detail it actually has two sides. There is a squeegee side and a scrubbing side, allowing you to give you hard floors the clean they deserve.

You can spray the shampoo onto the floor and then agitate the solution, ensuring that all of the dirt is lifted. The squeegee side can then be used before you suck all of the dirty water up. It works better than a steam cleaner, and the stiff brushes work wonders for vinyl and tiled floors. 

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The George vacuum GVE370-2 comes with a setoff standard Numatic attachments for vacuum cleaners, so you can make your dry vacuuming tasks easier to complete. The crevice tool is there to reach every nook and cranny in your home, so that every inch and corner can be left clean.

The dusting brush has been designed for gentler cleaning on more delicate areas such as coffee tables and bannisters. I like to use it on my kitchen floor as it helps to pick up smaller debris and also leave it with a great shine. Finally, you have the all-purpose nozzle.

This comes with a removable brush, and the attachment has been designed to deal with your stairs and furniture to make things easier for you.

Additionally, the adapter for the hose means that you are able to attach it directly instead of on the end of the handle for smaller and more confined spaces.

Henry Hoover Attachments and Tools

You can buy additional dry vacuum cleaner tools separately. When it comes to attachments for wet use, there are also a couple.

The fishtail carpet cleaner attachment is for use on carpet (as we mentioned earlier) and it is great for shampooing and scrubbing carpets, removing stains effectively and quickly. 

There is also the upholstery nozzle, which actually has a commercial level of power – so, if you own a valeting business, this could actually work perfectly for you. It’s a heavy-duty piece of kit and will work wonders on both your furniture and the interior of your car.

Plus, it’s an easy attachment to operate. Finally, you have the hard floor head that we previously mentioned.

This can be used to really scrub your hard floors, and it attaches easily for perfect cleaning results. You can learn more about how effectively it cleans by reading the previous section.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this George hoover review guide has given you a little more information on how it works, and also shown you just how it can assist you when cleaning up messes of every consistency in your home.

It’s a sturdy and robust model to have around, and one that is a lot more versatile than it may first appear.

Of course, it can be a little bulky, and it does need extra effort on carpet, but when combined with the excellent tools and accessories that it comes with, you don’t need anything else.

It can tackle wet, dry, and everything in between without even trying. It’s an all in one machine that has a lot it can offer you.

Plus, as we mentioned before in our george hoover review, there are definitely five functions as opposed to three. Overall, it’s one that I would recommend, and one that we stand behind fully.

What did you think of our George hoover review? Do you agree with our thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. 

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