Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 vs V11

The Dyson cordless range. It’s a selection of vacuum cleaners that has grabbed attention from the day the Dyson V6 was placed on shelves.

Over the years, we have watched as Dyson continues to improve their technology, creating better and more effective vacuum cleaners that are made to impress, but also clean efficiently. 

But this leads us to the ultimate question – which of these vacuum cleaners is the best? Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 vs V11? The mind instantly jumps to the latest model Dyson V11. After all, it is the newest, has the most tech, and is rather good at all household tasks. 

However, jumping to conclusions rarely ends well. Will the Dyson V11 stand out as the king, or will one of its predecessors take you by surprise?  Read on as we compare the full V cordless range from Dyson

dyson v7 vs v8 vs 10 vs v11

Jump Straight to The Head to Head Test Results

The Dyson V6

Dyson V6

There are three models that you will find in the Dyson V6 range. These are the Motorhead, Total Clean, and Animal. It is the original Dyson cordless, and you’ll find that it’s still a fantastic machine despite there being several new models in the V series. It’s small, compact, and ready to go.

Dyson no longer offer the model via their website, and is discontinued, you can though get some deals on a refurbished model for under £150, check these deals here.


  • Exceptional cleaning power
  • Quick charge period
  • Brilliant filtration system
  • Lightweight and easy to handle


  • It’s quite loud
  • Short running time
ModelV6 Motorhead, Total Clean, Animal
Detachable HandheldYes
Length120 cm
Width25 cm
Weight2.03 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.4 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

The Dyson V7

Dyson V7

Weirdly, the Dyson V7 is actually the third range in the V series. It came after the Dyson V8 and was designed to be a comfortable balance between the Dyson V6 and Dyson V8.

There are three models, the Dyson V7 Total Clean, Dyson V7 Animal, and Dyson V7 Motorhead. It’s a great vacuum and one that does an awesome job.


  • Good battery life
  • Great suction and cleaning power
  • Lightweight design for easy cleaning
  • Nice selection of tools


  • Not every model comes with HEPA filtration
  • Can be quite noisy
ModelV7 Total Clean & Animal & Motorhead
Detachable HandheldYes
Length124.5 cm
Width25 cm
Weight2.47 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.4 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

The Dyson V8

Dyson v8

The Dyson V8 only has two models – the Dyson V8 Absolute and the Animal. However, there is also the Animal Extra, which comes with an additional accessory.

It’s one of the best cordless machines that they have designed, with a long battery life that puts it ahead of the Dyson V6 and Dyson V7. Not to mention that it has some brilliant tools that will make cleaning a lot easier.


  • Good battery life
  • Simple emptying system
  • Excellent filtration and sealing
  • Nice selection of accessories


  • Very long charge period
  • Short run time on boost mode
ModelV8 Absolute & Animal
Detachable HandheldYes
Length124.5 cm
Width25 cm
Weight2.6 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.54 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

The Dyson V10

Dyson V10 Cordless Vacuum

There are three models in the Dyson V10 range. These are the Dyson V10 Absolute, Dyson V10 Animal, and Dyson V10 Total Clean.

This is the first cordless Dyson to adopt the new design, which includes a much larger bin capacity as well as a bigger battery. Despite this, it remains just as easy to handle as the previous V series models.


  • Long battery life and quick charge time
  • Large bin capacity
  • Superb filtration system
  • Great tools and features


  • Cannot swap the battery out
  • Bin emptying can be a little stiff
ModelV10 Absolute, Total Clean, Animal
Detachable HandheldYes
Length125 cm
Width24 cm
Weight2.65 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.76 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

The Dyson V11

dyson v11

This is the latest cordless model from Dyson, and it is one of the most impressive. With new tech advancements and features, it is certainly a step ahead of its predecessors.

The build and handling might be the same as the Dyson V10, but there are some noticeable differences.


  • Long battery life and quick charge time
  • Large bin capacity
  • Superb filtration system
  • Great tools and features


  • Cannot swap the battery out
  • Long charge period
ModelV11 Absolute & Animal
Detachable HandheldYes
Length128.5 cm
Width25 cm
Weight3.05 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.76 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 vs V11 Side-by-Side Test Results

Are you ready for what’s to come? In the sections that follow, we will be looking at each vacuum cleaner in detail – testing key areas to see how they perform.

This will include things like battery life, cleaning power, and how effective they are at cleaning different surfaces.

We bring you all of the details, complete with carefully tested and researched facts and figures to show you whether or not each vacuum cleaner is going to be effective for your home.

Dyson Battery/Run-Time

auto boost eco

Our Run-Time Test Results

We needed to get precise results for this, which means preparing the stopwatch for some serious testing.

After making sure the vacuum cleaner was fully charged, we held down the trigger and didn’t let go until it ran out.

We then repeated this on each power setting and for each of the models in the V series.

We used the Direct Drive cleaner head for each of these tests, although the Dyson v11 torque drive.

This means that the results may vary by a minute or so if you are using the Dyson v11 torque drive, but it won’t make a massive difference.

As a general note, you will get better battery life when using the non-motorised attachments, like the crevice tool.

Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V6 (Eco)16.5 Mins
V6 (High/Boost)6.5 Mins
Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V7 (Eco)23.5 Mins
V7 (High/Boost)6.5 Mins
Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V8 (Eco)27 Mins
V8 (High/Boost)8 Mins
Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V11 (Eco)55 Mins
V11 (Medium)45 Mins
V11 (High/Boost)13 Mins
Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V10 (Eco)40 Mins
V10 (Medium)20 Mins
V10 (High/Boost)7 Mins

So, let’s take a look at the results. As you can see, the Dyson V6 and Dyson V7 have the shortest battery life, and the Dyson V8 is where we start seeing an improvement on this front. The V6 goes for just under 20 minutes and the Dyson V7 for a little less than 30.

However, if you have a small or even a medium home, you should be able to get a good cleaning job done.

Even the boost modes, both of which are less than 10 minutes, should be adequate for tough dirt and fluff.

The Dyson V8 goes for around 30 minutes (although you will find that it lasts for nearly 40 minutes with a non-motorised tool) and the boost mode is less than ten minutes like the Dyson V6 and Dyson V7.

However, this running time tends to be perfect for cleaning a small or medium home thoroughly.

The Dyson V10 massively improves the battery life, and it can go for a whole hour without the motorised cleaner head.

When using it normally, however, you get an excellent 4 minutes on eco, 20 for standard, and seven for a boost.

These are all excellent numbers and more than enough to clean pretty much any home comfortably.

The Dyson V11 takes things a step further, with a running time of just under an hour on the eco mode, 45 minutes on standard, and 13 on boost.

Even large homes can be cleaned in a relaxed manner with this vacuum cleaner, and it really has improved on previous models.

Winner: Dyson v11

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Dyson Charge Time

auto battery

This is an important factor because the amount of time it takes to charge has an impact on the frequency of use each day. The Dyson V6, V7, and V10 all have the same charge time of 2.5 hours.

This is interesting because the Dyson V10 also has a larger battery and a longer running time, so the new technology Dyson developed was able to contribute to a shorter charge period.

3.5 Hours3.5 Hours5 Hours
3.5 Hours4.5 Hours

The Dyson V8 took us all by surprise with its incredible 5 hour charge period, and it’s the biggest flaw for this model.

The Dyson V11 is better, but not by much, with a 4.5 hour charge time so that you have a little less to wait before you can use it again. 

However, with the Dyson V6, Dyson V7, and Dyson V8, it is possible to swap the batteries out.

This is a feature many users loved, but it was removed in the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11.

While this means you can’t double the running time, Dyson also claims they have been able to create a battery that lasts a good 15 years before losing charge. So far, that claim seems to stand true for the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11.

Winner: Dyson V6, V7, and V10

Dyson Cleaning Power

Dyson v10 combination tool

How does a mini soft dusting brush compare in terms of cleaning power? After all, you want a machine that is able to clean your home effectively.

The Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11 all have something to offer that makes them tempting choices for any home. 

The Dyson V6 started things off with incredible suction power that caused other cordless machines to pale in comparison.

Despite many new models having been released since it still holds its own as a capable and powerful machine. 

The Dyson V8 was technically the next model to come out, and this has an impressive 20% more suction power than its predecessor.

It’s a respectable amount, and certainly enough to sway those who were interested in upgrading their current Dyson.

The Dyson V7, on the other hand, has 75% more power than the V6 making it an absolute powerhouse in comparison. 

The Dyson V10 doesn’t disappoint, with 30% more suction power than previous models in the V series.

Not only that, but it’s the first cordless vacuum cleaner from Dyson that can give a corded machine a run for its money on carpets. 

The Dyson V11 takes it further, increasing suction power by 32% when compared to the Dyson V10. This one is also able to replace a corded vacuum on carpets; an impressive feat.

airflow test

Our Airflow Test Results

Airflow relates to suction power, and therefore cleaning ability, so it is an important feature to measure.

To test it, we used the machine in its full build with both the wand and cleaner head attached as this is how it is used most of the time. 

The figures in the table below are measured in CFM (Cubic Feet per Minute), and this is also referred to as Airflow.

Air Flow ( Low Setting)n/a16 CFM16.5 CFM15 CFM23 CFM
Air Flow (Auto/Medium Setting)n/an/an/a21 CFM27 CFM
Air Flow ( High/Boost Setting)n/a26 CFM27 CFM34 CFM48.5 CFM

As you can see from the figures on the table, the Dyson V11 has once again come out as the top model. It has the best airflow, which makes for better cleaning and suction.

Winner: Dyson v11

Every single Dyson cordless uses cyclonic technology; it’s a Dyson staple. The cyclones installed in each vacuum cleaner are there to keep things running smoothing, ensuring dirt and debris makes its way straight to the bin as opposed to being sprayed around the interior of the machine.

It’s all about keeping things contained as well as ensuring they are clean.

What cyclonic technology also does is provide fade-free suction. What this means is that you won’t lose any suction as the bin fills up (even past the MAX line) or the battery runs low.

So, why don’t we take a quick look at how the Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11 work around the home?

Carpets. A cordless vacuum cleaner will often have a hard time with carpets because they simply haven’t got the power needed for a deep clean. Unfortunately, this is the case with the Dyson V6, Dyson V7, and Dyson V8.

They are fantastic at cleaning carpets, but they can’t get deep into the fibres like the Dyson V10 and Dyson V11. These three are good, but the newer models are definitely better.

The direct drive cleaning head is great for working out dirt and grime from the carpet efficiently, and because the Dyson V10 has increased suction power it means that it can get deeper into the fibres.

The Dyson v11 torque drive is able to give carpets the deep clean they need and deserve. It can collect more dirt and hair than its predecessors, which is what we like.

floor head dyson

Our Low-Pile Carpet Test Results

This is an essential test, and in order to perform it we took precisely 100g of household debris and spread it across a nice 1.5m strip of carpet.

Our chosen debris contained stuff that resembled the same textures you usually find in the home: chilli flakes, cheerios, loose black tea, and flaxseed – all that good stuff. 

Once it was done, we performed a 10 second pass over the area with every vacuum cleaner and in each power setting to see how it performed.

Afterwards, we weighed the contents of the vacuum to see the percentage that was collected. 

Low Setting95%99.3%98.6%95%97%
Auto Settingn/an/an/a98.5%99%
Boost Setting99%99.53%99.3%99.5%99.5%

As you can see, every model actually did a great job of collecting debris from the carpet. Interestingly, the Dyson V7 and Dyson V11 have very similar results and were a close choice for us.

The Dyson V11 might be better for deep cleaning, but the Dyson V7 takes the title by the skin of its teeth for this one.

Winner: Dyson V7 (Only Just)

Hard Floors. The Direct Drive cleaner head is fantastic on all floor types, and it works well on hard floors.

It’s particularly good at cleaning crevices, sucking up all the dirt and dust in one pass.

Similarly, the v11 torque drive does a great job, and it is also very effective with crevice cleaning; both make brilliant hard floor choices.

However, you also have some models in each range that come with a Fluffy cleaner head, more on which models later.

It’s the same attachment across every V series model, and it has a lot to offer. It’s so gentle on hard floors, and this makes it perfectly suited to things like delicate wood, laminate, and vinyl.

While it is soft on these surfaces, the cleaning power isn’t compromised. It tough on dust and dirt, collecting everything effortlessly – even if the debris is really chunky like some old cereal that you forgot to pick up (we’ve all done it).

Our Hardwood Floor Test Results

dyson hih torque

So, this test uses the same conditions as the carpet one. We used laminate hard floors because this is the most commonly used in the UK.

Once again, it was a ten second pass for each vacuum cleaner using each power setting

Low Setting100%100%100%100%100%
Auto Settingn/an/an/a100%100%
Boost Setting100%100%100%100%100%

As you can see,the results are not only impressive but also identical between the two vacuum cleaners. As a note, this was while using the Fluffy cleaner head

Winner: Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11

Dysons on Stairs

Every single model in the V series can be used to tackle the stairs effortlessly. This is because they can be transformed into handheld vacuum cleaners that are able to tackle all the difficult areas, like the stairs as well as the furniture and car interiors.

Each model comes with a mini motorised tool, and this is pretty much like a shrunken version of the main cleaner head.

It’s nice and compact for stair cleaning, and it is very effective and getting all the dirt and hair out of the carpets or upholstery.

There is no real difference between the tools in each V series range, except that the design is a little different on the newer models.

Winner: Dyson V6, V7, V8, V10, and V11

Our Pet Hair Tests from Dyson

pet attchment pet

Pet hair needs to be tackled, because when it builds up it doesn’t just smell, it can also trigger allergic reaction as well as asthma attacks.

So, we went all out and got ready to test the performance of each vacuum cleaner with pet hair. 

What we did was grab exactly 100g of pet hair and comb it into a five foot section of low-medium pile carpet. When I say comb, I really mean it.

When that was done, we went over it using the Direct Drive cleaner head for 20 seconds on boost mode. 

The pickup was fantastic, and you will be able to see that the Dyson V8 and V11 performed equally well in each setting with the mini soft dusting brush helping to remove all the pet hair with ease. 

After the experiment, there was no visible pet hair remaining. We made sure to run a window blade through the carpet afterwards to check for hidden and embedded pet hair that may have been missed.

Pet Hair Pickup (Eco/Low)85%90%90%89%90%
Pet Hair Pickup (Auto/Medium)n/an/an/a98%98%
Pet Hair Pickup (Boost/High)97.5%99.5%99.9%99%99.9%

Of course, we carried out the tests in every mode available for each vacuum cleaner.

It revealed that auto and boost modes were the best at removing hair from carpets. 

The eco setting (for those that have three settings) did not perform nearly as well, but using the eco mode on pet hair isn’t really advised because it doesn’t have massive amounts of suction.

Winner: Dyson v8 and v11

Dyson Filtration


The Dyson V6, Dyson V8, Dyson V10, and V11 cordless vacuum cleaners all use the same filtration system, which leaves no need for comparison between these four models.

They use HEPA filters, and these are able to collect particles that are as small as 0.03 microns – and 99.7% of dust and allergens. 

They also have a sealed system, which means contaminated air is not going to escape back into your home when pushed through the filter.

It’s interesting because a lot of vacuum cleaners have a very poor sealing system, and it is not healthy for those with asthma and allergies. All four of the mentioned models have a fully sealed system. 

So what makes the Dyson V7 different? Well, the Animal is the same as the models we just mentioned, but the Motorhead and Total Clean are not. These two only come with a lifetime filter, which is a lot less effective. 

It does a decent job, but it’s not nearly as good as a HEPA filter and so is not suitable for those with asthma or allergies.

If you suffer from either of these, keep away from the Dyson V7 Total Clean and Motorhead.

Our Filtration Test Results

We used a particle test meter for this experiment, and it means that we test the air in the environment before the main test, and then again after we have been sucking up dust for 15 seconds.

We use special international approved dust from DMT for our testing process. You can see the results in the table below.

Air Particle Test ( Our rating %)98.5%98.5%100%99.5%100%

It’s fantastic news for those who have asthma and allergies, as there is no need for them to worry about dust and pollutants in the air while cleaning.

It should be noted that the Dyson V7 is the least effective though, and it’s worth keeping in mind when you are shopping.

Winner: Dyson v8 and v11

Dyson Noise levels

Before we say anything else, let us reassure you that each of the models in the Dyson V series have noise levels below the EU maximum of 80db.

So, you don’t need to worry about potentially listening to a lawnmower while you are cleaning. 

The Dyson V6 is the noisiest model out of them all, coming in close to that 80db mark.

The Dyson V7 took things down a notch and hovers a couple of decibels lower.

The Dyson V8 is a further improvement on this, and it really brings it towards that comfortable 70db.

The Dyson V10 is a fraction louder than the Dyson V8, and the Dyson V11 makes its mark as the quietest vacuum cleaner of them all. 

Our Noise Test Results

Using a decibel meter that was set three feet away from the vacuum cleaner, we tested the volume of it while running.

As a note, this test was performed with both the wand and main cleaner head attached for the most accurate results.

Low Setting68.56562.263.2Db63.6 Db
Auto Settingn/an/an/a71.4Db68.4 Db
Boost Setting767471.772.5Db71.2 Db

Winner: Dyson v11

Dyson V7 vs V8 vs V10 vs V11 Tech Features

So, this is an interesting section. We’ll start off by saying that the Dyson V6 and Dyson V7 don’t have any tech features.

They are pretty standard cordless stick vacuum cleaners, and they do a great job. They just don’t have any fancy tech to go with it.

The Dyson V8 doesn’t have loads either, but it does have one that is certainly worth noting.

It has an LED indicator light that will let you know when it starts running low on charge, but also how the charging process is going when you have it plugged in.

It sits at the base of the handle so that you can see it clearly, and there are multiple lights with different meanings. Here’s a quick guide to them:

  • Solid Blue: charging
  • Flashing Blue: not charging. Try another socket or readjust the charger
  • No Light: charging complete
  • Solid Amber: temporary fault, such as too hot/cold
  • Flashing Red: fault, contact Dyson for assistance
  • Flashing Red and Blue: fault, contact Dyson for assistance

The Dyson V10 also has this light, but it has changed a little. Instead of having one light, there are now three lights that will show you roughly how much battery is left.

It will also light up slowly while charging so that you can keep an eye on the power levels. This light is found on the handle.

Additionally, there was an extra light added to this so that you can see when the filter needs to be cleaned.

It will also light up if there is a blockage in the main airway of the vacuum cleaner.

This helps you to keep on top of maintenance, and also ensure your machine is running smoothly.

It’s the Dyson V11 that really caused jaws to drop though, and it certainly took us five steps into the future with some truly exciting tech features.

If you look at the Dyson V11 Animal, you will see an LED screen on the butt of the main body where the filter is located.

This has three bars that will show you roughly how much battery is left. There is also a button that will let you switch between power settings, as well as an indicator for the filter as well as any blockages.

The Dyson V11 got futuristic on us, and it has provided us with some great tech. We’ll start with the Animal because it is a little different here.

On the butt of the main cleaner head where the filter is, you have an LED screen that has the three-bar battery indicator to show you roughly how much is left.

The Dyson V11 Absolute ups the game, and it has a snazzy LCD screen instead. The button for choosing the power mode is still there, but the display is different.

It will show you exactly how much time you have left in the form of a countdown clock, and it helps you to make the most of cleaning as well as changing the time remaining according to the setting you are using.

On top of that, there is a filter and blockage display, but this is a little more high-tech than you might be expecting.

The LCD screen will show you a video clip of where the problem is likely to be, as well as the ways in which you can fix it.

This means that for a filter cleaning, it will show you where the filter is and how you can remove it.

If there is a blockage, it shows all the different places where the blockage might be and how you can access them to remove it.

The excitement in the office over this feature was pretty intense.

Dyson Size/Weight

dyson handheld body

Despite each of the V series ranges having slightly different sizes, they still remain very similar.

The Dyson V10 and Dyson V11 are the longest, and this can make them feel a little bulky in the beginning.

However, the weight is beautifully balanced to ensure that you don’t get fatigued while using them. Let’s take a closer look at the details.

Weight ( Full Unit with Floorhead)2.3 Kg2.47 Kg2.60 Kg2.65 Kg3.05 Kg
Weight (Hand Unit Only)1.25 Kg1.4 Kg1.6 Kg1.7 Kg2 Kg

The weight is pretty different across the board. The Dyson V6 is the lightest, and as the models advance they also become heavier.

It’s something that you do get used to quite quickly, and it certainly isn’t noticeable over time. 

However, if you do suffer from arthritis, the Dyson V11 might not be the best option for you as it is a lot heavier in comparison to the Dyson V6.

It’s something to consider carefully before you make the leap.

Our Weight Test Results

We like to be helpful, and what better way to do so than taking every Dyson cordless we have apart, weighing it, putting it back together, and weighing it again.

The figures in the table below show you how much both the full and handheld versions weigh so that you can make an informed choice – and we always make sure our results are precise.

Weight ( Full Unit with Floorhead)2.3 Kg2.47 Kg2.60 Kg2.65 Kg3.05 Kg
Weight (Hand Unit Only)1.25 Kg1.4 Kg1.6 Kg1.7 Kg2 Kg

Winner: Dyson v6

Dyson Accessories

There are a lot of accessories to go through, especially when you are looking over six different vacuum cleaners.

To help make things clearer, we decided to put them all into a table for you. 

Take a look and see what comes with what, where the restrictions are, and which model comes with the best range of tools for your home.

Torque FloorheadNoNoNoNoYes (AbsoluteOnly)
Tool ClipNoNoNoNoYes
Direct Drive FloorheadYesYesYesYesYes (Animal Only)
Fluffy FloorheadYes (Total Clean Only)Yes (Total Clean Only)Yes (Absolute only)Yes (Absolute/Total Clean only)Yes (Absolute Only)
Mini Motorised ToolYes Yes (Total Clean and Animal)YesYesYes
Combination ToolYes YesYesYesYes
Stubborn Dirt BrushNoNoYes (Animal Extra)YesYes
Soft Dusting BrushNoYes (Total Clean)Yes (Absolute and Animal Extra)NoYes
Crevice ToolYesYesYesYesYes
Mattress ToolNoNoNoYes (Total Clean Only)No
Up-Top Adaptor NoNoNoYes (Total Clean Only)No
Docking StationYes

Winner: Dyson v10

So, the V10 is our winner here, and you’re probably wondering why. Every vacuum cleaner comes with some incredible tools, and there is no denying that any of them will be an asset to your home. What separates the V10 for us is the mattress tool and the adaptor. 

The former of these is amazing for getting rid of dust mites on the mattress, which is ideal for homes with those who have allergies to them. It’s just a little extra we wish every model had.

When you Should Buy the Dyson V6?

When should you buy the Dyson V6? What kind of situations make it the ideal machine for your home, and is it going to be the right choice for you?

  1. If you live in a small apartment or studio, the running time is perfect for zooming around.
  2. It’s small and compact, as well as surprisingly powerful. So you don’t have to worry about compromising on quality for a lower price.
  3. It’s the cheapest cordless Dyson out there. Since four other models have come out since this one was released, you can get it at a very good price of around £200

Check out the latest price for the Dyson V6 range here, or visit our Dyson deals page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

When you Should Buy the Dyson V7?

How about the Dyson V7? What are the key points that make this one worth picking up, and is it going to be the perfect match?

  1. It’s got the perfect runtime for apartments or small homes, and the charge time is nice and short if you want to use it more.
  2. It comes with great accessories to make cleaning easier for you, and the Animal model has superb filtration to top this off.
  3. It’s 75% more powerful than the Dyson V6, and that is a pretty mind blowing number. It’s worth it for the added suction power and cleaning capabilities. The Dyson V7 animal is priced around £300

Check out the latest price for the Dyson V7 range here or visit our Dyson deals page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

When you Should Buy the Dyson V8?

The Dyson V8 is where everything starts to change, and it still remains a popular choice for those new to the Dyson cordless range (as well as veterans). What makes it so special?

  1. It has a great running time that can easily tackle medium homes in very little time, and you could even push that to the slightly larger ones as well.
  2. It’s got incredible cleaning power despite being a couple of years older than the newer models, and it still holds its own when faced with carpets, hard floors, stairs, and pets.
  3. The filtration system is incredible, and it comes second as the best Dyson vacuum cleaner in our eyes. You also still have the option to switch the batteries out. Priced between £300-£375 depending on model.

Check out the latest price for the V8 range here or visit our Dyson deals page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

When you Should Buy the Dyson V10?

What makes the V10 so desirable? When should you buy it? Here are some quick points to help you out with that part.

  1. If you live in a medium (even a slightly larger) home, the running time is more than adequate to get the job done quickly.
  2. It has the best tool selection we’ve seen, with some that are exclusive to the V10 that we wish came with other models (looking at you, mattress tool).
  3. The V10 is actually quite reasonable in terms of price for a newer vacuum cleaner, and it makes for a more affordable version of the Dyson V11 that will still clean excellently. Priced around £400

Check out the latest price for the V10 range here or visit our Dyson deals page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

When you Should Buy the Dyson V11?

The Dyson V11 is our favourite for this guide, and it won the most sections with the Dyson V8 coming a very close second. Why should you buy the Dyson V11 though, and what makes it so good?

  1. Large homes and those with high traffic massively benefit from the incredible runtime that none of the previous Dyson cordless models can come close to.
  2. It actually deeps cleans carpets, and you could replace a corded vacuum with this one. Hugely improved airflow and powerful suction really contribute to the monstrous cleaning power offered by this model.
  3. It’s got loads of great tech that you can benefit from, and the screen is just the beginning. The Torque head on the Absolute is a marvel, and one that makes cleaning so much easier. The price can put many off though, with prices around £500 which has come down some since first release.

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