Shark NV602UKT Lift-Away Review

We Review Sharks Newest Entry Level Upright Vacuum & Put it Through Our Hands On Tests

The Shark NV602UK and NV602UKT are sleek, compact, and ready for action. It uses the iconic lift-away technology(more on that later) that makes Shark famous.

It supersedes the NV601UK/T, breathing new life into the brand so that your home can benefit from an updated model that will take your carpets by storm.

Got fluff balls living in your home? No problem, the Shark NV602UKT was designed to tackle pet hair.

Shark NV602 Review

Getting the chance to review this vacuum cleaner was definitely exciting, and I put in over 20 hours of testing to make sure the information you get is as accurate and reliable as possible. For this review we were able to pick up the Shark NV602UKT for £269.99.

Shark NV602UKT Lift-Away Review Summary

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Shark NV602 Lift-Away UK & UKT  

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Corded upright vacuum



  • Incredible suction that really gets into those annoying cracks and crannies power
  • Sucks up that large debris like a whale swallowing krill
  • Allergies? Asthma? No problem with this filtration system on the job
  • Wait, you have a dog? That’s what your guests will be asking; pet hair be gone!
  • Lift-Away to keep you mobile while you’re in the mood for vacuuming
  • So quiet you could fall asleep beside it
  • Its performance on laminate floors could be better

About the Shark NV602UK/T

The Shark NV602UK and NV602UKT are sleek, compact, and ready for action. It uses the iconic lift-away technology(more on that later) that makes Shark famous. It supersedes the NV601UK/T, breathing new life into the brand so that your home can benefit from an updated model that will take your carpets by storm. Got fluffballs living in your home? No problem, the Shark NV602UKT was designed to tackle pet hair.

Getting the chance to review this vacuum cleaner was definitely exciting, and I put in over 20 hours of testing to make sure the information you get is as accurate and reliable as possible. For this review we were able to pick up the Shark NV602UKT for £269.99.

Shark Lift-Away Upright Vacuum Cleaner NV601UK

Quick View of the Shark NV602UKT Specifications


  • Colour: Red
  • Product Weight: 5.25kg
  • Product Dimensions (cm): 28.5 x 26 x 118 cm
  • Cord Length: 8m
  • Floor Types: Carpets & hard floor
  • Capacity: 1.1L 
  • Wattage: 750W
  • Filter: Washable Filter Pre & Post
  • Hose Length: 67-145cm
  • Guarantee: 5 years
  • Barcode: 0622356235792

Shark NV602UK/T - Key Differences Explained

Shark NV601UK

While these are two separate models, there are actually more similarities than differences between them. I hear you, how are you meant to choose between them if they are practically the same? Well, the good news is that the differences will make… well, a difference. 

The key difference is that the NV602UK is the standard upright vacuum cleaner we know and love. The NV602UKT, on the other hand, has an additional pet tool that can be used to work out those tough hairs. That’s the big difference, yeah we know, maybe not that big, but if you have pets, it's certainly an important one. 

Both the NV602UK and the NV602UKT are black, but the detailing is different. The UK sports an electric blue that’s quite striking while the UKT has a fiery red that really stands out.Other than that, there is nothing else separating these two vacuum cleaners. 

Features and Benefits

Cord and Hose Length

The Shark NV602UKT has a classic 8m cord, which provides plenty of reach to get around the house. While a 10m cord is always the preference, there are also shorter ones out there, so 8m is a comfortable middle ground. You also get the benefit of a cable tidy on the back for neat and tidy storage. 

The hose is about average, sliding in at 1.5m. This is a little shorter than the impressive NV681UK/T, but this seems to be the case for most other Shark vacuum cleaners. It still offers you good reach and can clean the stairs, although it may struggle to reach the top.

Cleaning Power

Carpets. It’s a beast on carpets. An absolute unit, if you will. One session in the home , and I kid you not it was full to the max line with dirt and dust. The worst part? I had only vacuumed a few days before. It reached right down to the unknown depths and pulled all the filth out for me. 

The bristle brush is excellent, working the carpet while also remaining gentle on the fibres for a thorough cleaning. The only downside is that the brush bar can get blocked pretty easily, which makes it frustrating to clean when you have to open it up and cut the hair off.

From this standpoint it’s not as good as the higher ticket anti-hair wrap models such as the NZ801UK/T, that prevents any hair from getting tangled in the brush. However, the NV602UKT still remains superb at collecting fine dust and pet hair from carpets.

Our Low-Pile Carpet Test Results

Low-Pile Carpet Test Results

For this test, we whipped out a 1.5m strip of carpet and weighed 100g of debris. Our chosen debris represents what you would find in a typical home. Things like chilli flakes, some chunky cereal, flaxseed, and loose black tea. Next, we spread it evenly across the entire carpet.

We passed the vacuum over the carpet for ten seconds. This allowed it to collect the debris. Once this was done, we emptied the contents of the bin and weighed them to see how much was picked up. Take a look at the table below, pretty great right? 

100grams Mixed Contnets inc fine dust(see notes) (low)94%

Our Hardwood Floor Test Results

Hard Floors. Thankfully, there was little to no snowploughing, something I have found to be a recurring theme in some Shark upright vacuum cleaners. It did a decent job on hard floors, but it was lacking in the fine dust collection department.

Hardwood Floor Test Results

A lot of this stems from the fact that it doesn’t have the famous DuoClean that other Shark models, such as the NV702UK/T have. This means that there is no front roller for the collection of fine dust and debris. So, the results could definitely have been better with some boosted hard floor tech.

To help you understand how effective this model is, we took the most popular hard floor choice in the UK (laminate) and replicated the carpet rest above. The results table below shows you how effective it was at collecting dust, and where it is lacking.

Shark NV601UKT cleaning on Hardwood Floor

We repeated the conditions for the carpet test, except for the fact that we tested on laminate flooring instead. This is because it is the most common hard floor in the UK, and so made the most sense for our test.

You will see the results are good on the hard floors, but when you look at the models we have that include the soft roller, they are even better. 

100grams Mixed Contnets inc fine dust(see notes) (low)92%
Pet Hair (Scattered Pet Hair over 4 foot area)100%

Stairs. No problem, this model made cleaning stairs look like a walk in the park. The lift-away technology means that at the click of a button, I was able to lift the main body and work on the stairs. Nice and light in my hands, and with a long hose, I was done in no time at all. 

Shark NV601UKT cleaning Stairs in comfort

It’s not just great for stairs; you can also use it to slide under the furniture and get all those annoying dust bunnies as well as stray pet hairs. The suction in this form is great, and you’ll really see a difference to the stairs and those pesky hard to reach corners. 

You can get through floor to ceiling cleaning effortlessly as well. The wand is pretty lightweight, although it can leave a little strain on the wrists. The attachments clip on really easily and remain secure. Thanks to the length and versatility of the tools, I reached every corner.

Pets. So, this tool was flawless. Absolutely nothing to complain about here. It’s compact, but powerful, and made easy work of my dog’s bed. I didn’t stop there though; I used it on the carpet where there was really stubborn hair as well as the stairs.

If I had to pick one downside, it’s that this isn't a motorised pet tool like some other vacuum brands. However, it still did an exceptional job, and my home has never been so free from fluff. Certainly one of the best we have reviewed.

Our Pet Hair Tests

This test required us grabbing a strip of five-foot carpet. We then grabbed a load of pet hair, and I mean loads, and combed it nice and deep into the carpet. Then, we zipped the vacuum over the area for 20 seconds to see how much it collected.

Furthermore, we used a window blade to see what was left. The table below shows you just how well the Shark NV602UKT did.

Pet Hair ( Combed in Pet Hair over 4 foot area)99%

We will note that this is an extreme example. However, it is an effective way of showing you just how much this vacuum cleaner is able to remove.


What I have always liked about the Shark brand is their reliable filtration system. The NV602UKT uses the classic sponge filter with a foam seal, which is known as the Anti-Allergen Complete Seal. This locks in 99.9% of dust and allergens - which is pretty incredible. 

Shark Upright Filtration

Washing it is really simple as well. All you need to do is run it under cool water to rinse it, give it a gentle squeeze to get the dust out, and then leave it to dry completely before putting it back. Shark advises cleaning it every three months, but you’ll get the best results going monthly.

Near the motor, you will find the HEPA filter. This is sealed to ensure dust and particles don’t jump past and get into the motor. Handy extra? It muffles the sound of the machine too. Shark suggests giving it a clean once a year, but my recommendation is every six months to be safe.

Since it is a fully sealed system, it ensures that any air that goes through the machine is pushed through the filter and the exhaust. This keeps the system safe for allergy and asthma sufferers, pushing out clean air only so that your home has way less pollutants and allergens. 

Our Filtration Test Results

It was time to grab our particle test metre and used it to check how much dust was in the air before and after the vacuum cleaner was used to collect special international approved dust from DMT for 15 seconds. Below, you can check out our results.

Air Particle Test ( Our rating %)99.5%

Noise Levels

Smooth and quiet, you can vacuum in the mornings in total peace with noise levels that reach 70dB. The low sound levels make it a real blessing, and it remains under the legal volume level of 80dB. 

I will note that the pet tool brings the sound just over that 80dB mark, and it’s an absolute force of nature. It’s highly effective at cleaning, but you might want a pair of earmuffs for this part.

Our Noise Test Results

For this handy little test, we placed a decibel metre right in front of the vacuum cleaner, so around 3m from the main floorhead. The table below shows what we recorded when we turned it on and let it run. Definitely an improvement from the previous NV601UK/T

Noise ( Decibals) 70DB


I love the design of this vacuum cleaner; it’s way more compact than its predecessor the NV601UKT. The colours are great, the build robust and durable despite the fact that this is a smaller model. As a result, it’s the ideal size for sliding in the cupboard when I’m done. 

With regards to building the actual vacuum, it all snaps together really easily so that you can just get on with the job. It also has enough on-board tool storage for every tool that comes with it. This makes it way easier to clean the house as the tools are always on hand when you need.

Shark haven’t forgotten how much we like those little features either. The classic headlights are still on the front of the main floorhead, looking snazzier and more modern than ever. 

They do make all the difference when hunting for dust bunnies and loose hair. So its not just a useless feature.

Need access to the brush roll for cleaning? No problem. You just need to lift the plate from the main floorhead and you’re free to cut away all of the hair that has become wrapped around the bar. I’m always thankful for easy access brush bars. 

If you slide down the handle and to the main body, you will find the switch between hard floors and carpets, adjusting the suction accordingly. The power button is also next to them for easy access. Plus, the lift away and wand removal buttons are directly opposite, nice and close. 

Falling under EU regulations, it has 750w of power. Despite sceptics who think this isn’t powerful enough, the Shark NV602UKT has better pick up than many models made before the restrictions. It’s not about the watts, it’s how you use them.

Our Weight Test Results

So that you have the best and most accurate results, we actually weighed the NV602UKT ourselves. You can take a look at the table and the written results below to find out more.

Weight (Without Tools)5.5Kg
Weight (With All Tools on Board)5.9Kg
Lift-away canister3Kg

It’s one of the lightest Shark vacuum cleaners, coming in at an impressive 5.9kg. This is the weight of the NV602UKT with all the tools on board, and when you take them off, it drops down to 5.5kg. When using it in lift away mode, you will find the weight drops down to a mere 3kg. 

This really does add to the smoothness of the machine, making it easy to handle and comfortable to use no matter how long you are vacuuming for. It’s a nice change from models like the AZ950 which are over 8kg with all the tools on board and a lot heavier to use regularly. 

On carpets, you might find that it gives you a little resistance. This is normal and shows you just how hard it’s working. While this can make it trickier to push, it is minimal effort and doesn’t make vacuuming feel like too much of a chore. 

Shark NV601UKT uses swivel steering

Tech Features

The main tech feature for the Shark NV602UKT is the fact that it features the classic lift away technology. This is where the main body comes away from the frame and leaves you with a portable vacuum cleaner. It makes cleaning the stairs and those tight corners way easier. 

Not to be mistaken for the powered lift-away models found on the NV681, NZ801, AZ910 & AZ950. Which basically gives you the option to attach the main floorhead to the lift away feature. 

While it doesn’t have the DuoClean brush bars, the bristle brush on the NV602UKT remains excellent at cleaning and is also very simple to access when it gets clogged.


The NV602UKT has a really nice selection of tools for you to enjoy and to make cleaning easier, each of which is listed below. 


#1 Pet Power Brush. This only comes with the UKT because it is the pet model. It is highly effective at removing pet hair, and while I do wish it was motorised, it still does an incredible job of really working out those stubborn hairs. 

#2 The 2-in-1 Crevice and Dusting Tool. The long crevice tool will reach into every corner effortlessly and make quick work of cleaning. The dusting brush is ideal for those delicate surfaces that need some extra love. I even use the dusting brush on my kitchen floor. 

#3 Upholstery Tool. Also known as the multi-surface tool, it can be used on furniture as well as car interiors to give them a deep clean. It’s especially good at removing pet hair so that you and your guests don’t have to sit on a fluffy sofa. 

Ease of Use and Setup

Building the Vacuum
This is easy as chips. Once you have it out of the box, you just have to click all the parts together. Main body on floorhead, wand in main body, hose attaches to main body. However, it also comes with a detailed instruction booklet so that you never feel lost while building it.

Emptying the bin


My prayers were answered after some of the previous Shark models with tiny capacities. This one sports a 1.1L canister that only needs the quick click of a button to remove and empty. Sometimes, dust and hair can get a little stuck inside, but it’s generally pretty smooth.

As we mentioned before, cleaning the brush bar is a fairly simple task. All you need to worry about is keeping the filters clean. We have some great advice on Shark maintenance and troubleshooting that you can find in our dedicated section to Shark vacuum care

We have mentioned how to clean the filters already, but a quick recap. Rinse under cold water, give a gentle squeeze to remove the gunk, and then leave to try. Check them every month to see how dirty they are, and clean them regularly. A dirty filter will break a vacuum - no joke.


The warranty for the Shark NV602UKT lasts for five years. It’s pretty standard for Shark and one of the best warranties out there for a vacuum cleaner. This covers things like malfunctions and breakdowns, and the cost of parts and labour is also included in your warranty.

Should I Buy the Shark NV602UKT Lift-Away?

Absolutely, the Shark NV602UK and NV602UKT are definitely worth buying. They are great vacuum cleaners that come at an affordable price and are a credit to the Shark name. Whether you’re living the high life alone or you have kids and pets, it’s got you covered. 

We did really missed the DuoClean technology and the anti-hair wrap tech that you see in the higher priced models. While we love the lift away feature, more expensive models have powered lift away that lets you use the main floor head when portable.

But, it remains exceptional at cleaning carpets (not so much hard floors) and really works wonders on pet hair. It’s powerful, compact, and has all the crucial elements that make a vacuum cleaner good. From me, it gets a pretty solid 4.5 / 5 stars.

TIP: The Shark website often have a deal on the UK model, I would suggest if there is a significant saving, choose this model and order the pet tool separately as its only £20. Your'e welcome!

Check the Shark website for deals here

What did you think of our Shark NV602UK and NV602UKT review? Do you agree with our thoughts on this model, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.

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