Dyson V7 Vs V10

The V7 and V10 are the closest together in terms of release, and they mark a distinct difference between what could be classed as first and second-generation Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners.

But are these machines really that different, or are there aspects that remain pretty much the same?

We understand how hard it can be to decide which vacuum cleaner is going to be the right fit for your home, and things should be a lot easier with this guide in hand.

In this guide, we are going to take you through both the V7 and the V10 to weigh up how each one performs in various situations.

Dyson v7 vs v10 comparison

The Dyson V7

Dyson v7 vs v10 head

The V7 was the third addition to the Dyson cordless range, and the last of what we call the first generation cordless vacuum cleaners.

There are three models of V7 available, and there are the Total Clean, Animal, and Motorhead.


  • Good battery life
  • Great suction and cleaning power
  • Lightweight design for easy cleaning
  • Nice selection of tools


  • Not every model comes with HEPA filtration
  • Can be quite noisy
ModelV7 Total Clean & Animal & Motorhead
Detachable HandheldYes
Length124.5 cm
Width25 cm
Weight2.47 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.4 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

The Dyson V10

Dyson v7 vs v10 head

The V10 is the first of the second generation Dyson cordless machines, and there are three models in the range.

These are the Total Clean, Animal, and V10 Absolute. As with all Dyson vacuum cleaners, it is a brilliant model to have. 


  • Long battery life and quick charge time
  • Large bin capacity
  • Superb filtration system
  • Great tools and features


  • Cannot swap the battery out
  • Bin emptying can be a little stiff
ModelV10 Absolute, Total Clean, Animal
Detachable HandheldYes
Length125 cm
Width24 cm
Weight2.65 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.76 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

Dyson V7 Vs V10 Side-by-Side Test Results

The rest of this guide is where we really get into the details of each vacuum cleaner, weighing them up to help you see which one is going to be best suited to your home.

Our rigorous testing process includes the basics like battery life, charge time, and cleaning power, but we also bring you other important results like airflow, noise levels, and weight.

It’s time to find up if the V7 and V10 are up to the task, and where they work most efficiently and inefficiently.

Dyson V7 Vs V10 Battery/Run-Time

Dyson v7 vs v10 battery

Our Run-Time Test Results

We primed the stopwatch, charged our vacuum cleaners, and hot the start button whilst holding the power trigger down continuously until it ran out of charge.

This was repeated for both vacuum cleaners on all power settings, and the result recorded in the table below.

The tests were performed with the motorised Torque Drive floorhead attached.

Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V10 (Eco)40
V10 (Medium)20 Mins
V10 (High/Boost) 7 Mins
Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V7 (Eco)23.5 Mins
V7 (High/Boost)6.5 Mins

The V7 is able to reach around 30 minutes of battery life when the non-motorised tools are attached, while it gets a little under 25 minutes with the main direct drive floorhead.

This is still a good amount of time to clean a small or medium home, and while the boost mode does not last much over five minutes, you should not need this very often.

The V10 manages close to an hour without the mini motorized tool, and with them you are likely to get close to 40 minutes on the lowest setting.

Even in the second setting you get a good 20 minutes, and the boost mode comes closer to ten.

In all, it is more than enough to clean a medium home efficiently, and potentially larger ones as well.

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Winner: Dyson v10

Dyson V7 and V10 Charge Time

Dyson v7 vs v10 auto charge

The nice thing here is that the charge time is the same for both of these models.

Despite being from two generations of Dyson cordless, they have remained excellent when it comes to keeping the charge time as low as possible. This is also a welcome break from the V8’s shocking five hour charge period. 

3.5 Hours3.5 Hours

The V7 has a reasonable charge time, but for those who need extra time without the wait it is also harbouring a secret.

The V7 has something important that all first-generation models do – a removable battery.

This means that you can switch the batteries when you need to, giving you double the runtime so that you can vacuum for longer. It is a fantastic feature.

It was a shame to see the V10 get rid of the interchangeable batteries, but the increased runtime means that you’re unlikely to need to swap them out when vacuuming.

In addition, you may have heard that Dyson recently acquired some battery companies.

Through these, they have developed a battery that they claim will last 15 years before starting to lose charge.

We’ll have to see if this is as true as they claim, but so far things are looking good.

Winner: Dyson v7 and v10

Dyson V7 and V10 Cleaning Power

Dyson v10 combination tool

Starting things off with the V7, this has an incredible 75% more suction power than the V6.

That’s a shocking increase for any vacuum cleaner, and while it may seem a little implausible at first (it did to me), the cleaning tests certainly show that it has had some major improvements.

When compared to previous Dyson cordless models, the V10 has an increase of 30% in terms of suction power.

This is impressive, and what’s more is the fact that the V10 is the first cordless Dyson to be able to deep clean a pile carpet – giving even the corded models a run for their money.


Our Airflow Test Results

The airflow is important because this is what controls the level of suction in your vacuum cleaner.

For this test, we used the machine in its fully constructed form as this is the most common way it is used. The results in the table below are measured in CFM, Cubic Feet per Minute. 

Air Flow ( Low Setting)16 CFM15 CFM
Air Flow (Auto/Medium Setting)n/a21 CFM
Air Flow ( High/Boost Setting)26 CFM34 CFM

Very interestingly, the V7 actually performs marginally better than the V10 on the lowest setting.

However, as we climb through the power modes, it becomes clear that the V10 is the winner once we get to the boost setting. 

Winner: Dyson v10

Like every other Dyson vacuum cleaner, the V7 and the V10 have cyclonic technology.

This helps to improve the airflow, ensuring that dirt and large debris is directed straight to the dust bin so that it does not spray through the interior of the vacuum cleaner. It keeps things clean, and ensures better collection rates.

Additionally, cyclonic technology also means that you benefit from fade-free suction.

What this means is that even when the dust bin is full or the battery is running low, you get to make the most of your cleaning session.

So, why don’t we take a quick look at how the V7 and V10 work around the home?

Carpets.The V7 and the Dyson V10 use the Dyson standard cleaning head, which is the Torque Drive.

This floorhead contains two rows of bristles on a single bar – one of which is hard, and the other soft. This means that it can work effectively on carpets as well as hard floors.

This cleaning head is fantastic at bringing up dirt and really working the carpet fibres so that you can get rid of embedded dirt, hair, and grime.

The V7 and V10 are both effective at this, but the V10s increased airflow means that the suction and cleaning is better – giving it the ability to provide a deeper pile carpet clean than most.

Dyson V7 Carpet Cleanner

Our Low-Pile Carpet Test Results

We took 100g of mixed items that represent the kind of large debris that you can expect to find on your floor.

This includes cheerios, loose black tea, chilli flakes, and flaxseed. It was then spread over a 1.5m strip of carpet, and the vacuum passed over it for ten seconds. 

Once this was done, we took the dust canister, emptied it, and weighed the contents to see how much was collected. The results were then recorded in the table below. 

Low Setting99.3%95%
Auto Settingn/a98.5%
Boost Setting99.53%99.5%

The results here are quite interesting. On the lowest setting, the V7 is superior to the V10 by a significant amount.

Even on the highest setting, the Dyson V10 does not surpass the V7 by a massive amount. 

Winner: Dyson v10 (Only Just)

Hard Floors.The Direct Drive floorhead can be used on hard floors, and it will not pose an issue.

In fact, it is relatively gentle on them and will collect dust and large debris alike. Since not every model comes with the Fluffy floorhead (see below), the Direct Drive still makes a great option. 

The Fluffy floorhead has been specially designed to deal with hard floors, and it is one of the best attachments that Dyson has.

The giant soft roller is perfect for the collection of fine dust, leaving your hard floors completely clean.

Even tho the soft roller is large, it is still able to collect large debris and will not push them around or spit them out.

Our Hardwood Floor Test Results

Dyson v7 vs v10 head

For this test, the conditions were pretty much the same as the carpet test. The only difference is that we used a strip of laminate flooring, which is the most commonly used hard floor in the UK. You’ll find the results of our test in the table below.

Low Setting100%100%
Auto SettingN/A100%
Boost Setting100%100%

The Fluffy floorhead was used for this test, and as you can see, both the V7 and the V10 were identical in terms of suction and cleaning power.

Winner: Dyson v7 and v10

Dyson V7 and V10 Stairs

The great thing about a cordless Dyson is that it can be transformed into a handheld vacuum cleaner.

This is really useful for cleaning areas like the stairs, and you can attach tools or the main cleaning head to the body of the machine.

The V7 and the V10 come with a mini motorised tool, and this makes stair cleaning way more effective.

Essentially, it is a little version of the Direct Drive floorhead, and this means it is really effective at really scrubbing the carpet on your stairs.

You’ll find the results are pretty impressive, and it can also be used on furniture, car interiors, and tough areas of carpet elsewhere in the home. I also recommend it for particularly hairy pet bedding. 

Winner: Dyson v7 and v10

Our Pet Hair Tests on Dyson V7 Vs V10

Dyson v7 vs v10 pet hair

For this test, we took 100g of dog hair and combed it into a five foot strip of carpet.

We really combed it in as well to make things harder on the machine. Once this was done, we passed over the area for 20 seconds to see how much hair was collected.

We also used a window blade to check the carpets for any leftover hair once the vacuuming was finished.

There was no visible hair left after the experiment, and we recorded the percentage recovered below.

Pet Hair Pickup (Eco/Low)90%89%
Pet Hair Pickup (Auto/Medium)n/a98%
Pet Hair Pickup (Boost/High)99.5%99%

Oddly enough, the V7 is actually better than the V10 with regards to pet hair. These results are surprising, especially considering the V10 is a newer model.

The latter is only slightly worse than its predecessor, but still enough to be a little noticeable.

Of course, the eco setting for each of these was not great. This should be expected because it has poorer suction when in this mode, and you should not be using it for cleaning pet hair anyway.

Winner: Dyson v7 (Only Just)

Dyson V7 and V10 Filtration

Dyson v7 vs v10 filter

The V7 and the V10 are quite different in this regard. Starting with the V10, this uses a HEPA filtration system across the range.

What this means is that pollutants and other particles up to 0.03 microns in size are effortlessly captured by the filter.

This is ideal for those with asthma and allergies as it makes the air pushed out by the machine cleaner, and therefore easier to breathe.

The only V7 model that is like this is the Animal, the others do not have a HEPA filtration system.

Instead, they use Lifetime filters, and these do capture pollutants, but not nearly to the same extent as their HEPA counterparts.

They are much less effective for asthma and allergy sufferers, and we recommend staying away from these models if you have these conditions.

Both models come with a sealed system, although not to the extent of the V8 and V11.

However, these sealed systems mean that little to no dirty air escapes the machine through any gaps in the design.

Our Filtration Test Results

We grabbed our particle test metre and checked the air both before and after sucking up special international approved dust from DMT for 15 seconds with each of our chosen models.

The results are recorded on the table below, and you can see that the V10 performs better by a small percentage.

Air Particle Test ( Our rating %)98.5%99.5%

Winner: Dyson v10

Dyson V7 and V10 Noise levels

As with all cordless Dyson machines, these two are below the EU limit of 80db.

This means that the volume is not too intrusive, and you can vacuum in the early morning or late evening without disrupting your household or waking up the neighbours.

However, we do have a clear winner with regards to the noise levels

The V10 is noticeably quieter in both settings when compared to the V7. While both are comfortably below the limit, it is good to pick a vacuum cleaner that suits your needs and provides running that is as quiet as possible.

Our Noise Test Results

For this test, we placed a decibel metre three feet away from the head of the vacuum cleaner. As a note, the machine was in its full form as this is the most commonly used configuration.

We then allowed the vacuum cleaner to run freely so that we could test and record the results.

Low Setting6563.2Db
Auto Settingn/a71.4Db
Boost Setting7472.5Db

Winner: Dyson v10

Dyson V7 Vs V10 Tech Features

The Dyson V7 has no tech features, making it quite a basic cordless vacuum cleaner in this regard.

It does not even have an indicator light like its predecessor, the Dyson V8. However, the V10 does have some basic tech that makes it stand out.

There is a handy indicator light on the handle, allowing you a clear view of it at all times. This light will allow you to look at the battery life that is remaining via a three-bar battery indicator.

This gives you a rough idea of how much charge is remaining, and when it is on charge it will show you approximately how long it has left.

In addition to this, it has a filter and blockage indicator. When the filter needs to be washed, or a blockage needs to be cleared, you will see the light come on.

This helps you keep on top of the maintenance of the machine, and also makes it easier for you to know when things need to be cleaned.

Dyson V7 Vs V10 Size/Weight

Dyson v7 vs v10 size

The V7 and the V10 are different in terms of design. The V7 holds the compact and delicate build that the Dyson V6 and V8 sport, while the V10 has a newer design that is both longer and a little chunkier than its predecessors.

Length124.5cm125 cm

The main reason that the V10 is heavier than the V7 is because of the new battery technology.

The battery weighs more than previous models, and so it can take its toll on the overall feel of the machine. It’s not the biggest difference, but it might be felt by those with conditions like arthritis.

Our Weight Test Results

We like to ensure that you get the most accurate results possible. Therefore, we collected our own data with regards to weight.

We weighed them in both full form and handheld mode, giving you clear results so that you can make an informed decision.

Weight ( Full Unit with Floorhead)2.47 Kg2.65 Kg
Weight (Hand Unit Only)1.4 Kg1.7 Kg

Winner: Dyson v7

Dyson V7 Vs V10 Accessories

The Dyson V7 and V10 come with a pretty similar selection of tools. They are both great with regards to the accessory selection, and the differences between them are minimal. Here is a handy table to show you what you can expect from each model.

Dyson V7Dyson v10
Torque FloorheadNoNo
Tool ClipNoNo
Direct Drive FloorheadYes Yes
Fluffy FloorheadYes (Total Clean only)Yes (Absolute/Total Clean only)
Mini Motorised ToolYes (Total Clean and Animal)Yes
Combination ToolYesYes
Stubborn Dirt BrushNoYes
Crevice ToolYes (Total Clean)No
Mattress ToolYesYes
Up-Top Adaptor NoYes (Total Clean Only)
Docking StationNoYes (Total Clean Only)

Winner: Dyson v7 and v10

The thing is, they are way too similar for one to be declared a clear winner. The V7 comes with the crevice tool, which is really handy for getting into those tight cracks and corners.

The V10 has a stubborn dirt brush that is useful for tough dirt stains brought in by muddy boots and paws.

Both have the mattress attachment, which is incredible for removing dust and grime.

When you Should Buy the Dyson V7?

The V7 is a brilliant machine, and it certainly has a few pros that people should be made aware of.

It’s an affordable model that allows access to Dyson cordless machines for those who have a lower budget.

  1. It’s got the perfect runtime for apartments or small homes, and the charge time is nice and short if you want to use it more.
  2. It comes with great accessories to make cleaning easier for you, and the Animal model has superb filtration to top this off.
  3. It’s incredible with pet hair, collecting it effortlessly to leave your carpets perfectly clean.

Check out the latest price for the V7 range here or visit our Dyson deals page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

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When you Should Buy the Dyson V10?

The V10 is the winner here, and while the V7 is a great model, there are areas where this one just performs better overall.

  1. The battery life makes it suited to slightly larger homes, and the charge time is pretty reasonable as well.
  2. The cleaning power is great, and it is the first Dyson cordless that can actually match up with a corded vacuum cleaner. It’s slightly lacking with pet hair, but has great deep cleaning capabilities.
  3. It’s priced well and comes with some of the best accessories that Dyson has to offer. It’s a bargain for the amount of great features that it possesses.

Check out the latest price for the V10 range here or visit our Dyson deals page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

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