How to Recycle Your Old Vacuum Cleaner and Save the Planet

Unfortunately, there isn’t an indestructible vacuum cleaner that is currently available in the market. 

These powerful machines do so much work collecting dust and even small debris from every nook and cranny that it is impossible for it not to eventually break down and die a natural death.

So, how do you recycle these cleaners and help save the planet in the process?

There are plently of ways you can recycle your old vacuum cleaner - heres how. 


While a broken vacuum is eventual wear and tear, it is a natural part of the process of vacuum cleaners, the sad news is that waiting for the earth to decompose a vacuum cleaner can take forever.

So, instead of leaving thousands, if not millions, of these machines for the future generations to find in the dumpsters, wouldn’t it be better if we took part in doing something to reduce their population?

Step By Step Guide To Recycle Your Old Vacuum Cleaner

Step 1: Find Out If It Still Works

Before you actually start thinking about sending them to the dumpster or getting it reused, why not check first if it still works? 

Some people just throw away their old machines in favor of the latest and ‘greatest’ ones, not considering the environmental impact that their decisions create. 

Learn to be a responsible citizen of the world and use your appliances – and not just your vacuum cleaner – until they are really, truly broken and unfixable.

recycle vacuum

Step 2: Fix It

If you think that your vacuum cleaner is broken, try to get it fixed! 

The best and cheapest thing that you can do is try to repair the unit yourself.

Among the most common problems that these machines have is the loss of suction power. Such problem can occur because its dirt bag is already full or its hoses and filters already blocked.

Guess what? You can easily restore those ‘broken’ units by replacing the dirt bag, filters or even the belts. Get clogged dirt and debris out of hoses and the machine by poking or pulling it out. 

Of course, not all people have the gift of time and skill (although the DIY fixes are really simple) to repair broken units.

It also would not be practical to spend money to get a broken unit up and running when it is cheaper to get a new one.

Step 3: Give It Away

If you cannot fix the unit yourself but feel like it can still be revived, stop hoarding it. Instead, give out your vacuum cleaner to someone who has the patience to find out what’s wrong and who also needs the machine.

You can give it to a relative, a friend, a co-worker or even create a posting online to let other people know that you are giving out what might still be a repairable unit. Donating it to charities is also a good idea.

recycle vacuum cleaner

Step 4: Reuse It

Can’t part with your vacuum cleaner? Reuse it then! Around 90 percent of the parts in an electrical appliance can actually be recycled.

Take your unit apart and see which parts can still be salvaged and used for other projects you have at home.

You can also drop it off in your local junk shop or take apart the other components to sell to those who specialize in used electrical equipment.

If you are feeling artsy, you can reuse old junk and create works of art with it.

Among the things you can create with electrical appliances include outdoor furniture, plant pots and even dashboard for cars. But, really, when it comes to art, your creativity is the limit!

Step 5: Trade It In

There probably are some companies that accept trade-ins for old or broken vacuum cleaners and other appliances. 

For example, Godfreys allow people in Australia and New Zealand to trade-in working and non-working machines in exchange for a discount voucher to purchase a new unit.

This way, you know that your units are in the hands of experts who know how to properly recycle your old vacuum cleaners.


See? Recycling your old cleaning units does not have to be such a huge burden. Not only can you help yourself rid of unused items but you also help other people make better use of it.

With every unit you decide to reuse and recycle, you reduce the amount of trash that the earth has to decompose.

Kudos to you!

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Gemma Tyler

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