Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Best UK Model Guide

Over the past 35 years, Sebo has been responsible for delivering some of the very best vacuum cleaners on the market. The company offers a wide array of vacuums, including bagged and bagless options. This German company is widely recognized and is capable of delivering excellent products, which offer plenty of longevity. Of course, there are many products in their arsenal.

With this in mind, you need to analyze each of their products and find the best one for your specific situation. Below, you will find a comprehensive breakdown of some of Sebo’s very best vacuum cleaners!

SEBO Felix Range

SEBO Felix Navy EcoSEBO Felix Navy Eco Review

If you’re looking for a very versatile vacuum cleaner that can be used for all types of floors, you’ll want to check out the Sebo Felix Navy. With a stylish design and powerful performance, this vacuum cleaner can clean your floors to perfection. The vacuum is fitted with a power brush, which can be switched on and off.

The turnable neck is very impressive and gives the user the ability to easily navigate through a room, without difficulty. With a 5-year guarantee, you’ll be able to maintain a significant peace of mind, which is unparalleled.


  • Lengthy 5-year guarantee
  • Offers overheating protection
  • Tons of reliability
  • Flex neck allows for extreme manoeuvrability
  • Anti-allergy design keeps you healthy
  • Lengthy cord
  • Great for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight and easy to use


  • Must replace bags and filters
  • A little expensive
  • A little wobbly when using the hose

Overall, the SEBO Felix Navy is a great and powerful vacuum cleaner with a 700-watt motor. With a 5-year warranty on parts and labour, the product’s value is enhanced significantly! You truly cannot go wrong with this upright vacuum cleaner!

SEBO Felix VogueSEBO Felix Vogue Review

If you’re comfortable with a bagged vacuum cleaner, you’ll definitely want to check out the Felix Vogue a little more! The vacuum is superbly designed and capable of cleaning a variety of different floor types. It is equipped with a convenient power brush, which can be turned off, when not in use. The neck, which is very innovative, gives the users the ability to move around furniture, without difficulty. The design of the vacuum is very efficient and ensures that no air is able to escape.

Despite the design and setup, the SEBO Felix Vogue actually works great on stairs! Switching to the hose is effortless and ensures that you don’t need to stop for too long. At 7kg, the product is very lightweight and can be toted around, with ease.


  • Very nice 5-year guarantee
  • Works superbly for pet hair
  • Very impressive durable build
  • Can fold flat, which makes it great for cleaning under furniture
  • Very versatile and works for all floor types


  • Replaceable bags can become annoying and costly overtime
  • The vacuum becomes unstable when used the hose
  • Somewhat difficult to assemble[/unordered_list]

Overall, the SEBO Felix Vogue Eco is a great vacuum cleaner, which is superbly built and can provide you with use for an  long period of time. It offers many uses and is great for all floor types. For the price, Felix Vogue is well worth it!

Sebo Automatic X Range

SEBO Automatic X1.1SEBO Automatic X1.1 Review

Many consumers will want a vacuum cleaner, with a little more power. If this is something that speaks to you, it is a good idea to check out the SEBO Automatic X1.1! This specific vacuum is fitted with an 1100 watt motor, which is more than sufficient for all tasks at hand! The vacuum is equipped with a very intelligent Computer Control System. This system is capable of keeping the brush at the correct height, at all times. It can also help to protect the vacuum’s motor, by shutting it down, when a blockage occurs.

Several other accessories, such as the brush roller and integrated wand, are available and will provide the user with additional uses. Despite the design and size, the product can lay flat and can effortless clean underneath furniture and other objects.


  • Very lightweight at 7kg
  • 1100 watts of power is sufficient for everything
  • Only 36.8 kilowatts used per hour
  • Works great for pet hair
  • Very durable and can last for an incredibly long period of time
  • 5-year guarantee included[/unordered_list]


  • The hose is a little too short
  • The machine is unstable when used in the upright position
  • Somewhat loud[/unordered_list]

The SEBO Automatic X1.1 Eco is a very impressive vacuum cleaner. Despite its flaws, the vacuum’s pros make it well worth the overall price! If you want a powerful, durable and reliable vacuum, this is definitely one to check out!

SEBO Automatic X4SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Review

If you’re looking for the biggest and boldest vacuum cleaner on the market, you’re going to want to check out the SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Eco. This vacuum is equipped with an 1100-watt motor, which is exceptionally powerful! The only vacuum that might be more powerful is the SEBO X5 Extra. This vacuum is entirely airtight, which helps to prevent dust and debris from escaping and flying free. The S-Class filtration system is wonderful and will prevent your allergies from flaring up. A variety of tools are available, including a crevice and upholstery nozzle, as well as a dusting brush.

The vacuum is effortless to maintenance and will clean your floors to perfection! With a 5-year guarantee, you cannot lose weight this product!


  • 11m of cleaning range
  • Highly effective computer control system
  • Anti-allergy design
  • Can be used flat to the floor for better access
  • Superbly powerful 1100 watt motor
  • Excellent value overall[/unordered_list]


  • A little more expensive
  • Somewhat loud
  • A little heavier than others[/unordered_list]

At the end of the day, the SEBO Automatic X4 Extra Eco is a wonderful option for almost everyone! It is superbly effective, efficient and can get the job done, without much trouble! Although there are a few flaws here and there, they’re typically very easy to ignore! Be sure to check out the full review of the Sebo X4 Eco here

SEBO Airbelt K Range

SEBO Airbelt K1 Eco SEBO Airbelt K1 Eco Review

The SEBO Airbelt K1 Eco is undoubtedly one of the most recognizable vacuum cleaners on the market. This isn’t a coincidence! In fact, the product is identifiable for several reasons, including its stylish design and powerful performance. Asthmatics and allergy sufferers will be able to benefit tremendously from the vacuum’s Ultra Bag, which helps to eliminate allergens. The S-Class filtration system takes this one step further and helps to eliminate even more allergies.

The vacuum cleaner is equipped with a 700-watt motor, which is more than suitable for many tasks. It has a 3 L bag, which doesn’t need to be emptied very often. This offers more convenience, during use. Also, the product is covered, by a 5-year guarantee, which helps to improve the vacuum’s overall value.


  • Lengthy 10.5 cord
  • Entirely Eco-friendly
  • 3L bag, which provides convenience
  • 700 Watts of power
  • Effortless to setup and use
  • 28cm of suctioning space
  • Stylish design
  • Very good value for the price
  • 5-year guarantee[/unordered_list]


  • Vacuum might be a little loud for some
  • Some will prefer a lengthier hose[/unordered_list]

Overall, the Airbelt K1 Eco is a wonderful vacuum cleaner and is well worth the price! If you’re looking for a superb vacuum, which is convenient and powerful, this is the one that you’ll want to check out!

SEBO Airbelt K1 Komfort EcoSEBO K1 Komfort Eco

There are many excellent SEBO vacuums that are convenient to use, but the K1 Komfort Eco is one of the best. It is absolutely wonderful for upholstery and drapes! Of course, this vacuum is much more powerful than others, thanks to its 1200 watt motor. The product is equipped with an excellent number of accessories, including the SEBO Kombi cleaning head! The floor turbo brush is also an excellent accessory and makes the product great for cleaning carpet!

This vacuum is entirely lightweight, compact and exceptionally powerful. Despite this, it works fairly quietly! The Triple Microfilter System and hygienic Ultra Bag will help to keep your allergies in check! As with the other SEBO vacuums, the K1 Komfort Eco is equipped with a 5-year guarantee, which is excellent.


  • Superbly powerful with a 1200 watt motor
  • Triple microfilter systems help to eliminate allergens
  • 3L Ultra Bag doesn’t need to be changed often
  • Includes Kombi Floor Head and Floor Turbo Brush
  • 5-year guarantee on parts and labor
  • Only weighs 6kg[/unordered_list]


  • Buying buys might become costly over time
  • A little louder than others

At the end of the day, the SEBO K1 Komfort Eco is one of the most powerful vacuums on the market! It is superbly small and lightweight, but massively powerful! While the price is low, the product is excellent and well worth checking out further!

SEBO Airbelt E Range

SEBO Airbelt K1 Eco SEBO Airbelt E1 Review

Many consumers are willing to spend a little more, in order to obtain a great vacuum cleaner! The Airbelt E1 could very well fit that specification. It is an exceptionally well-rounded vacuum, which is powerful and operates quietly. At the same time, the bumper system helps to protect your furniture, walls and the vacuum itself. Although it isn’t specifically designed for pet hair like the, it still does an excellent job removing pet hair from carpet and drapes. Also, the Intelligent Motor Protection system is great and helps to protect the motor, so it’ll last for an extensive period of time.

When purchasing this specific vacuum, you will also receive the SEBO Kombi cleaning head. This vacuum is great for all floor types and will be sure to remove all of the debris, without difficulty. Despite the smaller 700 watt motor, this vacuum is still sufficiently powerful for most!


  • 700-watt motor is powerful enough
  • Intelligent Motor Protection System prevent motor damage from blockage
  • A 5-year guarantee protects your investment
  • Uses Ultra Bags, which can help to eliminate allergens
  • Very quiet at 69 dB
  • S-Class filtration system helps those who suffer from allergies
  • One-touch cable rewind feature is very convenient
  • 5L bags for less stress[/unordered_list]


  • Bagged system can grow costly over time
  • Cable is slightly restricting

Overall, the SEBO E1 is a great vacuum cleaner, which is lightweight, powerful and easy to use. Although the cable might be restricting, this shouldn’t be a major problem! If you’re looking for a compact and easy to use vacuum, this one is definitely worth exploring further.

SEBO Airbelt E1 PlusSEBO Airbelt E – Eco 1 Plus

Are you looking for a powerful home vacuum that is capable of suctioning up even the smallest debris? If so, you should look no further than the SEBO E1 Plus because it is equipped with a 1200 watt motor, which more powerful than other brands.

While many floor vacuums will scuff walls and furniture, you will not have to worry about that with the Eco 1 Plus, because it is equipped with an air belt bumper system. This system provides a cushioning of softness when the vacuum makes contact with items within your home.

The ergonomically designed handle will comfortable in your hands, even after vacuuming for longer periods of time.


  • Equipped with the 1200 watt powerful motor
  • Great bumper system
  • Great built-in storage for extra nozzles
  • Very versatile


  • Does not have a compact design
  • Uses expensive disposable debris bags
  • Slightly heavy in weight

The SEBO Airbelt E1 Plus is an overall very powerful vacuum that is constructed out of heavy duty materials, which will offer longevity and durability. The Motor Protection system will also increase the longevity of the vacuum, because it slows down the motor if a blockage occurs.

SEBO Airbelt D Range

SEBO Airbelt D2 StormSEBO Airbelt D2 Storm

At first glance, the D2 Storm Eco might look like an awkward vacuum, but the device’s design is actually brilliant and makes it perform better than many others. With this vacuum, you will be able to enjoy 15.5m of cleaning ranging! Also, the bag can hold 6L of debris, so you will almost never need to replace it! With the ergonomic grips, you will be able to carry the vacuum around, without much trouble! The design is extremely sturdy and is capable of lasting for an incredibly long period of time!

Whether you’re looking at the D2 Storm, D2 Total or the D4 Premium, you really cannot lose! The D2 Storm Eco is great for all types of floors and works wonders for each. The vacuum is fitted with the soft air belt bumper system, which protects everything in your home, including the vacuum!


  • Very powerful performance thanks to the 1200 Watt Motor
  • Awesome S-Class filtration to help remove allergens from your home
  • Sufficient cleaning range of 15.5 meters
  • Effort to use and even easier to store away
  • Fairly quiet operation
  • Excellent 5-year guarantee
  • Works wonderful for pet owners
  • Great for carpet and hardwood floors[/unordered_list]


  • A little louder than others
  • Cord is somewhat restricting

Overall, the SEBO Airbelt D2 Storm is a great vacuum cleaner and works well for various applications. For the guarantee, performance and features, this vacuum’s price is well worth! Be sure to check it out today!

SEBO Airbelt D2 TitanSEBO Airbelt D2 Titan

If you’re looking for a great vacuum cleaner that works exceptionally well for all floor types, you’ll definitely want to check out the SEBO Airbelt D2 Titan! This vacuum is equipped with a superpower 1200 watt motor, which will never leave you hanging! With 6l of debris capacity, you won’t have to worry about stopping and switching bags too often. In order to ensure that you’re able to move the vacuum around with ease, it is equipped with very handy, ergonomic handles. To protect your walls, furniture and your brand new vacuum, the machine is fitted with the soft air belt bumper system.

The vacuum’s design is very nice and it is easy enough to hide away if need be. It weighs 6.7kg, which makes it easy to move around.


  • Equipped with a patented SEBO KOMBI cleaning head
  • Very versatile
  • Ergonomically designed handle
  • Airbelt bumper system will protect furniture from damage
  • Very long 12m electrical cable[/unordered_list]


  • Expensive disposable debris bag requirement
  • Not compact designed

The SEBO D2 Titan Eco is a very powerful vacuum that will not let you down. The superior filter system works exceptionally well while the bumper system will protect all of your furniture and walls from damage.

Last Updated on March 10, 2021 by Gemma Tyler

  • I have a 2012 Sebo Airbelt K1 Komfort 2100watt Vacuum Cleaner & can honestly say it’s simply the “BEST” Vacuum Cleaner I’ve ever owned!! My previous cleaner was the highly praised Nilfisk GM430 & without a doubt the Sebo run’s rings round it!! My carpets “NEVER” been cleaner,& the pile on my woollen carpets are perfectly groomed & actually look as if there standing up-right!! I also love the way the Airbelt system works on it,& the fact that it does’nt blow hot air up into your face & dust back into the air etc!! The Nilfisk kindA does the samething but deffo isn’t as good at it as my Sebo is!! I highly recommend the German Sebo brand to everyone who’s looking for a high quality professional vacuum cleaner!! Once you try out a Sebo nothing else will ever do!! Also try out the Sebo branded bag fresheners in Lemon & Lime no joke the gorgeous fragrance last until bedtime making your whole house smell truely wonderful!! I simply now can’t live without them!!

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