Sebo Vacuum Cleaner Reviews – Best UK Model Guide 2019

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  • I have a 2012 Sebo Airbelt K1 Komfort 2100watt Vacuum Cleaner & can honestly say it’s simply the “BEST” Vacuum Cleaner I’ve ever owned!! My previous cleaner was the highly praised Nilfisk GM430 & without a doubt the Sebo run’s rings round it!! My carpets “NEVER” been cleaner,& the pile on my woollen carpets are perfectly groomed & actually look as if there standing up-right!! I also love the way the Airbelt system works on it,& the fact that it does’nt blow hot air up into your face & dust back into the air etc!! The Nilfisk kindA does the samething but deffo isn’t as good at it as my Sebo is!! I highly recommend the German Sebo brand to everyone who’s looking for a high quality professional vacuum cleaner!! Once you try out a Sebo nothing else will ever do!! Also try out the Sebo branded bag fresheners in Lemon & Lime no joke the gorgeous fragrance last until bedtime making your whole house smell truely wonderful!! I simply now can’t live without them!!

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