Best USB Vacuum Cleaners – Keyboard Vacuum for Laptops & Computers

Over the years, vacuum cleaners have gone through an abundance of different changes. Some of these changes have revamped the design of the units, while others have improved their performance.

Of course, nothing has changed the market more than the introduction of the USB vacuum cleaner.

Despite being incredibly compact, USB vacuum cleaners can be immensely useful for a variety of different purposes, including cleaning up your keyboard. Below, you’ll learn all about USB keyboards and how they can help you.

best usb vacuums

All About USB Vacuum Cleaner

So, what precisely are USB vacuums? Well, these vacuum cleaners are very compact and extremely light in weight. Despite their tiny stature, these vacuum cleaners are capable of performing the same purpose as the bigger alternatives.

By connecting your vacuum cleaner to your USB port, you’ll have a miniature vacuum, which can be used to clean up messes on your desktop.

Also, the vacuum cleaner is absolutely perfect for removing dirt and debris from your computer’s keyboard. Although some of these vacuum cleaners are USB powered, others are battery operated.

Although these vacuums cannot cover as much ground as the bigger versions, they’re capable of quickly and conveniently cleaning up smaller messes. Also, they’re readily affordable, so they’re truly great for almost everyone with a messy workspace.

Best USB Vacuum Cleaners (In Order)

Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

1. Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner

Our Pick For Best Budget Desktop Vacuum Cleaner

If you are constantly needed at your computer, you probably find yourself eating at your desk frequently.

This can be a big hazard for your keyboard because the smallest crumb can cause your keys to get stuck.

Even if you are not often at your computer, dust can build up on the keyboard very quickly, which can cause problems as well.

This is why it is of the utmost importance to keep your keyboard clean.

This is where the Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner can come in handy.

Due to the compact size of this vacuum cleaner, it is ideal for home or office use. With a size of 10 centimetres, you can simply store this handy little tool in your desk drawer with ease.

Upon purchase of this product, you will also receive a handy little crevice tool that will help you get to those hard to reach areas.

One of the best things about this vacuum cleaner is that it does not even require bags.

You just simply unscrew the top, empty the cleaner, and screw the top back on. Below, you will learn about the pros and cons of the Desktop Henry Vacuum Cleaner.

Truthfully, the Desktop Henry might be smaller than its bigger brother, but it works just as well.

 Whether you want to clean up the crumbs on your desk or wish to clean up your keyboard, the Henry is a wise investment.


  • Compact size makes storage easy
  • Includes crevice tool for hard to reach areas
  • Very affordable product
  • Does not require any bags


  • A more expensive product would offer more features

Viskey Mini USB Vac

2. Viskey Mini USB Vac

Our Pick For Best Budget Mini Usb Vacuum

Owning a computer comes with many responsibilities, including routine maintenance and cleaning.

Who wants to be forced to pull out that handheld vacuum every time, you drop crumbs down into the keyboard?

No one does, which is why you should consider investing in the Viskey Mini, since it can be charged via any USB port.

This small cleaner is equipped with two suctioning nozzles and bristles, which will reach down into the depths of your keyboard.

Its compact size allows the user to store it away inside of their computer desk, where it will always be a hand’s length away.

The Viskey is available in innumerable colors, including green, blue, black, and yellow, so you can customize it to suit your style.

The Viskey is so affordable that you can purchase a cleaner in all colors, without breaking the bank.

Shucks, you can even give one to your best mate, if you want. These will make the perfect gift for any gamer or PC user.

Truthfully, it is impossible to lose with the Viskey. The vacuum cleaner is lightweight, incredibly compact and well worth examining in greater depth for yourself!


  • Extremely compact and portable
  • Very affordable
  • Does not require battery charge, just simply plug into any USB port
  • Available in 4 different colors


  • Operates slightly on the loud side, but most consumers do not mind, since it is for small cleaning tasks

mini usb vac

3. Mini USB Vac

Our Pick For Most Compact USB Vacuum Cleaner

If you rely on your computer to make a living, you know how important it is that your computer is always functioning properly.

This would include your keyboard. You would be surprised at how much dirt and crumbs can be collected in your keyboard at the end of the day.

This is especially true if you often time find yourself having lunch at your desk.

This can be very problematic since the smallest of crumbs or dirt can cause the biggest of problems.

It is not very practical to pull out your household upright vac and start vacuuming away at your keyboard.

In a situation like this, you need the mini keyboard cleaner. Due to the compact size of this cleaner, you can easily store it in your desk drawer, without taking up to much space.

All you have to do to operate the cleaner is simply plug it in your USB port. This mini vacuum cleaner does not require any batteries whatsoever.

The two-switch lever makes this vacuum very easy to operate. Once plugged into the USB port all you have to do is push the lever in the first position and a LED light will come on.

Just simply slide the lever one more time and the cleaner will begin to operate.

When you buy this mini vacuum cleaner you will also receive two different attachments. Below you will learn about the pros and cons of the YKS New Mini USB Vacuum Keyboard Cleaner.

Overall, this is designed to offer a quick and easy keyboard cleaning. It is designed to tackle some of the dirtiest keyboards with ease.


  • Very easy to store, thanks to the compact design
  • The two-switch lever makes operation easy as pie
  • Includes two different attachments for different cleaning needs
  • Very affordable product
  • Does not require any external power


  • Suction power could be a little better
  • Price tag is a little unfriendly

Domire mini usb hoover

4. Domire Mini USB Hoover

Our Pick For Easy to Use USB Vacuum

Those looking for an incredibly well-rounded mini vacuum cleaner will definitely want to check out the model from Domire.

Although the unit is immensely affordable, it is capable of paralleling and excelling the performances of many more expensive models.

The plug and play setup offers plenty of conveniences and will allow you to get the job done as quickly as possible, without fumbling around with too many controls.

The vacuum requires no external power, so it won’t add to your electricity bill at all. A brush and flexible rubber nozzle help to ensure that all debris and dust are removed easily. The vacuum is available in several different colors and each of them is very stylish.

All in all, the Domire Vacuum is a good choice for almost everyone. It works great and is undoubtedly very convenient.

If you want to eradicate a dirty desk or keyboard, you should definitely consider adding this mini vacuum to your desk drawer!


  • Serves its purpose exceptionally well
  • Great for fans, desktops and keyboards
  • USB powered, as well as plug and play
  • No external power required for added cost effectiveness
  • Several color options
  • Includes brush and rubber nozzle for improved performance


  • A bit more costly

trixies mini usb hoover

5. Trixies Mini USB Hoover

Our Pick For Best Keyboard Hoover

If you’re looking for an excellent product, which is perfect for laptop keyboard cleaning, you should look no further than the Trixies Mini USB Vacuum Cleaner.

This Mini Vacuum Cleaner is USB powered and deliver an effortless plug and play experience.

Once the unit has been plugged into your laptop’s USB port, you will be able to use the onboard controls to switch the unit on and off.

The vacuum is absolutely perfect for cleaning keyboards, thanks to the included brush. This addition will give you the ability to dislodge stubborn debris, with ease. Aside from cleaning keyboards, the vacuum is also recommended for removing dust from air fans.

For the price of the vacuum, it is truly hard to complain. It might not be the most sturdily built vacuum in the world, but it is undeniably well worth its price tag.


  • Incredibly affordable and reasonable for all households
  • USB powered and plug and play for convenience
  • No external power required
  • Flexible rubber hose and brush makes clean up even easier
  • Also works great for fans


  • Power could be improved
  • Cheaply built


When it comes down to it, a good USB vacuum cleaner can be tremendously beneficial for a wide variety of purposes.

If you have a dirty keyboard or work from home, this type of vacuum is absolutely perfect.

It’ll help to keep your computer desk clean and tidy, without consuming a lot of space or electricity. For the price of these vacuums, they’re a great addition to any household or office space.

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