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The handheld vacuum fills a unique cleaning niche and allow you to clean those tough to reach places with ease.

Better still, if you choose to go with a cordless model that’s powered by a rechargeable battery, you can take it with you anywhere—allowing you to clean out your car, your desk or anywhere else you need a quick, thorough vacuuming.

Still, don’t let their small size fool you, as despite being quite little and lightweight, the good handheld vacuums can really suck.

Any decent handheld should feature a high voltage motor that provides exceptional cleaning strength in a small, compact package. Nonetheless, the corded models do tend to be a bit more powerful than their cordless counterparts.

The size of a handheld vacuum makes them perfect for cleaning stairs, behind or underneath tough to move furniture, car seats and vacuuming up pet hair off any and all surfaces.

Better yet, if you have a handheld vacuum nearby, you’ll never again have to drag out your bulky cylinder or upright vacuum to take care of small spills.

This is especially true if you choose one of the many handheld models that can take care of both dry and wet vacuuming jobs. All in all, handhelds are super handy, portable and really something no home should be without.

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Black+Decker 10.8 V Lithium-Ion Dustbuster

Black+Decker 10.8 V Lithium-Ion Dustbuster

Probably one of the best budget vacuum cleaners on the market, this dust buster from Black and Decker might be just what your home needs when you’re looking for a quick spruce up. Have a look and see for yourself.


The Good
Lightweight and cordless, this little dust buster makes the perfect companion for those who need to undertake a quick and efficient cleaning task before guests arrive or just to touch up the house.

It has a base charger for easy and convenient charging, allowing you to take it off and put it on charge with minimal thought and effort

It has a battery sensor, where LED lights will let you know how much charge is left and when it needs to be returned to its port.

The filter sensor also lets you know when the filter needs to be changed, so you won’t suddenly find your allergies triggered by dust and other microbes. With cyclonic suction, you can expect quite a bit of power from this little machine.

The Not So Good
It is very loud, and the noise is quite high pitched. You also have to turn on the high-power mode in order to switch it off, which adds hassle to your cleaning routine.

Our View
This dust buster is lightweight, cordless, and easy to use, despite the little niggle when it comes to turning it off. While it can be quite noisy, it still does a great job of picking up dust and debris – which is perfect for a last minute once over or just keeping on top of things in your home.

With a battery and filter sensor, you will always know what your dust buster needs in order to fully function.



Q: How many volts is this Black and Decker Dustbuster model?

A: The dust buster is 10.8 volts dc from an internal lithium battery. The charger provides 14vdc at 400ma to the dust buster via the base.

Q: Can you buy replacement filters for the Black and Decker Dustbuster model?

A: No need to the filters are washable so this means you will never have to replace them.







HoLife Rechargeable Hand Held

HoLife Rechargeable Hand Held

If you are looking for something that is reliable and affordable, then this could be the vacuum cleaner for you.

Take a look at the reviews below and see if this is enough to get your home squeaky clean.

The Good
This cordless vacuum cleaner has powerful cyclonic suction thanks to the 90W motor that has been installed.

As a result, it also provides up to 45-minutes of optimal cleaning power on a single charge, so nothing will get in your way. It has two power settings, ensuring that you can get your carpets perfectly clean without too much hassle.

It has also been designed to quickly convert into a handheld model, allowing you to clean your stairs efficiently, as well as other hard to reach areas of the home.

It has a great filtration system that makes it great for those who suffer from allergies and asthma, and the headlights couples with the swivel stick mean that no corner of your home will go untouched.

The Not So Good
A number of customers feel like the runtime is quite short when compared to other brands of cordless vacuum cleaner, and that it is not the same as the advertised amount.

Our View
While there are those who feel that this cordless vacuum is lacking in the charge department, it does come at an incredibly low price that can fit into just about any budget.

With powerful suction and cyclonic technology, your home will be left looking (and feeling) clean by the time you are done. Plus, it allows you to clean even the hardest to reach areas of your home. A great model at an excellent price.

Read a full review of the Holife handheld vacuum here.



Q: On The Holife Handheald Model do you need to hold the switch down to use this hoover or can you just switch it on/off?


A: No you can just simply switch it on and off so it is easier to use for longer periods of times. 

Q: It seems that Amazon are suggesting to start by buying bag filters for this Holife model … isn't this bagless? 

A: It is bagless but contains a small washable filter which is what amazon are suggesting to buy. Although you are supplied with two spare to start with.







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Gtech Multi Handheld

Gtech Multi Handhled Vacuum

This handheld vacuum is incredibly lightweight and incorporates all the power and technology of an upright vacuum into something smaller and far more portable.

It is completely cordless for an easier, faster, clean. The powerful motor in this vacuum will have your furniture, stairs, and car upholstery professionally clean in no time at all.

It’s flexible and easy to manoeuvre, so all of the nooks and crannies in your home can benefit from a good clean.

Even the ceiling can be reached, and with an excellent battery life you can definitely get the job done.

It has a great range of attachments for everything from those that help to clean carpets to brushes that will make short work of furniture and car upholstery. The best part? It’s all stored away in the body of the vacuum.

  • Lightweight
  • Incredibly Powerful
  • Gets close to walls as well as nooks/crannies
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with a range of attachements
  • Long battery life
  • Ideal for all surfaces
  • Two-year guarantee
  • None Really - A few complaints on suction power

This cordless and handheld vacuum is great for cleaning your home quickly and efficiently. It has a range of fantastic attachments for you to use in order to get your house to the best level of clean it can be.

With a great battery life and a two-year guarantee, this is the perfect handheld vacuum for those that like a regular clean with all the power of an upright vacuum in a smaller device. Without doubt the best deal online for this model is direct from Gtech

Read a full review of the Gtech Multi here

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

Dyson V8 Absolute Cordless Vacuum

This superb stick vacuum can transform into a handheld model with great ease. Made by a reliable and trusted brand, Dyson is a great company, and they produce some of the most popular vacuum cleaner models on the market.

This particular model is bagless, so you don’t need to worry about the extra expense that comes with new bags.

It is also incredibly easy to empty, providing you with a mess-free experience. It has a great filtration system, perfect for those with asthma and allergies.

It also uses cyclonic technology for a better clean and more powerful suction. This model is also cordless, so you get a full 40-minutes of cleaning before you need to put it on charge.

  • Powerful suction
  • Great for pets
  • Can be used as a stick or handheld
  • Good filter
  • Perfect for those with asthma or allergies
  • Cyclonic technology
  • Cordless
  • 40-minute run time
  • Easy to empty dust canister
  • It’s a lot heavier than expected
  • Higher price

Despite its high price, this model from Dyson will not disappoint. It can be used as a stick or a handheld vacuum, gliding through your home with ease.

It’s perfect for those who have a lot of pet hair to suck up, as well as those who suffer from asthma and allergies. The cyclonic technology is great for powerful suction, and the dust canister is incredibly easy to empty.

If you are looking for a good quality model that will get your home clean, this is the one to go for.

Read a full review of the Dyson V8 here



Q: What's the difference between the v8 animal and absolute

A: Dyson V8 Absolute - Made for hard floors
Dyson V8 Animal - For homes with pets 

Q: Does the V8 come with a tool kit?


A: No tool kit, just 2 rotating brushes, 1 small brush and 1 small extending tool. Dyson do free repairs during guarantee.

Black + Decker Lithium Compact Pivot Vacuum

Black + Decker Lithium Compact Pivot Vacuum

This lightweight and compact vacuum cleaner was designed to make your life easier.

It comes with a large, translucent, dust bowl that can be shaken out easily when it becomes full.

The filter can also be lifted out easily to be shaken out – all with no mess. It has an excellent design, folding in half so that it can stand on the charging base when not in use.

The pivoting nozzle means that it can reach just about anywhere, from the highest shelf, to right under the fridge. It uses cyclonic technology and has incredibly powerful suction to pick up all the dirt and dust it can find.

Plus, it’s so quiet you will hardly notice that it’s switched on. It also comes with a great range of tools and accessories, allowing you to dust as well as get into all the nooks and crannies in your home.

  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • ​Pivot nozzle
  • Removable filter
  • Easy to empty dust bowl
  • Charging stand
  • Noiseless
  • Comes with tools and accessories
  • Strong suction
  • Higher price
  • Needs to be emptied frequently

While this handheld vacuum comes at a higher price than most, it offers an exceptional level of power and suction, providing you with a fast and efficient clean.

The pivoting nozzle is its most impressive feature, allowing you to reach just about any surface – no matter how high or low it might be. With some great additional features, as well as tools and accessories, it has everything a full-size vacuum would in a smaller package.

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Best Corded Handheld Vacuum

AEG AG71a RapidClean

AEG AG71a RapidClean

When it comes to cleaning the stairs, the powerful AEG AG71a RapidClean handheld Stair and Car Handheld Vacuum will definitely get the job done.

Why struggle trying to drag a heavy upright hoover up and down the stairs when you could just plug in this small handheld and do the same job with ease.

Features of AEG AG71A

With a 700 watt motor, this little vacuum has enough power to clean the stairs and other small areas like the inside of your car and is also great at picking up stubborn pet hair.

The only problem is that the motor is so powerful that it can make it difficult to pull it back and forth on thicker carpets. 

The small bagless cylinder is easy to remove and reattach for cleaning, which is a good thing since you’ll likely need to empty it out after each and every use—although this is typically the case with most handheld hoovers.

One feature that really sets the AEG AG71A apart is its unique Riser Visor turbo nozzle which can be tilted up and down to allow you to easily tackle both the horizontal and vertical parts of your stairs. Not only that, but you also detach the hose and use it along with the crevice tool to get into those cracks and hard to reach places.

Still, this is the limit of its additional features as this is quite a basic handheld vacuum. You probably won’t ever want to replace your normal hoover with a handheld like this one, but if you’re willing to spend the money on an extra vacuum to make cleaning the stairs easier, this handheld is definitely a good option and definitely justifies its reasonable price tag.

That being said, it’s not the lightest handheld on the market and many users complain that it is also one of the more noisy vacuums they've come across. Of course, the extra noise could also just be a result of it being a handheld, meaning your head is usually closer to the motor when it’s running.


Overall, the AEG AG71A is without a doubt one of the most powerful handheld vacuums around and will definitely make the job of hoovering the stairs a whole lot more simple, although like other handhelds, you’ll have to bend way down to use it. Still, if you’re considering a handheld for your stairs, this is one of the better ones you’ll find.

 Read a full detailed review of this Aeg Handheld here.

Black+Decker Lithium Flexi 

Black & Decker Lithium Flexi

Vacuuming compact places can definitely be challenging, especially if you have a large vacuum cleaner.

While many homeowners refuse to purchase two vacuums, it may be necessary in order to clean your home thoroughly.

The Black+Decker Lithium Flexi Vacuum has a very unique design, plus it is a hand vacuum that is equipped with a 1.5-meter flexible hose, so you can reach into those tight areas. It is truly great for the car!

This vacuum is very unique, in that it is equipped with ECO technology, which allows the battery to charge quicker, plus the charging mechanism will shut off, when the battery reaches a full charge.

The dust collector is located very conveniently on the side of the vacuum and is very easy to manipulate just pop open the door and empty the content into the trash bin.


  • Very affordable
  • Compact, lightweight, and portable
  • User friendly
  • Equipped with an ergonomically designed handle
  • 1.5 Meter flexible hose, which wraps around the vacuum, when in storage
  • Triple filtration system, so no dust is left behind


  • Battery life is a little short, but it is capable of running about 15-20 minutes per charge

Overall, the Black+Decker Lithium Flexi Vacuum is designed to offer convenience and durability. In order to receive the fullest run time of each charge, be sure to allow the battery to charge completely, before each use.

Black+Decker DV7210N

Black & Decker DV7210N

Over the years, Black+Decker has released many amazing household products. Their vacuum cleaners are excellent and the DV720N definitely exemplifies this sentiment.

The 7.2-volt vacuum is absolutely perfect for cleaning up small messes in your home and will make the process immensely more convenient, when compared to using an upright.

The vacuum is equipped with an innovative slim nozzle, which ensures it can reach those difficult to access locations.

The quick empty feature will make it very easy to empty out the debris. The dirt bowl is incredibly washable. 

The vacuum is utilizing cyclonic technology, which spins the dust away from the filter and helps to improve the suctioning power enormously.

The battery is capable of providing you with 10 minutes of use, which should be sufficient for small cleanups. The washable filter ensures that the unit is cost effective.


  • More than affordable
  • Weighs just 1.7kg, so you won’t have to strain yourself
  • Capable of holding .61 litres of debris and the bin is very easy to empty
  • Washable filter makes usage cost effective
  • Cyclonic technology helps to keep the filter unclogged
  • 360-degree charging base provides you with added convenience
  • Slim nozzles make it possible to reach tight spots


  • Battery life could be increased
  • Suctioning power could be a little more powerful

When it comes down to it, the Black+Decker DV7210N is a very good vacuum, which is well worth its price tag. It is lightweight, cost effective and capable of reaching those tight locations, which are normally inaccessible. Be sure to check it out for yourself today!

Best Rechargeable For Pets

Vax H85-GA-P18 Gator

Black & Decker Lithium Flexi

Over the years, Vax has released an array of amazing vacuum cleaners. The Vax H85-GA-P18 is undoubtedly one of their best. In fact, it could very well best the best rechargeable for pets!

The cordless design helps to ensure that it can be used much quicker and easier than corded models.

The vacuum comes with built-in crevice tools, which give you the ability to clean up difficult messes and reach those normally tough to reach areas.

The most impressive aspect of all may be the 18-volt battery, which delivers 20 minutes of runtime!

Those that have pets in their home will definitely be impressed with the vacuum’s powered turbo head. The head is capable of stripping hairs away from your carpet and upholstery with ease. The vacuum is capable of holding .3 litres of debris and weighs just 1.8kg. Additional pros and cons can be found below.


  • Not overly expensive and will not do a lot of damage to your wallet
  • Weighs just 1.8kg, so you won’t hurt yourself
  • 18-volts of power is an improvement over many others
  • 20-minute runtime is very impressive and better than most
  • Absolutely perfect for pet owners
  • Quick, convenient and efficient use
  • 2-year warranty, after registration


  • Exterior build could be improved
  • Fully charging the battery takes awhile

At the end of the day, the Vax H85-GA-P18 Gator is a great vacuum, with a few minute cons. Of course, these flaws are certainly not deal breakers. For the price tag, this vacuum is truly a steal and should be added to your arsenal very soon!

Best Handheld VAX

Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator

Vax H85-GA-B10 Gator

A handheld vacuum is a necessity, if you own a vehicle and have small children living in your home.

The VAX H85-GA-B10 is designed to offer complete durability and convenience. It is very lightweight and equipped with an ergonomically designed handle.

The crevice tools are built into the vacuum, so everything will be within a hand's reach away, when you need to clean those tight areas.

The 10.8-volt battery is significantly powerful and offers a run time of 15 minutes on each charge.

The debris container is very easy to empty and only takes minutes to complete the process.

The filtering system is designed to capture the smallest debris, so nothing gets left behind, when you are vacuuming.


  • Extremely affordable
  • Lightweight and portable
  • Built-in crevice tools
  • Includes a 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Cordless design
  • Equipped with a 10.8-volt rechargeable battery


  • Battery life is a little limited

Overall, the VAX H85-GA-B10 Gar is designed to offer convenience and longevity. In order to get the highest run time out of the vacuum, be sure to allow the battery to charge fully, before each use.

Other Recommended Models

Black & Decker VH780

Black & Decker VH780

Handheld vacuums will never be a replacement for your normal upright or cylinder vac, that doesn’t mean that they are not without their merits, and when it comes to the best handhelds out there, the Black and Decker VH780 is definitely near the top.

Features of B&D VH780

This small vacuum really packs a punch for such a compact, lightweight product thanks to its 780 watt motor.

Weighing around 7 pounds, its light enough to make hoovering the stairs a quick and easy task, but powerful enough to suck up dirt, hair and debris to give you a deep, thorough clean.

Better yet, the 6 metre lead should give you more than enough length to tackle even long or larger areas and also wraps around the end of the handle for easy, convenient storage.

As the VH780 is bagless, you’ll never have to worry about finding new dust bags, but you will have to empty out its canister quite frequently.

While removing and emptying the canister is a simple task and something you have to deal with on any handheld, there is one worrying issue this vacuum has when it comes to dust collection and filtration.

The triple filtration system on the Black and Decker VH780 is quite efficient and does a good job at sucking in dust and keeping it trapped inside, but it is also famous for clogging easily. When we say easily, we mean really easily—like every few minutes easily, often when the dust cylinder is much less than half filled.

Cleaning the filter is again quite easy, but having to do it so frequently is definitely a drawback and far and away the biggest downside to this otherwise outstanding vacuum. While it’s perfect for stairs, this is far from a one trick pony thanks to its amazing fourteen different accessories.

Yes, you read that right—14 accessories, which makes this one of the most versatile handhelds around thanks to the various heads, tubes, hoses, nozzles and brushes.

This fact is made all the more impressive when you take a look at the VH780’s price tag of under £35.

There’s no doubting the strength and versatility of this vacuum and it makes a perfect addition to any cleaning cupboard, allowing you to take on the stairs and other simple cleaning tasks without having to drag out your heavy upright or awkward cylinder vac.

While the issue with the filter definitely loses the VH780 a few points, that aside this is otherwise an outstanding handheld that will easily get the job done.

Duronic VC6

Duronic VC6 Lightweight Vacuum

As far as handheld hoovers go, the Duronic VC6 is quite unique, being that it’s actually an upright stick vacuum that can easily convert to a handheld.

This double combination makes it able to function in ways no normal handheld could, making it a simple and quick way to handle most of your smaller vacuuming tasks.

While its 800 watt motor is quite good for a handheld, it’s still not nearly as powerful as your traditional upright.

This means that while it’s perfect for flats and makes tasks like doing the stairs much easier, it still isn’t ever going to be a replacement for a full size hoover for most homes.

That being said, it will mean you don’t need to drag out that heavy upright or cylinder vac nearly as frequently.

Features of the Duronic VC6

Like most other handhelds, the Duronic VC6 is bagless, so you’ll need to empty its 0.8l dust canister after about 10-20 minutes of use—although it only takes a few seconds.

Being that the entire unit weighs around 1.5kg with the upright attachment, it is light enough for even the elderly to use with ease.

When used on bare floors, this hoover works perfectly to suck up dirt, dust and even pet hair.

However, the floor brush doesn’t feature a rotating brush head, so while its plenty powerful enough to fully clean wood, tile and other hard floors, plus short pile carpets, it probably won’t do the job on deep carpets (although it’s not likely any handheld will).

Along with getting both a handheld and a stick upright, you can also use the flexible hose and the crevice tool to get into corners and those hard to reach places.

Still, you could be forgiven for thinking all those features come at a high price. However, at less than £20, this is one of the most affordable handheld or upright vacuum on the market. Plus, with its limited one year warranty, you at least have some guarantee that it will last.

Another feature that sets this model apart is that unlike many other handhelds, it features washable cloth filters, which offer excellent filtration of dust and particles but won’t become clogged as quickly as most others.

While it’s not the quietest or most powerful hoover around (again, most handhelds aren’t), it does offer excellent value for the money and is quite a good choice for a second vacuum that offers lots of functions and flexibility.

With a good rating on Amazon after nearly 1000 reviews, it’s obvious this is one of the best choices you can make for a good, cheap handheld vacuum.

Dyson DC34 Handheld

Dyson DC34

Dyson is a major name in the industry, having produced many revolutionary vacuums over the years—few areas more so than when it comes to lightweight yet powerful products.

As a trusted name, you know the Dyson DC34 handheld vacuum ought to be able to do the trick adequately.

Although this is true, adequate is really the keyword as the DC34 is somewhat limited in terms of use. 

If you want a simple, no-nonsense handheld hoover that is lightweight, easy to use and powerful enough for all of your more basic and simple small cleaning tasks, then this product definitely fits the bill. 

However, with a price that approaches £160 or more, you probably ought to be aware of some of its limitations before deciding this is the handheld for you. 

Still, this isn’t to try to say that the DC34 isn’t an outstanding choice for a powerful, cordless handheld, as it seems everything that Dyson produces is near the top of the line.

That aside, like many other cordless handhelds, this one suffers from one major limitation—lack of battery life. On normal power you should be able to use it for about 15 minutes, while you’ll only get less than 6 minutes of strong suction. Nonetheless, both of these numbers are superior to many cordless handhelds you’ll find.

Features of the Dyson DC34

So enough with the negatives and on to what makes this one of the best handhelds. Powered by a 22.2 volt lithium ion battery, the DC34 offers improved runtime over its previous incarnations and a much quicker charging time (usually less than 3 hours).

Of course, its 0.33 litre dust canister is well below average and leaves something to be desired, it’s still not likely you’ll fill it all up in one use.

Its battery makes it not only quite powerful, but the use of a lithium ion battery allows it to weigh much less than most other handhelds—coming in at a total weight of only 1.33 kilograms.

The DC34 is also well balanced and fits perfectly in your hand, making cleaning floors, stairs, walls and countertops no problem. Plus it comes with a wide brush nozzle and crevice tool for even more options.

While it may be a bit more expensive than many of the other handheld vacuums on the market, Dyson products are renowned for their durability and lasting power.

To help sweeten the deal, you also get a full two year warranty just in case anything does go wrong—making it one of the best handheld vacuums on the market.

Hometek HT807 Hunter

Hometek HT807

When it comes to vacuuming your stairs, you have a few decent options, but if you've ever tried doing the stairs with an awkward upright, you know this definitely isn't one of them.

Still, if you’re not ready to ditch your upright altogether, you may want to consider a handheld like the Hometek HT807 Hunter.

With this lightweight little machine, you’ll be able to quickly and efficiently hoover the stairs with ease with more efficient cleaning power than most other handhelds.

Most people purchase handhelds as a way to avoid having to drag out their big upright or cylinder for those quicker tasks.

Although they are also great for cars and caravans—but the main problem with some handhelds is that they actually don’t make the task of vacuuming the stairs any quicker or easier.

Some can be quite heavy and some simply not powerful enough, while others feature an incredibly small head that can make cleaning even a single stair a slow task.

However, the Hometek HT807 Hunter doesn't seem to suffer from any of these major design flaws. Featuring a respectable 730 watt motor, the Hunter has more than enough sucking strength to give your stairs a deep clean thanks to its powerful rotating brush head.

Still, at around five pounds, it’s also light enough to easily carry around. It also features with a much wider head than many other handhelds, so it should only take one or two passes to clean the entire stair, making the job that much quicker.

Plus you get the added benefit of full HEPA filtration to make sure the dust stays trapped inside, making it great for anyone with allergies.

However, it should be noted that in addition to emptying the dust canister after every use, you’ll also need to keep the filter clean or else you run the risk of quickly destroying the motor.

Another problem common to corded handhelds and many other vacuums is that the lead is too short to do the entire stairs without having to move the plug, but the 6 metre lead on the Hometek HT807 Hunter means that this typically isn’t a problem.

Not only that, but you can also detach the flexible hose and use the extension tube to reach even further, or attach the crevice tool to make sure the cracks and corners of your stairs get thoroughly sucked out as well.

As you’re likely purchasing a handheld as an additional hoover and not a replacement for all of your vacuuming tasks, you probably don’t want to have to spend a fortune on it, and the good news is that the Hometek Hunter perfectly fits this bill at less than £40.


All in all, it is quite the outstanding little machine and provides an excellent additional option for anyone sick of struggling to clean their stairs.

Dyson DC44

Dyson DC44

Vacuuming the stairs no longer has to be a tough project thanks to the Handheld Dyson DC44 Animal.

Why fight a heavy hoover or worry about tripping over cords when you can get the amazing cleaning strength of a full size upright in a lightweight cordless package?

The DC44 is surely the best cordless vacuum out there, offering the incredible sucking strength Dyson is famous for in a full size upright that weighs less than you’d ever believe.

Features of the Dyson DC44

One problem that many cordless handhelds suffer from is not having enough power, meaning most will really never be able to fully replace your standard cylinder or upright.

However, thanks to the Dyson digital motor and patented Root Cyclone technology, this is one of the first cordless vacuums that can actually match the strength of a corded model. Better still, weighing less than 5.5 pounds, the DC44 Animal makes any and all vacuuming tasks a breeze.

In fact, it’s not only incredibly lightweight, but is also well balanced to allow you to easily use it wherever you need—even curtains, walls and ceilings. While it may pack the same punch as many corded models, like all other cord free handhelds, the use of a rechargeable lithium ion battery does quite limit you in terms of time.

For small to medium sized homes, the DC44’s should have more than enough battery life to clean your stairs and probably even the whole house before it needs recharging.

Dyson lists the battery life at approximately 20 minutes, but many customers report using it for far longer than that with no problems.

However, if its battery runs out before you’re finished vacuuming the entire house, you’ll need to return it to the docking station for between 1 and 2 hours to fully recharge it, after which time its ready to go again. For those times when you need a deeper clean, you can also put it on boost mode to provide even better pick up, but in this case you’ll only get around 8 minutes of battery life.

Although the lack of battery life may mean some of you are unable to clean your whole home in one go, that shouldn't take away from the Dyson’s otherwise excellent performance.

It moves smoothly and easily over the floor thanks to its rotating head and it features cleaning brushes designed for both hard floors and carpets. However, when cleaning on carpets, you may notice a bit of a difference as it doesn't have a rotating brush head like many corded vacuums.

In addition to the bigger cleaning heads for your floors, you can also use its long aluminium tube with the crevice tool or a brush that’s great for cleaning upholstery and easily picks up pet hair.


Overall, the handheld Dyson DC44 is quite a good choice for stairs, floors, furniture, ceilings and pretty much anywhere else. Although it has a price of nearly £300, most find it well worth the money, and in fact, something they can no longer live without.

Black & Decker PD1200

Black & Decker PD1200

When you’re considering a handheld vacuum, you probably have a few main concerns, mainly being lightweight yet still powerful enough to get the job done quickly.

Thankfully, the people over at Black and Decker have finally come out with a product that excels in both these areas, plus so much more.

The Black and Decker PD-1200 12 volt Dustbuster Flexi offers you more than just a standard handheld, as its long flexible hose also makes it a mini canister vac and allows you to get deep in to the hard to reach places. 

Not only that, but since it’s powered by a 12 volt battery instead of needing to be plugged in to the wall, it can be used absolutely anywhere and is perfect for cleaning out the car.

Features of the Black and Decker Dustbuster Flexi

The main thing that separates the 12 volt Dustbuster Flexi from the rest of the field is its long, flexible hose that wraps around main body of the vacuum.

This means that while it’s normally very small and compact, the hose easily rolls out to give you a much further reach—plus it weighs just over 2 kilos.

The powerful turbo brush head also ensures that you can really get in there on even deeper carpets.

While the head isn’t particularly wide, it still makes smaller jobs like the stairs, cars, or picking up little spills quite simple.

You also get two different length crevice tools and a brush that makes easy work of picking up pet hair thanks to the Dustbuster Flexi’s powerful motor which sucks at 25 air watts. In fact, its motor is so strong that many reviewers comment that it’s as strong as many larger, more expensive cordless vacuums like those made by Dyson.

Although its bagless dust canister only has a capacity of 500ml, you probably won’t have to empty it out but after every use.

This is both good and bad, with the bad being that part of the reason behind this is that its battery won’t last for more than 20 minutes. Not only that, but it takes 3-4 hours for it to be fully recharged.

While the Dustbuster Flexi isn’t the cheapest option out there, its price tag of around £50 is more than reasonable considering how strong and versatile it is. 

Even despite its limited battery life, this is still one of the best handhelds vacuums available and comes with a full two year warranty.

Vax H86-GA-P Gator

Vax H86-GA-P

The Vax H86-GA-P Gator Pet handheld vac is a low weight cordless vacuum cleaner.

It features an in-built crevice tool that offers a total suction power of 10.5 AW (air watts) and 18V lithium ion battery. It is the most ideal machine for cleaning up dust, dirt and pet hair.

Why you’ll want to buy it

  • Handheld
  • Lightweight
  • Easy emptying
  • Built-in crevice tool
  • Motorized Pet Hair brush head
  • Powerful18V battery

The Vax H86-GA-P Gator Pet handheld vacuum is an efficient cordless machine from Vax that offers you lots of cleaning power for a really affordable price.

Aside from the 10.5 air watts suction power; if you are looking at Dyson products then this one will almost certainly be superior in performance. Its cordless design lets you perform your tasks quickly and conveniently. Finally, it features a turbo head that cleans upholstery and pet hair effortlessly

Hoover SJ120CBN4 Jovis

Hoover SJ120CBN4 Jovis

If you’re looking for an outstandingly affordable and immensely powerful handheld vacuum, you will most certainly want to check out the Hoover SJ120CBN4.

This vacuum is incredibly well rounded and is impressive in more areas than just one.

First and foremost, the rechargeable battery is capable of providing the user with a runtime of up to 16 minutes. When compared to many others, this is much longer.

The vacuum is also equipped with a HEPA filter. This helps to ensure that your home is cleaned of dust and debris.

For added convenience and to help keep the vacuum out of the way, it comes with a wall mountable charger.

This helps to keep the battery charged, while also guaranteeing that the vacuum doesn’t clog up space or become a trip hazard. The vacuum utilizes 12 volts and is more than powerful enough to get the job done, without any difficulty whatsoever. 

When using this vacuum, you will never have to worry about straining your back, as it only weighs 1.5kg. The pros and cons associated with the vacuum can be found below.


  • Very affordable and should be realistic for the majority of individuals
  • Weighs just 1.5kg and won’t strain your back
  • Utilizes 12 volts of power to get the job done right
  • Equipped with a HEPA filter
  • Delivers 16 minutes of running time
  • Power nozzle and integrated dusting brush for added functionality
  • Included wall mountable charger for convenient storage


  • Difficult to find replacement parts
  • Has trouble getting stubborn debris from carpets

All in all, the Hoover SJ120CBN Jovis is a great vacuum, which will be sure to satisfy the mass majority of homeowners. It is lightweight, powerful and comes with a fairly extensive battery.

For the price tag, the vacuum is great and well worth it! This one is undoubtedly great for stairs, if that is your desired purpose.

Vax H86-GA-B Gator

Vax H86-GA-B Gator

The Vax H86-GA-B Gator handheld gives you a helping hand by allowing you to perform quick clean-ups in and around your home.

It is cordless and lightweight, with built-in crevice functionalities that let you easily pick up dry spills. It is also very easy to empty it too. This unique cordless lightweight design is for effortless, quicker cleaning.

Vax H86-GA-B Its build in crevice tool is best for cleaning hard to reach areas of your home. 

Moreover, the Gator mouth technology lets you easily empty without stress. It offers 10.8 V rechargeable battery power. 

The Gator design lets you transfer the dirt up the top of the bin dropping it into the bin from the top just like most cylinder vacuum cleaners.

This means the contents of the dustbin won’t drop out of the cleaner during lifting. This is the best handheld vacuum allowing you to play with the on and off switch that is easy and nice to access and use.

Best Wet & Dry Handheld Vacuum

Black+Decker Wet And Dry Dustbuster

Hoover SJ120CBN4 Jovis

Many consumers are interested in finding a steal and nothing more. If you fit into this category, you should take the time to check out the Black+Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster.

This is undoubtedly the best wet and dry handheld, yet it will not break the bank. It delivers an immensely amount of convenience, since the consumer can simply grab the vacuum and use it right away.

The 4.8 volts of power should be more than sufficient for the majority of household cleanups.

Whether you’re cleaning up spills or dry debris, you will have no difficulties with the Dustbuster. It is incredibly versatile and is capable of cleaning up both seamlessly.

For added convenience, you will be able to clean out the bowl and filter, before replacing them. 

The one-touch bowl removal makes this immensely easy. To keep everything organized and out of the way, the charger can be mounted on your mall, if desired. The vacuum delivers 12 minutes of runtime, which is very respectable. More pros and cons can be found below.

  • One of the most affordable on the market
  • Weighs just 1.2kg for easier use
  • 4.8 volts of power should be more than enough for most household tasks
  • Offers 12 minutes of runtime
  • Washable filter makes use efficient and cost effective
  • Charging station can be wall mounted for easy organization
  • Great for wet and dry cleanups
  • Could be a little more powerful
  • Clogs up a little too easy

Truthfully, it is hard to complain about the Black+Decker Wet and Dry Dustbuster. The vacuum is very affordable and comes with an impressive battery. If you are looking for a steal, you should definitely check out this vacuum today!

To Conclude - Best Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Whether it’s the size, design, power or price, your choice of handheld vacuum cleaners really depends on you. While we can provide you with our recommendations and expert advice and we must say that the models in this best list are all great options, your needs and requirements will still dictate what type of vacuum you need to get.

Should you need further advice or if you have any other details to add, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. We’ll try our best to get back to you as soon as possible. Please do check this site regularly for updates.

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