Shark Vacuum Troubleshooting – How to Fix & Repair Common Shark Problems

No matter the brand, you are likely to have some troubleshooting issues with your vacuum cleaner at some point in its life. Shark is no different, but the good news is that most issues are fairly simple to fix. So, before you panic and think you may need to buy a new one, take a look at these common issues as well as their solutions.

Cleaning Shark Vacuum Filters

Cleaning the filters in your Shark vacuum cleaner is a pretty simple task. If you have a cordless Shark, you can remove the wand and then open the compartment on the front of the machine. This is where the filter is stored.

removing the wand and then opening the compartment

For corded Shark models, you will need to remove the dust canister from the main body to reveal the compartment where the filter is kept. Underneath this, you will also find the motor and HEPA filters, each of which is washable.

Washing the filter is exactly the same for each type of vacuum cleaner. Rinse it under cool running water and ensure all of the dust and dirt is removed. All of the removable filters in the machine are washable, and you just need to leave them to dry for 24 hours afterwards. They must be completely dry before you put them back in the machine, so make sure you check this.

As an important note, you should check the filter once a month to see if it needs to be washed. Shark does recommend that they are washed monthly, and it is a good idea to stick with this for the health of your machine. A filter that has been left to fill up can ultimately lead to your vacuum malfunctioning.

How to Remove Roller Brush from Shark Vacuum

This is another quick and easy maintenance task. The soft roller gets dusty really quickly, and if you want it to perform the best it can it will need a regular clean. Just follow these simple steps:

#1 Turn off the machine and unplug your Shark vacuum from the mains.

Turn off the machine and unplug your Shark vacuum

#2 Remove the main floorhead from the machine so that it is standing alone. This will make it much easier to access the roller.

#3 Remove the lid, or garage, from the top of the main floorhead. This is where the brush roll is stored and will provide you with quick access to it.

#4 Cut away hair away from the brush bar that sits behind the roller to keep on top of maintenance. Using a button on the side of the floorhead, slip the brush roll out so that it is no longer attached to the vacuum cleaner. You can then wipe the dust and debris off it.

How to Remove Roller Brush #4

#5 If it’s really severe, you can rinse it under cool running water to really get it clean. If you do this, it will need to be completely dry before you reinsert it. Once clean, slide the brush roll back into place and ensure that it clicks in. You can then reattach the lid and put the vacuum back together again.

How to Clean a Shark Vacuum Hose

A dirty hose can lead to clogs and a loss of suction, and this is why maintaining them is so important. Luckily, it doesn’t take much to get the hose looking brand new again, and smelling better too. Here are a few simple steps for you to follow.

#1 Run the hot water tap and rinse the inside and outside of the hose thoroughly. Then, bend the hose into a U-shape while it fills with water. Use your hands to close each end while you shake it vigorously to remove any loose dirt and debris.

#2 Grab a mixing bowl and add three tablespoons of baking soda and two cups of white vinegar before mixing. Then, hold the hose in the U-shape again and pour the mixture into it. You’ll notice it starts to fizz and bubble – this is good. Cover the ends and give it a good shake again.

#3 Release the mixture down the drain and then rinse with cool water. Not only does this clean out pretty much all of the gunk, but it also neutralises any foul odours. Once the hose is completely dry, you can reattach it to the vacuum and get back to using it.

Please note that some Shark vacuum cleaners have electrical components inside the hose. This means that these models cannot be submerged in water as it will damage the wires. Check which model you have before you decide to wash the interior.

How to Reset the Motor on a Shark Vacuum

Resetting the motor on your Shark vacuum only requires five very simple steps.

#1 Turn the power off using the button on your Shark vacuum cleaner.

#2 Unplug your Shark vacuum from the mains.

#3 Check the hose and filter for clogs. You can remove clogs from the hose, and wash the filter (or replace it) if it is full.

#4 Wait for the vacuum cleaner to finish cooling completely. This tends to take 45 minutes. Then, plug it back into the mains.

#5 Switch the power back on and get back to vacuuming.

If you have performed these steps but your vacuum cleaner is still not turning on, it is likely to be something more severe. In cases like this, it is best that you call Shark customer service so that they can help you to find a good solution.

How to Fix a Shark Vacuum That Doesn’t Suck

There are a number of reasons why your Shark vacuum cleaner might not be sucking quite the way it used to. Here’s a quick list of causes and fixes so that you can get back to keeping your home looking incredible.

#1 Dirty/Clogged Filters. This is actually a very common cause of a lack of suction, and the filters should be one of the first things you check. This is because a clogged filter restricts the airflow through your vacuums. You can look at how to clean them earlier on in this repair guide.

#2 Clogged/Dirty Hose. Another common cause, and one that is fairly easy to rectify. If you want the best way to clean a vacuum hose, you can take a peek at the previous section. Checking for blockages is quite easy, and usually involves you looked down the hose or stretching it out gently and giving it a shake to loosen and remove debris.

cleaning a vacuum hose

#3 Empty the dust canister. This is important, as a full dust canister will result in a loss of suction. All you need to do is remove it from the machine, hold it over the bin, and press the release button.

Fixing a Shark Vacuum #3

If there is debris stuck in the top of the bin, there is a button that will open this section so that the contents can be tipped out. The most important thing here is to keep the mesh cone completely clear from dust and debris, so give it a wipe down regularly.

Fixing a Shark Vacuum #3B

#4 Clogged Wand. This is uncommon, but it does happen. Remove the wand and take a look down to see if you can see out the other side. If not, shake it to see if the blockage comes out. If it remains lodged, you can try dropping a heavier weight (like a large battery) down to dislodge it, or you can use a blunt yet flexible probe to push it down and out.

#5 Air Path and Brush Bar Blockages. You can remove the suction pod and leave the floorhead ready for inspection. With the bin removed, you will have access to the motor area as well, the area above of which you can clean with an antibacterial wipe to remove dust and grime. Check the airpath on the floorhead for blockages using a visual check to start with

Fixing a Shark Vacuum #5

Flip the floorhead over and use a coin to unlock the three plugs on the floorplate. Lift the plate up when this is done, and the underside of the floorhead will be revealed. You can then check for blockages in the air path more effectively, as well as remove them, and you have the chance to remove hair from the brushbar using scissors or a knife. Then, put it all back together.

How to Clean Shark Rotator Brush Roll

It doesn’t get much simpler than this, so prepare to take a relieved breath before you go to clean all the hair and muck off your Shark Rotator Brush Roll. Here are the quick and easy steps you need to follow:

#1 Detach the floorhead from the main body of the machine. Flip the floorhead over so that it is upside down, and then use a coin to unlock the floorplate before removing it. This will give you full access to the brush roll.

Cleaning Shark Rotator Brush Roll

#2 Take a knife or a pair of scissors and cut the hair off the brush roll. This is the most effective way of getting it all off, as well as the fastest. If the roll is looking a little dirty and dusty, you can also run an antibacterial wipe over it to remove all of the muck.

#3 Put the plate back on, lock it back into place, and then attach the floorhead onto the vacuum cleaner again. It should be good to go and ready to start collecting hair all over again.

How to Fix a Shark Vacuum That’s Overheating

The first thing you need to do when your Shark is overheating is unplug it from the mains and allow it to cool for at least 45 minutes. Usually, this problem is caused by one of the following issues:

  • Clogged filter (see our washing guide above)
  • Clogged hose (see our unclogging and cleaning advice above)
  • Full, dusty, or dirty dust canister. Empty it, rinse it out, and dry it thoroughly
  • Hair wrapped around the brush bar (see our advice for this above)
  • Electrical issue. In this case, you will normally need to call Shark customer services for help and advice. This is because they can be dangerous to try and may also end up voiding your warranty if you try to do it yourself.

How to Fix a Shark Vacuum Brush Roll Indicator with No Light On
This light can be found on the floorhead, and if everything is ok and ready to go then it should be green. If the light is red, or does not turn on at all, this usually means that there is a clog. You can follow the steps in the previous brush roll cleaning section to remove toe clogged hair from the roller.

It could also be one of the following issues:

  • Vacuum cleaner not plugged in or turned on correctly
  • Nozzle is loosely attached and needs to be adjusted
  • The belt is broken and needs to be replaced

To Conclude

Hopefully, this has been able to help you figure out what’s wrong with your Shark vacuum and how to fix it. While the solutions we have listed here are relatively simple and can be done at home, it is important to remember that if you don’t feel confident there is no shame in calling the professionals for help.

The Shark customer service line might be your best bet if you feel as though you can’t perform the repairs and fixes yourself.

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