Best Miele Washing Machine – Which Miele Will Come Out On Top

Best Miele Washing Machine

Mud, grease, and ketchup are our greatest enemies when it comes to keeping our clothes fresh and clean. Unfortunately for us, they are all unavoidable.

This is why every single one of us needs a washing machine. For clothes that look and smell good on that night out, or to feel bright and fresh when you slip them on in the morning.

Miele washing machines could be the escape from the dirty laundry you need. Incredibly easy to use, boasting the newest technology such as Miele’s own ProfiEco motor and more.

Once you switch to Miele, the quality of their appliances is sure to impress you, and their durability is even more so. You may never need to switch back, as some of their washing machines have been said to last up to nearly 3 decades.

Whether you’re in desperate need of clean clothes, high-quality products, or just adventuring through the market, the Miele washing machine is worth the stop to look. Come join me on a whole new adventure as I take you through my top five models.

1. Editors Pick

2. Budget Pick

The Best Miele Washing Machine (in order)

Miele W1 Washing Machine

1. Miele W1 Washing Machine


  • Spin Speed: 1600RPM
  • Washing Capacity: 10kg
  • Noise Level: 78dB (max)
  • Weight: 75.9kg
  • Overall Size: 85×59.5×60.5cm

This machine offers value for money, and is one of my favourites from Miele. If speedy washing times and gentle cleaning are your things, this might just be what you’re looking for. Take a look and see if you fall in love.

The Good

This product comes with a standard 2-year warranty, but you’ll find that it is likely to last a whole lot longer. This is likely due to the rigorous testing Miele appliances go through – equivalent to 20 years use.

You can trust that this machine will be both durable and reliable. The W1 also contains Miele’s ProfiEco motor, ensuring that the machine is much quieter than those which use brushes. Although, it is not quite as quiet as the Powerwash model below.

Not only does it have the potential to last decades, but you’ll hardly notice it’s there. It also boasts a honeycomb drum, which provides the gentlest of touches for your clothes.

This design creates a fine film of water, cushioning your clothes as they land, and due to the smaller holes in the drum, your outfits have no chance of becoming caught or tangled up.

The Not So Good

A few customers have had difficulty with the instructions of the machine, or getting used to how the appliance works. Likening it to “switching from an iPhone to an Android”, but with a little time to get used to it, this should prove not to be a problem.

Our View

While the price tag might come as a shock, its quality and performance cannot be overlooked. This machine is ideal for the average household: quiet, durable, and with a 7kg drum capacity, the bulk of your washing will easily find space inside it.

We cannot recommend this machine highly enough when it comes to pure ease of use and the results it will have on your outfits.

Miele W1 Powerwash

2. Miele W1 Powerwash


  • Spin Speed: 1600RPM
  • Washing Capacity: 9kg
  • Noise Level: 72dB (max)
  • Weight: 94kg
  • Overall Size: 85×59.6×64.3cm

Efficient, powerful, quick. These are three words that can be used to describe this model. Suited to a host of households and washing situations, there isn’t much that it can’t tackle. Eager to learn more? Have a quick read below to learn more.

The Good

The W1 Powerwash utilizes short spins to fully soak all of your clothes, meaning that no extra energy or water is required. It even has a setting that can clean an average-sized load in just 59 minutes.

No more waiting forever for well washed clothes, and cut down on your utility bill, too. It also has Miele’s CapDosing system to treat your fabrics with specialist care. It’s almost as good as the TwinDos; all it’s missing are the handy smart features that come with the mentioned model.

These capsules contain the perfect amount of detergent, softener or booster perfectly suited to your clothes. Much like the Miele W1 Washing Machine, the Powerwash contains the ProfiEco motor, ensuring that the machine runs at its quietest.

Not only this, but it also shares the same honeycomb drum design to prevent any snagging against the clothes. The model also comes with a childproof lock, perfect for a family orientated household.

The Not So Good

While this washing machine is no doubt one of the highest quality appliances you can have, it does come with quite a high price tag.

Our View

If you are looking for a quiet, quick and efficient clean then the Miele W1 Powerwash is the best Miele washing machine for you. While the price should be taken into consideration, this machine is worth every penny.

It can handle up to 9kg worth of clothes and still give excellent results, leaving your fabrics pristine and good as new. It comes with the standard 2-year warranty but, like all Miele products, has been tested to last for 20 years.

Miele W1 Twindos

3. Miele W1 Twindos


  • Spin Speed: 1600RPM
  • Washing Capacity: 9kg
  • Noise Level: 72dB (max)
  • Weight: 91.5kg
  • Overall Size: 85×59.6×63.6cm

Home appliances meet smart technology with this innovative washing machine. For those who are going full smart home, this is the perfect addition to the family. Ready for a technological wonder? Look no further; it’s right here.

The Good

The Miele@Home app allows you to control your appliance on the go. This is because the W1 TwinDos links to your home’s Wi-Fi, meaning it can connect to any smartphone or tablet.

The app also suggests the best programme to use for each load, and even notifies you when it has finished. As long as you have your phone on you, you can carry your washing machine in your pocket.

It uses 2 different solutions in combination, UltraPhase 1 and 2. UltraPhase 1 draws out any marks on your clothes from oil, blood and more of the like, while UltraPhase 2 tackles to more difficult stains such as red wine and grass.

This limits any wastefulness when it comes to detergent. It also boasts Miele’s own ProfiEco motor, so it will be almost silent as it cleans your clothes effortlessly.

The Not So Good

It does come with an exceptionally high price tag that not all customers are able to afford. Otherwise, there are no issues with it. If you want something a little more wallet-friendly, the W1 White model in the next section may be better suited to you.

Our View

This machine is not only elegant in design, but the technology embedded into it ensures that every wash you have will be flawless. It is focused entirely on efficiency and results, and there is almost nothing it can’t do.

The ease of use is unmatched, with the Miele@Mobile app choosing the best settings for you. With one touch of a screen, you can give your clothes and fabrics the wash they need to look fresh and glowing.

If you’re not afraid to spend a little extra to get the best quality appliances, then this is the best Miele washing machine for you.

Further Models of Miele Washing Machine

Here are some further models of the best Miele washing machine for you to consider, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Miele W1 White Edition

4. Miele W1 White Edition


  • Spin Speed: 100RPM
  • Washing Capacity: 5kg
  • Noise Level: 77dB (max)
  • Weight: 55kg
  • Overall Size: 84x60x41.5cm

Carefully tested for the equivalent of 20 years’ use, putting the product through its paces. The CapDosing system also ensures that whether you’re washing woolly jumpers or silk shirts, your clothes will receive the best care.

All that is required from you is to simply choose a Miele capsule to match the load. It can be a little noisy though, and the Powerwash model might be better if you aren’t a fan of loud washing machines.

As you go about your business, the frictionless magnets will make sure the normal rumbling of any old washing machine will not disturb you.

It also has the honeycomb drum design to create that film of water making sure your clothes glide effortlessly along the inside of the drum. This best Miele washing machine is perfect for high quality but affordable appliances.

Miele W1 Twindos

5. Miele W1 Twindos


  • Spin Speed: 1400RPM
  • Washing Capacity: 8kg
  • Noise Level: 72dB (max)
  • Weight: 89kg
  • Overall Size: 85×59.6×64.3cm

This model is cheaper than the previous Miele TwinDos, perfect for a budget. It still uses the TwinDos UltraPhase 1 and 2 solution combination for the perfect clean, tailored exactly to how you need it.

It also boasts the smartphone technology with the Miele@Home and Miele@Mobile apps, meaning that wherever you are, you can have full control over your washing machine.

It even helps you pick out the perfect programme for your load, making it so effortless and easy to use your laundry days will fly by. The only thing that separates it from the other TwinDos model is the capacity and weight; it’s a little smaller than its counterpart, but just as effective.

It also contains the ProfiEco motor, making it silent as it caresses your clothes into cleanliness. While at first, it appears that you may struggle to understand all the programmes, getting used to it proves to be easy, especially with the help of the Miele@Mobile app.

Buying Guide

Before we get onto the products themselves, here is a quick guide to give you some much-needed knowledge on how to choose a washing machine. Miele is a fantastic brand, and the information below will show you why it is such an excellent choice to make.

About Miele Washing Machines

With a motto like “forever better” you can’t help but appreciate the confidence Miele has in its products over other companies. Miele has dedicated itself to creating the best quality washing machines they are capable of.

In pursuit of this standard, it meant that Miele would count themselves amongst some of the most expensive washing machines. While their quality is outstanding, it comes as no surprise that you or I could be put off by the price.

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How Much Do Miele Washing Machines Cost?

Miele washing machines can range in price from £600 to well over £1000. In fact, some high-end models can easily double those previous figures.

However, while these prices are quite high, they are also worth the cost because they last so long and are exceptionally reliable.

If you are on a budget and would like to see a washing machine under £300 then take a look at our top picks. 

What’s Wrong with Cheap Washing Machines?

Cheap washing machines struggle greatly with performance, yet most notably the life of the washing machine lowers considerably the cheaper it is. Many people claim that their washing machines had blown out after just 3-5 years.

This means that the average household can go through around 10 washing machines in its lifetime, costing a huge amount of money in the long term, even with the cheapest machines.


Miele washing machines are known to last more than twice as long as the average one, some are even guaranteed to last for 10 years. In fact, Miele state that their washing machines are designed and tested to last 20 years.

While these claims are promising, there have been a few reports of the washing machines needing repairs as their lives go on. These repairs can be particularly expensive, especially to return the machine to its former effectiveness.

Compared to other washing machines, Miele still proves to be one of the best investments. They are also incredibly quiet, aesthetically pleasing and easy to use.


All Miele domestic appliances are sold with a free 2-year guarantee as standard. This covers all parts and labour for your machine.

At times, the standard warranty may be extended by 8 years longer, bringing it to a free 10-year promotional warranty. This usually applies to limited products.

Why not take a look at our smartvacuums page for the best washing machine insurances, to ensure the guarantee of a working machine. 

To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you get to grips with the highest quality washing machines you can find.

It should also have given you the information you need to make a good choice with regards to what performs the best when washing your clothes, the durability of these products, and the value for money you get when you choose Miele.

Fresh, clean, clothes are one of the most important things when it comes to making you feel and look good, and making a good impression on others. This is why we have brought together a range of the best Miele washing machines we could find.

Whether you are in search of a smaller, less expensive appliance or are after a smartphone-controlled washing machine, Miele can provide both. You can trust that the standard of their products is the first thing that Miele strives for, and this quality is what we want to bring to you.

What did you think of our best Miele washing machine guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? I love hearing from you, so make sure to leave me a message in the comments below.

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