Going Away? What Is The Best Travel Iron? Read UK Reviews

Going Away? What Is The Best Travel Iron? Read UK Reviews

Even when we are travelling, we often find ourselves in need of an iron.

After all, it is not uncommon to want to go out to a sophisticated restaurant while you are on holiday, and you should be prepared to dress for the occasion. 

This is where a travel iron can come in really handy, especially as they are compact and lightweight (so they slide into your luggage).

In this guide, we help you to find the best travel iron for you, by taking you through the top models and the travel iron reviews that go with them.

Take a look and see if this handy guide can help you find the perfect match.

How to Choose a Travel Iron

It’s not always easy to choose a travel iron. After all, most of the models on the market look very similar and have functions that are essentially the same.

However, not all of them do, and some will have features that are more beneficial to you than others.

In this section, we look at some of the factors that you should be keeping in mind when you pick your travel iron.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend and whether or not you are able to go over your budget.

This is probably the most important question, as it will help you narrow down your options.

Once you have determined your price range, you can move onto the other essential features and questions.

The weight is a key factor you need to bear in mind. After all, the whole reason it is a travel iron is because it is lightweight.

You should ensure that it is compact and easy to store, so you can take it with you without having to worry about where you are going to put it.

Especially in the case of luggage that will be travelling on an aeroplane.

Travel irons that have both a steam and dry iron function are also very useful to have. This means you will be prepared for just about any situation.

The dry function is great for when you are in a rush and need to do a quick job, whereas the steam function is there to tackle the tougher creases that have formed.

You should always check out the reviews for the travel iron you are looking to purchase.

They can tell you a lot about a product and its overall quality, giving you good insight before you buy. 

While expensive models are often more durable and reliable than the cheaper ones, this is not always the case, and so the reviews can come in very handy. Look at the quality and not the price tag.

Things to Look for

When you are looking to purchase your steam generator iron, there are a couple of additional features you might want to watch for before you buy.

One of which is a comfortable handle. If you know you will be spending a while ironing, then a handle with a soft and comfy grip can be essential.

This way, it can help to prevent your hand from cramping and also helps things to move faster and smoothly.

A travel bag is something you should look for when you go to purchase your iron as it can come in very handy.

 It keeps your iron protected and safe during transit, but also prevents any excess water you may have forgotten about from leaking onto your other possessions.

Plus, you can store your measuring jug in the bag as well, so all your ironing tools are together.

Dual voltage is key for international travel, and should be strongly considered when you go to buy your travel iron.

This allows you to use the voltage level both in the UK/Europe and across other parts of the world, such as the USA and Canada.

All you need to do is select the relevant voltage level when you go to switch the iron on.

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The Advantages of a Travel Iron

Here are some of the advantages to using a travel iron:

  • They are much smaller and more compact
  • Lightweight
  • Have almost the same power levels as a regular iron
  • Often come with steam and dry ironing options

All that’s left is to choose the perfect model for you. Take a look at our travel iron reviews for some of our favourite models.

Best Buy Travel Iron

Best Mini Travel Iron – Russell Hobbs

Russell Hobbs are a leading brand when it comes to the production of homeware.

This travel iron upholds the level of quality you would expect from such a popular brand.

Take a look at the review and see if it’s right for your adventures.

The Good

This travel iron is compact and easy to carry around with you from place to place.

It may be small, but it is also mighty with an 80ml water tank capacity, and the ability to remove even the toughest creases from your clothing.

It has a dual voltage feature, allowing you to use it both at home and abroad. So the next time you take your motorhome across Europe, you’ll be covered.

The stainless steel soleplate allows for seamless gliding across fabrics for an easier clean. Plus, it has some great temperature settings.

I have found that it’s very light, gets heated very quickly it is compatible and easy to use. Although described as a travel iron, it is excellent to use it even at home when you can’t be bothered heating the steam iron.

The Not So Good

It cannot be used for extended periods of time or on a daily basis.

Our View

This travel iron is a great little companion to take with you when you are off travelling. Small and compact, it will slide into your luggage easily so you can keep your nice clothes freshly pressed.

It’s cheap too, with a low price that is sure to have you intrigued.If you are looking for something affordable, with a good range of features, and lightweight, then this is the one you should be taking a look at.



Q: Is the wire directionable for left handlers ?

A: It's a great little iron but no the wire is not directional so no good for left handers.

Q: What is the actual weight of the iron?

A: Item weight is 0.662kg (662g)




Best Lightweight Travel Iron - Swan

Another model from top brand, Swan, this travel iron might just be the right fit for your next adventure.

Take a look at the reviews and see if this light model is the right one for you.

The Good

This travel iron has a nifty design and could easily fit into your luggage.

The handle supplies a comfortable grip, and the whole thing is incredibly lightweight.

It has a warm up indicator light, so you know when it has reached its optimum temperature and is ready to use.

The variable temperature control means that you can iron just about any material you own, allowing you to adjust the heat accordingly.

 It also has a stainless steel soleplate, preventing sticking and increasing the gliding ability across clothes. On top of this, it comes with a handy travel pouch and water beaker for filling.

I liked how easy it is to handle and store - it comes with its own mini bag and dinky water jug. The Swan steam iron would be perfect for the delicate pressing of small craftwork requires. Therefore, ideal for ironing baby clothes and men's ties.

The Not So Good

The handle can be a little tricky to find and use.

Our View

This highly affordable travel iron is great for those who are planning long trips but still need to iron some of their clothes.

Available at a low price, this lightweight model will slip into your luggage easily, with the travel pouch it comes with protecting it and the rest of your luggage from potential damage.

It delivers fantastic levels of power to tackle all those tough creases. A great model at an even better price.




Best Travel Steam Iron – Duronic

Duronic is a leading brand, and one that has a reputation for great quality.

Their travel iron is no exception, and they are fantastic quality as well as durable.

Take a look at the reviews and see if it is the right model for you.

The Good

This travel iron is small and compact, making it perfect for taking with you when you travel.

Plus, it’s really light, so it won’t weigh down your luggage.

Despite its small size, it can deliver an excellent level of power for your clothes, and has a decent sized water tank.

It has up to 375W of power, with variable heat settings so that you can use it on a range of fabric types.

The soleplate is non-stick, so you are less at risk of burning your clothing while you use it. The handle was designed to be comfortable, and it comes with a water beaker as well as a travel pouch.

The Not So Good

The water fill hole is a little small, causing splashback.

Our View

This reasonably priced travel iron is great for those who want something small and compact on their next adventure.

Despite its small size, it comes with a range of excellent features to help you get your clothes looking brand new again.

Small but mighty, it’s the perfect choice for those that want the most power in the smallest package. A great choice.



Q: Can you use the Duronic S12 Travel Steam Iron without steam?

A: Yes, actually you only get the steam when you press the steam button. 

Q: Does this model have an automatic saftey cut off?

A: No unfortunately not. 




Further Travel Iron Models

Here are some of the other great travel irons Just in case any of the above do not quite suit your needs.

KINGAVON Travel Iron, 700 W, White [Energy Class a]

KINGAVON Travel Iron, 700 W, White 

This travel iron has both dry and steam settings, so you can set it to your preferred method.

It also features variable temperature control and a non-stick soleplate – reducing the likelihood of damage to your clothing.

 It has a foldable handle, making it easier to store away when not in use.

Plus, the handle is comfortable to hold, offering a soft grip that won’t leave your hand aching. At a low price, it’s a good model to choose.

SEVERIN TRAVEL STEAM IRON BA 3234 / silver - blue, 1000W, 50ml water tank and foldable handle


This great steam iron delivers a lot of power despite its small size. It has up to 1000W of power, working to get those tough creases out of your clothing.

It can be used for both dry and steam ironing, and also has a vertical steam function for curtains and hanging clothes.

There is also a turbo steam function, and the stainless steel soleplate glides seamlessly across your garments.

In addition to this, there is also a variable thermostat. A good model available at a low price.

To Conclude

In this guide, we have looked at some of the best travel irons on the market. They all have a range of different functions and features that make them such a good choice.

 Whether you are looking for one that is at a budget price, or one that is a little higher end, there is an iron here that will suit your needs.

Of course, with such a wide range of travel iron models, it isn’t possible to pinpoint any one as the best. After all, a lot of it is down to personal preference.

However, you aren’t likely to be let down by any of the ones listed here.

What did you think of our travel iron selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

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