The Best Way To Vacuum A Rug Properly

The Best Way To Vacuum A Rug – The Ultimate Cleaning Guide

The Best Way To Vacuum A Rug Properly

Did you know that if you take care of your rug as required it would increase its life span? Therefore, to ensure you have increased its lifespan, it is equally important to ensure that you vacuum it properly as required.

The question now is; what is the best way to vacuum a rug so as to avoid doing the same place twice? Well, below is the ultimate cleaning guide.


  1. Preparation

The first step is to prepare your rug for vacuuming. How do you do this? First of course you have to plug in your vac. Secondly, check your rug for any debris. Any large particles can be collected by hand making your work much easier. Then sweep the area around the rug.

  1. The Vacuuming Technique

Anytime you are vacuuming your rug; it is very important to follow this technique to guarantee optimum output or ultimate results. Always use

Ø Moving The Nozzle Back And Forth

Many vacuums have been designed to clean better on backstroke movement (this is when you move forward). As such, it is advisable to move the nozzle back and forth to achieve optimum results. When pulling the vacuum backward, it is advisable to move, it’s slower and faster when moving is forward.

Ø Cleaning Systematically

To achieve optimum results, it is advisable to vacuum in a straight line forward for about 4-7 feet depending on your preference. Then slowly retrace your path back to the original starting point.

Ø Angling The Vacuum Cleaner

Before starting on the second stroke, angle your vacuum cleaner a couple of inches on both sides to create a second path parallel to the first. Do it systematically on both sides.

Ø Working Your Way Until You Reach The Opposite Wall

It is advisable that you work your way around the room until you reach the opposite wall. After you have completed; start on a new path where your previous path started.

Ø Stand On the Un-Vacuumed Section

As you are cleaning, ensure that you are standing on the un-vacuumed area so as not to make it dirty your carpet while cleaning. The pattern you are following will ensure that your carpet is clean.

Ø Moving Back And Forth

Most importantly, you should keep in mind that moving back and forth is very important to guarantee ultimate cleaning to your carpet.

Vacuum rug back and forh


  1. Repeat The Process Until It Is Very Clean

It is advisable that you repeat the process at least twice before moving to an area where you have not worked on. As you are doing this, it is very important to keep in mind that you are not supposed to step in the area you have cleaned. Cleaning is as easy as that, all that is needed is following a specific line that you have started on.

After you have completed cleaning it is advisable to roll your rug or carpet to remove any debris under it. Did you know that when cleaning your home does create debris under it? Well, because of this, it is advisable to use a wet cloth or mop to remove the dust from under it.

Bottom Line

To ensure that your carpet is always clean, ensure that you have cleaned the carpet or rug more often to avoid dust and particle build ups. If you get stubborn stains and dirt, you may use a brush to remove these spots and debris in your carpet. Remember, do this often (at least once per week) to achieve your ultimate goal and your rug will surely have a long life. Protection Status