Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair

Discover The Best Vacuum Cleaners for Pet Hair – UK Review Guide

So what makes a good vacuum for pet hair? One that will keep on top of those pesky hairs, and while some models are good all rounders, others are made specifically to excel in picking up shedded cat & dog hair

But giving a one size fits all answer to the best vacuum for pet owners is not always going to return the perfect answer for everyone's requirements. After all, every company is advertising theirs as the best one to buy, and it leaves you wondering which one is telling the truth.

Plus, you have so much else to take into consideration – things like your budget, the type (cordless, upright, cylinder or even robot) as well as what surfaces you need to tackle.

To help make things easier for you, we have put together this guide, detailing the key features you should be looking for when buying a vacuum cleaner for pet hair.

If you are in a hurry, here are our two top selections, both of these models are corded uprights and both are from Shark who simply excel at pet vacuums not to mention both have superb filtration so if you are an allergy sufferer these do an amazing job at retaining 99.9% dust particles and pet dander for example.

1. Editors Pick

Shark TruePet NZ801UKT

Shark TruePet NZ801UKT Upright

2. Budget pick

Shark 601UKT Upright Vacuum

Shark TruePet 601UKT Corded Upright

What You Need to Consider When Buying a Pet Vacuum

Before you go out to buy your new pet vac, there are a few things that you first need to take into consideration. Take a look below and see what your perfect model contains. Click to expand each section.

Types of Pet Hair Vacuums

Cordless Vacuums for Pet Hair

Cordless vacuum cleaners as a rule have never been up to the job at tackling pet hair effectively, however, recently models such as the Dyson V11 and the Shark  ICZ160UKT are certainly giving their corded counterparts a run for the money.

You will though need to dig a bit deeper into the budget to get something that does the same quality of job as a corded model, to the tune of £400-£500.

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Cylinder Vacuum for Pet Hair

Cylinder vacuums are light and easy to use, great for getting under furniture and give you a bit more flexibility around the home. However with Shark now offering their upright range with Powered Lift-away, you are getting all the power of an upright vacuum, with the flexibility you get with a cylinder. 

In my experience the only cylinder vacuum that really tackles hair efficiently are Miele.

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Upright Hoover for Pet Hair

The upright vacuum is one of the most popular choices, and they do make pretty great additions to your cleaning schedule, not just for pet hair. In most cases they have a lot more power than other forms of vacuum cleaner, meaning that their suction usually reaches right down to the roots of your carpet – perfect for deep cleaning and homes with multiple pets.

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Handheld Vacuum for Pet Hair

Only really designed as a second vacuum in the home and one thats on hand for quick spills, mainly in and around the kitchen, that said there are a few models that have good agitation that can deal with removing pet hair from furniture, curtains, stairs and your car.

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Robot Vacuum for Pet Hair

Unless you are spending some serious money you simply don't get the deep clean and hair pickup you get from any of the above types of vacuum cleaners. Whilst we do feature a couple of robot models here, my advice unless you have small pets that moult small amounts of hair. Stick to one of teh above.

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Floor Types

You also need to think about the type of floor you have and whether or not your vacuum has been designed to deal with it. Some vacuums are great at handling all floor types, while others are more suited to specific ones.

Without doubt if you have a lot of hard floor and tiled surfaces, a model with a soft roller is a must, so models such as Dyson V range ( not all variations so do check) and the Shark models that come with  Duoclean floor heads are my suggestions, like the Shark NZ801UKT featured in this guide.

The good thing about the latter, is that models with Shark Duoclean floor heads as you may have of guessed has two rollers, a soft roller for hard floors and a powerful brush roller for carpets.

Furthermore if your home has real mix of carpet and hard floor then one of these Shark models would certainly be my recommendation as unlike the Dyson V range for example you don't need to keep changing the head from soft to brush when your floor type changes.

If you have lots of furnishing, rugs, stairs etc, you will want a model that comes ideally with a small pet attachment to tackle pet hair head on, but we have you covered there as all models featured in the best vacuum for pet hair guide ticks that box.




Pet Specific Vacuums vs All Rounder’s

Best Vacuum for Pet Hair UK ( In Order)

1. Shark TruePet NZ801UKT Powered Liftaway

Our pick as the best vacuum cleaner for pet hair

Shark TruePet NZ801UKT

This pet hair vacuum cleaner really proved itself during the testing process, gliding effortlessly across both carpets and hard floors while it collected all the pet hair it could find. It was even effective on upholstery thanks to its handy attachments, which means it got top marks from us. 

Fade free suction brings an added element of ease to the machine, and it was nice to be able to vacuum the whole house without worrying about losing suction as the bin filled up. 

The capacity is good as well, with an easy emptying mechanism to make life a little easier. It was also exceptionally quiet for an upright vacuum, and certainly among the quieter models we have tested.

The only thing to mention is that the fine dust pickup on both carpets and hard floors didn't get top marks, something that seems common in Shark models, but can be remedied by something like the Dyson V11 which is great for deep cleaning.

Other than this little blip, its a great allrounder, especially if you have multiple floor types in your home as you will never need to keep switching the head over to suit the surface thanks to the Duoclean technology.

Read a full review of the Shark NZ801UKT


  • Type: Upright
  • Corded/less: Corded
  • Weight: 7kg
  • Capacity: 2.2L
  • Pet tool: No (Does have turbo tool)
  • Noise Levels: 70dB
  • Anti-hair tangling brush bar
  • Exceptional crevice cleaning
  • LED headlights for better cleaning
  • Awesome at pet hair pickup 
  • Superb for allergies and asthma 
  • Perfect for hard floor and carpet
  • Average performance for fine dust on carpets.




2. Shark Truepet NV601UKT Upright Vacuum

Superb with pet hair and at a great price.

Shark 601UKT Upright Vacuum

Shark consistently hits the ball out of the park, and this upright vacuum cleaner is no exception to the rule. We tested its ability to pick up pet hair across carpet, hard floors, upholstery, and stairs, and it passed them all with flying colours.

Fur and fluff were eliminated quickly, making it quite an efficient choice for any household with one or more pets.

The filtration system is top-notch, which is great news for those who suffer from allergies and asthma

It features a fully sealed system as well as a high-quality filter, which means that the debris isn’t just captured and kept within the machine, the allergens aren’t pushed back out either. The bin has a decent capacity and is easy to empty, but one of the best features this vacuum cleaner has is the fact that it runs so quietly.

The only negative is that like the NZ801UKT above it had average deep clean performance on both carpet and hard floors. 

If you have a lot of hard floors to vacuum in your home I would maybe try and up your budget a little and go for a model with a Duoclean head, such as my top pick NZ801UKT or the NZ700UKT, with the latter only coming in at £30 more.


  • Type: Upright
  • Corded/less: Corded
  • Weight: 6.6kg
  • Capacity: 2.3L
  • Pet tool: No (does have turbo tool)
  • Noise Levels: 68dB
  • Compact and lightweight design
  • Flawless filtration system
  • LED lights on the front for more efficient cleaning
  • Really affordable price
  • Not fantastic with fine dust collection on hard floors




3. Miele C3 Cat & Dog Powerline Cylinder

The best cylinder vacuum for pet hair 

Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog

This vacuum cleaner may not be cordless, and it may require the use of bags, but it is certainly powerful. With a stylish, almost retro look, and a careful design, the Miele was created to tackle the big pet hair issues in life.

It replicates the power of something nearly double itself, so it helps the environment and your home. It picks up everything from dust to pet and human hair, and the bag capacity is larger than any other model from the brand.

Cleaning a variety of flooring types with ease, it’s perfect in every possible way.


  • Perfect for pet and human hair
  • Very powerful
  • Low energy consumption
  • Large bag capacity
  • Telescopic tube for optimal cleaning
  • Easy controls for crossing floor types
  •   Excellent design
  • None without being very picky
Our View

This vacuum cleaner for pets may require bags for use, which can add an extra cost, but the result after a good clean is worth every penny you spend. It was created to combat the pet hair that invaded you carpet so that you can have a clean home without worrying about the excess fur and potential pet smell that comes with it. A great vacuum at a good price for any pet owner.




4. Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vac

The best cordless vacuum for pet hair on the market

Dyson V11 Absolute Cordless Vacuum Cleaner

We loved this vacuum cleaner because it pretty much scored full marks across the board for everything we tested it on. This was particularly true for pet hair, which it mastered on both hard floors and carpets, as well as upholstery and stairs (thanks to the mini motorised tool).

Even fine dust couldn’t escape, and it is one of the only vacuums we have tested to score full marks for fine dust collection on both hard floors and carpets. It really does the job when collecting fur, fluff, and everything in between.

The battery life is excellent, spanning around an hour depending on which tools or floorheads you are using. Either way, it is more than enough time for even large homes to be cleaned.

It can also be turned into a handheld model for easier cleaning areas like the stairs, upholstery, and pet bedding; making it quite a versatile machine. Its only major flaws are the volume and the price, something that the Miele Blizzard is able to fix for you. 


  • Type: Stick/handheld
  • Corded/less: Cordless
  • Weight: 3.05kg
  • Capacity: 0.76L
  • Pet tool: No (does have mini motorised tool)
  • Noise Levels: 70dB
  • Exceptional power for a cordless, surpassing even corded machines
  • Great battery life that lasts around an hour
  • Fully sealed filtration for asthma and allergies
  • Superb range of accessories, ideal for pet hair
  • Can be a little loud
  • High price tag




5. Shark HZ400UKT Corded Stick Vacuum

Anti Hair Wrap technology makes this a winner for long hair

Shark Anti Hair Wrap HZ400UKT

What really pleased us is how effective this upright vacuum is at picking up pet hair. No matter the surface we ran it over, fur and fluff were collected effortlessly.

It scored full marks across the board for pet hair removal; acing carpets, hard floors, and upholstery alike.

It’s powerful, and you can really feel that when you are collecting pet hair. The only downside that came from testing is that it was average at fine dust removal on hard floors and carpets.

 If you are looking for that deep carpet clean then the best we have tested is the Dyson V11 or the Miele C3 featured above. 

However, the Duoclean head makes transitioning from carpet to hard floors and back again a dream, with no need to keep swapping out floor heads.  

This model also features Anti Hair Wrap technology so if you suffer with long hair clogging up your existing vacuum, then this could be a great choice.

This vacuum is superb for those with allergies and asthma. The filter is great at trapping dust and debris, with a sealed system that keeps it all inside rather than pushing it out like many cheap vacuum cleaners do.

It’s not the quietest machine out there, but we have worked with louder, and it also has a brilliant dust capacity to make life easier for you while you clean. Plus, it features fade-free suction, so as we cleaned and the bin filled up to the max line, we didn’t feel a loss of power. 

  • Type: Upright
  • Corded/less: Corded
  • Weight: 5.3kg
  • Capacity: 1.2L
  • Pet tool: Yes
  • Noise Levels: 70dB


  • Superior crevice cleaning for fine dust
  • Effortless handling despite being a little heavy
  • Superb filtration system for those with asthma and allergies
  • Pet brush tool for bedding and stairs


  • Noisy especially when using powered pet tool
  • Better models out there for deep cleaning.




6. ILIFE V3s Pro Robotic Pet Vacuum

iLife V3S Robotic Vacuum Ideal for Pets

iLIFE is one of the leading robot vac manufacturers in the country, and when you pick up one of their machines you know you are getting a great deal. 

If you want the best, you’ve certainly found it in this neat little package. Have a read below and see for yourself.

The Good

This model of pet model comes in white, although there are other colours available, and it has a slim design that helps it to roll under furniture while cleaning, as well as for compact storage. 

It has been made to deal with pet hair, and even if you have ones that really love to shed you will see a massive difference in the cleanliness of your floor. On top of all that, you also get silent operation.

The V3S uses a series of smart sensors to map out your home and figure out where it is going so that it won’t bump into your walls or furniture. Of course, that might take a little time while it sorts itself out. You can use your smartphone to control the machine and schedule cleans, and there are touch controls on the vacuum itself. Once it’s done, it returns to the docking station.

The Not So Good

A couple of customers noted that large debris can cause blockages.

Key Features

  • Power: 20 watts
  • Run Time: 120 mins
  • Charge Time: 3.5 hours
  • Weight: 4.28
  • Dust Capacity: 0.3L
  • Battery Voltage: 240v
  • Noise: N/A
Our View

This reasonably priced cleaner is great for homes with pets as it is able to tackle both cat and dog hair. While it can have a few issues with larger chunks, it might be wise to scan your home for debris that can’t be sucked up before you let it go free.

It has a good dust capacity, as well as an easy to use app that allows you to schedule cleaning while you are away and even check and see how it’s doing with cleaning your home.




7. Dyson V7 Animal Cordless Vacuum

Another great pet vacuum from Dyson

Dyson V7 Animal Cordless

The best cordless pet hair vacuum is never easy to find, but like the V11 above Dyson V7 Animal is another great cordless model that tackles pet hair efficiently

The Good
I own a dog that sheds a lot. Think husky fur but ten times worse, and as a result, I really needed a vacuum cleaner that could cope with sucking up an entire dog made from fur regularly. 

What I found with this stick vac is that the suction is incredibly powerful, picking up fur and fluff with no issues and without getting clogged - ensuring that the home could be cleaned quickly and efficiently.

The brush bar gives carpets a really deep clean, and both power modes work excellently to ensure that your floors are left in the best possible condition – whether they are hard or carpet.

It can even convert into a handheld so that you can clean the stair efficiently, as well as your furniture and inside your car, which you need if you have pets. With compact storage and a range of tools, it has everything you need to tackle pet hair.

The Not So Good
The dust canister can be a little small, which means that it needs to be emptied more frequently when in use.

Key Features
  • Power: 100 watts
  • Run Time: 30 mins
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 2.3kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.5L
  • Battery Voltage: 21.6v
  • Noise: 72db
Our View

Our pick as the best Dyson vacuum cleaner for pet het is a powerful machine that ensures that your home remains free from pet hair and without the machine clogging up - even if you have a really fluffy pet.

While the canister does need to be emptied more regularly, it is still a good size considering the lightweight and compact build of the machine. It really is surprising how much power it can offer, and the running time is really good as well, so you can keep your home in perfect condition.


Q: How long does the Dyson V7 take to charge?

A: With a full charge, the V7 runs for about thirty minutes on its standard power settings. This may not seem like a particularly long time, but if it takes you longer than that to vacuum your house you're going to want a bigger vacuum anyway.




 8. Holife Handheld Pet Hair Vac

Our Best Handheld Pet Vacuum for The Money

Best Handheld Pet Vacuum – Holife

Holife have produced some great value vacuum cleaners, and even homes with pets may find themselves in need of a good handheld model for all of those tiny fluff balls and messes left behind. 

The Good

This handheld Pet hair vacuum features excellent suction as well as a brilliant wet/dry function. This allows you to switch between the features so that it can clean up liquid spillages (like milk).

It’s ideal for cleaning the breakfast table, around the dog bowl, and those clumps of mud fresh from the garden. Plus, it’s really lightweight.

It comes with a crevice tool for tight corners and skirting, a dusting brush for delicate areas, and also a liquid nozzle for the wet feature. Each of these is really easy to attach and start using. Plus, he canister is very simple to empty without any mess or hassle.

There is even a filter built into it for asthma and allergy sufferers that is very easy to remove and clean when needed. 

The Not So Good

The run time could be better, we found it nearer 20 mins.

Key Features
  • Power: 100 watts
  • Run Time: 25-30 mins
  • Charge Time: 3-5 hours
  • Weight: 1.86kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.1 wet/0.6 dry
  • Battery Voltage: 14.8v
  • Noise: less than 78db
Our View

This affordable handheld vacuum cleaner is great for picking up pet hair and other chunks of debris left behind, and can even work wonders cleaning up after kids.

While some feel that the battery life and power could have been improved, it is ideal for collecting crumbs and dirt – which is more than you could expect from a handheld vacuum in this price range. It does a lot for the money and is certainly a hidden gem.

Read our full review of the Holife pet vacuum here.


Q: Can this Holife vacuum be left on charge permanently?

A: Unplug when fully charged to make sure you dont over charge and cause any problems, and leave in charger for storage. 

Q: What is the dual action filtering which it decribes this Holife vacuum has?

A: The dual action is the rubber attachment that enables liquid spillages to be cleaned, which can be very useful.




9. Gtech AirRam K9 - Mk2 Pet Hoover

Gtech Air Ram K9 Mk2

Pets can leave stubborn stains and messes on your floors, especially when they have spent the day rolling around in dirt and muck.

The AirRam K9 - MK2 is there to put a stop to it all. This upright vacuum is the upgraded, more powerful version of the classic AirRam model.

It’s tougher than ever before, and works hard to remove even the most embedded pet hair from your carpet. It even works to reduce the amount caught around the pet vacuum brush.

I tested the AirRam and instantly loved the led light on the front, which made it easy to see where I was hoovering. It was easy to move around the house, and I am impressed with how quickly this hoover picks up large debris, which could be good news if you spill your cereal in the morning.

The fur was no issue for the AirRam, sucked up in one glide, was really impressive, just perfect for your four-legged friend.

It’s also stronger, made to resist the wear and tear that comes with the daily use of a vacuum cleaner – so you can keep using it without fear of it breaking. As a fantastic added bonus, it even helps to reduce the smell of pets in your home. 

Where the odour clings to the inside of most machines, this one is fitted with floral air fresheners – so as you clean, the house smells even better.

  • Cordless vacuum
  • Perfect for stubborn pet hair
  • Powerful suction
  • Leaves the air smelling fresh
  • Can be used on all floor types
  • Washable filters
  • Battery is quick to charge with long life
  • Good on laminate floors
  • Does not come with attachments
  • Noisy
Our View

For pet owners, this is a great choice. It is powerful, cordless, and has a superb battery life so that you can get a thorough clean during your daily routine. Ideal, even during moulting season, this vacuum will stop you from dreading the housework and have you loving it instead.

Bagless, and with air fresheners built in for an added bonus, it’s definitely worth buying one – definite value for money.




10. Neato Robotics D5 Robotic Pet Vac

Neato Robotics Botvac D5 - Pet Vac

Neato has created some of the best robotic vacuum cleaners around, and the Botvac D5 is no exception. If you are in need of a robot vacuum that can deal with even the fluffiest pets, look no further. Have a read below and see if this is going to be the perfect match for you.

The Good

This robot vacuum cleaner has a really slim and modern, D-shape, design in black. It’s great for picking up pet hair, and even if you have dogs that moult a lot (like huskies), you will find that it is able to collect every strand of fluff with no issue. There is even an app included that allows you to control it with your phone, as well as find out where it is when you are out running errands or.

It uses laser technology to map out your home and scan your floors, ensuring that every section of your home is cleaned thoroughly – even if it has to go over the same area more than once. The dust canister has a surprisingly large capacity considering its size, and it is able to switch between carpets and hard floors effortlessly. There is even a filtration system for those with asthma and allergies.

The Not So Good

Some customers have had a couple of issues with app connectivity and the initial mapping process.

Key Features
  • Power: 61 watts
  • Run Time: 180 min
  • Charge Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 7.16kg
  • Dust Capacity: 0.7L
  • Battery Voltage: 14v
  • Noise: 70db
Our View

This robot vacuum cleaner is perfect for homes with pets of all kinds, even those who shed throughout the year. While a couple of customers have had some issues with the app and the initial mapping, if you are patient and read the manual carefully, you shouldn’t have an issue. With a range of great features and the promise of a thorough clean, it’s the ideal model for those who lead busy lives, or just hate vacuuming.




11. Dyson DC40 Animal Pet Vac

Dyson DC40 Animal Upright Vacuum Cleaner

To be frank, this Dyson pet vacuum has enjoyed a good number of positive reviews from customers. Most consumers agree that the device is as good as advertised. It is capable of removing almost 100% of dog and cat hair.

The few consumers who seem to be dissatisfied with this model say the equipment is too heavy for a handheld cleaner. Others feel that the parts are not as durable as advertised by retailers. Some parts will need replacement after a few months or years.

This vacuum is specially designed for homes with cats and dogs. It comes with 700 watts, which is more than enough to deal with all allergens, pet hair and dust in the house. The incorporation of cyclonic technology makes the device even more efficient.

It meets HEPA standard, meaning it is capable of removing 99.975 of pet hair from carpets, floors and mats. Customers who were pleased with Dyson DC40 Animal petvacuum cleaner found it to be a great purchase. There are also several reviewers who weren’t happy with its design.

When it comes to features, the vacuum is worth the money. It would be a hard task to find a vacuum cleaner with such great features at such a low price. Not only are customers happy with the ability of the device to manoeuvre around hard to reach spots, but are also happy with its noise reduction feature.

On the whole, the Dyson DC40 seems to have won the trust of many people. Perhaps that is the reason it keeps on enjoying some good ratings and reviews from buyers.

    • 5-year warranty
    • Durable and lightweight
    • Powerful suction
    • Can clean awkward areas
    • Great price




12. Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet Pet Vacuum

Bosch BCH6PETGB Athlet

This cord free hoover pet vacuum is an upright stick and made by a reliable brand. Strong and durable, it was made to combat animal hair and help rid the home of allergens, for your comfort and peace of mind.

It has a nozzle that was created to help get hair out of the difficult corners, but also the upholstery as well. The bristles on the main attachment are firm, and were designed to collect fur.

It has an impressive one hour run time which has to be one of the top things to look for when selecting the best cordless for pet hair. With an equally fast charging period due to its high quality rechargeable batteries. It is lightweight and easy to clean, making the vacuuming and easy task that you won’t be finding laborious anymore.

It comes with a full range of accessories and is completely bagless.

As a pet owner myself, I thought this would be a great product to test on my carpets and laminate flooring to see if it can cope with the pet hair on all the different surfaces. Well, I am impressed it showed off its skills removing hair from carpets (high pile) and laminate flooring.

This would be great for either pet owners or allergy sufferers helping remove all excess dust and hair from the house.

  • Floorboards and laminate flooring; a good choice for allergy sufferers
  • Perfect for pet and human hair
  • Very powerful
  • Incredible battery life and charge time
  • Easy to clean
  • Comes with a range of accessories
  • The accessories can be a little difficult to use at first
Our View

This Bosch pet hair vacuum is ideal for any pet owner who is looking for something lightweight and affordable. Made by a reliable brand who are known for their quality products, there is no reason to doubt this superb vacuum cleaner.

With a remarkable battery life and a quick charge period, your house can benefit from a deep clean with no concerns.

This model also featured as the best cordless vacuums for pet here in our popular cordless vacuum guide.

Read our full review of the Bosch Athlet pet vacuum here.




13. Shark IZ251UKT Cordless Stick Vacuum with Anti-Hair Wrap

Our pick as the best cordless vacuum for pet hair

Shark IZ251UKT

This vacuum cleaner really showed us what it’s made of when we were testing it out. Made for pets, everything about the new design screams efficiency and power. The anti-hair wrap technology means that there is no more cutting hair off the brush bar as it is directed straight to the bin, and even the pet tool features this new feature.

Emptying the bin did prove a little tricky in that not everything came out, but this was the only real issue that we had with it. It was incredible at collecting pet hair, even reaching stuff we didn’t think was there. Even on upholstery, it was able to glide over the hair and pick it all up. The pet tool is a fantastic addition, and highly effective on bedding, stairs, and carpets alike.

DuoClean and flexology combine for a sleek vacuum cleaner that is exceptionally easy to handle. The soft roller in the DuoClean floorhead means that fine dust can be collected quickly, and the flexology tech ensures you can get under low furniture without the need to bend or crouch.

What we really liked was the new flat brush attachment. This can get on top of counters, under furniture, and in all those tight places you never thought you’d reach. In fact, this model comes with an incredible selection of handy tools. It is a little heavier and bulkier than previous Shark models, but it was barely noticed once we started using it.

Based on the price and performance of the IZ251UKT this would be our pick as the best cordless vacuum for pet hair.


  • Type: Stick
  • Corded/less: Cordless
  • Weight: 4.1kg
  • Capacity: 0.4L
  • Pet tool: Yes
  • Noise Levels: Not Listed
  • Uses all the best Shark tech
  • New anti-hair wrap tech
  • Fantastic with pet hair
  • Superb for allergies and asthma
  • Great with fine dust collection
  • Dust and debris can get stuck in the bin




Other Recommendations

Worst Buys

Other Tips for Removing Pet Hair

It's a Wrap

We all love our pets and we definitely should! Once we decided to become a fur parent, we are aware of the responsibilities that we have to take on and the additional work we have to put in – which includes getting rid of all the pet hair around the house and even the car.

Some vacuum cleaners seem to be very powerful yet it doesn’t have enough capability to suck in all the pet hair. This proves to be very annoying especially if you’re just too tired of cleaning and you expect your vacuum to do the job for you.

The models above listed in our best vacuum for pet hair guide above are made with a special feature to get rid of all those dog hairs scattered around your home in addition to doing a great job in cleaning the rest of the place. Check our site regularly for more updates and if you have more questions or if you believe that we missed some details, please leave a comment below and we’ll try our best to answer right away.

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