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BREATHE EASY again. Invest in an air purifier. 

When you find the best air purifier for the home in our guide, you are committing to cleaner and more breathable air for you and your family.

It’s time to stop living in fear of allergens.

Best Air Purifier for the Home (UK Review Guide 2016)

We’ve been down at the lab reviewing and analysing over 30 air purifiers and spending over 40 hours doing so.

Through our rigorous testing process, we’ve been looking to see which ones keep the air clean, safe, and free from common pollutants. All including popular brands such as Philips & Homedics

What’s the point?

You deserve clean air, we all do.

Which is why we have worked so hard to bring you the best models out there, the ones that make you say WOW and that will have you feeling the results.

In the end, it was Alen Breathesmart that stole the show and was crowned the king (or queen) of air purifiers. A truly phenomenal model that we know you’re going to like. 

That’s not our only pick though, and we are excited to present you with a selection of purely excellent models to browse through. Yes, the puns are free.

1. Editors


Alen BreatheSmart Flex H13 image

Alen Breathesmart Purifier

2. Budget


Levoit Home Air Purifier  image

Levoit Home Air Purifier

Best Air Purifier for the Home (In Order)

1. Alen Breathesmart Air Purifier

Editors Pick

Alen BreatheSmart Flex H13 image

This air purifier from Alen is perfectly suited to any indoor space.

From the garage to the bedroom, it fits in seamlessly and uses pink noise frequencies for quiet running that helps you sleep up to 25% better than usual. 

  • Dimensions: 21.6 x 38.1 x 63.5cm
  • Filtration: True HEPA
  • Carbon Filter: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes
  • Weight: 300g

It works FAST to clean the air, offering powerful filtration that is capable of cleaning 700sqft of air in a mere 30 minutes.

With four different speed settings, it’s no wonder this machine is able to clean the air in any room - whether it’s extra small or extra large.

The filtration? It uses True HEPA to capture 99.99% of all pollutants and bacteria up to 0.1 microns in size.

That’s pretty incredible, and it is even able to help trap airborne viruses.

Although, as a disclaimer, there is no evidence that it can prevent the spread of COVID-19.

Smoke and pet smells are no longer an issue thanks to the carbon filtration system included in this model.

Both of the included filters have microbial compounds that kill mould, mildew, fungi, and bacteria to name a few. 

When it’s time to sleep there’s nothing more irritating than loud appliances (flashbacks to your parent’s vacuuming at 7am on a Sunday).

This model has a sleep mode that keeps the noise low and also switches off the light so you can get a more restful night.

  • A sleek and modern design that sits comfortably in any home
  • Bad smells? No problem, with an activated carbon filter that eliminates them all
  • True HEPA filtration for the best results, capturing pollutants effortlessly
  • Works fast with four speeds that will zip through the air and leave it purified
  • Captures all of the most common pollutants as well as the extras, like smoke

93% of those who took part in a sleep study with this model felt better and more rested when they woke up after using this air purifier.

Why not add yourself to those happy sleepers? Or, if this model is a little out of budget, why not check out our next air purifier from Levoit?

2. Levoit Home Air Purifier

Budget Pick

Levoit Home Air Purifier  image

Designed to tackle a range of common allergens and pollutants, you’re sure to benefit from clean air in no time at all with this stylish and affordable air purifier.

With a cylindrical design that offers the same futuristic appeal as Alexa and Google Assistant, it will fit in perfectly.

  • Dimensions: 19 x 19 x 32cm
  • Filtration: True HEPA
  • Carbon Filter: Yes
  • Sleep Mode: Yes
  • Weight: 3kg

Offering three speed settings, the air in your home will be cleaned quickly and effortlessly.

Suitable for small and large rooms alike, it will have no trouble pumping out enough power to work through the allergens and pollutants in the air. 

Incorporating True HEPA filtration, you can rest easy knowing that 99.97% of all dust, mould, bacteria, and other pollutants will be captured effortlessly.

Its reliable three-stage filtration system means that you’re going to get some seriously fresh air. 

Furthermore, you benefit from a handy carbon filtration system that will help to eliminate nasty odours such as cigarette smoke and pet smells (wet dog-be-gone!).

It’s also completely free from ozone, so you don’t have to worry about any harmful effects.

Running at a practically silent 25dB, it will allow you to sleep peacefully through the night.

All of the controls are located on the top of the device to allow you easy access at all times.

A handy little extra? There’s even an indicator to let you know when the filter needs to be changed.

  • Smart design that will leave Alexa feeling pretty jealous
  • Carbon filtration that will get rid of all that secret cigarette smoke smell
  • Uses true HEPA filtration for medical-grade cleanliness your mother would be proud of
  • Three speeds to whip the air into shape and leave you breathing more comfortably
  • Easy controls and quiet running that will leave you breathing and sleeping peacefully 

This air purifier might come at a budget price, but it has all the perks and functionality of a much more expensive model.

Still not sure you’ve found the one? We have a few others below, and one of them is sure to pique your interest.

3. HoMedics Compact Air Purifier

Perfect Air Purifier for Night Time

HoMedics Compact Air Purifier

This air purifier is small, compact, and ready to deliver cleaner air to your home.

It can be nestled in the corner where it goes practically unnoticed when at its lowest setting.

This also makes it suitable for use in bedrooms at night as it won’t wake you up or disturb you when set it to night mode.

It has three different speed settings as well, which allows you to determine the purification levels in your home, and it is suitable for both small and medium rooms.

  • CADR: Not Stated
  • Dimensions: 48.6 x 26 x 25.6 cm
  • Weight: 3.8kg
  • Max Room Size: 76m2
  • Power Settings: 3
  • Filter Indicator: Yes
  • Warranty: Not stated 

The thing we really liked about this model is the fact that it uses UV-C.

This is a light inside the machine that is used for killing bacteria and viruses, helping you to stay healthy.

Combined with the HEPA filtration system, you can rely on this air purifier to remove 99.97% of pollutants from the air, including dust, with the filter trapping those as small as 0.03 microns.

Additionally, it removes pet dander and pollen from the air, making it an ideal air purifier for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

The carbon filter is able to remove cigarette smoke odours from your house, and you can even use essential oils for a pleasant fragrance.

On its highest setting this air purifier it is very loud, but if this wont impact you then this model is great value for money and is our best budget air purifier for the home pick.

4. Philips AC3259/60 3000i Connected Air Purifier

Most Quiet Air Purifier

Philips AC3259/60 3000i Connected Air Purifier

Smart filtration is always useful, especially when you are on the move a lot and still want to return to a home with clean air.

The AC3259 (bigget version of the 2889/60 model featured in this guide) has smartphone connectivity, so you hook your air purifier up to the app to check out the air quality in your home, what it’s like outside, and switch the settings around so that the environment is optimal for you.

It’s a little on the heavy side, but it’s also surprisingly compact so you’ll barely notice it in the room. 

  • CADR: 393m3 /h
  • Dimensions: 25.1 x 36.6 x 69.8 cm
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Max Room Size: 95m2
  • Power Settings: 3
  • Filter Indicator: Yes
  • Warranty: Not stated 

We loved the fact that this has three brilliant power settings. You have the standard filtration, which is excellent, one for allergies, and one for night time.

This means you get practically silent running at night, and if you are allergic to things like pet hair and pollen it will pick those up for you to end your suffering (or at least reduce it).

The purity sensor is the highest quality possible, detecting changes in quality quickly and efficiently.

It also sports three filters for the best protection, with the TRUE HEPA filter being able to collect even bacteria.

A great model and why its featured in our best air purifier list.

The only thing with these smart Philips air purifiers is that the app does occasionally crash, and it could do with some updates to help things run smoothly.

5. Philips AC2889/60 Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier

Best Air Purifiers for Allergies

Philips AC2889/60 Series 2000i Connected Air Purifier

This air purifier sports a sleek design and intelligent purification.

It pairs up with the dedicated Philips app, giving you the latest news on the air quality in your home and comparing it to the outside world.

Being able to track your air quality means that you have a clear idea of what the atmosphere in your home is like, and you can control the air purifier from your phone as well, allowing it to run in its optimum setting at all times. 

  • CADR: 333m3 /h
  • Dimensions: 29.4 x 41.2 x 61.2 cm
  • Weight: 7.7kg
  • Max Room Size: 79m2
  • Power Settings: 3
  • Filter Indicator: Yes
  • Warranty: Not stated 

What we really liked about this one, aside from the great tech additions, is the fact that it has three purifications settings to choose from.

The allergen mode is fantastic, clearing the air of common allergens like pet dander and pollen so that those who suffer can breathe easier.

The sleep mode also runs quietly, so if you want it in your bedroom you won’t be woken up.

It also has three filters, including a TRUE HEPA, which means it can capture bacteria and other nasties in the air effectively.

Despite being able to cater to large rooms, it also remains compact.

The app is fantastic in theory, but we do feel that it could benefit from some maintenance and updates as it does like to crash sometimes.

6. HoMedics HEPA Professional Air Purifier - White

Most Portable Air Purifiers

HoMedics HEPA Professional Air Purifier - White

The compact design sported by this air purifier makes it both portable and perfectly suited to smaller spaces.

It features a HEPA filter that removes 99.97% of bacteria in the air, as well as general allergens and irritating microbes.

This is what makes it so ideal for asthma and allergy sufferers alike. Especially helping clear the air in your bedoom.

One of its defining features are the cleaning speeds, and there are three to choose from.

In addition to this, it also has a filter check monitor and an indicator light that will tell you when it needs to be cleaned.

This helps you keep it in perfect shape so that the air remains nice and clean. Ideal for medium and large rooms, it comes with an excellent 3-year warranty for peace of mind. 

  • CADR: Not Stated
  • Dimensions: 43 x 38 x 22cm
  • Weight: 3.85kg
  • Max Room Size: 55m2
  • Power Settings: N/A
  • Filter Indicator: Yes
  • Warranty: 3 Years 

This is a great choice of air purifier for allergies, and the only downside it has is the fact that it will switch itself off after only 12 hours.

It can be a little loud as well, but you get used to it and there are definitely worse air purifiers out there in terms of volume.

With great cleaning speeds and an effective HEPA filter to keeps things clear, it will leave the air in your home more breathable than ever before. Certainly one of the best air purifiers for the money. 


Q: Most importantly , is it effective for dust mite dust??

A: Yes it will filter out dust in the air, mite dust being larger than pollen or smoke should get trapped by the filter quite easily. 


HEPA Filter: Do You Need One for Your Home?

Ideally, your air purifier should have a HEPA filter. It is used for catching allergens and pollutants so that when the air is purified you get clean air being pushed back into the home.

Many machines come with replaceable HEPA filters, but there are some with washable forms as well. 

How long does a HEPA Filter Last?

The lifespan of a HEPA filter is dictated by how often you use your machine, and so it should be replaced every three to six months.

You should still check it monthly to ensure that it is not too dirty and keep on top of the health of your machine. 

HEPA vs Super HEPA - Whats the difference?

This is something that surprisingly few people know about. The HEPA filter is one that we are all familiar with, and the fact that it can collect particles as small as 0.03 microns is very impressive.

This also translates to 99.7% of allergens being successfully collected. It’s an incredible filter, but it is also not the best HEPA out there. 

The Super HEPA takes things further. It is able to capture particles as small as 0.01 microns, and this actually includes viruses.

It is the ultimate form of air cleaning and allergy protection includin hayfever.

It’s not massively easy to find Super HEPA filters at the moment, but increased demand means that they are becoming more widespread. 

Air Purifiers and COVID-19

A common question at the moment is whether or not air purifiers are able to help prevent COVID19.

We actually have a detailed piece on the topic that will take you through the science, as well as whether or not an air purifier is beneficial for combatting the virus. 

Buyer's Guide

Who Needs an Air Purifier?

It’s nice to have cleaner air inside, especially since it can become stale and still quite quickly.

This is especially true in areas where air pollution is quite high. However, it is also very beneficial to those who have allergies and asthma. 

The reason for this is that the air purifiers are able to remove pollutants and allergens from the air effectively through the filtration system.

The important thing here is that you get an air purifier that is good at its job.

Those with a lower rating and test score will take a lot longer to clean the air, and if you are suffering from allergies this isn’t something you have time for. 

Types of Air Purifier for The Home

There are several different types of air purifier available on the market. Here is a quick rundown of the most commonly found forms:

Desk. These are small and compact air purifiers, as well as ideal for small rooms that don’t need a massive amount of purification. Effective for their size. 

Tower. These are tall and cylindrical air purifiers like your kitchen bin. They are often powerful enough to work in large open-plan spaces. 

Portable (Large). These air purifiers are about the size of a carry-on suitcase, and they are also one of the most powerful.

Certainly the most effective at cleaning the air in large living spaces, and come in varying wattages. 

Oscillating. This air purifier can be large or small, and the rotate as they clean the air. 

Fans. Dyson is the only company that actually has a model like this.

They are quite expensive, but many customers have also found them highly effective. 

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Key Features to Look for

Here are some of the key features that you should be looking out for when you select an air purifier for your home:

Automatic mode and air sensors. Essentially, as soon as the air purifier detects pollutants in the air it will get to work.

This is something you can adjust manually, and it is ideal to have if you live in a busy or polluted area. 

Timer. If your model doesn’t have the sensors, you can use a timer to ensure that it switches on or off after a certain period of time.

It means you can come home to clean air, but also saves you money on your bill. 

Night Mode. This setting allows you to have a quieter cleaning experience (often with dimmed lights) so that you can sleep while it works. 

Smart tech. Some air purifiers can be paired with a smartphone and controlled using an app.

It can give you information about the air quality in your home as well, which is pretty handy to have with you. 

How Much are Air Purifiers to Buy and Run?

The cost to buy air purifiers is one that spans a range of price brackets. There are some that are less than £100, and others that climb up to nearly £1000.

The best threshold to be in for a good and reliable model is around £200.

 You’ll usually get a great machine for this price, although there are some great bargains out there. 

The cost of running an air purifier does vary, but here are some average figures for each size machine based on leaving it to run for 12 hours a day:

Large and powerful: £72 per year.

Medium: £40 per year. 

Small: £26 per year. 

To Conclude

For those who need a powerful air purifier to make their home atmosphere more tolerable, you are sure to find just the thing right here.

We hope that this guide has been able to help you understand more about what the air purifiers here have to offer, and how they can benefit you. 

There is a fantastic selection of air purifiers listed here, all from brands that we know and trust to give you peace of mind while shopping.

Of course, we have made sure to include every price range in the list so that you can find something that both suits your budget and provides you with the quality you deserve. 

Big or small, packed with tech or back to basics, there is something here that is absolutely perfect for you.

As a cheeky side note, you might also want to check out our Dyson air purifier reviews and see if one of these sleek models is better suited to your home. 

What did you think of our best air purifier UK selection? Are there any you would have added to the list? We’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

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