Jon Gibbons is backed by 25 years in the cleaning and laundry business. He gave it all up to help others keep their homes in the best possible shape. Carpet care is his area of expertise, and when he’s not giving you unbeatable stain removal tips, you’ll find him camping with his family.


Cleaning has always been my passion. Growing up, I was always the first to do the dishes, get the vacuum cleaner out, and research new ways to remove stains after my parent's late-night gatherings. My grandmother was what I would call a cleaning guru, and she taught me so much of the knowledge that I share today.

Once I left school, I knew that my path was doing what I was best at; cleaning. I’ve spent pretty much my whole life helping others to keep their homes clean and show them the best way to remove stains and dirt. I’ve also become a bit of an expert on using home cleaning remedies with ingredients that are likely in your kitchen cupboard.

When I found Smart Vacuums, I knew it was the way forward for me. A large platform where I can share all my cleaning tips and advice? Sign me up. It was hard to leave my business behind, but it was the best decision I made. It’s given me the ability to share my knowledge and help thousands of readers overcome various cleaning issues.

The learning never ends, and I’m one of those people who know that there is always something new to discover. I pour my heart into research and practical testing to give you the best cleaning advice. Whether it’s general cleaning or stain removal, I’m the man for the job.

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