Gemma Tyler

Gemma Tyler is a freelance journalist for Kurated Media. Her tireless testing and reviewing have led to some of the most detailed and informative home appliance guides on the market. You can follow her journey on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest as well as read her guides here and here.


Back in 2006, I was starting my master’s degree in journalism and making ends meet by working two jobs in retail. At the same time, I was working in a low paid writing job in a bid to gain some experience in the sector. I was constantly exhausted, but I had an end goal to reach.

My journalism dreams have always been to help others, to bring them news and information that actively helps them in their daily lives. After I graduated in 2008, I thought I had found that role, but it wasn’t giving me the opportunities that I needed - a chance to really connect with my audience.

In 2015, I found Kurated Media, and they gave me the chance to write for Smart Vacuums. Not only do I get to write about the best home appliances, but I also have the chance to test them out so that my readers benefit from first-hand knowledge.

Every day, I get to help people make informed choices and avoid poorly marketed home appliances. From vacuum cleaners and washing machines, all the way to dehumidifiers and steam irons, I’ve tested it all and will continue to do so for many years to come. 

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