Best Clothes Steamers – Crease Free Clothing with Ease

Time to get HOT AND STEAMY. 

When you use our guide to find the best clothes steamer, you are getting a model that’s easy to use, reliable, and offers you a gorgeous finish that leaves every garment fresh. 

It’s time to look good, feel good, and care for your clothes. 

We grabbed over 20 of the leading clothes steamers on the market and spent more than 45 hours putting them through their paces and going through detailed analysis.

We tested them for longevity and reliability, as well as seeing how crisp they left each piece of clothing. 

But why did we bother? 

Best Clothes Steamer

The truth is, we know how hard it is to find a model that is RELIABLE, slots in with your budget, and delivers all the little extras that you’re expecting. That’s why we did the hard work for you. 

For clothes steamers, it didn’t get better than the Philips GC362 for us. We loved it, and we know that you’re going to be impressed with everything it has to offer. 

We know that it’s not going to be everyone’s cup of tea, and that’s why we would like to steam ahead (I’m so funny) and offer you a full range of fantastic models.

1. Editors Pick

philips steam & go plus

Phillips Steam & Go 


2. Runner Up

Swan, SI12020N, Handheld Garment Steamer

Swan SI12020N Handheld Steamer 

A Clothes Steamer Buyers Guide Video

What Key Features to Look For

We have put together this quick video above outlining the key things to consider when looking to choose the best clothes steamer. This includes the following:

Budget - ensuring you find something affordable to smooth out your clothes

Type - there are two types, so choose the one that suits your needs best

Heating Time - how long it takes before it’s ready to get steaming 

Capacity - how long it ca steam your clothes for, and how many garments it can take 

Practicality - it’s all about how easy it is to use 

Weight - comfort and practicality to save your wrists and arms the strain

Settings - different strokes for different folks, what’s your favourite steam setting?

Accessories - tools to make steaming easier as well as accessories for the clothes

Things to Look For 

Before you decide to buy your garment steamer, there are some features that you are going to need to take into consideration first. Below, you will find a concise list of what you should be adding to your checklist.

Handheld steamer or Vertical steamer.

Handheld steamers are small and light, weighing no more than 2kg and usually a lot less. Perfect for travel. They tend to have wide nozzles for good steam spray, and they come in either the shape of a kettle or a spray bottle.

Vertical steamers are a lot bigger and bulkier, which means they are better suited to staying in your home. They usually come with a built-in clothes hanger so that you can keep your garments still whilst steaming. They are the most powerful form of steamer, with larger water tanks for longer steam times.

Heating Time. Most models don’t take more than 45 seconds, which is pretty fast, and anything that is under 30 seconds is excellent.

Continuous Steam. Some models have a trigger that needs to be held down constantly while you work, and others do it automatically. The latter of these is referred to as continuous steam, and it makes life so much easier. We strongly recommend that any model you pick has this feature.

Tank Size. The size of the water tank dictates how long you can steam for. Smaller tanks will have shorter running times and larger tanks longer runtimes. It really depends on the amount of clothing you want to steam.  

Steam Settings. There are some models that will allow you to vary the steam flow. This is ideal if you are switching between delicate and bulkier clothes as it gives you a lot of flexibility with regards to the power of the machine.

Fabric Suitability. Most garment steamers are suitable for use on all fabrics, but there are also those that might be considered too rough for use on delicates. Check the manufacturer instruction carefully before you buy to ensure that you can use your chose steamer on any delicate clothes and materials.

Accessories. These can be quite important. There are some steamers that will only use the standard steam head, and others that come loaded with useful accessories to make life easier.

This often includes like a lint brush, or a tool that can put a crease in trousers or straighten collars. Some remove dust, and many come with a hangar so that you have easy access to your garments.

Best Clothes Steamers (In Order)

1. Philips Steam&Go Plus Handheld Clothes Steamer

Best Clothes Steamer - Editors Pick

philips steam & go plus

Another glorious home addition from Philips, you’ll never suffer from creased clothes again with this steamer.

Remaining lightweight and highly portable, its compact size means it can be slipped effortlessly into your suitcase for long business trips or holidays. 


Power: 1300w
Steam: 24g/min
Capacity: 70ml
Cable: 2.5m
Weight: 0.9kg

  • Compact design that makes travel so much easier - keep those shirts smooth
  • Horizontal and vertical steaming are effortless with this model
  • Ready to use in 45 seconds so that you’re always ready to go 
  • Bacteria? No problem, with steam that kills 99.9% in one fell swoop
  • Safe for use on all materials so there is no risk of burning your clothes 

Not only that, it’s a POWERFUL steamer that produces an exceptional 24g/min of steam - working out those tough creases effortlessly. It can be used for touch-ups, delicates, and even pleats, adding to the impressive versatility that this steamer provides. 

The smart soleplate means that it is gentle on delicates without the risk of burning or marking them. At the same time, the steam is hot enough that it is able to kill 99.9% of bacteria as well as eliminate odours (we’ve all experienced that nasty suitcase smell… blergh!). 

There is a nifty trigger at the top of the ergonomic handle, and this allows for the quick and easy release of steam while you are working on your clothes. The water tank isn’t the biggest at 70ml, but it is enough for one garment and is very easy to refill. 

It also comes with some great accessories to make steaming easier. This includes a carry case that keeps it nice and safe, gloves for you to wear while you use it, and a brush for your garments so you can wipe off any hair or muck while steaming. 

Since it can be used vertically and horizontally, there is no escape for any garments that are looking a little worse for wear. Hang them up in your hotel room or lay them down on a flat surface, no matter what you choose this steamer has it covered. 

Small yet deadly, creases will cower in fear when faced with this exceptional clothes steamer. However, we also know that it’s a little on the pricey side. So, why not let us introduce you to our budget pick from Swan - still exceptional, just at a much lower price. 




2. Swan, SI12020N, Handheld Garment Steamer

Budget Pick

Swan, SI12020N, Handheld Garment Steamer

Made for the travelling lady or gentleman, this clothes steamer prides itself on being exceptionally compact, lightweight, and portable for all of your business or leisure needs.

It was designed to make life easier for you so you can really let off some steam (I’m hilarious). 


Power: 1100w

Steam: 20g/min

Capacity: 250ml

Cable: 1.9m

Weight: 0.9kg

  • Neat design that’s easy to hold and even easier to pack in your suitcase 
  • Suitable for vertical and horizontal steaming for flexibility 
  • Can be used on all fabrics, even bedding, to keep them looking gorgeous 
  • Automatic shutdown to protect it from overheating and to keep you safe 
  • Kills bacteria and odours so quickly your jaw will drop

POWER is certainly a word for this steamer, offering an impressive 20g/min of steam and 1100w so that you can really plough through those garments before your next business meeting. Creases, lines, and touch-ups are all possible with this model in your hand. 

 The hot steam is gentle enough for use on all materials, making life easier for you, while also being able to eliminate bacteria effortlessly. Got clothes that smell a little funky after travel? Odours vanish once this steamer has had its way with them. 

The water reservoir is excellent, offering a 250ml tank that will get you through several garments before you need to refill it. Detachable and easy to refill, it takes a lot of the pressure off and allows you to have a more relaxed steaming session. 

It also comes with a brush that can be used on your garments to help remove hair and grime before, during, or after the steaming process. The controls are also easy to reach, with a handy trigger on the handle as well as a simple-to-access power button on the side. 

Since it can be used vertically and horizontally, steaming in your hotel room just became a much simpler task. All you need to do is hang it up or lay it down and you can get to work. It doesn’t have any impact on the amount of steam produced or the results. 

For a budget model, this clothes steamer really does pack a punch. We know you’ll love it as much as we did, but if you’re still not sure what to buy we have a great suggestion. Why not check out the rest of our top quality steamers to see if one heats things up (hehe).




3. Fridja Portable Handheld Steamer

Best Handheld Clothes Steamer

Fridja Portable Handheld Steamer

A handheld garment steamer is perfect for those quick jobs, as well as taking with you when you are travelling.

Their small size shouldn’t fool you as many handheld models are just as powerful as their larger counterparts.


  • Power: 1500 watts
  • Weight: 900g
  • Tank Capacity: 260ml
  • Continuous Steam: Yes (25g/per minute)
  • Heating Time: 45 seconds

What We Like

We were really impressed with the power offered by this garment steamer, allowing for even stubborn wrinkles to be removed with little effort.

The electric pump system is to thank for this, combined with the wide steam range that reaches right into clothes to loosen them up. It can also be used on all fabrics, allowing you to fix your curtains, clothes, and furnishings alike.

There is a full accessory kit included, and one of these is a water bottle adaptor that allows for quick and easy steaming when you are away or need to save space when packing.

It also comes with a portable hanger and fabric guard. The anti-calc water tank is ideal for those who live in hard water areas, and the automatic shutdown keeps you safe and avoids overheating. 

Anything We Didn’t Like 

It is a little heavy, even for a handheld steamer. This can make it tricky to travel with or use for extended periods of time in its full form.

Should You Buy?

Yes, it is a very good and reliable model to buy, from a very popular brand in Fridja It does a great job and really packs a punch - especially for a handheld steamer.

It’s versatile and the fact that it can be made smaller and more compact for travel is pretty handy. It is a little bit heavy on the whole and the price is not affordable for everyone. However, its still our pick as the best handheld garment steamer.

If you want a budget-friendly model, the BEAUTURAL is your best bet, but this




4. Pitatech 1640W Portable Handheld

Powerful and Portable Steamer for Clothes

Pitatech 1640W Portable Handheld

In modern society, portability is key. We live busy lives, and so we need gadgets that can be carried around with us but are still powerful enough to do a good job.

This little garment steamer is our top choice for a model that does it all.


  • Power: 1640 watts
  • Weight: 1.2kg
  • Tank Capacity: 260-500ml
  • Continuous Steam: Yes (32g/per minute)
  • Heating Time: 15 seconds

What We Like

This handheld garment steamer has seven different functions, which is an aspect that we really enjoyed when using this model. It can be used for everything from disinfection and humidification, all the way to wrinkle removal and ironing.

It’s versatile for such a little piece of kit, and it even comes with a dust and lint remover a well as a portable folding hanger for hotel room steaming.

It’s powerful, with a large water tank capacity that can keep it going for an easy 20 minutes. Wrinkles are blasted away and odours eliminated effortlessly.

The wide nozzle means you get more steam and this is able to sink into the clothes and really work its magic. It can be used at all angles, allowing you to reach every crease and curve in your garments for the best results. 

Anything We Didn’t Like 

This clothing steamer has no major flaws. 

Should You Buy?

Absolutely. This is a great garment steamer and it comes at a brilliant price. With no major flaws, this affordable is sure to make life much easier for you, and leave your clothes looking and smelling better than ever.

It even comes with a warranty that lasts one year, keeping you protected if anything malfunctions after you buy. A great choice that offers brilliant results.




5. WiredLux Handheld Clothes Steamer with Accessories

Amazon’s Top Choice Handheld Steamer

WiredLux Handheld Clothes Steamer with Accessories

Amazon is one of the leading retailers, and their top choices are often regarded highly by customers.

Therefore, we decided to check out their choice of steamer to see if it lived up to expectations. 


  • Power: 850 watts
  • Weight: 839g
  • Tank Capacity: 100ml
  • Continuous Steam: Yes (g/per minute not specified)
  • Heating Time: 25 seconds

What We Like

We really enjoyed that this model has five cleaning capabilities, providing you with the versatility you need to really make the most of steaming your clothes.

It kills 99% of bacteria when used to disinfect, irons clothes and removes wrinkles, gets rid of dust, and humidifies when needed. It’s also compact and lightweight, with flexible use so that it can be utilised from any angle.

It comes with some great accessories to make life easier, and it is perfectly suitable for use on all fabrics. You can even use it to remove wrinkles and creases from your curtains.

The portable design makes it easy to take with you when you are travelling, and it heats up really quickly so that you can get straight to work. It’s also leak-proof so that your clothes don’t get dripped on. 

Anything We Didn’t Like 

It only runs for around ten minutes, which isn’t going to be beneficial for everyone.

Should You Buy?

Yes, this is a good and affordable model to buy with a long power cable and great additional features. It’s effective and powerful with a great approval rating.

The steaming time can be a little short, and if this is something that might end up bothering you, the model above provides the same functionality with a longer runtime (it just has a shorter power cord).




6. Beautural 1200W Handheld Clothes Steamer

Perfect Clothes Steamer for Travel

Beautural 1200W Handheld Clothes Steamer

Whether you are away for business or leisure, having a good handheld garment steamer with you is the perfect way to keep your clothes looking fresh.

If you’re searching for something portable and powerful, you are in the right place.


  • Power: 1200w
  • Weight: 699g
  • Tank Capacity: 260ml
  • Continuous Steam: Yes (g/per minute not specified)
  • Heating Time: 30 seconds

What We Like

What we were really pleased with is how quickly this steamer heated up ready for use. You can use the continuous steam for a good 15 minutes, which is more than enough time to get through all of the clothes you have brought on your trip.

It also has an anti-leakage feature that will prevent water from dripping onto your clothes, keeping them nice and fresh at all times.

This model can be used horizontally and vertically, offering more flexibility when using it in places like hotel rooms. It is safe to use on all materials, reducing wrinkles and leaving clothes very presentable.

It also comes with some great little accessories, like a fabric and lint brush. Additionally, it has brilliant safety features like the auto-shutdown and overheating protection.

Anything We Didn’t Like 

The power cord is a little short, which can make it tricky when trying to stretch across a room.

Should You Buy?

Yes, this is absolutely worth buying. It is a great portable model, and one that will do a really good job of removing the wrinkles from your clothes.

The power cable is a little short and so can be tricky to stretch, but the power behind it really makes up for any shortcomings.

It comes at an affordable price, making it more than suitable for any budget. 




7. Fridja High Pressure - 2200W Professional

Best Professional Garment Steamer

Fridja High Pressure - 2200W Professional

A professional model could be just what you need to really get your clothes into shape.

They tend to cost a little more, but they do a great job and are also the perfect option if you are looking to start up your own business. 


  • Power: 2200 watts
  • Weight: 9.8kg
  • Tank Capacity: 3.8L
  • Continuous Steam: Not Stated
  • Heating Time: Not Stated

What We Like

A sleek and modern design that looks good and is easy to use are just two great features that this model has. It’s also a high-pressure steamer, which we quite liked, with 5 bar of steaming pressure to eliminate creases immediately.

Thick plumes of steam work into every fibre of your clothing to soften stubborn areas and smooth out wrinkles. The whole process is really speedy.

In fact, your shirts will be back to be smooth and crease-free in moments, and this steamer works on all materials with ease so that you can steam everything and anything.

It’ powerful, and yet delicate enough to be used on things like wedding dresses. A brilliant addition is that it is also able to kill 99% of bacteria, keeping your clothing clean and fresh on multiple levels. 

Anything We Didn’t Like 

This steamer has no major flaws. 

Should You Buy?

Yes, this is definitely a model to strongly consider. It’s powerful and reliable, with a professional finish that takes no time at all.

The fact that it has no major flaws is reassuring for those who want something balanced and that works well. It’s gentle yet tough on creases, caring for fabrics with ease.




8. VonHaus 1600W Upright Garment Steamer

Best Budget Vertical Steamer

VonHaus 1600W Upright Clothing Steamer

Vertical steamers are fantastic, but they can also be expensive. If you are searching for a quality steaming experience with an affordable price, this might just be the model you’ve been searching for. 


  • Power: 1600 watts
  • Weight: 4.5kg
  • Tank Capacity: 2.2L
  • Continuous Steam: Yes (g/per minute not stated)
  • Heating Time: 45 seconds

What We Like

We really liked how lightweight and compact this model is, despite being a vertical steamer. It’ easy to move around and position as needed for each garment.

The height is also adjustable so that you can steam everything from shirts to dresses. The controls are simple to use, and the steam pressure can be controlled easily. It heats up nice and quickly considering the water tank size.

The concentration of steam is intense, and we were quite impressed with the amount that was produced.

This works quickly on clothing, eliminating wrinkles and creases so that you are left with fresh clothing that look and smell great.

Bacteria is eliminated from clothing effortlessly to protect your health, and it comes with some brilliant attachments to make life easier.

Anything We Didn’t Like 

There are no major flaws for this vertical steamer. 

Should You Buy?

Yes, it is a brilliant steamer that is available at a great price. It has all the power and capabilities that you would expect from a cheaper model but without the high price tag.

The two vertical steamers above have more features to offer, but they are also a lot more expensive.

This model does everything you need and a little more, as well as coming with some really handy tools. It's one we would be happy to recommend.





Can You Put Vinegar in a Clothes Steamer?

Yes, you can put white vinegar in a clothes steamer. It is perfect for removing limescale from the interior of your steamer.

All you need to do is fill the tank and let the vinegar heat up. Once this is done, use the spray button while the steamer is aimed at the sink. This will empty the tank and clear limescale out. 

Can You Put Febreeze in a Clothes Steamer?

Yes, you can put Febreeze in a clothes steamer. While it can be a good way to spread pleasant odours, it tends to work better when misted over the garments after steaming.

Similarly, some people like to use essential oils in their clothes steamer, and this works better than Febreeze being directly inserted.

How Much Should I Spend on a garment steamer? 

The amount that you should spend on a steamer varies between £25 and over £200 according to

This depends on the type of steamer that you buy (handhelds tend to be cheaper than vertical). Generally speaking, you can find great quality models for less than £50 if you’re on a budget.

Final Thoughts

Garment steamers really could replace irons in most homes. They are easy to use, lightweight, compact, and so much easier to set up when you need them. We used our expert knowledge to pick some of the best models out there for you to consider.

Each one has been selected based on its capabilities as well as the price, allowing us to offer you a balanced selection to browse through.

It’s hard to pinpoint just one of these garment steamers as the best because they all serve different purposes, but we will say that you can’t go wrong with a multi-purpose model - these disinfect, remove wrinkles, and eliminate dust all in one.

Thank you for taking the time to read our guide on the best clothes steamers. What did you think of our selections - did we hit the nail on the head or miss the mark with our selections? We love hearing from you, so leave us a message in the comment section below. 

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