14 Best Steam Mops and Cleaners: 2018 UK Guide-Best Brands Reviewed

Best Steam Mop

Over the years, a larger quantity of homeowners has decided to make the transition from carpets and rugs to hardwood and laminate flooring, even tiled .

There is truly something special about these type of surfaces and it can really liven up a home.

Of course, this type of flooring requires precision care and gentle hands. Although wood is undeniably durable, it can be scratched very easily.

With this in mind, it is often wise to make the transition to a steam mop or steam cleaner.

With this piece of equipment, the homeowner will be able to easily clean their hard floors, without worrying about doing any unnecessary damage and of course ensuring utter cleanliness and a bacteria free home.

Investing in a steam clean mop can be a little more time consuming than one may believe. There are numerous variables to weigh up and innumerable brands to consider.

The goods news is that you’ve come to the right place. Within this comprehensive guide, you will find a detailed breakdown of the best steam mops and cleaners, along with their unique features.

The guide will also examine the various brands, weights, cord lengths, and a wide variety of different factors.

You’ll also learn about the cloths and pads, which are utilized with these products. Among the brands explored, you will find Vax, Thane H20, Bissell, and Black & Decker.

So, which one is truly the best? This is a determination, which only you can make.

This is why you will want to read the guide below and utilize the provided information to help you make a more informed decision.

Just remember one brand and individual model might be great for one person, but it may not be the best for another.

When you’re ready, you should brace yourself, grab a cuppa and continue reading below.

Editors Note

Every month we compare prices and product availability.

We also consider any new models that we previously have not reviewed to ensure you are given the most up to date information on choosing the best carpet cleaner machines.

This review guide was last updated in January 2018 We haven't added any new models or reviews this month.

Top Rated UK Steam Mops List


Price Range

Rating (1-5)


Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh

Under £100


Thane H2O HD High Definition 5 in 1 Steam Mop

Under £100


Thane Logo
Dirt Devil 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner

Under £40


Dirt Devil Logo
Vileda Steam Mop

Under £50


Vileda Logo
Vax Steam Mop S7 2-In-1

Under £150


Bissell Vac & Steam

Under £150


Bissell Logo
Morphy Richards 720020

Under £100


Morphy Richards Logo
Kärcher SC2 Steam Cleaner

Under £130


Karcher Logo
Vax S88W1MB Steam Mop

Under £70


Shark Lift-Away Steam Mop

Under £150


Shark Logo
Abode ASVC4001 2-in-1 Vac and Steam

Under £100


Abode Logo

How To Buy A Steam Mop

Many consumers make the mistake of rushing to their local retail store and investing in the very first steam mop or cleaner that crosses their eye.

Although this will definitely achieve the goal and will put a steam mop into your possession, it is truly an unwise way to proceed. There are numerous variables, which must be examined.

​If you fail to inspect each and every one of these factors, you could very well end up with a steam mop, which is unusable. A steam mop, which is too heavy, will become cumbersome and you’ll find yourself cleaning your home less and less frequently.

​With this in mind, it is absolutely imperative to take your time, set a budget and analyze each factor, before moving forward. Each variable will be broken down in great depth, so you can have a better understanding of precisely what to look for in a good steam mop.

What To Look For ?

Now, as already mentioned there is truly an abundance of factors that absolutely must be considered. For your consideration and convenience, the most important will be examined now.

#1 Budgeting

Steam mops are fairly affordable, but you should still examine their prices, before making your purchase. Each household is different and each will only be able to spend so much. Of course, you shouldn’t allow the price to overwhelm your decision.

Setting a realistic budget for this investment is incredibly wise. Whether that’s looking for a model under £100, £50 or even less, doing so will help to guarantee that you’re able to spend freely and will have a much better chance of obtaining the best steam mop for your individualistic situation.

#2 Size

Size is often overlooked, because most steam mops are fairly small and compact. Still, you should not ignore this aspect, as it could play a vital role in the outcome of your purchase.

Purchasing a mop, which is too big will make it much more difficult to store. With this in mind, you should make sure you’d have a sufficient amount of space to store your mop, without much difficulty.

#3 Head Size

Although the overall size of the mop is important, you should also put extra special effort into the mop’s head size. This feature may be even more integral to the mop’s performance.

A bigger head size will be able to get the floor cleaned perfectly much more rapidly. Of course, a bigger head will also make maneuverability slightly more complicated.

Finding a middle ground in this area is pertinent and will help to deliver a more satisfying performance in the long run.

#4 Different Types of Steam Mops

You should also realize that there are actually several different varieties of steam mops. Although they’ll all clean your floors, they work differently.

In order to find the right one for your situation, you must familiarize yourself with each. Below, you will find an examination of each model.

  • Sweep And Steam – If you truly wish to kill two birds with a single stone, you should ultimately consider upping your spending budget and investing in a sweep and steam mop. Although the price is slightly more expensive, this piece of equipment will undeniably enhance your productivity level. This is the case, because the steamer will not only steam your floors, but it’ll also remove the debris ahead of time. With a traditional steam mop, you may need to utilize a vacuum or a broom first, before reaching for the steamer.
  • Steam Only – Some will only be interested in giving their hard floors a nice shine. If you fall into this category, you will be able to save yourself a bit of money, by investing in a steam cleaner. When attempting to determine whether or not the savings are worth it, you need to figure out if you’ll be happy switching from one product to another, in order to clean your floors entirely.

Both options are entirely acceptable and reasonable, but only one will be best suited for your individualistic lifestyle and budget.

 The sweeper and steamer combination is definitely handy, but accessing this product will generally elevate the price significantly. This is why it is vital to analyze your budget, before moving this far into the decision.

#5 Considering Extension Poles

When attempting to clarify the performance and ease of use of a specific steam mop, you should always examine the operating radius. This figure can tell you exactly how much space can be accessed with the mop, without moving about.

 Although a handful of variables, including cord length (on non-cordless models), will play a determination here, extension poles are also important. Some of the more budget mops may not come with an extension pole, while others might require you to invest in one as an optional extra.

Extensions 5
Extensions 4
Extensions 3
Extensions 2
Extensions 1

However, if you’re willing to spend a little extra, you will be able to find quite a few steam mops, which are available with extension poles as standard.

In fact, some of these can bend at angles making it easy to access the areas underneath your furniture. If you feel the need to increase your productivity, you can easily enhance the mop’s reach by choosing one with an extension pole.

If you plan on purchasing one at a later date, you should make sure what’s on offer fits your specific mop, before making the investment.

#6 Corded And Cordless

In the past few years, steam mops have taken a turn towards the future and are now available in cordless models. Of course, a hotly contested debate still rages regarding the effectiveness and convenience of said models.

Some individuals will swear by the cordless steam mops, while others will tell you that the corded models are far superior.

In order to make the best choice for your own situation, it is vital to familiarize yourself with each model, their pros and their cons. This information will be provided below for your convenience.

  • Corded Steam Mops – These are traditional steam mops, which must be physically plugged into a power outlet in your home. With that being said, you might as well go ahead and get the negative out of the way.
  • The cord can become frustrating very quickly. If the cord is too short, you’ll find yourself consistently unplugging and plugging up elsewhere, in order to get a better reach. If the cord is a bit too long, you may wind up getting tangled up and it could quickly become a trip hazard. Of course, corded varieties are still some of the best. Due to their direct power, they tend to be substantially more powerful than their cordless competitors. At the same time, you will never have to worry about the battery dying.
  • Finally, corded steam mops aren’t newcomers, so they’re slightly less costly. Suffice to say, you shouldn’t rule them out just because of the cord.
  • Cordless Steam Mops – If you’re looking for the most convenient experience possible, you should definitely consider investing in a cordless steam cleaner. Getting rid of the cord can be very liberating and will give you the ability to use the steam mop anywhere and everywhere very quickly.
  • There will never be a need to unroll the cord or roll it back up in the future, so these varieties can definitely improve your productivity level to some degree. Of course, cordless models are fairly new to the market, so there is still plenty of room for improvement. The biggest concern here is the battery. The majority of cordless mops will only deliver a battery life of 15 or 20 minutes, with many offering even less.
  • This makes the cordless mops somewhat unreliable for bigger messes and larger areas of flooring. However, they’re absolutely perfect for quick cleanups.

Truthfully, either one could be the best for your personalized dilemma. By figuring out precisely how the mop will be used, you will have a much better chance of choosing which will serve you admirably.

Those living in smaller homes with less hardwood or tiled flooring will be better served with a cordless mop and vice versa.

#7 Steam Settings

When attempting to choose a steam mop, you should always check out the steam settings. Some of the cheaper models are likely to come with a singular setting, which may hinder its performance to some degree.

If you want to be able to perfectly setup your steam mop to tackle a unique mess, you need to be able to switch between steam settings. Although this may increase the price to a minor degree, it is undoubtedly well worth it.

Generally, you should be able to find steam mops, which come with three settings, low, medium and high.

Having access to these will give you the ability to customize the flow of the steam, so you can increase or decrease its output. Opting for a model with all three settings id definitely recommended.

#8 Cord Length

Although the cordless models are undeniably cool and very convenient, many consumers will still select a traditional, corded steam mop.

These models are immensely reliable and prevent the need to stop and recharge a battery too often. Of course, the cord can become a problem, if it is either too short or too long. With this in mind, you will need to work diligently to find a middle ground.

​Some consumers will be served better by a steam mop, which has an enormously lengthy cord, while others will actually do better with a shorter cord. Analyzing your own requirements is truly vital here.

If you live in a small home and have very little hard flooring, you should be fine with a smaller cord. However, if your home has stairs and an abundance of hardwood flooring, a lengthy cord is generally recommended. Neither option is wrong, as long as the cord length you select will suit your needs the best.

#9 Weight

Many consumers overlook and ignore the weight, when scouring their options. This is truly a major mistake and could result in many future complications.

 If you fail to inspect the weight, you may very well invest in a steam cleaner, which is too heavy to haul from one room to the next. Even if you’re a professional bodybuilder, you won’t want a steam mop that is going to wear out your arms, within a matter of minutes.

With this in mind, a slightly lighter mop is generally recommended, as it’ll deliver added ease of use.

 At the same time, a lighter mop will make it tremendously easier to haul the mop throughout the home and up the stairs. Typically, opting for a lightweight model is best, regardless of your size and stature.

#10 What’s Included

When analyzing your potential options, you should always glance at the package contents, before making your purchase. Whether you’re purchasing a corded or cordless model, the package will almost always have a few additional items and accessories.

Some models will actually include floor cleaners and fragrance discs. Although these items aren’t necessities, adding them to the agreement gives you the ability to experiment with them, so you can determine whether or not you would like to purchase them in the future.

Of course, it is absolutely vital to check out the mop’s included pads, before sealing the deal. The pads will only last for a certain period of time, before they’ll need to be replaced. Purchasing a mop, which comes with a few additional pads, can help you save a tiny bit of money in the long run and is recommended.

#11 Cloths And Pads

Although steam mops are undoubtedly beneficial and convenient, they can be slightly costly in the long run. This is the case, because these products require the consumer to purchase and replace the cleaning cloths and pads frequently.

With this in mind, it is essential to inspect the price of replacements, before handing over your money. Failing to do so could be a massive mistake and could result in you spending excessively to utilize the mop well into the future.

Make sure that the pads aren’t going to break the bank, within a few months. If you wish to add the fragrance discs to the arrangement, you should remember that they’ll up the price, but they’ll also make your home smell absolutely wonderful.

 A bit of planning and budgeting is necessary here, in order to ensure that you’ll be able to afford the mop in the long run.

#12 Tank Size

In order for the steam mop to produce steam, you need to provide it with a sufficient amount of water. This is the entire purpose of the mop’s water tank, which is normally found on the top or front of the unit.​

In order to ensure that your money is well spent, you will need to examine the tank very carefully.

​Although the tank size is exceptionally important, you should always examine its accessibility. If you’re unable to access the tank easily, it’ll become problematic in the future. If you’re forced to yank on the tank, in order to remove it, you may wind up making a mess. Be sure the tank can be popped out of its slot easily.

Also, be sure to check the tank’s size. How much water is it capable of holding? If the tank can hold a larger amount of water, it’ll be able to produce a greater amount of steam in one session.

A bigger tank is recommended for those that have larger spaces of hardwood flooring. Also, a larger tank will help you avoid stopping in the middle of a cleanup, in order to refill the tank.

Although this may lead you to believe that a bigger tank is always better, this isn’t always the case. Analyze your home and the amount of hard flooring in it. If you can get by with a small tank, you should attempt to do so.

#13 Warranty

Eventually, you will find a steam mop or two that looks great, but you shouldn’t purchase one yet. Instead, you will want to take the opportunity to inspect the unit’s warranty.

The warranty of the steam mop could very well be the most important aspect of all. Generally, most manufacturers will provide the consumer with a 12-month warranty.

Although sufficient, a lengthier warranty is even better. Investing in a warranty, which extends up to 2 years or longer is best.

Doing so will help to ensure that your steam mop will serve you perfectly for many years to come. If it doesn’t and something malfunctions, you will be able to have it replaced, without any expensive fees.

Best Combination Steam Mop: Vax S86-SF-CC Steam Fresh

A steamer is a necessity, when it comes to tackling set-in dirt and grease.

If you attempt to tackle that greasy oven without a steamer, you will most likely not be successful.

The Vax S86-SF-CC may be exactly what you are looking for, since it breaks down into a handheld cleaner.

You will receive more benefits from a steam cleaner that can be utilized as an upright and handheld model.

You will receive 10 additional cleaning tools with this model, including a grout brush, scraper, bent nozzle, metal brush, and etc.

The included accessory bag will keep all of your tools together for convenience and neat storage.

 The 7-meter electrical cable is long enough to clean an entire room, without you needing to stop amid task, just to locate another receptacle.

The S86-SF-CC has two onboard holding tanks. The 260-milliliter tank is for water and the other 200-milliliter tank is for the cleaning solution. 

This will make the refill process a breeze, since you will never be forced to measure out the solution, before pouring it into the tank. Another great benefit that cannot be ignored is the steamer’s ability to heat up water in 20 seconds or less.


  • Each full tank is capable of producing up to 15 minutes of hot steam
  • Equipped with a 7-meter electrical cable
  • Includes a 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Equipped with 2 separate holding tanks (water and cleaning solution)
  • Weighs 3.7 kilograms
  • Suitable for cleaning hardwood, glass, tile, and sealed laminate
  • Breaks down into a handheld cleaner


  • Little heavier than the other models (3.7 kilograms)

The Vax S86-SF-CC is designed to offer durability and longevity. This steam cleaner is also very affordable and comes with a price ranging anywhere from £50-65, which will not break the bank.

All in all, it is a great steam mop and is well worth checking out in greater depth right now.

Full review of this Vax S86-SF-CC can be seen here




Thane H2O HD High Definition 5 in 1 Steam Mop

This steam cleaner is versatile in that it can handle just about any surface.

From your hard floor, to your walls and glass windows, this steam cleaner has it all covered.

It’s incredibly lightweight, making it easy to carry around, and the fact that it can be converted into a handheld model means that no job is too big or small for this machine.

It doesn’t need any chemicals to leave your floors clean, killing viruses and bacteria as it goes. It even deodorises carpets, so you are left with a fresh smell.

 The tank is high capacity, taking a lot of water for a longer cleaning session. The head swivels around 360 degrees, so you can get around anything – plus, the heat up time is a mere 25 seconds.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Converts to upright or handheld
  • Suitable for all hard floors
  • Can be used on carpet
  • Can be used on glass and walls
  • Great for surfaces
  • Removable water tank
  • Deodorises carpets
  • Kills bacteria and viruses
  • Swivel head


  • Higher price
  • Handheld mode can be cumbersome

This steam cleaner may be on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it is a fantastic option to go for if you are looking for something powerful and reliable to keep your home clean.

 From your floors and surfaces, to the glass on your windows, this steam cleaner can handle just about anything you throw at it. The price might be a little intimidating at first, but it is worth every penny.

Read a full review of the Thane H20 high definition mop here 




Dirt Devil 5-in-1 Steam Cleaner

This steam cleaner is able to glide easily across all sealed hard floors, as well as your kitchen counters.

It can even help to tackle the limescale that builds up on your taps. It has handy 2-in-1 features, allowing it to switch from an upright to a handheld model with ease – so no surface is left unreachable.

It can cut through grease and grime with practically no effort, ensuring that your surfaces and floors are left in a sanitary state.

It also had a fantastic 5-in-1 multipurpose tool and accessory kit, so you can get into every nook and cranny.

It’s a great quality model that heats up quickly and keeps your home clean.


  • Lightweight
  • Suitable for use on all hard sealed floors
  • Can be used as a handheld and upright model
  • Cuts through grease
  • Works on kitchen counters
  • 5-in-1 tool and accessory kit
  • Heats up quickly
  • Easy to use controls


  • Noisy on the highest setting
  • Highest setting gets incredibly hot and risks burning

This steam cleaner is a great addition to any home. Reasonably priced, it fits in with most budgets, making it an easily accessible model for most.

 It has the ability to glide through grease and dirt with ease, and the quick heating time means that you can have your home sparkling in no time at all.

The tool and accessory kit is also a fantastic addition, allowing you to get those hard to reach places, but also providing you with handy tools for cleaning the hob and other areas of the kitchen. A definite must buy for those on a budget.




Vileda Steam Mop

The great thing about this vacuum cleaner is how lightweight and fast it is. It only takes 15 seconds to heat up, so you’ll be ready to go in no time at all.

This steam cleaner works to kill 99.9% of bacteria, keeping your home clean and sanitary at all times.

It is suitable for all hard sealed floors, making it incredibly versatile.

You also have full control over the settings, so you can adjust the strength of the steam at any time.

This steam cleaner also includes a carpet glider that you can attach over the microfiber cloth.

This means you can refresh your carpets at any time. It’s also very easy to move around the house and furniture thanks to its swivel head.


  • Lightweight
  • Affordable
  • Ready for use in 15 seconds
  • Easy to use controls
  • Perfect for all sealed hard floors
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria
  • No detergent needed
  • Carpet glider
  • Comes with two microfiber cloths


  • Cloths can come loose easily
  • Tank is at an awkward angle for filling

This sleek and affordable model is so easy to set up that it only takes four simple steps. The assembly is minimal, and it is really easy to adjust and control.

Perfect for use on all hard floors that have been sealed, and complete with a carpet glider, it has everything you need from a basic steam cleaner. With one of these, your home will be clean and fresh in no time at all.




Best Upright and Handheld: Vax Steam Mop S7 2-In-1

If you are searching for a steam cleaner that is capable of offering versatility, so you can use it throughout your home, you should look no further than the Vax Steam Mop S7.

This is actually an upright model that can be converted to a handheld steam cleaner.

You can clean your bathroom wall tiles with ease, while having the option to steam clean the floors throughout your entire home.

This steamer is equipped with powerful jets that are capable of breaking down set-in dirt and oils, within a matter of seconds.

The S7’s heater is capable of heating up in less than 30 seconds, which is much quicker than the competitor brand.

The 400-milliliter tank will provide enough create 12 minutes of steam, so you can clean several rooms, before refilling.

The high-temperature steam produced by the S7 will eradicate up 99.9% of the allergens and germs.

To make all of your steam cleaning tasks a breeze, you will be provided with multiple attachments, including a squeegee, upholstery, scraper tool, and etc. The detachable shoulder strap will come in handy, during transport and when cleaning bathroom walls, ovens, and windows.


  • Includes a 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • 400 Milliliter holding tank
  • Provides 12 minutes of steam with each fill
  • Extremely affordable
  • Offers versatility, thanks to the upright and handheld options
  • Cleaning pads can be washed over and over again
  • Heats up in less than 30 seconds
  • Very lightweight and portable design


  • Lots of plastic parts, but for the price you cannot beat it

This is a very affordable steam cleaner ranging anywhere from £40-50, which will not break the bank. It is suitable for cleaning all of your tile, oven, and hard flooring with ease. Full review of this Vax S7 Can be seen here





Best Steam Mop Under £30: Vax S88W1MB Steam Mop

If you are searching for an affordable steam mop, you should definitely consider the Vax S88W1MB.

 Its lightweight design is very desirable for all homemakers, since it can be transported anywhere with ease.

This model is capable of producing a high-temperature steam that will eradicate 99.9% of the allergens and germs in your home.

The powerful onboard motor is capable of producing 1500 watts of power and it will not bog down under stress.

The 280-milliliter holding tank is designed to offer 10 minutes of continuous hot steam, so you can clean an entire room, before refilling.

The 6-meter electrical cable is suitable for cleaning large areas, without needing to stop amid task, just to locate another electrical receptacle.

The powerful heater will heat up in 30 seconds or less, which will offer more cleaning time and less downtime. 

The great benefit that you will receive, when investing in the S88W1MB is that it can be utilized to refresh carpets and mattresses, this is not an option with many of the competitor brands.


  • Equipped with a 6-meter electrical cable
  • Powerful onboard motor that is capable of producing 1500 watts of power
  • Each full tank offers 10 minutes of hot steam
  • 280-milliliter holding tank
  • Suitable for cleaning windows, sealed tile/laminate, hardwood, grills, and carpets
  • Includes a 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty in the purchase price
  • Hot steam eradicates 99.9% of allergens and bacteria in seconds
  • Mop head is designed to bit into tight corners


  • Cleaning pads do not want to stay on the mop head for the duration of cleaning an entire home

The Vax S88W1MB is designed to offer a high-temperature steam that will clean and refresh the entire home.

 It is available with a price tag ranging anywhere from £25-30, which is suitable for most consumers.

Truly, it one of the best steam mops on the market and the included warranty ensures it’ll last you for many years to come!




Most Diverse Steam Mop: Bissell Vac & Steam

If you are searching for a cleaning tool that offers diversity like no other, you should definitely consider investing in the Bissell Machine.

It has vacuuming and steam mopping capabilities, which is unlike any of the competitor brands, plus the price tag is friendly.

The Cyclonic-Action Technology will suction the finest dust particle and debris from your hard flooring.

The filter and mop pads never need to be replaced, unless you just want to. You can wash them in your sink, let them dry, and put them back into the steamer.

This will surely save you lots of money over time. The onboard heater is capable of heating up the water in 30 seconds or less, so no time is wasted.

The large 380-milliliter water tank will definitely come in handy, since you will be able to clean at least 2 large rooms, without refilling.


  • Filter and mop pads are washable
  • 380 Milliliter holding tank
  • Embedded with Cyclonic-Action suctioning technology
  • Mop pads are designed out of antibacterial materials
  • Powerful motor that is capable of producing 1500 watts of power
  • Weighs 4.6 kilograms


  • Little heavier than the competitive brand
  • Not suitable for vacuuming carpet, only hard flooring

The Bissell Steam Mop Machine offers versatility like no other. You can vacuum and steam your hard flooring in a matter of minutes and with the large water tank, you will not need to refill as often.




Powerful 1500 Watt Steam Mop: Morphy Richards 720020

Morphy Richards has been in the steam mop industry for a lengthy period of time and the majority of their products have been well received, by the public.

 This is especially true, when it comes to the 720020 9-in-1 Upright and Handheld Steam Mop.

This 1500 watt steam mop is capable of getting the job done, so you don’t have to put in much effort, at all! It is available in black and white color schemes, but can be stored away easily, once the mess has been cleaned up.

The steam mop comes equipped with a 400ml tank, which ensures you won’t have to stop, until the mess is removed.

The unit’s instantaneous steam boiler is incredibly convenient and gives you the ability to begin using it almost instantly.

This mop is very versatile and can be utilized for various services, including floors, carpets, windows, and even grout. The unit weighs just 3kg, so those of all sizes and statures can use it.


  • Incredibly affordable, yet a great overall value
  • 400ml tank delivers 14 minutes of runtime, before a refill is needed
  • 1500 watts of powerful and 240 volts
  • Only weighs 3kg
  • Can be utilized for an enormous variety of surfaces and purposes
  • Comes with many different accessories, including window cleaner, round brush, and crevice brush


  • Demineralized water is a must
  • Hard to get the micro fibre cloth to fit the head

Although the Morphy Richards 720020 has a few minor cons, it is still undoubtedly well worth its price tag.

It is lightweight, quick to heat and will always deliver a satisfying performance. Check it out for yourself right now by reading our in depth review of the Morphy Richards 720020 here.




Best Small and Compact Steam Cleaner: Kärcher SC2

When attempting to acquire a wonderful steam mop, which is compact and lightweight, you should definitely check out the 1500-watt model from Kärcher.

 Many people may be unfamiliar with this brand, but the company has truly manufactured many wonderful steam cleaners and this one is undeniably one of the best.

 With this product, you will be able to remove 99.99% of bacteria within your home.

The mop is capable of delivering a powerful performance thanks to the 1500 watts of energy.

At 2.9kg, you won’t have a bit of trouble lugging around the mop. The mop comes with a capacity of 1 litre, which is more than sufficient for the majority of households.

With an A energy efficiency rating, you will never have to worry about this product enhancing your energy bill too significantly.


  • Lightweight, compact and very easy to move about
  • 1500 watts of energy is enough for the majority of tasks
  • Energy Rating A, so your energy bill will remain low
  • 1 Litre capacity is excellent
  • Comes with a handful of accessories, including a floor nozzle, detail nozzle and round nylon brush
  • 3.2 bar pressure guarantees all stains and dirt are removed easily


  • Heats up within 6.5 minutes, which is very slow
  • Won’t work well for lime scale

When it comes down to it, the Karcher SC2 Steam Cleaner is very effective for its intended purpose.

It might not be highly innovative, but it excels in the category that really matters. The price is definitely right and checking out this steam cleaner today is highly recommended.

Read our Karcher Window Vac Reviews here




Top Steam Mop Under £100: Shark Lift-Away Steam Mop

The majority of UK consumers are more than familiar with Shark. The company has been producing vacuum and steam mops for an extensive period of time and they’ve never failed to push the genre to its limits.

This is especially true, when it comes to the company’s Lift-Away Steam Pocket Mop S3901. This product delivers a 5-in-1 functionality.

 It comes equipped three individual steam settings, which include mop, scrub and dust.

This guarantees that the mop is always optimized for the specific task at hand.

Of course, the most notable aspect of the Lift-Away Steam Pock is the item’s versatility. Not only can it be utilized as a traditional steam mop, but also it can double as a hand-held steamer.

By lifting the steam from its compartment, you will have a hand-held steamer, which can be used to clean appliances, tiles and other items, within your home. 

The hand-held variety comes with 9 individual attachments, which will give you the ability to clean nearly any part of your home, even those that are difficult to reach.

 For added value, the steam pockets are double sided. This allows them to clean twice the area. The item’s pros and cons can be found below.


  • Very affordable for the incredible functionality and versatility
  • Capable of heating up within just 30 seconds
  • .3l water tank provides the user with plenty of steam
  • Comes with an abundance of unique accessories
  • 7.5m cord is sufficiently lengthy
  • Swivel head enhances the mop’s maneuverability
  • Ensures your floors are dried very quickly
  • Capable of killing 99.9% of bacteria and germs


  • A bit more costly
  • Not great for side projects, such as cleaning the windows in your home
  • May leave streaks

When it comes down to it, the Shark Lift-Away has a few minor downfalls, but it makes up for them with functionality and innovation.

If you want to be able to use your steam mop for almost any purpose, you should definitely consider spending a little extra and investing in the Shark Lift-Away.




Great Steam Mop Under £40: Abode ASVC4001 2-in-1

Many United Kingdom citizens may be unfamiliar with the Abode brand.

Due to the company’s amazingly convenient, low-priced steam mops, it is time to familiarize yourself with them and their products.

The ASCV4001 is a truly revolutionary 2-in-1 vacuum and steam mop, which is capable of taking care of business, regardless of the mess standing in your way.

The 1550w steam power is capable of cleaning your floors to perfection and adding shine to those hard floors.

This model also comes with a 400w vacuum, which gives you the ability to remove the dirt and debris, before you utilize the steamer.

For the price, this combination steam mop is definitely a great value.

The ease of use and reach provided with the ASVC4001 are also amazing. First, the mop comes equipped with an 8m long cable. This gives you plenty of room to move about, without the need to unplug. At the same time, the mop features a flexible swivel head. It can effortlessly maneuver around the furniture and other items within your home. 

This will help to enhance your productivity and ensure you spend less time cleaning your floors and more time relaxing in the comfort of your clean home!

Despite the low cost, this mop comes with a surprisingly lengthy 3-year warranty! Below, you will find the item’s notable pros and cons.


  • 550ml tank can hold a great deal and keep you active
  • 1550w steam power and 400w vacuuming power gets both jobs completed easily
  • Steam is produced is just 20 seconds and delivers 25 minutes of use with a full tank
  • 3-year warranty deliver enhances the overall value of the product
  • 8m of operating radius is plentiful and sufficient for most
  • Comes with 2 microfiber pads
  • Very sturdy build quality
  • 2-in-1 setup helps to save storage space


  • Vacuum needs some improvements
  • Slightly noisy
  • A tad bit heavy

All in all, the Abode ASVC4001 in a great value and will give you the ability to get two jobs completed with a single product.

 Despite a few hiccups, the product’s pros ultimately outweigh the cons and make it an excellent investment.




Past Recommended Models - Some Discontinued

Finether 1300W Steam Mop Cleaner

This steam cleaner offers incredible levels of power – when you plug it in it only takes three seconds to heat up and get ready to go. So if you need a quick clean, this is where you should be looking.

The superheated steam works hard to lift grime and dirt from your floors, while also removing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses that could be lurking – all without the need for chemicals or soaps.

It comes with an incredible 14 accessories, each of which is designed to help you get the most out of your steam cleaner, and ensure every inch of your home is sanitised.

This steam cleaner works on all floor types, and it can even be used on walls and glass. You can even use it on furniture and upholstery. Even clothes can benefit from this excellent model.


  • Powerful steam output
  • Lightweight
  • Only takes three seconds to start up
  • Kills 99.9% of bacteria and viruses
  • Easy to use
  • Comes with 14 attachments
  • 5m power cord
  • Suitable for use on all floors
  • Great for homes with pets


  • Have to take it apart to fill it

This reasonably priced steam cleaner does have a major con because you have to take it apart in order to fill it up.

However, it does heat up incredibly quickly, and it works hard to kill bacteria and viruses in your home with its powerful steam output.

With this model, every inch of your home can be steam cleaned quickly and efficiently. Plus, it’s incredibly lightweight, so you won’t end up with aching arms after carrying it around.




VonHaus Multifunctional Handheld Steam Cleaner Mop

This powerful steam cleaner is able to remove up to 99% of the bacteria and viruses that are lurking in your home.

It can cut through thick grease and grime in seconds, leaving you with a sparkling clean floor and a sanitised home.

It has a fantastic 2-in-1 design, so it can be used as an upright or handheld model, depending on what you need it for.

It is suitable for use on carpets and hard flooring, so every inch of your house can benefit.

It comes with some fantastic accessories, including those for cleaning windows and grout.

It takes a mere 30 seconds to heat up, and also features a compact design with a rotating handle for ease of use.


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses
  • Suitable for all floor types
  • Can be used on glass
  • Comes with a range of attachments
  • 6m power cord
  • Powerful steam setting
  • Easy to use
  • Can be handheld or upright


  • Does not feel as robust as other models
  • Can be tricky to put together

This budget steam cleaner offers the same level of quality that you would expect from a higher end model, and all at a fraction of the price.

Its small cons are massively outweighed by all of the advantages that it holds, things like a speedy heat up time, excellent power, and a range of incredibly useful attachments.

It’s on the of the best models on the market, and this is certainly not something you want to miss out on this.




Shark Multifunction Lite Steam Pocket Mop S2901UK

Shark is probably the top brand when it comes to steam cleaners, and they are known for producing some of the best and most reliable models on the market.

It comes with a removable handheld steam cleaner so that you can switch between upright and handheld with a great deal of ease.

It is also possible to use the steam cleaner on glass and surfaces, such as those found in your kitchen or bathroom.

It has a carpet glider so that it can be used efficiently on your carpets, deodorising them as it goes.

 So you are left with a wonderfully fresh smell. It also comes with a great range of tools and accessories, making it easier than ever before to keep things clean.


  • Lightweight
  • Trusted brand
  • Converts to upright or handheld
  • Powerful steam output
  • Carpet glider
  • Deodorises carpet
  • Perfect for hard floors
  • Great tools and accessories


  • There have been no issues so far

Shark is one of the top brands when it comes to the production of steam cleaners, and with one of these, you are sure to have some of the best and cleanest floors around.

 With some great additional features, such as the carpet glider and deodoriser, it’s a versatile model that has a lot to offer.

Plus, it is all available at a budget price, so you know you are getting an absolutely amazing deal.



Q: Does this shark model work with just tap water? 

A: Yes just tap water needed.  

Q: Do you need to hold the on button continuously for steam?

A: No simply turn it on and off when your finished.




Lightweight and Maneuverable: Vax S2S-1 Bare Floor Pro

Every home needs a steam cleaner that can tackle set-in grease, dirt, and grime.

An affordable, but high-quality steamer should not break the bank, which is why you should consider investing in the Vax S2S-1.

This steam mop is designed to offer high-temperature steam that is capable of eradicating 99% of the allergens and dirt in your home.

The steamer head is designed to fit into tight corners, while the maneuverable handle allows the user to clean underneath low furniture.

The 500-milliliter tank will definitely make your cleaning tasks easier, since you will not be forced to stop amid your chores just to refill.

Each filled tank offers a run time of 10 minutes, which is suitable for cleaning 1-2 full rooms.

The S2S-1 only weighs 2 kg, so you can transport it up stairs without straining your back.

The heat indicator light will alert you when the water has reached the maximum temperature level.

This great feature will prevent you from having to make estimated guesses and cleaning your floors too soon, since you want to get the most out of the hot steam.

 The long 6-meter electrical cable is perfect for steam cleaning large areas, since you will not need to stop amid tasks, just to locate another electrical outlet.


  • Extremely lightweight and portable design
  • Easy assembly process
  • Each full tanks offers 10 minutes of hot steam
  • Large 500-milliliter holding tank
  • Cleaning solutions are available in a variety of scents
  • Capable of tackling set-in dirt, grease, and eradicating 99% of the allergens in your home
  • Display will notify you when the water has reached the maximum temperature level
  • Includes a 2-Year manufacturer’s warranty


  • Recommended cleaning fluid is a little expensive

The Vax S2S-1 steam mop is designed to offer durability and longevity, plus it is extremely affordable. A full review of this Vax S2 model can be seen here





Most User-Friendly: Bissell PowerFresh Steam Mop

Bissell is a very popular household name, since many homeowners own Bissell cleaning products and admit that they cannot live without them.

The Bissell PowerFresh steam mop would definitely be a great addition to your cleaning tools.

It is not only designed to provide high-temperature steam that will cut through dirt buildup, but will refresh the entire environment.

This model is very user-friendly, since it is equipped with a foot lever that has stiff bristles attached underneath it.

This on-board tool can be utilized to scrub dirty tile and laminate flooring, so you do not have to get down on your knees to do this difficult task.

The water tank is removable to make the refilling process a breeze.


  • On-board brush for scrubbing dirty set-in stains
  • Replacement pads are machine washable
  • Fragrance discs are placed inside of the cleaning pads to provide the environment with a fresh scent
  • Weighs 2.8 kilograms
  • 440-milliliter water tank, which is removable
  • Very affordable
  • Each full tank offers 14 minutes of hot steam


  • Slightly heavier than the competitive brand

The Bissell PowerFresh is designed to offer convenience and an abundance of benefits. If you are tired of scrubbing those dirty floors, it may be time to invest in this high-quality steam mop.

Read a full review of the Bissell Powerfresh here 




Most Affordable Steam Cleaner: Bissell Steam Mop Select

A high-quality steam mop should not break the bank. As a matter of fact, it should be so affordable that every home could afford one.

With this being said, the Bissell Select fits this classification, since the price tag ranges anywhere from £37-45.

The triangular shaped mop head will fit into the tightest corners, so you do not have to get down on your knees to scrub them.

The 500-milliliter holding tanks is removable for easy refilling.

No manual pumping is required to produce hot steam, just push the trigger that is located on the handle.

This user-friendly machine will definitely come in handy, when tackling dirt buildup.

Each full tank of water will provide 15 minutes of continuous hot steam, so you can clean two large rooms, before a refill is required.


  • Weighs 7 kilograms
  • 500 Milliliter holding tank
  • 7.6 Meter operating radius
  • Powerful onboard motor that is capable of producing 1600 watts of power
  • Mop pads are washable and reusable
  • Equipped with a triangular shaped mop head for cleaning corners


  • Replacement pads are quite expensive

The Bissell Select is designed to offer convenience and 15 minutes of hot steam on each refill.

This is one of the least expensive steam mops on the market, but it will stand up there with the most expensive models.




Best Steam Mop Under £60: Morphy Richards 720506 Luna

If you’re looking for an affordable steam mop, which is capable of delivering a performance that exceeds the more expensive models, you should definitely check out the Morphy Richards 720506 Juna.

This 12-in-1 Steam Cleaner might be affordable, but it can tackle 12 individualistic tasks and get them accomplished admirably.

The unit is incredibly easy to use and heats up within a matter of just 30 seconds! This guarantees that you’ll be able to utilize it as soon as it arrives at your home.

The 720506 Luna comes with a variable steam setting, so you can customize the steam output for the specific task at hand.

The illuminated water tank is not only large, but also it is easy to refill. It can hold .43 liters and delivers a runtime of 17 minutes, before a refill is required.

This steam mop comes with an assortment of different accessories, including a shoulder strap, brass bush and 2 round nylon brushes.


  • Capable of tackling 12 individual tasks
  • Comes with a handful of excellent accessories, including extension hose, shoulder strap and brass brush
  • Illuminated floor head is very cool and helps ensure you don’t miss any dirt or debris
  • Variable steam control delivers added customization
  • 17 minutes of runtime is excellent
  • Heats up in just 30 minutes
  • Lightweight and easy to move about


  • Cord needs to be much longer
  • Hard to find affordable replacement floor pads

All in all, there is an abundance to like about the Morphy Richards 720506 Steam Cleaner. It is affordable, immensely functional and easy to use.

Despite a few minor cons, this steam mop is well worth its final price. For that, you should definitely check it out in greater depth right now!




Great Overall Value: Polti Vaporetto Go Handy Portable Steam Mop

If you’re never heard of Polti, you’re likely not the only one. Of course, this company isn’t going to sit around idle!

They have quite a few excellent steam mops in their arsenal and the Polti Vaporetto Go Handy Portable Steam is definitely one of the most impressive.

This steam mop provides the user with an environmentally friendly performance and requires the use of no chemicals.

The wheels at the bottom of the unit make it incredibly portable, without much effort on your end.

The mop comes with a variety of different accessories, including the flexible hose, extension hose, window washer, microfibre sockette and a few others.

 It weighs just 2.7kg, yet will deliver a very powerful performance, thanks to its 1500 watts of power. 

The unit utilizes 3.5 bar pressure, so it can get the job done, without being overwhelming.

With the bottom wheels and the 5m cord, the steam mop delivers a very satisfying operating radius.


  • 1500W of power is more than enough
  • Weight of 2.7kg ensures you won’t have any difficulty lugging the unit around
  • .75L capacity is enough to get the job done, without the need for a refill
  • Very portable and plenty of operating radius, thanks to the wheels and 5m cord
  • Comes with an accessory for almost every task
  • Ensures floors will dry very quickly


  • Cord isn’t retractable, so it can become a hindrance
  • Can eject a little bit of water, when first turned on

When it comes down to it, the Polti Vaporetto Steam Cleaner is an excellent option for the majority of UK households.

 It may be slightly more costly, the unit’s performance and accessories help to justify the price to no end.

Plus, the steam mop’s portability is truly amazing. For that, you would be making a terrible mistake, if you didn’t check out this unit right now!




Top Well Rounded Steam Mop: Black & Decker B/DFSM1620

If you’re looking for an incredibly well-rounded steam mop, you should definitely check out this addition from Black & Decker.

This company may not be best known for their household appliances, but they’re undoubtedly well worth checking out closer!

The B/DFSM1620 is a great steam mop, which can be utilized for a variety of different purposes.

 It may not have the innovative features associated with some of the other mops, but it delivers what really matters, an excellent performance.

First and foremost, this steam mop is capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria within your home.

 Unlike many of its competitors, the B/DFSM1620 comes equipped with an easily accessible and conveniently removable water tank.

 It is safe to use on all varieties of sealed floors and can be used in just 15 seconds, which is significantly quicker than many of the alternatives. 

The design of the mop’s head helps to enhance its maneuverability substantially. Whether sliding underneath furniture or around your table, the B/DFSM1620 will glide around gracefully, without any interruptions.

For added convenience, the mop weighs just 2.6kg. Whether you’re a body builder or small of stature, you shouldn’t have any trouble lifting and hauling the item from one place to the next. Additional pros and cons will be listed below for your convenience.


  • 1,600 watts of power is sufficiently powerful
  • Weighs just 2.6kg, so it is lightweight and easy to move about
  • Capable of eliminating 99.9% of bacteria
  • Water tank holds plenty of water and is effortless to access
  • Very quick heating time, so you can use the mop within 15 seconds
  • Gracefully glides around furniture and other items
  • Works with all different types of sealed floors
  • Washable cloth makes the mop cost effective


  • 5m cord length could be better
  • No fancy features or accessories

Although the Black & Decker B/DFSM1620 might be somewhat basic, it succeeds where it truly matters.

It is capable of cleaning your sealed floors to perfection and that is truly all that matters. For the cost and thanks to the washable cloths, this one is well worth checking out immediately!




To Conclude - Best Steam Mops

There is truly an abundance of wonderful steam mops and cleaners on the market and some of the best have been explored above.

Have you experimented with any of these models? Or do you have a notable experience with a model, which isn’t listed here? Be sure to add a comment and let us know about it! Also, questions are accepted. We’re waiting to hear from you!

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