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If you have one of the Numatic family of hoovers including Henry, Harry , Charles, James, Edward, George or Hetty then chances are you will as some stage need to replace at least the dust bags, maybe a filter or even some of the tools  may have failed due to heavy usage, in this is the case we offer a large range of the key accessories and at the best prices available. Jump straight to the relevant part below, or scroll through to view.

Henry Hoover Vacuum Bags

No Henry Hoover should be without a set of compatible dust bags. This package consists of ten paper dust bags that have been custom-fit to work with almost any variant of Henry Hoovers. These bags will help increase the efficiency of Henry, Hetty, and even Charles Hoovers by acting as an additional filter for dust so that it doesn’t find its way into the Hoover drum.

With a vacuum bag in place, the Hoover will spend less time dealing with any dust bits inside their collection drum, thus being able to focus on the dirt and dust that really need attention. The dust bags also act as an additional filter that will help keep out small, sharp objects that might damage the internal structure of the Hoover such as leftover glass shards, hardened food particles, coins, nails, and even wayward pieces of Lego! They are a must for any Henry Hoover in any household.

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Henry Hoover bags (10 Pack)
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Henry Hoover Hepa Flo Bags

Loose and evasive elements such as smoke, pollen and animal dander are best dealt with using these Hepa Flo Bags. They are ideal high-efficiency particulate air filters that can fit with any model of Henry Hoover. Harmful air particles will stick to the unique texture of the bag and ensure that they don’t go anywhere even after the vacuuming is done. They can also be sealed for disposal once they are taken out from the Hoover. They make sure those air particles have no place to go once they’re with inside Henry’s drum.


Henry Hoover Reusable Dust Bag

For dustier and hard-to-maintain areas, this reusable dust bag makes the perfect companion for a Henry Hoover. Instead of having to buy multiple disposable dust bags, this one bag will work perfectly for repeated use and larger jobs that entail plenty of dust. Emptying the dust bag is as easy as opening a zip lock bag. This saves Henry owners hundreds of dollars on dust bags as well as helps decrease clutter brought by having to manage a number of dust bags. Users can now go over the same area multiple times to get rid of stubborn dirt without having to worry about burning through several dust bags.


Henry Hoover Replaceable Filter

Repeated use of the Hoover is going to wear down the built-in filter. These things will accumulate dust over time and may incur damage from heavy usage, decreasing their efficiency. Using a replaceable filter such as this will renew the efficiency of your Henry by adding a new protective screen that will arrest most air particles and keep them trapped within the drum. These filters go perfectly with the Henry, George and Edward Hoovers. Replacing the Hoover won’t be necessary with a brand new filter. It will make them work like the day they were first bought.


Henry Hoover Replacement Carpet Brush Tool

Carpets and floors are now easier to clean with this stand-alone carpet brush tool. The brush is a retractable feature that can be locked upwards. This works best when dealing with carpets. It’s going to be rough pushing a bristled brush against carpet fiber. It could take hours just to plow through one section! For hard surfaces such as tiles and lino and floor-wood, the brush is locked downwards by a small switch on the tool head to make these smooth surfaces easy to glide over. The brush will loosen up any sticky dirt and dust that the vacuum might miss.


Henry Hoover Red Airo Turbo Brush Floor Tool

When the dirt becomes difficult to remove, a stronger brush head is needed. Such an example is this Turbo Brush Floor Tool. This extension has been designed to loosen up deep-seated dirt inside carpet fibers so that the Hoover can lift them. Animal hairs, food residues, spilled condiments and other sticky messes become easier to remove with a Turbo Brush. This nozzle has also been designed to mow right through carpet fibers without placing a strain on the arms yet it doesn’t damage carpet fibers. It turns any upright into a formidable carpet foe. It works for Henry, Hetty, James, Charles and George Hoovers.


Henry Hoover Hard Floor Brush

For hard and shiny surfaces, delicacy becomes more important than suction. This is where the Hard Floor Brush tool comes in. The length of this brush head covers a 32 mm diameter. It covers more space in one go without having to pass over the same area twice. The soft bristles prevent scratching and marking. It also comes with a set of wheels to lessen the friction between the brush head and the hard surface. That makes it perfect for vinyl, wood, and even ceramic tiles that could end up scratched with any other vacuum head. It also fits almost any variant of Henry Hoover.


Henry Hoover Soft Dusting Brush

Any Henry Hoover will struggle to reach tight and tricky spaces without the right tool. With the soft dusting brush, hard-to-reach areas become easy pickings. Being compatible with almost any Henry Hoover model, this extension will help any user reach underneath couches, door tops, picture frames and all of those nooks and crannies that need a more subtle touch. The soft brush bristles help loosen any stubborn dirt that might have clung to furniture and prevents damaging important pieces within the house. It can literally be used like a paint brush to knock off dirt from delicate surfaces without exerting too much force.


Henry Hoover Hoses

Henry 2.5 Meter Hose

Sometimes, a Henry Hoover needs to go the distance in order to cover every area of the house. This is where a 2.5 meter Hose Extension could come in handy. It fits most Henry Hoover models and allows the vacuum cleaner to reach underneath wide spaces that most owners simply leave alone.


Henry Hoover Extra Long 4.2 Meter Hose

When the outlet is too far from the dirt or when the dirt is tucked way underneath a king-size bed, a 4 Meter Hose gets the job done. Being compatible will any Henry Hoover, this tool will make cleaning staircases and any other large area a simple task – one without you needing to stretch so much or bend over.


Henry Hoover Stainless Steel Extension Tube

Every homeowner fears the notion of kneeling just to vacuum underneath large pieces of furniture. This 32 mm extension tube doesn’t only improve reach but also acts as a control for the hose to prevent owners from getting down on their knees. Fit this extension with the right brush and any Henry Hoover can take on any couch.


Henry Hoover Stainless Steel Bent Extension Tube

When coupled with the straight steel extension tube, this bent extension will make ceilings and closet tops easier to reach. No need to pull out chairs and stools just to get higher. It also comes with its own suction control to lessen the power on more delicate surfaces. It works with almost any Henry Hoover variant.


Henry Hoover 3 Piece Stainless Steel Tube Set

This full rod set gives both the straight steel extensions and the bent extension rod with adjustable volume. This greatly increases the reach of any Hoover model and provides the same control over suction power to help deal with those delicate yet difficult to reach areas of the house. Vacuuming underneath large beds and drawers is easier with the adjustable length of this set.


Henry Hoover 4 Piece

For an all-purpose set, this 4 piece collection of brush heads will perfectly compliment any Henry Hoover. The soft bristle brush extension will help with the delicate yet hard to reach surfaces. A crevice tool will allow hoovers to get into those tight spaces without having to move furniture. An upholstery tool provides the delicacy for those fragile home ornaments.

This works well in large homes with different floor types and set-ups that constantly need cleaning. This set is perfect for offices with multiple floors that have different surfaces that require daily maintenance. Switching through each head is a breeze as they simply pop on and off the vacuum hose.


Henry Hoover Adaptor Tool

When it comes to versatility, any Henry Hoover could use a good adapter tool. There could be any other vacuum heads from other providers that can handle special situations within the household. An adaptor tool will allow the Hoover to work with almost any other kind of brush head or extension to help customize the cleaning capacity of the Hoover.


Henry Hoover Hose end Cuffs

When the job needs a simple going-over, a hose-end cuff will be perfect fit. It attaches without fuss onto any hose extension edge and protects the hose edges from getting damaged from daily use. It works great with hard surfaces and larger pieces of dirt such as small pebbles and even plastic toys that have been left unnoticed. Since there isn’t any brush, it doesn’t obscure the cleaner’s vision.


32mm Two Part Swivel Connector

This swivel tool serves as the link between the hose and the Hoover. When the hose becomes damaged from frequent use, it is best to obtain a replacement connector and cut off the damaged area from the hose. The connector easily screws unto the blank end of the hose and is just as easy to remove as well. It has also been designed to prevent air leakage to ensure the high-quality vacuuming.


Henry Hoover Standard Crevice Tool

This long crevice tool will work best with any tight spots that would usually require moving furniture and tiring replacements. It also works best with narrow spaces that normal vacuum brushes dare not to go. It can easily squeeze into sofa cracks, behind bed rests, the underside of pianos and even right behind the flat screen without having to move any of them.


Extra Long Crevice Tool

Mostly intended for commercial purposes, this extra-long crevice handler is best for scraping out factory stains and other product spills in very small areas. It can reach to 420 mm which is way out of league for home standards. It is best-suited for heavy-duty jobs that entail a lot of messes that need constant vacuuming. Car cleaning and food processing areas are some of the places using this tool would be perfect for.


Full Hose Tool Kit

For the full Henry Hoover experience, this collection contains the best all-around extensions for every possible situation. the package contains two steel extensions tubes and one bent tube that also has a suction control switch. A 2.5 hose has also been included to improve both reach and control. Four removable brush heads are also thrown in to handle any kind of cleaning surface.

From upholstery ti carpets, the Hoover will be able to handle it. Finally, there is also a turbo brush attachment with a retractable brush head to transition from carpet cleaning to floor tile cleaning in a snap. This complete collection will ensure that there is no mess within the house that the Henry Hoover cannot handle.

The best thing about this collection is that it is compatible with almost every kind of Henry Hoover model available. It doesn’t matter if it’s a Henry or Hetty or James. This is the collection to top all cleaning collections.

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