What is the Best Handheld Steam Cleaner? UK Steamers Review

Keeping our homes clean is an important aspect of life. Often, vacuuming and general cleaning aren’t enough to keep us satisfied.

A handheld steam cleaner offers us a little extra boost when it comes to cleanliness, and it takes half the time to zip around the house.

In this guide, we have worked to gather some of the best handheld steam cleaners from top brands to help you find the perfect one for your cleaning needs.

 In addition to this, we have also coupled them with handheld steam cleaner reviews that are appropriate to each model – so you can see what previous customers thought too. With this handy guide, you’ll have the perfect handheld steam cleaner in no time.

Best Handheld Steam Cleaners

TitlePrice RangeRating (1-5)Brand
Vax Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Vax S5Vax Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Vax S5Under £603.8Vax Logo
Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Shark SC660Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Shark SC660Under £504.1shark logo
Hoover Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Hoover SSNH1000Hoover Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Hoover SSNH1000Under £403.9Hoover_Logo
Exclusive Handheld Master Multi-Function Steam Cleaner, Sanitizer with Safety Lock for Stains Removals UK PLUGExclusive Handheld Master Multi-Function Steam CleanerUnder £304.7
TOP RATED Handheld Multi-PURPOSE Pressurized Steam Cleaner for Stain removal, carpets, curtains, bed bug control, car seats and more UK PLUGTOP RATED Handheld Multi-PURPOSE Pressurized Steam CleanerUnder £254.2

Best Handheld Steam Cleaner (In Order)

Vax Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Vax S5

1. Vax Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Vax S5

Our Pick For Best Handheld Steam Cleaner

Vax is one of the most popular brands when it comes to vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners.

They have produced some of the best models of each available, and this handheld device is no different.

Take a look at the reviews and see if this is the right steam cleaner for your home.

The Good

This steam cleaner is small and compact, making it easy to store and use around the home.

Despite its size, it is also easy to manoeuvre, and it provides you with a good half hour of steam time so that you can do a thorough job of steam cleaning your home. It’s also easy to use and set up.

It comes with everything you need to clean your home, including a 15-piece accessory set (with onboard storage) that will allow you to tackle just about every surface – from taps to countertops.

 It also features variable steam control, so you can adjust the amount of steam and detergent being released according to the surface you are cleaning at the time.

The Not So Good

It can be surprisingly heavy and can also be incredibly loud when in use.

Our View

This well-priced handheld steam cleaner comes from a reliable and trusted brand. With a mid-range price tag, this machine certainly delivers everything you would expect it to in terms of a good quality cleaning job.

While it has been found to be a little heavy and noisy for some, it more than makes up for this in terms of quality, as well as the large accessory kit that comes with it. It’s the ideal cleaning companion.


Q: Does anyone know why there is a variable steam dial on this model?  

A: It’s simple, some surfaces do not require full steam so it means you can use the gentle steam on those gentle fabrics.

Q: How long does it take to heat up? 

A: Around 10 minutes from the first fill, but considerably less if just topping it up.

duronic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner

2. Shark Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Shark SC660

Best Budget Handheld Steam Cleaner for the Money

Leaders in the steam cleaner industry, most people will think of Shark before any other brand when you start talking about steam cleaners.

This handheld model is a fantastic addition to the range and at a very reasonable price. Take a look at the reviews and see if it has a place in your home.

The Good

This handheld steam cleaner is incredibly small, compact, and lightweight. It is ideal for storing in small spaces and for use on those particularly tricky jobs.

It sports a comfortable handle for you to grip while you are cleaning as well, making things a little easier on you.

This device is ready to use in less than a minute, with a water tank that is always cool and ready for a refill. It provides you with 99.9% sanitisation, getting rid of harmful bacteria in your home with a powerful stream spray.

 It is also suitable for multiple surfaces (even the inside of your car), so you can use it all over your home.

I loved using this steam cleaner so much! Being able to clean and sanitise surfaces around the house as well as hard to reach places such as corners and behind furniture, makes housework easier. All the attachments are easy to assemble and use. The steamer is ready to use in less than a minute!

The Not So Good

It is not always as effective on larger buildups of grime and dirt.

Our View

While not always the most effective steam cleaner on the market, this little model certainly provides a good amount of power to help keep your home consistently clean.

 It does a great job at removing potentially harmful bacteria and can be used on a wide range of surfaces.

Plus, it comes at a very affordable price. All in all, it’s a good and reliable little model for topping up on the cleanliness of your home.

duronic bagless cylinder vacuum cleaner

3. Hoover Handheld Steam Cleaner Review – Hoover SSNH1000

Our Pick For Best Lightweight Steam Cleaner

When people think of Hoover, the first thing that comes to mind is often the old saying “every Hoover is a vacuum, but not every vacuum is a Hoover.”

This is very true, and Hoover, as a brand, are a pioneer in the home cleaning industry.

Their handheld steam cleaner certainly reflects this. Take a look and see if it has a place in your home.

The Good

This handheld steam cleaner is small, lightweight, and very compact – making it perfect for those who do not have a great deal of storage space.

 Plus, it has a comfortable handle for you to hold while you are cleaning. It also comes with a range of handy tools to make things easier for you.

The water tank has an excellent capacity considering its size, and it is also incredibly powerful – working to remove tough stains and grease from your surfaces.

It doesn’t use any chemicals or detergents either, simply providing you with a hot stream of steam for the ultimate clean.

This is a simple device that I found easy to assemble and to use. The thumb-operated trigger is pretty comfortable (although it could become a little tiring after prolonged use), and there’s a safety lock to prevent children from turning it on.

The Not So Good

The instructions are not particularly clear or easy to read.

Our View

This handheld steam cleaner comes from one of the most reputable brands in the home cleaning industry, and this product certainly reflects its reputation.

At a budget price and with a good number of accessories, you can’t go wrong with this nifty little steam cleaner. Once you get past the instructions, it’s a breeze to use, and it does a superb job.

Further Handheld Steamer Models

Here are some of the other great handheld steam cleaners that we reckon will keep you feeling toasty and warm during the winter in your home.

Exclusive Handheld Master Multi-Function Steam Cleaner

This handheld steam cleaner is perfect for giving your home a deep clean in those hard to reach places – especially between your floor tiles. It can be used on a range of surfaces with a powerful steam clean that lasts for up to 20 minutes.

The power cord is nearly ten feet long, so you don’t need to worry about switching sockets when you are working around the house.

 Plus, it comes with a range of handy accessories to make things easier for you. A great buy at a bargain price.

TOP RATED Handheld Multi-PURPOSE Pressurized Steam Cleaner

This handheld steam cleaner features nine accessories that have all been designed to make the cleaning process a little bit easier for you to manage.

 It’s the perfect device for cleaning just about anything – from between your kitchen tiles to the seats in your car. It provides an effective way of getting rid of mould and grime from your home.

The pressurised steam also lasts for up to 20 minutes, providing you with enough time to do a really thorough job.

The cord is also nearly ten feet long to make things easier for you when moving around the house. An excellent price for a great piece of kit.

How to Choose a Handheld Steam Cleaner

Choosing the right handheld steam cleaner is not always a simple task. After all, there are so many different makes and models on the market that it can be hard to pick the right one.

 In this section of the guide, we look at how to choose one, as well as some of the questions you should be asking before you make the purchase.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what your budget has been set at. Are you looking to buy something that is at a budget price, or do you want to spend a little more? This can really help to narrow down your choices and give you a clearer selection.

The next thing to look at is the brand. When it comes to household necessities like this, people often have a preferred brand.

Do you have one that you would like to stick with, or are you willing to branch out and try something new? This can also assist in narrowing your choices down to a select few.

Following this, you should look at how effective it is as a machine. Do you need a handheld steam cleaner that can take on tough stains and grease, or are you looking for something to touch up the cleanliness of your surfaces? The effectiveness of a product should have a big impact on your ultimate decision. It’s also a very important aspect that needs to be considered.

You should always check out the reviews for the jacket you are looking to purchase. They can tell you a lot about a product and its overall quality, giving you good insight before you buy.

While expensive models are often more durable and reliable than the cheaper ones, this is not always the case, so the reviews can come in very handy. Look at the quality and not the price tag.

Things to Look for

When you are looking to purchase your handheld steam cleaner, there are a few things you might want to take into consideration first.

An example would be the accessories that come with the machine. Not every handheld steam cleaner will come with accessories, and some will come with a large number that can make your cleaning tasks easier. This is definitely something to consider carefully when you are looking at which model to purchase.

It may also be an idea to make a note of the running time that each model has to offer. How long will the steam stream continue? Some have a run time of 15 minutes, and others can go on for an hour.

 It’s not really seen as an essential feature, but if you have a large area to clean and need a longer run time. As a result, this is a factor to look into carefully.

The overall portability should be taken into account as well. Some devices, while still classed as handheld, are bulkier and heavier than others.

If you need something that you can lift and move onto and off of surfaces easily (as well as between rooms), then this is a feature you should watch closely. Especially in the case of 2-in-1 models (both handheld and upright).

The Advantages of Steam Cleaning

Here are some of the advantages to using a steam cleaner in your home:

  • They give you more power when cleaning
  • Perfect for those with allergies and asthma
  • Often save a lot of time cleaning
  • More environmentally friendly and eco-friendly
  • Often have a wider range of accessories
  • Excellent for the removal of harmful bacteria
  • Handheld models can be used on nearly every surface
  • They don’t rely on harsh chemicals and detergents
  • Easier to manoeuvre

All that’s left is to choose the perfect model for you. Take a look at our handheld steam cleaner reviews for some of our favourite models.

To Conclude

In this guide, we have taken a look at some of the best steam cleaners on the market from leading brands. However, choosing which is the best handheld steam cleaner comes down to personal preference.

Whether you are a fan of Vax, Shark, or Hoover, there are good and bad experiences to be found with each of the models and manufacturers. If you find yourself struggling to choose between brands, the next step is to take a look at the price.

After all, we have a handheld steam cleaner to suit just about every budget. No matter what you’re looking for, you’re sure to find it here.

What did you think of our handheld steam cleaner selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

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