Gtech Multi Cordless Handheld Vac Cleaner Review

Gtech multi handheld vacuum cleaner review

GTECH is one of the biggest brands out there, and they are best known for their range of Air Ram vacuum cleaners (which we have written reviews on. You can read them here).

While many handheld vacuum cleaners are only good for light jobs or cleaning up the mess left on worktops and other surfaces, the GTECH Multi is able to offer you so much more.

It may be a handheld, but it has a massive amount of power and can work to clean your home to an excellent standard. Plus, if you have pets, you have the option to upgrade to a slightly more powerful version that can cope with the extra fur and fluff.

If you think that this could be the vacuum for you, either as a solo or accompanying model, take some time to read out the GTECH Multi review. 

Review Summary


Product Name:


Product Type:

Handheld vacuum


R.R.P Around £150


Handheld vacuum cleaners can often contain a lot more than you might think, and this powerful piece of kit might just be the perfect vacuum for your home.

Whether you need to zip around the entire house or just have a few messes to clean up, the GTECH Multi can handle it all.


  • Battery life is 20 mins
  • Works well across all floor types
  • Comes with a range of attachments – crevice tool & dusting tool
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Compact and lightweight


  • Not ideal for large areas

Presenting the GTECH Multi

The GTECH Multi is the perfect model for those that want a compact vacuum that can achieve all of their cleaning needs with no hassle. It comes with a great selection of attachments, and also has a lot of potentials when it comes to really getting your home clean.

Plus, if you live in a home with pets, the GTECH Multi K9 is there to offer you a little more power. However, if you are looking for a handheld that can deal with large areas, this might not be the right model for you.

While it is capable, the battery life isn’t long enough, and it would take you quite some time. For larger homes, we recommend purchasing it with the GTECH Air Ram or Air Ram K9 – and the bundles for these come at a great price. 

Power and Design

The GTECH Multi has been designed with the customer in mind, with a powerful and high-performance motor that has been made to improve airflow and create better suction.

This means that areas like the stairs and the inside of your car won’t take as long as they would with a conventional vacuum, and you can get right up to the edges with this.

Gtech multi handheld vacuum cleaner review

Plus, it can even collect pet hair from your floors and furniture. However, if you own a pet that really sheds, you might want to consider the Multi K9 for an even stronger burst of power.

The power button is conveniently located on the handle, helping to complete the compact design offered by this model. It only needs to be pressed once, as opposed to held down, and you are ready to go.

Additionally, the power button will also turn the headlights on, something that we look at further in the Additional Features section.

While handhelds often mean that you always need to be close to the ground, the GTECH Multi has a brilliant telescopic pole and flexible tube system to help make lighter work of your vacuuming duties.

This can help you to reach high places like the ceiling and bookshelves, as well as get to the skirting board without constantly needing to get down on the ground. It’s an easier way to clean. 

Runtime and Charge Period

What’s great about this handheld is that despite its size it still has an amazing running time of 20-minutes, which is the same as a standard stick cordless vacuum. This makes it great for whizzing around the home and even getting some of the tougher cleaning work done.
Plus, it only needs to go back on charge for around four hours, which means that it is almost always available for you to use when you need it.

After only one hour, you can even switch it on for a quick power burst so that you can get rid of some unexpected mess as it happens, or just before your guests arrive. 

Weight and Handling

Being a handheld, the GTECH Multi is a very lightweight piece of kit to have in the home. The handle is really comfortable, preventing cramps and strain in your arm while you are doing the housework.

Additionally, the handling is quite easy as well. Everything is close together, and it is quite versatile in the way it moves, so your hand movements only need to be very gentle in order to get things done. As mentioned in the first section, the extended hose can also help to make things a little simpler for you.

Gtech multi handheld vacuum cleaner different views

Dust Canister

The dust canister for this model is fairly easy to empty, and has a capacity of just under a litre, making it ideal for a range of different tasks around the house.

All you need to do is slide it away from the main body of the vacuum, hold it over the bin, and open it so that the contents fall out. After that, it simply clicks back into place with minimal effort.

Cleaning Different Floor Types

This handheld vacuum is able to clean both hard floors and carpet efficiently. It’s great for cleaning up crumbs and debris, as well as mess left on the carpet by guests or creative children. However, it is best suited to small areas of carpet.

This is due to its smaller and more compact size, as well as the fact that cleaning large areas of carpet could cause strain on your back and arms. For homes that have mostly carpet, as opposed to hard floors, this is definitely best as an accompanying vacuum. 


The GTECH Multi actually comes with a great selection of attachments, all of which are stored away neatly in the body of the vacuum – so they are always there when you need them. This makes it really easy to grab them and put them away when you aren’t using them anymore.

The crevice tool is perfect for the skirting boards, as well as tight corners that would otherwise be difficult to access. The dusting brush is great for hard floors as well as delicate surfaces, and the flexible hose gives you more reach while you clean.

There is also a power brush head tool, and this has been designed to help you clean areas like the stairs. It offers more power, and also helps give you better control over the area, as well as ensuring that tight corners are reached.

You can also choose to add a car kit onto your order, and this will provide you with a nifty set of tools to keep the interior of your car looking its best.

Additional Features

Much like the Air Ram range, the GTECH Multi also uses a form of headlight as a fun additional feature. This helps to illuminate dirt and dust that you may have missed when cleaning, allowing you to ensure that your home is left in perfect condition.

Plus, they aren’t overly bright so you won’t end up blinded. Once you try a vacuum cleaner with headlights, it won’t feel the same if you use one without them.

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How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of handheld vacuum cleaners for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to the GTECH Multi.

Black and Decker Compact Pivot Vacuum

Black and Decker Compact Pivot Vacuum

Black and Decker is a brilliant, underappreciated, brand that produces some superb models of the vacuum cleaners. This cordless handheld model has a patented nozzle that is able to move in an incredibly flexible manner to reach every corner of your home.

It even has advanced eco-charging for a charge period that is four times faster than other cordless handheld vacuums.

Dyson V6

Dyson V6

With its patented cyclone technology, you can expect incredibly powerful suction and easy handling from this leading Dyson vacuum.

It features an excellent running time and also has a quick charging period to make things more convenient for you. With a range of attachments and a superb filtration system, it’s one for you to consider.

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To Conclude

Hopefully, this GTECH Multi vacuum cleaner review guide has helped you to better understand how this model works and the ways in which it might be beneficial to you.

While it may just be a handheld model, it can do just about anything a regular cordless vacuum cleaner can do – thanks to its powerful suction and the excellent range of attachments it comes with.

To read more on handheld models then read our best car vacuum cleaner guide of 2020.

Plus, the running time is ideal for just about any home, and you can even upgrade to the K9 model if you need something for all the pet fluff.

While it isn’t great for large areas and it does require some bending down, it still makes for the ideal solo or accompanying vacuum cleaner for many different homes.

What did you think of our GTECH Multi vacuum cleaner review? Do you agree with our thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. 

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