Beldray Quick Vac Lite Review – BEL0427 2-in-1 Handheld Vacuum Cleaner

Beldray quick vac lite review

Sometimes we don’t have room for a full-sized vacuum cleaner, and a smaller model becomes more welcome. It is easy to see why some might have reservations about purchasing one.

 After all, they are much smaller and so the natural response would be that it is less powerful than the average vacuum.

However, this is not entirely true, and our Beldray Vac Lite review will show just that.

So if you are thinking about a handheld vacuum, either as your main machine or a sidekick, take a look at this one.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Beldray BEL0427

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R.R.P £35 – £40


Agile, and with a lightweight ergonomic design, this is perfectly suited to those who want a smaller vacuum cleaner or simply need one to assist their full-sized model. It has a surprisingly good level of power and is a great machine to have to hand when you go to vacuum the stairs.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beldray BEL0427

Beldray BEL0427

This vacuum is perfect for those who want something small and lightweight, but are also in need of something that is easy to store away.

If you need any of these things, then you might want to make this a consideration for your next purchase.

If you have a clunky upright vacuum, or a model that is too heavy and awkward for the stairs, this also makes a great companion.

If you are looking for something with a large canister capacity, then this is not the model for you. It is only small and cannot hold a great deal at a time.

A larger Dyson model might be the better option if you are looking for something with more capacity that is still handheld.

However, this model is also highly affordable so it is ideal for those who are on a budget and don’t wish to spend a great deal on a new machine.

Presenting the Product

The beldray vac lite promises to deliver excellent suction and a fantastic level of power and usability.

 It is efficient, coming with a superb brush as well as a range of tools that make the chore of vacuuming easier to undertake, as well as providing your floor with a better clean.

 It may be portable, but it is full of big surprises to make things easier as well as further display its versatility.

It is not ideal for homes with pets, as it was not designed to deal with large quantities of fur, and so a Dyson V6 Animal would be the better choice in situations such as that.

However, when compared with this model, we see that the price for the Beldray BEL0427 is far lower and it offers almost all of the same features, it just can’t quite deal with chunks of dog and cat fluff.

It also has a filter to help those with asthma and allergies to stay protected.

Features and Benefits

It has a very small and compact size, meaning it can be slotted away into cupboards and other small spaces with ease.

This makes it perfect if you have a small home and find yourself generally short on space. It’s easy to slot in between items to make life easier and the machine a little more accessible.

Despite its size, it is often used to clean the whole house, and this is why it also has a 5m cable. This way, you don’t have to jump between power sockets and the house can get done quickly.

Handheld, it is comfortable to hold for the duration of the clean – especially since it is very lightweight.

Its ergonomic design and dual cyclone technology helps to prevent clogs and keep the machine running smoothly and with powerful suction that will provide you with an incredibly clean floor and home.

Plus, the filter will help catch any allergens and microbes so that those with allergies or asthma do not suffer from any unwanted attacks.

In addition to this, most of these allergens will remain trapped in the filter and not be shot back into the air.

Beldray BEL0427 handheld

It also comes with a range of excellent tools to help keep your home sparkling clean. There is a crevice tool to help you reach the difficult corners to remove cobwebs and stray dust bunnies.

The brush tool can help you to loosen dirt, but can also work wonderfully on your stair railing and surfaces if they are looking quite dusty.

The main floor brush is high efficiency for a better clean and powerful suction. Even the smallest pieces of debris will be picked up by this.

It has a 0.5L bagless canister so that dust and dirt that is collected can be emptied with ease. It is very simple to detach the canister and then, with the press of a button, you can hold it over the bin to empty it.

This is also great for allergy and asthma sufferers as the lack of bags means there will be less dust floating around causing irritation when it comes to emptying the canister.

The extendable tube is there to make things easier for you. It means that you can vacuum the floor without needing to bend over and potentially strain your back.

Vacuuming with a handheld model has never been easier than it is with the beldray quick vac lite. It’s everything you need and more.

How Does It Compare?

Here are three alternative models, in case the beldray quick vac lite is not quite what you are looking for.

Bissell supreme sweep

 Bissell Supreme Sweep

This cordless vacuum cleaner is around the same price as the Beldray BEL0427, but it is wireless and rechargeable.

This means there is no tripping over cables or having to switch power sockets halfway through cleaning.

It is great on all types of flooring and recommended for use between major cleaning sessions.



This model is more expensive than the Beldray one, but it comes from a reliable and trusted brand.

 Powerful and lightweight, it is handheld and lightweight as well as completely wireless.

With up to half an hour of running time and multi-floor cleaning, it is perfect for those who need something to suck up pet hair.

Shark V3700 Review

Shark V3700

This model has a low price, around the same as the Beldray BEL0427, but is wireless and has an excellent running time with a quick charging period.

Ergonomically designed, it is also flexible and can reach under almost any surface or furniture in the area.

Light and with a sleek design, it is also incredibly compact. Ideal for those who want something a little different.

To Conclude

Our Beldray Vac Lite review is generally positive, as this machine proves itself to be handy as well as reliable again and again.

It is incredibly powerful, despite its size, and helps those with allergies and asthma remain protected against the harmful microbes around them.

The cord might be a little short, and the filter slightly tricky to clean, but you will love the results this vacuum provides when you finish running it through your home.

Affordable, powerful, and incredibly popular, it’s a big seller with a little price tag.

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