Dyson 101 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Dyson Vac Owners

Are you a Dyson owner? Are you someone who loves everything and anything they do? Welcome to the club. This is the guide you need in your life, because it is packed full of information that every Dyson owner absolutely needs to know.

It’s the ultimate collection of questions and answers to give you peace of mind and ensure that you always have the information you need.  

Are you actually someone who is looking into getting their first Dyson?

Don’t close this page; it’s the perfect guide for you too. Rest easy knowing that I’ve done all the hard work for you, collecting all of the information you need to keep things running smoothly, and to make the best choices. I’m your personal vacuum assistant, and I am here to help.  

Dyson 101 – The Ultimate FAQ Guide for Dyson Vac Owners – Smart Vacs

Can I Leave My Dyson on Charge all the Time

Part 1
Can I Leave My Dyson on Charge all the Time? 

How Do I Know When My Dyson is Charged

Part 2
How Do I Know When My Dyson is Charged?  

How Long Should a Dyson Vacuum Last

Part 3
How Long Should a Dyson Vacuum Last?  

What is the Soft Roller Cleaner Head for

Part 4
What is the Soft Roller Cleaner Head for?

How Long Does a Dyson V10 Battery Last on Max

Part 6
How Long Does a Dyson V10 Battery Last on Max?

Can I Leave My Dyson on Charge all the Time


Can I Leave My Dyson on Charge all the Time? 

Yes, you can leave your Dyson on charge all the time. There are some that worried this would impact the battery life, but you don’t need to worry at all. Leaving your cordless Dyson on charge all the time will not affect the battery life in any way, and you don’t need to worry about it overheating either.  

When the battery reaches full charge, it will automatically switch to an idle mode. This means that no new power is being pumped into the battery, and you can continue to leave it plugged in without fear. It makes things a lot more convenient, as well as ensuring that you are safe to do so.  

How to Mount a Dyson Without Drilling the Wall 

There are a couple of options for this, each of which is fantastic. The first of these comes with a handy video to show you what to do; with the addition of an adorable Shiba Inu that will certainly keep you focused.  

I felt like this was a pretty fantastic method, and it’s certainly helpful for those who live in rented properties. Not quite what you were after? Well, you may have noticed in the video that there is an option that costs more money and takes less time. I have that one here for you too.  

You’ll find that Dyson vacuum stands are not only a thing, but they are massive in Asia. They have been around for years, and yet I had never heard of them until I started researching this article. Honestly, my cordless Dyson experience will never be the same again.  

These stands are absolutely spectacular, and you can find them online quite easily. They even hold all of the attachments and have some extra shelf space. Bonus fact: they are compatible with every single Dyson cordless vacuum, and my sources tell me that the brand new V11 is a part of that.  

How to Reset the Overheating Switch on the Dyson Vacuum

In short, Dyson doesn’t really have reset buttons on their vacuum cleaners. So, if you were looking for one and wondering why you couldn’t find it; that’s the reason. 

However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to reset the vacuum cleaner after an overheating incident. The quick and temporary solution is to unplug the vacuum and give it a little rest so that it cools down. You need to address the main issue, however. The Filter.  

When the filters get clogged or dirty, they cause a whole host of issues, including overheating. Take out both of the filters and wash them thoroughly under running water with no soap.

Once they have been washed, give them a quick squeeze and leave them to dry for at least 24 hours. They must be completely dry before they are put back in the machine. Getting rid of all the dust and debris should solve your problem very quickly. 

How Long Does Dyson Battery Last? 

This really depends on the model of Dyson you are using, and it is something that I look at again later on in this FAQ. Please also remember that people seem to have different experiences, with some lasting a little longer, and other less. However, I will give you a quick rundown of each model and their battery lives (alongside this helpful video): 

Dyson V6 – 20 minutes on regular, 6 minutes on boost 

Dyson V7 – 20 minutes on regular, 6 minutes on boost 

Dyson V8 – 25-30 minutes on regular, 7-10 minutes on boost  

Dyson V10 – 35-40 minutes on regular, 20 minutes on medium, 6 minutes on boost 

Dyson V11 – 60 minutes on regular, 30 minutes on medium, 12 minutes on boost 

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Why is my Dyson Getting Hot?  

There are a few reasons why your Dyson is getting hot or, as it is otherwise known, overheating. The first is that your filters could be dirty. This is why they need to be washed monthly, because a clogged filter can cause all sorts of issues with your vacuum cleaner.

For this step, all you need to do is remove the filter from the vacuum cleaner and rinse it under running water until it is completely clean. Then, squeeze it, and leave it to dry completely before using it again.  

Sometimes, the tubes on your vacuum cleaner can become blocked. This will prevent suction (or massively restrict it), which then causes the machine to overheat because it is working too hard. Make sure you check the tube and the cleaning head for potential blockages and then remove the offending object so that you can go back to vacuuming as normal.  

If the brush bar has a blockage; either due to hair being wrapped around it or debris, it can cause overheating. This is because the motor is overworking itself to get the bar moving again. All you need to do is unplug your vacuum, lay it on its side, and clean the brush bar on the underside of the floorhead. If this was the cause, you’ll be up and running again in no time.  

Finally, the issue could be caused by malfunctioning seals. These are found around the cyclone, and if they are not working correctly, it can cause the vacuum cleaner to overheat. When you take the vacuum apart to check the seals, if you notice that they are out of place you have two options.

The first is to put them back yourself, and the second is to send them off for repair. I recommend the second option as you know a professional will be doing the work.  

How Do I Know When My Dyson is Charged


How Do I Know When My Dyson is Charged?  

When you initially plug your Dyson vacuum cleaner in to charge you will notice that there are a set of indicator lights to let you know that it is charging successfully. When the Dyson has finished charging, the light will go out; letting you know that the battery is fully charged, and the actual charger is in sleep mode.  

Why is My Dyson Animal Losing Suction? 

You’ll get tired of hearing me say it, but the filters really are the key in so many cases where a loss of suction has occurred. If you are having issues with the suction in your vacuum cleaner, remove the filters, wash them under running water, and then leave them to dry completely for at least 24 hours. Once they are completely dry, put them back in the machine, and you should be good to go.  

It could also be a blockage in the head or the brush bar, and these are two very common causes. In the case of the head, it is usually something that has been lodged in the air passage (like a sock). What you will need to do is remove the soleplate so that you can access it easily. This is quite simple to do, as all you will need to do is unscrew it and lift it off. Once the blockage is removed, put it back together and test it out.  

For the brush bar, the solution is also a very simple one. Flip the machine over and access the brush bar through the base of the machine. You will notice if it is clogged with hair that has become wrapped around it. Plus, there are sometimes clumps of dirt that get stuck and need to be removed. Just grab a pair of scissors and carefully cut the hair off the bar, and you’ll be ready to get cleaning again.  

Is There a Reset Button on a Dyson Vacuum?  

No, Dyson does not have a reset button like many other vacuum cleaners. Some people find this to be a frustrating aspect, but it does not make a huge amount of difference. Plus, there is another form of Dyson reset; the brush bar. 

Essentially, this is the process of cleaning the brush bar and removing hairs or debris that have clogged it up and stopped it from spinning normally. For advice on how to do this, just read the previous section for full instructions.  

Do Dyson Vacuums Damage Carpet?  

This does depend on the type of carpet in your home. There are some pile carpets, most notably the long ones, that may become damaged by the brush bar if it is used on them. In these cases, you will need to remove the brush bar before using it. You can do this by flipping the vacuum over and unscrewing the soleplate so that the bar can be slipped out. If I doubt, consult the care guide for your carpet.  

Why Does My Dyson Vacuum Cleaner Whistle?  

The whistling sound coming from your Dyson tends to indicate an air leak in the machine. Usually, this is due to there being a loose or torn seal. To check this, remove the HEPA filter and inspect the seal underneath for damage. If it is, you can try removing the seal and putting the filter back in. For situations like this, it is usually best to contact Dyson for advice and repairs.  

If the whistling sound is accompanied by a lack of suction, it is likely due to a blockage in the hose or floorhead. However, if there are none here, then you may want to check and see if the U-bend (found at the base of the vacuum) is attached correctly, as a loose one can prevent suction.  

How Long Should a Dyson Vacuum Last


How Long Should a Dyson Vacuum Last?  

It all depends on how well you look after your vacuum cleaner. If you don’t maintain it and ensure that it is clean, you should expect it to last no more than two years before it breaks down. However, if you care for your Dyson, the life expectancy rockets up to ten years; a common lifespan amongst those who look after their vacuums.  

How Does a Dyson Cinetic Work?

When Dyson stated their Cinetic vacuum cleaners don’t need two filters, I was very sceptical with regards to how they actually work. However, it actually ended up making a lot of sense. Dyson explained it as the air coming into the top of the vacuum gets pushed down to the bottom of the cyclones, which speeds it up. As the air gets faster, dust particles end up getting thrown off and collect at the bottom of the dust canister.  

Of course, this only really works for the larger particles, and the small ones need to be dealt with. What they did with the Cinectic technology is make the cyclone smaller in terms of width as it goes down towards the canister. The g-forces are increased, and the smaller dust particles become sticky and start clumping together.  

To avoid blockages caused by this, the cyclones vibrate to separate them again, in addition to rubber tips at the top and bottom of the cone. It works like a flour sifter, making sure it all comes through and is disposed of correctly.  

Why is the Brush on Vacuum Not Spinning?

If the brush bar on your vacuum cleaner has stopped spinning, it is likely due to a blockage of some description. What you need to do is unplug your vacuum and flip it over so that you can see the underside of the floorhead. Examine the brush bar, and see if there is any hair wrapped around it. If there is too much, the bar will not be able to rotate, and it will become completely jammed.  

Using a pair of scissors, you can cut the hair away carefully and remove it from the bar so that it will start spinning again. While you are there, it is also a good idea to check for blockages in the form of dirt and large debris, as these can sometimes get stuck and prevent the bar from spinning properly.

How Do You Raise the Ball on a Dyson Vacuum?

This is the same as adjusting the level on a Dyson vacuum cleaner. It’s a really simple process, and it will also allow you to clean various floor types effortlessly. Here are the quick steps you need to take: 

  1. Stand behind the vacuum cleaner as though you are about to use it. Then, press the power button and switch it on.

  2. Place one foot on your chosen side of the vacuum cleaner head and pull the handle towards you as you do so, tilting the main body back. The ball will rise, and it will be ready to use.

  3. Locate the level adjustment switch on the vacuum (usually found on the floorhead). Move the slider to the desired position in order to use it on the correct floor types (carpets and hard floors, for example).
What is the Soft Roller Cleaner Head for


What is the Soft Roller Cleaner Head for?

This floorhead was designed for hard floors, and it honestly does such a fantastic job cleaning them. The soft brush roll is able to pick up really fine dust and debris. While it does also pick up the large clumps of dust and dirt, it is different from the normal brush bar because of its ability to pick up every last speck of the finer stuff. It usually comes with the Fluffy Dyson models, but it can also be bought separately.  

How Do You Use the Dyson Wand?

Using the wand on a Dyson upright isn’t always the easiest thing to figure out, so here are the steps you need to take in order to make the most of this handy feature: 

  1. Lift up the wand cap at the top of the wand, and then pull the wand from inside the handle until it locks into place.

  2. Press the wand release button on the vacuum cleaner, and the pull the wand and handle from the machine. You will find the hose extends with it.

  3. When you are ready to put it back, push the wand back inside the hose and ensure that it is completely straight. Then, press the wand release button and slide everything back into place before putting the wand cap back on.

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How to Use Dyson Ball Multi Floor

Using the wand on a Dyson upright isn’t always the easiest thing to figure out, so here are the steps you need to take in order to make the most of this handy feature: 

How Long Does the Battery Last on a Dyson V6?

The battery life on the Dyson V6 depends on the setting you are using. On the regular mode, you will find it tends to last a good 20 minutes; more than enough time to clean the home. On the boost mode, this goes down to six minutes, but you shouldn’t need this setting very often.

How Long Does Dyson V7 Battery Last?

Again, it all depends on the setting you are using it on. The Dyson V7 has been known to last between 20 and 25 minutes on the regular function, which is about the same as the V6. On the boost setting, it goes for around six minutes before running out, which is about normal for a Dyson cordless.

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Why is My Cordless Dyson Not Charging


Why is My Cordless Dyson Not Charging?

There is really only one reason why your Dyson isn’t charging anymore, and it’s because the battery is knackered and needs to be replaced. It’s something that does happen, and thankfully it is possible to replace a Dyson battery. It’s a moderate level of difficulty to replace the battery, so I have sourced two different guides for you to use; one from the ifixit, and the other from YouTube.

Both of these offer a detailed and visual look at the process, as well as steps that are quite easy to follow.  

Dyson Wall Mount Command Strips

Using these is usually a great idea if you live in a rented property or hate drilling holes in your walls. The strips are quite heavy-duty, and they won’t leave marks after you remove them, so the wall is left looking good as new.

All you need to do is use the Command Strips to attach the wall mount to the wall, and you are good to go. My top tip would be to ensure the entire back of the mount is sticking to the wall for extra strength and security. It’s an ideal solution.  

Can Dyson Vacuums Overheat?

Yes, they absolutely can, and this is something I have looked at further up in this article. Here’s a quick recap of the reasons why your Dyson might be overheating: 

  1. Your filters could be dirty and need cleaning. They should both be washed under cool running water and then left to dry completely before being put back in the vacuum. The main filter should be washed monthly, and the HEPA every 3-6 months. You should check both monthly, however.

  2. The tubes could also be blocked, preventing or restricting suction. You can check both the tube and the floorhead for blockages, removing them as necessary.

  3. It may also be the brush bar, which can become blocked with hair or debris. All you need to do is cut the hair away with scissors and pull any clogged debris out of the floorhead. 

  4. The seals around the cyclone could also be malfunctioning. You can either put them back yourself if they are out of place, or send them off for repair. Getting a professional to deal with this option is normally your best bet.
Clean Dyson Animal

Do Dyson Vacuums Have a Fuse?

Yes, Dyson vacuum cleaners do have a fuse. Generally speaking, you will find it inside the plug. They are quite easy to remove and replace when needed. If you find that your Dyson has no power, you should always check the fuse first to see if a new one does the trick. It’s one of the most easily forgotten issues.  

How Do You Troubleshoot a Dyson Vacuum?

Essentially, troubleshooting is some of the most common errors people have with their vacuum cleaners, and this section will take you through each of them: 

1. Machine is losing suction. This is explained in several different sections throughout this guide, but here are the basic checks you should make to get the suction back: 

  • Clean the filters
  • Check the floorhead for blockages
  • Check the airway in the head for blockages
  • Check the base under the bin for blockages
  • Check the brush bar for blockages
  • Check the hose for blockages

2. Power failure. Again, this is looked at in this guide already. Here are the things you should be looking out for though: 

  • Clean the filters
  • Unplug it to cool down
  • Check for blockages
  • Check the seals

3. Brush bar is not rotating. There are several different sections that go through this particular issue, and all you really need to do is make sure that it is cleaned. Often, hairs get wrapped around it and need to be carefully cut off with a pair of scissors. Plus, you can remove any large debris that has become stuck by hand.

Dyson Brush Bar

4. The locking mechanism is too weak to hold the vacuum up. This only needs a couple of steps to try and resolve the issue. Take a look at them below:

  • Turn the power off and tilt the machine back by 45-degrees so that it is held at an angle.
  • While holding the section under the airway inspection pipe (right-side of the vacuum), hold down the black forward lock button. Then, pivot this section upwards until it clicks into place. Once this is done, you can release the black button.
  • Tilt the vacuum forward, and it should all snap into place and stand upright again. If you are still having issues, contact Dyson for further assistance.

5. Vacuum will not turn on. This is something that I have touched on, but here are the issues you should be looking out for if you encounter this problem:

  • Check the battery if it is a cordless model
  • Check the fuse in the plug
  • Check the cord to see if it is frayed or damaged

What Does Flashing Blue Light on Dyson Mean?

The flashing blue light on cordless Dyson models means that the machine has no power and the battery needs to be charged. When you see this light, simply return the machine to the charging station and let it power up before you use it again.

How Many Years Does a Dyson Vacuum Last?

If you take good care of your Dyson vacuum cleaner, it should last you a good ten years on average. If you do not clean the filters at all, you shouldn’t expect to see it last past two years; three at a push. Moderate care has often seen a Dyson vacuum last around five years instead. So, take great care of your Dyson, and it will keep going for many years.

How Long Do Dyson Batteries Last Before Replacement?

The batteries tend to last for around 500 charge cycles before they start to lose their mojo and are unable to hold as much charge. On average, this means that you should find they last around four years before you need to consider replacing the battery.

How Long Does a Dyson Handheld Battery Last?

Dyson Handheld Battery

This is something I have touched on towards the start of this guide, but just to refresh your memory, here is a brief rundown of the runtimes for each of the handheld Dyson models: 

Dyson V6 – 20 minutes on regular, 6 minutes on boost 

Dyson V7 – 20 minutes on regular, 6 minutes on boost 

Dyson V8 – 25-30 minutes on regular, 7-10 minutes on boost  

Dyson V10 – 35-40 minutes on regular, 20 minutes on medium, 6 minutes on boost 

Dyson V11 – 60 minutes on regular, 30 minutes on medium, 12 minutes on boost 

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How Long Does a Dyson V10 Battery Last on Max


How Long Does a Dyson V10 Battery Last on Max?

The maximum setting on a Dyson cordless doesn’t usually need to be used for a great deal, but it’s important to know how long it’s going to last when the time comes. On maximum mode, it should last you a little over seven minutes, and this great video is able to clearly demonstrate it for you.

How Long Does a Dyson Battery Pack Last?

I mentioned before that the average lifespan for a Dyson battery pack is around four years. However, you may also find that they last closer to seven or eight. There have been quite a few cases where the batteries have lasted this long without losing their charge capacity. A lot of it does come down to how often you use the vacuum cleaner as well as the capabilities of the battery.

Does Dyson Really Never Lose Suction?

Yes and no. What Dyson mean whey they say this is that while you are vacuuming, even if it means you are sucking up loads of hair and filling the bin, this won’t cause it to lose suction. However, if there is a blockage in the vacuum cleaner or the filters have become dirty, these can cause the suction to be massively reduced. Of course, these are natural occurrences within a vacuum cleaner.

How Do I Unclog My Dyson Animal Hose?

I sourced this fantastic YouTube video that takes you through the various ways in which you can unclog the hose on your Dyson Animal vacuum cleaner. It refers to both the hose and the brush bar, giving you an extensive look at how you can keep your vacuum cleaner free from blockages. Answering the question “How Do You Remove the Blockage on a Dyson Hose?

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How Do You Remove the Brush Bar on a Dyson?

For the newer models, removing the brush bar couldn’t be easier: 

  1. Unplug the machine and lay it down so that you can access the floorhead.

  2. Take a coin and use it to turn the yellow cap on the side of the floorhead to unlock it.

  3. Slide the brush bar out, and it’s done. Just repeat the process in reverse to put it all back together. 

For the older models, this video I found on YouTube shows you how to get the brush bar out. It’s a little longer, but it’s a safe and effective method.

Dyson Vacuum No Suction from Wand

If you have no suction from the wand, there could be a blockage inside the hose or the wand itself. To remove a blockage from the hose, you can see the above section on unclogging it, and you can learn more about unblocking the wand below: 

  1. Unplug the vacuum cleaner from the mains and detach the wand from the machine and the hose.

  2. Look through the wand to see if you can spot a blockage, using a torch if needed.

  3. To remove the clog, you can grab a long stick, or something similar, and push it through the wand to get the blockage out. If it’s really clogged, you can hit the blockage with it a little to loosen it up.

Dyson Animal No Suction Upright

Sometimes, you slip your Dyson vacuum cleaner into the upright position, but nothing seems to be happening in terms of suction. I sourced a great video that explains why this might be happening, and how to fix it: 

Essentially, the video takes you through the two reasons your vacuum cleaner may have lost suction in its upright form; the u-bend is missing, or there is a blockage. The first of these is a case of a missing part that needs to be reattached to the base of your vacuum. The blockage usually occurs in the hose, and can be removed quite easily.  

To Conclude

Well, that certainly was a lot of questions, and I hope that you found all of the answers helpful. From how long the battery should last on various cordless Dyson vacuums to how certain features work, all of your most pressing questions are masterfully answered here. I want you to feel comfortable with your Dyson vacuum cleaner, as well as every individual feature that it has.  

What did you think of our Dyson 101 guide? Did it leave you feeling more confident about your vacuum cleaner choices, or are there still burning questions that we haven’t answered? We love hearing from you, so leave us a message in the comments below.  

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