Dyson V7 Vs V8

This is probably the most intriguing pair in the Dyson range. The V8 came out after the V6 as an improved model, and it really was a massive step up. The V7 came after the V8, which is a little confusing.

It was introduced as a middle ground between the V6 and the V8 – still providing great cleaning power, but at a more moderate price.

Both the V7 and the V8 make excellent stick vacuum cleaners, but the big question here is which one is best? This detailed guide is here to take you through exactly what each of these machines has to offer so that you can make an informed choice about what’s right for your home.

Dyson v7 vs v8 comparison

The Dyson V8

Fluffy floorhead

The King of cordless on release, it still remains one of the best vacuum cleaners that Dyson has manufactured. This range contains the Absolute and the Animal as its core models, although you also have the Animal Extra which comes with an additional accessory.


  • Good battery life
  • Simple emptying system
  • Excellent filtration and sealing
  • Nice selection of accessories


  • Very long charge period
  • Short run time on boost mode
ModelV8 Absolute & Animal
Detachable HandheldYes
Length124.5 cm
Width25 cm
Weight2.6 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.54 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

The Dyson V7

Dyson v7 head

The V7 is a great stick vacuum cleaner that is lightweight and affordable. There are three models in the range, and these are the Total Clean, Animal, and Motorhead. It definitely made itself a place in the Dyson V series family.


  • Good battery life
  • Great suction and cleaning power
  • Lightweight design for easy cleaning
  • Nice selection of tools


  • Not every model comes with HEPA filtration
  • Can be quite noisy
ModelV7 Total Clean & Animal & Motorhead
Detachable HandheldYes
Length124.5 cm
Width25 cm
Weight2.47 kg
Floor TypeMulti-Surface
Pet OwnersYes
Dust Bin Capacity0.4 L
ReturnsFree 35 Days via Dyson.co.uk
Warranty1-Year limited

Dyson V7 vs V8 Side-by-Side Test Results

This section is where we take a closer look at the performance of each stick vacuum cleaner. Our testing process examines every aspect and feature so that you are making as informed a choice as possible when selecting your next model.

We look at the basics like battery life and cleaning power, but we also take it further by comparing accessories and performing our own tests for weight and noise. Everything you need to see how well a vacuum performs (or doesn’t) is right here.

Dyson V7 vs V8 Battery/Run-Time

v8 Battery life

Our Run-Time Test Results

This test is very simple. We attached the direct drive cleaner head to the vacuum cleaner and ensured it was fully charged. We then held down the trigger constantly until it ran out of charge and repeated the process on each setting for both machines.

The results were timed and recorded below. Due to the fact we used a motorised cleaning head, the battery life is shorter than when you use the non-motorised accessories.

Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V7 (Eco)23.5 Mins
V7 (High/Boost)6.5 Mins
Model (Mode)Runtime (Mins)
V8 (Eco)27 Mins
V8 (High/Boost)8 Mins

While Dyson states that you will get up to 40 minutes with the V8, this is only true if you are using the non-motorised attachments. Otherwise, you get close to 30 minutes – which is still great for most homes.

The turbo mode, on the other hand, only offers eight minutes of runtime, and while it is often enough to get the small areas that need the turbo mode, it would be nice to see longer turbo times.

The V7 came after the V8, but that doesn’t mean that they made runtime improvements with this model. It has a battery that will last for a little over 20 minutes, which is still more than enough to get an average house looking good and to clean the carpets.

With this model, the turbo setting only lasts seven minutes, which is also disappointing, even though it tends to be plenty of time to get those difficult areas that need more love.

Winner: Dyson v8

Dyson V8 vs V7 Charge Time

Dyson v7 vs v8 battery life

It’s important to remember that the V8 was the first of its kind in the Dyson range, and they made massive changes to get the longer battery life. It has a larger battery than its predecessor, the V6, which is what makes the runtime so much longer. However, this model can take up to five hours to charge fully.

5 Hours3.5 Hours

While it is worth the wait for the amount of suction power and battery life that it provides, it is still quite a while to wait. The V7, on the other hand, was designed with solving this long charge period in mind. It takes 3.5 hours to charge instead, and only has the runtime cut by around ten minutes as a result.

Both models also feature removable batteries, which is great if you run out of charge and need some extra time to clean. It also means that you can always have two batteries ready to go at all times. When you take this into consideration, the life and the running time don’t feel as important.

Winner: Dyson v7

Dyson V7 and V8 Cleaning Power

v8 Cleaning Power

The V8 provides a respectable 20% more suction power than the V6, and this was pretty revolutionary at the time. It boasts excellent cleaning power on the whole, and it can tackle pet hair effectively. The additional suction was certainly enough to convince people to upgrade to the newer model.

When you look at the V7 in comparison, this boasts 75% more suction power than the V6. It’s an almost incomprehensible amount, and it suggests that the V7 is quite the powerhouse. Whether or not it lives up to these expectations is something we’ll discover during the cleaning tests below.

power of Dyson v7 vs v8

Our Airflow Test Results

This test is performed with the vacuum cleaner in its full form as it is the most common way to use it. Airflow is important because it is how suction is determined. The airflow is measured in CFM, Cubic Feet per Minute, and the table below shows our findings.

Air Flow ( Low Setting)16.5 CFM16 CFM
Air Flow (Auto/Medium Setting)n/an/a
Air Flow ( High/Boost Setting)27 CFM26 CFM

As you can see, the V8 and the V7 are very closely matched. The V8 is only marginally better in terms of airflow and suction, which makes them almost even in terms of capabilities.

Winner: Dyson v8 (Only Just)

They both feature cyclonic technology, which is a standard feature across all Dyson vacuum cleaners. This means that when you are sucking up dirt and grime, it goes straight to the dust canister to avoid it being sprayed across the interior of the machine.

Additionally, it results in fade-free suction. This means that you’ll never suffer from a loss of suction if the dust canister fills up or if the battery starts running low. It’s a really good way to get the most out of your vacuum cleaner and each cleaning session.

So, why don’t we take a quick look at how the V8 and V7 work around the home?

Carpets.Both of these models use the Direct Drive floorhead. This sports a long brush bar with two rows of bristles. These are both hard and soft so that they can tackle hard floors and carpets alike without being too rough or too gentle.

This cleaning head is actually really effective at cleaning and working out surface dirt and grime.

The main issue with cordless vacuums like these is that they lack the deep cleaning abilities of a corded vacuum cleaner. The V10 and Dyson V11 rectified this, and while you will still get excellent cleaning results from both the V7 and the V8, it won’t quite be a deep clean.

Dyson v7 vs v8  head

Our Low-Pile Carpet Test Results

The test involves us taking a load of chilli flakes, flaxseed, loose black tea, and cheerios and weighing them to make sure we have 100g. These represent the textures found in the home and are then spread over a 1.5m strip of carpet. The vacuum is then run over the area for 10 seconds in each setting, the contents weighed, and the percentage recorded in the table below.

Low Setting98.6%99.3%
Auto Settingn/an/a
Boost Setting99.3%99.53%

As you can see, both vacuum cleaners actually did really well. Interestingly, the V7 actually performed better than the V8, which isn’t necessarily expected considering the lower price point.

Winner: Dyson v7 (Only Just)

Hard Floors.The Direct Drive cleaning head can be used on hard floors, and it will do a good job of collecting large debris as well as larger clumps of dust. The soft bristles are gentle on hard floors and will not leave scratches, but it’s also not the most effective tool. Instead, it is a better idea to use the Fluffy cleaning head.

This is a large soft roller, and it has been specially designed to deal with hard floors efficiently and without any damage. It is the master of fine dust collection, and crevices are no match for it. Even large debris can be handled effortlessly and without being pushed around or spat back out.

Our Hardwood Floor Test Results

v8 Hardwood cleaning

The hardwood floor test is performed under the same conditions as the carpet test, but we used a strip of laminate flooring instead as this is the most common hard floor in the UK. The table below shows the cleaning results.

Low Setting100%100%
Auto SettingN/AN/A
Boost Setting100%100%

We also used the Fluffy floorhead for this test as it is made for hard floors. As you can see, the results for the V7 and the V8 are identical.

Winner: Dyson v8 and v7

Dyson V7 and V8 Stairs

A cordless Dyson is ideal for the stairs because they can be transformed into handheld vacuum cleaners. This makes everything more convenient, and you can attach the main surface cleaning head to the body of the vacuum, or you can use one of the other accessories. The best one to use for stairs is the mini motorised tool because it is basically a smaller version of the Direct Drive head.

This can be used to give the stairs a good clean, bringing up old dirt and muck that has been stomped into the carpet over time. This little tool can also be used on stubborn areas of regular carpet, on your furniture, and even the interior of your car when it needs a good clean.

Winner: Dyson v8 and v7

Our Pet Hair Tests on Dyson V7 and V8

Dyson v7 vs v8 for pet hair

We collected 100g of dog hair and combed it into a five-foot strip of low pile carpet. Once this was done, we performed a 20-second pass over the area on each power setting to see how much hair was collected. The contents were then weighed to see the percentage.

We also went over the low pile carpet with a window blade after to see what was left behind. The good news is that both did very well in this regard, and nothing noticeable was picked up afterwards.

Pet Hair Pickup (Eco/Low)90%90%
Pet Hair Pickup (Auto/Medium)n/an/a
Pet Hair Pickup (Boost/High)99.9%99.5%

The V8 and the V7 are quite evenly matched, and the V8 only wins by a fractional amount. This is reassuring for those who are thinking of picking up a V7 but worried about how effective it’s going to be on pet hair.

Eco mode is pretty poor, but this is normal for any vacuum cleaner. You shouldn’t really be using the lowest setting for collecting pet hair, and so you cannot expect it to do a great job.

Winner: Dyson v8 (Only Just)

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Dyson V7 and V8 Filtration

Dyson v8 filter

This is where things get a little interesting. The V8 has the standard Dyson filtration system, which uses a HEPA filter to capture allergens and other irritants so that the air being pushed back out is cleaner. It also means that 99.97% of muck is taken out of the air, which is what makes it so good for allergy and asthma sufferers.

Now, the Dyson V7 Animal is the same as the rest of the Dyson vacuum cleaners in terms of filtration, but the other models are not. These use Lifetime filters instead. These are way less effective and do not leave the air as clean as other Dyson models. If you suffer from asthma and allergies, it is best to stay away from anything other than the Dyson V7 Animal.

The V8 has a fully sealed system, which means no dirty air is able to escape from little gaps in the vacuum cleaner. This is how it pushes such clean air back into the home. The V7 is sealed, but not fully, and there is still room for dust and grime to make its way back into the home. The Animal is more effective, but watch out for the others.

Our Filtration Test Results

We use special international approved dust from DMT in this test, and the air in the room is checked before and after we spend 15 seconds sucking it up with each vacuum cleaner. Our findings are then recorded in the table below, where you can see the V8 is far superior.

Air Particle Test ( Our rating %)100%98.5%

Winner: Dyson v8

Dyson V7 and V8 Noise levels

Both of these models run under the EU allowance of 80dB. This means that they aren’t going to be deafening and you will be able to perform morning and evening cleaning tasks without the neighbours or family members losing their minds. However, there is a pretty clear winner out of the two with regards to noise levels.

The V7 is the loudest of the two, and it is several decibels higher than the V8 in both settings. The difference is definitely noticeable, and in the highest mode it is really climbing up towards that maximum. If you want a quieter machine, the V8 is your best bet.

Our Noise Test Results

For this test, we had the vacuum cleaners in their full form because this is the most common way they are used. We then placed a decibel metre three feet away from the main floorhead and let the vacuum run. The results were then recorded in the table below.

Low Setting62.265
Auto Settingn/an/a
Boost Setting71.774

Winner: Dyson v8

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Dyson V7 and V8 Tech Features

The Dyson V7 doesn’t actually have any tech features, which is a little disappointing. It is quite a standard machine, much like the original V6. While the V8 does not have a massive amount in the way of technology, it does sport a handy addition that certainly makes life easier when you are cleaning – the LED battery indicator.

The indicator can be found at the base of the handle, in perfect view while you are cleaning to make life a little easier for you. It lets you know when the battery is starting to run low so that you have some warning, and it will also show you when it is charging and when it has stopped so that you can get back to vacuuming quickly. Here is a quick guide to the V8 lights:

  • Solid Blue: charging 
  • Flashing Blue: not charging. Try another socket or readjust the charger 
  • No Light: charging complete 
  • Solid Amber: temporary fault, such as too hot/cold
  • Flashing Red: fault, contact Dyson for assistance
  • Flashing Red and Blue: fault, contact Dyson for assistance

Dyson V7 and V8 Size/Weight

Dyson V8 Design

Both the V7 and the V8 use the same design and are, therefore, exactly the same in terms of dimensions. They are equally easy to use and manoeuver, and the only key difference is that the V8 is slightly heavier than the V7.


This is because the V8 uses new battery technology that is bulkier and bears more weight. It is not a massive difference between them, but certainly enough that you would probably notice if you held them at the same time.

Our Weight Test Results

We like to do this ourselves because it means that we see the results and can provide you with something completely accurate. The vacuum cleaners are weighed in both full and handheld forms so that you can see exactly how much each part weighs, allowing you to make an informed choice between the two.

Weight ( Full Unit with Floorhead)2.60 Kg2.47 Kg
Weight (Hand Unit Only)1.6 Kg1.4 Kg

Winner: Dyson v7

Dyson V7 vs V8 Accessories

There isn’t really anything different between the V7 and the V8 in terms of accessories. They both come with a strong selection, and any that are missing are almost always missing for both of them because they come with later Dyson cordless vacuums including a crevice tool.

Dyson V8Dyson V7
Torque FloorheadNoNo
Tool ClipNoNo
Direct Drive FloorheadYes Yes
Fluffy FloorheadYes (Absolute only)Yes (Total Clean only)
Mini Motorised ToolYesYes (Total Clean and Animal)
Combination ToolYesYes
Stubborn Dirt BrushYes (Animal Extra)No
Crevice ToolYes (Absolute and Animal Extra)Yes (Total Clean)
Mattress ToolYesYes
Up-Top Adaptor NoNo
Docking StationNoNo

Winner: Dyson v8 and v7

The reason that both of these models win is because they are pretty much identical here. The V7 is missing the stubborn dirt brush, but even for the V8 it only comes with the Animal Extra.

They each have the mattress tool, which is my absolute (Dyson v8 absolute is also my favourite) favourite because it is so effective at removing grime and dust mites from mattresses and furniture.

Honestly, I would not be without it. Just make sure you check the specific model before you buy to ensure it has the tools you want.

When you Should Buy the V8?

For me, the V8 is the winner here. It is the superior machine just for the fact that it does a great job cleaning and has a fantastic battery life. The V7 certainly snuck ahead a few times, but I stand by the V8.

  1. It has an incredible battery life for such an early Dyson model, and the fact that it needs a long time to charge is negated by the removable battery.
  2. It’s quiet in terms of running and offers superb cleaning abilities for pet hair, carpets, and hard floors alike. Not to mention the fantastic accessories.
  3. It has a perfect filtration system, and one that allergy and asthma sufferers are sure to be thankful for after a deep cleaning session.

Check out the latest price for the V8 range here or visit our Dyson deals page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

When you Should Buy the V7?

The V7 was a close second, and there are a few occasions where it felt like the winner. However, it just doesn’t quite meet the V8. Either way, it’s a great choice of vacuum cleaner and sure to serve you well.

  1. It’s fantastic with pet hair and carpet, with cleaning capabilities that certainly rival the V8, not to mention the shorter charge time.
  2. The included accessories are fantastic, and they really make life easier once you get cleaning with them.
  3. It’s lightweight and easy to handle, with a low price tag that makes it one of the more affordable Dyson vacuum cleaners. You don’t get much more of a bargain with the V7.

Check out the latest price for the V7 range here or visit our Dyson page to compare all the best online retailers to see what offers are available.

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