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Smart Vacuums expertly curate lists of all the best gear for the home small appliance and kitchen market – such as vacuum cleaners & steam mops –  so it’s readers quickly know where they should be spending the hard-earned cash as well save them countless hours of online research.

Consider our lists the “Top of the Pops” – Our writers and researchers spend many hours reviewing expert editorials and user resources from around the world and curate all this information together, in what we hope, are easy to understand buyers guides, review guides and how to guides.

We also review individual products – such as a certain model of cordless vacuum cleaner or low energy dehumidifier, again all this is with a view of helping you make the right choices.Smart Vacuums Logo

Each product we include, be it in a best of buyers guide, or individual product review has been researched and picked with authority and not based on an algorithmic set of rules and a robot.

When readers purchase something via our editorial picks, we earn a small commission to support our work
at Smart Vacuums. We are focused on helping you find the best of everything for your home and kitchen.

We are focused on helping you find the best of everything for your home and kitchen.

You can contact us here  if you have any questions or feedback you would like to share with us

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    Was just wandering how we could go about getting a review of our service on your site?

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    I would like further information of the process a product can be tested and published on your website?
    Do you have costs and the process of the test?

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    What did you have in mind Nicola, feel free to drop me a message via the contact page.

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