What Is The Best Vacuum Cleaner For 2018? UK Review Guide

Homeowners and renters throughout the UK should understand the paramount importance of keeping their homes refreshingly clean. An untidy home will feel chaotic and uninviting, while a clean home can put you and your guests at ease.

While there are numerous aspects of the home that need to be cleaned regularly, the floors are most certainly one of the worst.

The good news of course is that vacuum cleaners can help. The bad news is that attempting to purchase the best vacuum cleaner can be a daunting task.

The process is thoroughly complicated, because there are so many differentials and variables to take into account. Which type of vacuum cleaner do you need?

It is wise for someone of small stature to invest in a heavy upright or would a cylinder vacuum cleaner be more suitable for these individuals? The problem can be escalated even further by the immense changes brought about by innovative, high-tech advancements.

Best Vacuum Cleaner

Cordless vacuums are now readily available and fairly affordable, but are they right for your individualistic needs? Can the cordless varieties provide consumers with enough longevity to get the job completed?

How about those crazy robotic vacuum cleaners? They’re incredibly efficient and undeniably convenient. Could a robot complete the job as well as a human? Within this comprehensive guide, you will be able to familiarize yourself with the numerous options available to you.

Not only will you learn about the enormity of different models, but also you’ll learn about different flooring surfaces and which models work best for each.

Then, you’ll learn about different sizes, brands and the differences between corded and cordless models.

Once you’ve scoured through the guide, you will easily be able to identify which vacuum will serve your needs the best. Could it be a Vax, Miele or Dyson? By continuing ahead, you will find information, which can help you make that decision for yourself.

Different Types of Vacuum Cleaners

If you are a homemaker, you may be familiar with the different types of vacuum cleaners available on today’s market. For those of you that are new to housecleaning, you may not be so much.

To breakdown each model a list is provided below. This will help you understand a little bit better about the different types of vacuum cleaners that you have available to you.


Upright vacuums are exactly that, since it has an upright design. These are very powerful vacuum, probably the most powerful on the market, but this will depend on the built-in motor.

Many homeowners will tend to utilize the upright as their main vacuum for cleaning the entire home. These model can be heavy, so many users will switch to a lighter weight model to spot clean their carpet, upholstery, and vehicle.

  • Suitable for cleaning thick carpets and rugs, since they are equipped with motorized brushes
  • Due to the larger head, you are going to be able to cover a wider surface area
  • Better overall body ergonomics, when vacuuming
  • Very user-friendly vacuum cleaner
  • Equipped with an extremely long electrical cable, so you do not have to stop amid tasks to find another electrical receptacle
  • Many models are stamped with a 5 Star Energy Efficient rating
  • Includes additional attachments for vacuuming upholstery, corners, and dog hair
  • Unfortunately, the upright vacuum cleaner rarely has good sound insulation, which means the operational noise decibels may be a little higher
  • Heavier than most models (weight range of 5-10 Kg). This can make them very troublesome, when it comes to cleaning stairs
  • Due to the size of the head, they are sometimes very hard to maneuver into tight corners

The upright model often comes with a very lengthy warranty, because they are designed to endure the test of time.

Many of these models are belt driven, which means that you may have to replace the motor belt routinely. Read Our comprehensive "Best Upright Vacuum Guide"  



Q: Are the Zunussi filters washable?

A: Yes they are

Q: What is the weight of the Zunussi?

A: Its around 5kg, so very light to handle.


If you are in the market for a vacuum cleaner, then there is a good chance that you have heard of the cylinder models.

Cylinder vacuums are quite a bit different from the upright cleaner. For instance, the cylinder vacuum body basically sits horizontally and uses a hose that attaches to a head.

So anytime you are using the cleaner, you are going to have to bend over, but that does not mean this is not a great design. In fact, many homeowners have come to prefer this model to the other options.

These vacuum cleaners are designed to be lighter and more compact, which makes them great for cleaning stairs and hard to get to places. They often have a powerful onboard motor that is capable of tackling the dirtiest jobs.

Additional attachments are included and often times, they can be stored on the canister body or hose, which offers convenience, since they are always within the user’s reach.

  • Due to the compact size, you will not have a problem with storage
  • The suction head is separate from the body, so you have a much wider cleaning radius
  • Capable of cleaning rugs, carpets, tile, and hardwood surfaces
  • Equipped with a very powerful motor, which can suction dirt and debris out of the lower depths of thick carpet
  • Due to the compact design, the storage bin will be very small, so you are going to have to empty it quite frequently
  • The design makes it difficult to tote the canister, hose, and the floor brush from room to room, unless there are steps

The cylinder vacuum is becoming a very popular product, thanks to the new technology being embedded into the traditional design.

Now, many of these vacuums are being integrated with turbo power, HEPA filters, hose rotation mechanism, and retractable electrical cables. Read our ultimate "Best Cylinder Vacuum" guide here.



Q: Does the Henry Hoover come with any attachements? 

A: Henry has a soft (curtain brush) and a small hard cleaner also a long nozzle to get into those narrow spaces that all fit on to hose with a connector and all work very well.


Cordless vacuum cleaners have been on the market for a long time, but over the past few years, huge enhancements have been made to the market.

There are now tons of different models available, with each model offering various advantages and disadvantages. So, if you are the market for a cordless vacuum cleaner this means you have a difficult decision to make, due to the vast amount of options that you have to choose from.

The cordless upright vacuum cleaner is growing in popularity, as we speak. The model is similar to the corded upright vacuum. The main differences are that the cordless models will not have an attached electrical cable and are very lightweight.

Of course, this means that it will depend on a rechargeable battery for power, but more homeowners find this style much more convenient. You can also find the handheld and upright stick cordless design on the market, as well.

​Many of these brands are now equipped with a lithium-ion battery, which will offer minimal power and a quick charge time.

Now, as you well know, these vacuums are not suitable for cleaning an extremely large space, but they are perfect for spot cleaning or for small flats and apartments.

  • Very lightweight and portable design
  • Filtering system is quality and works great for capturing small debris and dust
  • No additional cleaning tools required, but many models are equipped with various on-board nozzles and brushes
  • Equipped with a compact debris container, which is suitable for small cleaning tasks
  • Most brands offer a 1-2 Year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Battery charge time will range anywhere from 1-4 hours for a maximum charge
  • Run time can be a little limited on the larger models

If you have small children or pets living in your home, you will definitely need a cordless vacuum. This tool will become your best friend, especially when you are in need of a quick pick up. Check out our detailed " Best Cordless Vacuum Guide" here


Handheld vacuum cleaners are basically what their name suggests. They are small vacuum cleaners that can be held in your hands.

 Most of these models do not include additional cleaning tools, but some are equipped with a built-in extension and upholstery brush. These are very handy, when it comes to cleaning up quick spills and messes.

This style of vacuum cleaner is generally cordless and it solely relies on a lithium-ion battery for powering. If you want to get the full suction power of the cleaner, you are going to need a full charge. 

With that being said, lots of people prefer this model to the other options on the market. However, you should know that a handheld vacuum cleaner does come with its own advantages and disadvantages.

  • These models are very lightweight and portable
  • Can be pulled out very quickly to clean up small spills
  • Suitable for just about any flooring surface, but the motor may bog down, when vacuuming thick carpet
  • Great for cleaning vehicles
  • Extremely affordable
  • Very user-friendly design
  • Requires a lengthy charge time (ranging from 1-3 hours)
  • Not suitable for cleaning large areas

The handheld vacuum will offer versatility, where other models will not. You can transport them just about anywhere, even if you own a vehicle or a bicycle.

They are so lightweight and compact that you will forget that it is onboard. Read our dedicated guide to the best handheld vacuum here, you may also be interested in our Best Car Vacuum Cleaner here


One of the newest products on the market is the robot vacuum cleaner. There is a good chance that you have probably already heard about these vacuums.

However, you might be wondering if they are really worth the extra money that you have to pay for them. You should know that these cleaners are extremely smart and come with tons of features depending on the model that you decide to buy.

There are now models available that will tackle every type of flooring surface. This is a great benefit, because many homes are filled with a variety of flooring surfaces.

However, before you just go out and buy a robot vacuum cleaner you need to know exactly how they operate.

Robot vacuums are basically small discs that move precisely throughout your home, cleaning everything in their path.

Once the machines are programmed on a set schedule, there will be no human interaction required whatsoever. These devices are even smart enough to maneuver around furniture and walls without just bumping into them.

  • Once these robots are preprogrammed on a set schedule, they will do all of the work
  • These models can save you an abundance of time and hard work
  • There is very little maintenance that is involved with the cleaners. All you need to do is the bin ever so often and you will be fine
  • Superior filtering system
  • Embedded with Navigation Technology, so they do not bump into walls and furniture
  • Returns back to the charging dock without human guidance
  • Unfortunately, these cleaners have a short battery life. If you have a large area to clean then the clean might not be able to tackle the whole area without a recharge.
  • These cleaners can be rather expensive, especially the brands with lots of features

The robot vacuum is not a necessity, but if you have small children that make a frequent mess it could be a great investment.

 You will find an unlimited array of these vacuums on the market with varying price tags. To learn more read our exhaustive guide to the "Best Robot Vacuum" here.

Wet and Dry

Sometimes a traditional vacuum cleaner can have problems tackling deep-down dirt. This is where wet and dry vacuum cleaners come in handy.

This style of vacuum cleaner almost works just like a traditional vacuum cleaner. However, the difference is the design of the fan and motor located inside the machine.

The motor will operate the fan, which creates a very low pressure inside the housing of the vacuum cleaner. This is the key feature that enables these vacuum cleaners to remove those stubborn set-in stains.

These models are not equipped with a replaceable bag, but instead a filter cartridge. The cartridge will keep fluids and moisture from entering the fan.

 These vacuums are often utilized in a workshop and for cleaning up liquid spills, since they are equipped with a large stainless tank that is capable of holding anywhere from 2 ½-16 gallons of fluid.

  • The versatility of these vacuum cleaners is what sets them apart from the competitor brand
  • Capable of cleaning wet liquid spills, inflating mattresses, and removing huge amount of dry debris
  • Often equipped with castor wheels for easier maneuverability
  • Most smaller models are lightweight, which will make them somewhat portable
  • On-board powerful motor
  • Includes a large variety of cleaning accessories
  • Equipped with a manual drain plug
  • Replacement filters can be quite expensive
  • Not made for everyday vacuuming tasks

While the larger models are heavy and bulky, you will find that they are rather easy to move around. This is due to the rubberized installation on the head of the cleaner

. The body even has large wheels, which make it easy for transporting this vacuum cleaner up and down stairs. You can learn more in our "Best Wet & Dry Vacuum guide here.

Carpet Washers

If you have wall-to-wall carpet in your home, you may want to consider a carpet washer. These machines can do wonders for removing set-in stains.

In fact, this is one of the most popular ways of carpet cleaning for the traditional housewife. To better understand these cleaners you need to know how they work to remove deep-down stains.

The whole process basically starts with the mixture of cleaners, detergents, and hot water. After all of these solutions are mixed into the tank, they are forced into the carpet through a high-pressure system.

As you run the cleaner over the carpet, the high-pressure system will breakdown those set-in stains, by combining the cleaning mixture and powerful scrubbing brushes.

All the dirt that is removed will be sucked up into the vacuum cleaner. After the entire process is complete, you will have to let the carpet dry.

Unfortunately, this will mean that no one will able to walk on the carpet for several hours.

  • These machines are going to be able to completely clean your carpets, even those stubborn stains
  • Cleaning your carpet with one of these machines can be time-consuming
  • Some of these brands are equipped with a 20-35 foot electrical cable
  • Large storage tank for cleaning fluids, so you do not have to stop amid your tasks to refill
  • Most models are equipped with a flexible hose for cleaning tight corners and upholstery
  • Cleaning and stain remover products can be very expensive
  • Many models have a heavyweight design, which makes them difficult to transport
  • This model often has a higher price tag

When comparing the expenses of renting a commercial shampooer to clean your home at least 3 times a year to the carpet washer, you will discover that you can actually save money, by investing in one of these models. Read our Best Carpet Washer Guide here 

Hardfloor Cleaners

Although carpets can be comfy and stylish, some homeowners will opt for hard floors, such as wood. Although wood can be very durable, hardwood flooring can actually scratch very easily. With this in mind, it is absolutely pertinent to invest in a good hardfloor cleaner, which will be designed for this flooring type.

 First and foremost, the wheels need to be able to protect the wood from blemishes. Non-marring wheels are a must.

Instead of selecting a very powerful vacuum, you should attempt to choose that scrubs the floor gently. This will help to prevent your floors from being damaged. Hardfloor cleaners will utilize rotating brushes for this specific purpose.

Also, if you spend a little extra, you will be able to find hard floor cleaners, which are capable of effortlessly transitioning from hardfloor cleaning to carpet cleaning.

These models are capable of automatically adjusting their height to accommodate the flooring currently being cleaned. This will give you the ability to clean the entirety of your home, without switching from one vacuum to another.

  • Works perfectly for hard floors
  • Usually lightweight and very compact
  • Some utilize steam to make your hard flooring truly shine
  • Usually moderately inexpensive
  • Some can double up and clean all floor types
  • Might be limited to hard flooring
  • Some require the purchase of cleaning pads in the future

Truthfully, if you have a lot of hardwood flooring in your home, you cannot make it without a good hardfloor cleaner. The product will be able to clean your floors, without scratching them up.

The good news is that the majority is lightweight, compact and readily affordable. Read our guide to the best vacuum for hard floor here 

What Surfaces Will You Be Tackling?

Although there are a handful of vacuum cleaners, which are incredibly versatile and capable of fulfilling various purposes, some are best for specific purposes.

With this in mind, you will need to analyze your specific situation and determine precisely what surfaces will need to be cleaned.

Carpets require something a little different from hard floors and vice versa. Below, you’ll learn exactly what to look for, depending on your surface type.

Home Or Commercial

First and foremost, you should examine your setting. Will you be utilizing the vacuum primarily in a residential atmosphere? If so, you will likely be able to scrap by with a slightly smaller and potentially less powerful vacuum.

However, some residential consumers will need a vacuum, which is suitable for stairs. Commercial settings, such as office, shops and storefronts are entirely different. In these environments, bigger messes may occur, so you’ll require a slightly more powerful commercial vacuum.



Aside from the specific environment, you will also need to closely examine your flooring type. Carpets are probably the most complicated to clean.

This is the case, because dirt, dust and other debris can easily sink deep into the fabric making it nearly impossible to remove.

This can be even more problematic, when attempting to clean thick carpet.

Of course, long pile carpet and nylon carpet can be just as difficult to clean perfectly. You’ll really need a vacuum, which is designed for this specific purpose.

For large carpeted areas, it is generally best to opt for a corded or cordless upright vacuum. Handheld vacuums will be too inconvenient and time-consuming for carpeted floors.

 Also, you should make sure to choose an upright, which comes with a good rotating brush. This component will be capable of reaching the dirt, which has found its way deep into the carpet’s fabric.

As long as you find a vacuum, which exhibits these characteristics, you’ll be able to perfectly clean your carpets, without any difficulty.

Hardfloor – Laminate & Hardwood

There is absolutely no doubt that wood floors can be incredibly beautiful. They’re actually surprisingly easy to keep clean, as well. Of course, hard floors aren’t perfect.

It is possible to scratch this type of flooring very easily. With this in mind, you’ll need to obtain a gentle vacuum, which is specifically designed for this individualistic purpose.

hardwood floor

Hardfloor cleaners can serve this purpose to perfection. A good steam mop can help restore the shine to your hard floors, but you’ll need a great vacuum to remove the dirt and debris.

When looking for a good vacuum for your hard wood floors, you will want to make sure to look for non-marring wheels. These wheels can be utilized on hard floors and will not result in dings, scratches or flaws.​

You’ll also want to consider investing in a vacuum, which utilizes a brush roll and can transition effortlessly from rugs and carpet to hard flooring.

This type of vacuum will serve you better and will be able to keep the entire home spotless! Although this feature may increase the price slightly, it will be undoubtedly worth it to be able to use a single product to clean all of the flooring your home.

Rugs & Mats

If you utilize rugs and mats in your home, you’ll also need a vacuum for these items. Oriental and Persian rugs can be stunning and will undoubtedly enhance your home’s appearance, but they’ll take a little extra effort to keep clean and tidy.

Whether you’re cleaning a small rug or a large wool rug, you’ll need a specialized vacuum that can get the job done, without overdoing it. In this category, it is possible to choose from a variety of different vacuums, with uprights and handhelds being some of the best.

As with carpets, you will want to make sure to opt for a vacuum, which utilizes a rotating brush. This will guarantee that the deep down dirt and debris will be removed permanently.

​Although an immensely powerful vacuum is recommended for most tasks, cutting down on the vacuum’s power is wise here.

This is the case, because your jute rug isn’t solidly attached to the ground. If the vacuum is too powerful, it’ll lift the rug directly from the floor and you will need to physically pull it from the vacuum.

This is truly one of the few circumstances, in which a less powerful vacuum is recommended.



A lot of homes have stairs and they’re great the majority of the time. Unfortunately, stairs can also be problematic for a handful of reasons.

For starters, trekking up and down the stairs frequently can really take a toll on your back and knees.

Of course, the worst aspect of all is the fact that stairs can be tremendously difficult to clean. 

In order to alleviate the difficulty to some degree, you will want to opt for a suitable vacuum cleaner.

Although this may be easier said than done, there are a handful of vacuums, which are absolutely perfect for stairs!

A handful of different models can work exceptionally well for stairs. As long as all of the characteristics match up, an upright, cordless or handheld vacuum could suffice for this purpose.

In order to obtain a great vacuum for stairs, you’ll want to select a vacuum that is lightweight. This is true, whether you’re purchasing an upright or a handheld. With a much lighter vacuum, you will have a much easier time toting the vacuum up and down the stairs.

Finally, you’ll want to look closely at the vacuum’s designated operating radius. This factor may be even more vital than the vacuum’s weight.

​With an extensive operating radius, you may be able to leave the vacuum at the top or bottom of the stairs, while still being able to clean them to perfection. Regardless, vacuum the stairs will never be easy, but the right vacuum can make the process a little less difficult.

Furnishing & Upholstery

An empty house wouldn’t be a home at all. Windows, without curtains or blinds, would provide you with no privacy.

With this in mind, your home should be relaxing, comfortable and private. This means that you should adorn it with some beautiful, comfortable furniture and some adorable blinds or curtains. 


lthough these items are true necessities, they also present yet another item, which needs to be cleaned regularly

The good news is that a vacuum can make cleaning your home’s furniture and upholstery a tad bit easier. Of course, you’ll need the right vacuum.

First and foremost, you truly cannot beat a handheld in this category. Handhelds are lightweight, easily maneuverable and will be able to clean your furniture perfectly. The majority of these vacuums will also be equipped with lengthy hoses, which will make them ideal for curtains and blinds.

The only problem is that handhelds aren’t great for cleaning under furniture. This is why an upright is a reliable alternative. Of course, you’ll need an upright, which delivers an extensive operating radius. A lengthy hose is pertinent.

​In order to make sure that the upright will be able to clean under your furniture, without trouble, it should fold flat. Whether you opt for the handheld or the upright, you will be fine, as long as you choose one that exhibits these characteristics.

 Also, don’t be afraid to invest in a good cordless handheld for this purpose. One of these models will be able to deliver enough longevity and power to get the job done.

car vac

Car or Caravan

In today’s society, it is nearly impossible to survive, without a reliable vehicle. Although you may despise your vehicle and hate spending excessively on petrol, you should still understand the importance of keeping your vehicle clean and spotless.

The vehicle’s upholstery and interiors need to remain well kept, so you don’t look bad, when someone needs a ride. In this regard, you’ll want a versatile vacuum, which can be used for valeting and detailing purposes. 

Of course, portability is truly vital. With this in mind, you may as well go ahead and remove the upright from your list. Instead, you will want to opt for a handheld vacuum.

A good 12v cordless vacuum will be perfect here, but you shouldn’t choose just any one. You’ll need to make sure that the vacuum comes with a fairly long hose. Also, obtaining a cordless vacuum that offers an extensive battery life is pertinent.

The cordless models will undoubtedly serve your needs here better, but corded handhelds can work, as well. Just remember that a corded model will require you to invest in and utilize a lengthy extension cord. Read our guide to the best car vacuum here

Size Matters

When attempting to invest in a good vacuum cleaner, many individuals will focus intently on the price, while ignoring all other factors.

This is truly a mistake and will lead to a problematic purchase. There is truly an array of different variables, which cannot be ignored and size is undeniably one of the most pertinent.

If you invest in a vacuum, which is too big for your needs, it’ll grow cumbersome to use and you may wind up vacuuming your floors less frequently. Below, you’ll learn about the three different types.


Truthfully, an abundance of consumers can benefit immensely from a small upright vacuum. With a small vacuum, it is possible to cover a lot of ground, without needing a lot of storage space, once the mess has been removed.

Those living within apartments, condos or small homes would be wise to make the investment in a small handheld or upright. Of course, these vacuums are very beneficial, so they’re also suitable for specific situations in big homes and even commercial settings.

​Small vacuums can be perfect for an assortment of reasons. If you’re going to be cleaning hard floors or floored carpet, a small upright will suffice.

Of course, the small vacuums truly excel in the form of handhelds, which will give you the ability to clean nearly everything, including floors, furniture, upholstery, and vehicles.

Regardless of your needs, a good small vacuum can perform just as well as bigger models and will do so in a much more convenient manner.

Weight – Lightweight Models

Weight may be even more imperative than size. Weight will not only impact the performance of the vacuum, but also it’ll make it easier or harder to use.

In fact, some people, including the elderly and those of small stature will be best served by a lightweight vacuum cleaner.

The lightweight varieties will give them the ability to reach those difficult areas, without much effort. If you’re attempting to obtain a vacuum, with a high reach, lightweight models are a necessity.

Of course, the benefits of light vacuums do not end there. They also generally offer extreme maneuverability. This makes this absolutely perfect for under furniture low-level areas. For consumers, who desire to clean stairs, without strain, a lightweight vacuum is a great choice.

They can be toted around easily and will not break your back.

Just remember that lightweight models usually don’t deliver as much as power as their bigger alternatives. For some this may be a deal breaker, but for others, the lightweight feature will make it well worth it. The ease of use provided by these models is truly unparalleled.

Heavy Duty

Although a heavy-duty vacuum isn’t going to be ideal for everyone, it will be undeniably terrific for some situations. Small, lightweight vacuums aren’t great for some circumstances, which require a bit more power.

 Massive spills need an immense amount of power and a heavy-duty vacuum can be a godsend in these situations. Just remember that a heavy-duty model will be heavier and bulkier than their alternatives. This is unavoidable and helps to ensure that the vacuum’s stature can support its power.

Although this may rule out these vacuums for some consumers, it makes them great for others. Consumers living within larger homes should definitely contemplate the purchase, as it’ll make their life tremendously easier.

Also, commercial environments require a heavy-duty vacuum. If you fall into either category, you would be wise to up the ante and invest in a bigger, more powerful vacuum. Read our guide to the best commercial vacuum cleaners here

Cord or Cordless Vacuum Cleaners

corded vac

Throughout your search for vacuum cleaners, you are going to come across the cordless and corded design. A vacuum with a cord will require an electrical outlet to operate.

This means anytime you want to use the cleaner, you have to search for an electrical receptacle to plug it into. While these cleaners are not as convenient, they are more powerful and much cheaper.

So, if you are on a budget then you might want to look at the corded options, and these models of cleaners will provide constant suction power since they will have a constant power supply.

Cordless vacuum cleaners are rechargeable, which means they are going to require a rechargeable battery.

This battery will have to be recharged before, during, and after each use. Depending on which model you decide to go with, you might find that you have to recharge fairly frequently. With that being said, cordless cleaners are very convenient because they have no limits, as to where you can take them.

There are also several different styles of cordless vacuum cleaners available for you to choose from. You can choose a handheld model or you go even go with a cordless upright.

​The newer cordless uprights that are rolling off of the market are integrated with Smart Technology.

 This allows the lithium ion battery to offer a longer run time of around 45 minutes, so you can pretty much clean your entire home, without a recharge. Of course, this will depend on the square footage of your home.

These brands are constructed to endure the test of time, but they are extremely lightweight, so you can clean above your head and transport them anywhere.

bagless vac

Bagged or Bagless

When deciding on a vacuum cleaner model, you will have to choose from a bagged or bagless design.

Both of these options are very popular among homeowners. However, you should know that each comes with its own advantages and disadvantages.

The major difference between these two models is the way in which the dirt and debris is filtered, before it is removed.

Bagged vacuum cleaners will filter the dirt and debris into a filtered bag.

On the other hand bagless vacuum cleaners will store dirt and debris in a bin. However, there is a separate filter that will capture small particles.

With a bagged vacuum cleaner, you are going to have to purchase additional replacement bags at least bi-annually. This means that you are going to have to search through dust bag sizes and find the appropriate size for your cleaner.

However, some of these replacement bags can be expensive, but they offer a much easier cleanup. Sometimes emptying a bin can be rather messy, because you will actually have to come into contact with the dirt and debris.

Pet and Allergies

If you own cat, dog, or suffer from asthma or allergies then you should consider shopping for a vacuum cleaner with a HEPA (High-Efficiency Particulate Air) filter.

A HEPA filter is a mechanical filter that actually forces air into a mesh that traps pet dander, dust mites, tobacco smoke, and pollen.

HEPA filters are becoming more and more popular. In fact many vacuum cleaners on the market will contain a HEPA filter. This is even true for those small handheld vacuum cleaners.


The design of the brushes will also play a huge role in how well the vacuum will capture pet hair. Of course, you still may find yourself cleaning the long strands out of the brushes quite often, but most homeowners do not mind, because they love their pets. Read our guide to the best vacuum cleaners for pet owners here


When shopping for a vacuum cleaner, you are going to have to consider the noise factor. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner that is quiet and silent, you want to make sure you shop for a vacuum that is integrated with Silencer Technology.

While the older models were all loud, you will find that major advances have been made in this area. There are now tons of vacuum cleaners on the market that only make a reasonable amount of noise.

​With that being said, you should always consider the fact that a noiseless vacuum cleaner is probably not going to have the suctioning power, as that of one that operates on higher noise decibels.

However, you should be able to find a quiet vacuum cleaner that will suit your every need.Read our guide to the best silent vacuum cleaner here

vacuum filters


During your research of vacuum cleaners, it is without a doubt that you will notice that there are several different filters available.

 At first it might seem like choosing the filter is not an important step, but you would be mistaken.

There are several different filters available for a reason. Each has something different to offer. Before you just go out and buy a vacuum cleaner, you need to know about the different types of filters.

  • Washable Filters - are constructed of a foam material that can last for years and years. However, they will often need to be cleaned. You can do this by placing them in the washing machine or hand washing them in a sink. While these filters will last for quite some time, there will come a time when you have to replace them.
  • HEPA Filters - are specifically designed for people with pets, allergies, and asthma. However, this does not mean you have to have pets, allergies, or asthma in order to own one of these filters. The HEPA filter is extremely effective at capturing, even the smallest of dust particles. You must note the price tags of the HEPA filter, because they can be a little higher than the traditional vacuum filter. When you consider their effectiveness, the price tag should no longer matter.
  • Cyclonic Separation - is one of newest technological advances on the market. A cyclonic separation system actually removes the dirt and debris from the air stream, as it is sucked up. The dirt and debris is then filtered into a cyclonic chamber that is usually located at the top of the cylinder. Basically, this means that you are going to suck up more dirt and debris without clogging your filter.
  • Water Filtration - is also a technology that was recently introduced to the market. With this system, the air that is sucked into the vacuum cleaner is passed through a layer of water. This means that the dirt particles that were located in the air will become heavy and unable to move around. This action will prevent the dust and debris from being released back into the environment.
  • Odor Filters- is made out of active coils and designed to eliminate any odd smells that are trapped in your carpet. So, if you have a carpet that contains a lot of dog or cat urine, then this filter is going to perfect for you. If you have a lot of odor in your home, then you will need to replace this filter quite frequently to receive its full benefits.

Energy/Power Consumption

Vacuum cleaner Energy Lables

When investing in a brand new vacuum, a lot of consumers will make the mistake of looking at the price, design, warranty, and nothing else.

Although this could very well lead to a wise choice, it may also be a recipe for disaster. Failing to inspect the vacuum’s energy or power consumption is unwise and could result in your spending excessively to use the vacuum daily.

When examining the unit’s energy consumption, you will find an array of unique figures, including watts, air watts and power performance. Each of these will work in conjunction with one another to determine the unit’s power and energy consumption.

Below, you will find a breakdown of the most common aspects of a vacuum’s power consumption.

  • Energy Efficiency – A lot of vacuums have been classified with an alphabetical chart for their overall energy efficiency. They can range from A, which is the best, to G, which happens to be the worst. Although an A class model may be a little more costly, it’ll cost less to utilize in the long run.
  • Typical Annual Energy Usage – This figure may or may not be present. If the vacuum is very energy friendly, you’ll likely find it somewhere on the vacuum’s specifications. Although this number can be helpful, you need to remember that it is generally based on households, which use their vacuum only one a week.
  • Air Watts – A vacuum’s air watt rating can immediately tell you precisely how powerful the vacuum will be. The number equates to the vacuum’s airflow and the amount of power it’ll produce and utilize, while in operation.
  • Watts – Air watts and watts are two individual figures, which do coincide with one another. A watt is the amount of power the vacuum will use. Obviously, a vacuum that produces more watts will be sufficiently more powerful than one with a lower wattage.
  • Input Power – The input power is simply the amount of power the vacuum will consume. It can be classified in watts or amps. In 2014, vacuums which consumed more than 1,600 watts, were banned from sale in the European Union. Opting for something lower is generally recommended anyway, as it’ll help you save money.

Vacuum Design

A lot of consumers will scoff at the design of their vacuum and merely ignore it. Although the design probably isn’t as paramount as the other figures and variables explored above, it still shouldn’t be neglected.

Obtaining a vacuum, which looks great, is recommended. Of course, the design can play into other aspects of the vacuum’s performance, as well. If the vacuum is designed awkwardly, it’ll become frustrating to utilize. 

hardwood floor

A vacuum, which is designed in a user-friendly manner, will be easier to transport, easier to use and will serve you much better for a longer period of time. Check out the Gtech Air Ram for a taste of great design and practicality.

Warranty & After Care

Although vacuums are designed to serve their owners for many years, problems can occur and your vacuum may be put out to pasture much sooner than expected. Before investing in a vacuum, you should figure out precisely how hard it will be to maintain.

 If you consider yourself to be a lackadaisical individual, you should opt for a vacuum that requires very little to no maintenance. However, if you’re willing to put in the effort, a more demanding vacuum will be fine.

 Generally, the maintenance process will require you to change the bag or empty the canister. You should also keep the brush roll clean!

​Hair and other stringy items can easily be stuck around the brush roll, so a little effort and scissors may be needed.

Once you’ve cleaned the brush roll, you may also want to add a little bit of lubricant to its bearings, so it’ll spin more freely.

Also take the time to check the belt for wear and tear. Be sure to always have a replacement nearby, in case it breaks. From time to time, you will also want to check the hose and make sure it remains unobstructed. Finally, regular cleaning in particular filters are truly a necessity.

​Despite going above and beyond to keep your vacuum well maintained, problems can still occur. This is why it is downright pertinent to inspect the vacuum’s warranty, before making the purchase.

The majority of vacuums will come with at least a 1 year warranty. Although this will suffice for many, opting for something even longer is recommended. For example Miele offer 10 years warranty on their vacuum cleaners.

Also, you should never neglect the brand. Attempting to take advantage of the warranty can be nearly impossible, when dealing with an unreliable company.

With this in mind, opt for a lengthy warranty from a reputable and proven brand! This will help to guarantee that you’ve spent your money in a truly wise manner!


When it comes down to it, neglecting the price is truly impossible. In fact, it would be silly to suggest you to do so. However, the price is found at the end of the list for a reason.

Although it is important, it should not be your sole determining factor. Instead, the above variables are truly much more important and should play a more decisive role in your determination.

Still, you should not ignore the price altogether. The price can tell you a great deal about a product. Generally, it is true that a more expensive vacuum will serve you more efficiently.

​With this in mind, you must clear your mind and refuse to allow this figure to cloud your judgment. Setting a reasonable budget for your investment is recommended.

Doing so will help to ensure that you’re able to obtain the best vacuum for your money, without getting yourself into trouble. Also, remember that a more energy efficient model may be slightly more costly, but it’ll actually save you money in the long run.

Best Vacuum Cleaner Brands

Now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about vacuum cleaners, it is time to begin familiarizing yourself with the manufacturers behind the products. There is an abundance of companies out there and each of them is unique is one way or another.

Although they’re all great, only one will be able to deliver a product that truly satisfy your needs to no end. Below, you will find a quick rundown of each of the market’s best vacuum cleaner brands.


The SEBO is a very heavy duty vacuum that is capable of tackling the dirtiest carpet and hard flooring. The great feature embedded into this vacuum is the hospital-grade filtration system, which will capture 99% Nanoparticles and allergens.

 This is the vacuum that every allergy or asthma sufferer needs, because it is extremely effective.

The downside of investing in this model is the price tag, with most models starting at around £200. When you consider your health condition, this price will no longer matter.

The height adjustment mechanism will make cleaning every floor surface in your home a breeze. The X4 pet turbo brush is a necessity, if you have long haired dogs or cats in your home.

​The SEBO usually comes with a very lengthy warranty with 5-years of protection, just on the motor alone. This definitely makes the price tag a little friendlier. Their lightweight construction also offers convenience, especially if you have stairs in your home.

One of their best sellers in the Sebo X4 Extra, and certainly worth reading up on this model.

If you have the extra money to spend for a vacuum cleaner, you should definitely invest it in the SEBO, though you might argue they are not the most attractive vacuum cleaners on the market.. Read our review guide to the best Sebo Vacuum cleaner here


The Miele main focus is the cylinder vacuum that is capable of tackling deep-down dirt. The filtering system is supreme and will capture the tiniest dust and debris to keep your home spotless.

 The operating radius is extensive, so the user is not forced to bend over for long periods of time, while vacuuming a large area.

The cylinder body is very lightweight, so you can transport it just about anywhere. Although, the cylinder, flexible hose, and floor head is separate, it is still very portable for most people.

You will also have several different power settings to select from. This lowest level will be more energy efficient, but may not offer the suctioning power to clean thick carpet.

You will receive a variety of attachments with this model, including an upholstery brush, crevice nozzle, and etc. These attachments are stored onto the cylinder, so they are only a hand’s length away, when you need them.

Most of these models are equipped with an extra-long handle to aid in reaching underneath furniture. Read our Miele Cat and Dog Review guide here


If you are a homemaker, you have almost certainly of heard of the Dyson brand. This manufacturer develops a large variety of vacuum cleaners of different designs.

Their cordless uprights just happens to be the most popular design, allowing the user to clean their entire home without experiencing back pain. The construction is very lightweight, so you can tote it upstairs with ease.

The cordless Dyson is also gaining in popularity because the battery’s run time is around 45 minutes, which is long enough for most people to vacuum their entire home. These models are constructed to endure the test of time, plus their unique design makes them a great addition to any home.

Dyson also makes a model that is capable of tackling pet hair. This is a necessity for those homeowners that live with alongside their pets. While these models are a little more expensive than the other options, when you consider its ability to suction up and capture those pesky hairs, without clogging the motor, it will be worth every cent. Read our Dyson Animal review guide here


If you are a craftsman with a small workshop, you will need to invest in the Numatic Henry. This small, but tough vacuum is capable of tackling some of the most difficult cleaning tasks.

 It is very lightweight in design and comes with a powerful on-board motor that will suction up medium-weight debris. Henry will become your best pal, especially when you are sprucing up your work area.

The 30’ electrical cable will definitely make your cleaning tasks easier, since you will not need to stop amid your tasks to locate another electrical receptacle.

 It operates much quieter than the competitor ShopVac, which is more desirable for everyone. You will receive several cleaning attachments to add convenient to your chores.

The filtering system works very efficiently, thanks to the HEPA filter. You will also receive 5 filters with your purchase, which makes the Numatic Henry a wonderful steal.

 The dust bags are designed to capture and retain the tiniest debris to keep your workshop spotless. Three extra bags are included in the package, but the replacements are very affordable and will not break the bank.


Hoover is a well-known brand that has been developing vacuum cleaners for more than a few decades. This brand is very reliable and most models are affordable, so any homeowner can afford them.

The Hoover vacuum is available is various designs, so you will have no issues finding one that is suitable for your needs and preferences.

While the Hoover is much more affordable than the competitor brands, it is capable of tackling deep-down dirt and debris.

 The long power cable will also come in handy and you will never be forced to halt your progress, just to find another electrical outlet. Many of the Hoover models are equipped with a HEPA filtering system that will capture 99% of the allergens and dust in your home.

These vacuums are very user-friendly, lightweight, and powerful. They are also equipped with a height adjustment mechanism, so you can clean all the floor surfaces in your home. With the lengthy warranty and heavy duty vacuum, you will not beat this deal anywhere.


Oreck is a vacuum manufacturer, which has an extensive amount of experience. David Oreck founded the company in 1963. The company has stepped out of their comfort zone from time to time to manufacture other products, but they’ve always returned to the product, which has made them a household name.

Not only has the company’s products become a staple amongst households, but also they’re frequently used in commercial settings, such as hotels and restaurants. In fact, they can be found throughout the United States, Canada and, of course, Europe.

The company has gone above and beyond to try and design vacuums, which are lightweight, but powerful enough to get the job done. It goes without saying that they’ve managed to fulfill this goal, without any trouble.

The company offers a wide array of vacuums, including handhelds, canisters and uprights. Their commercial products are also brilliant. Of course, the best aspect of all is the fact that Oreck offers a limited warranty on many of their products, as long as they’re utilized for residential purposes.

With this in mind, everyone searching for a great vacuum would be immensely wise to check out the products offered by Oreck!


At this point in time, Bissell has truly become a household name, which nearly everyone is familiar with. Unlike some of the other vacuum manufacturers, Bissell has remained loyal to their original success, by continuing to produce vacuums.

The company also has a line of carpet cleaners and pet cleaning products. If you need something cleaned from your floors, you can rest assured knowing Bissell will have something that will be able to accommodate the task.

They’ve been building and designing cleaning products for nearly 140 years and have yet to slow! During their extensive period of time, the company has managed to maintain a good reputation amongst the public, which is truly impressive.

When examining Bissell’s lineup of products, you will truly be able to find anything and everything. Whether you’re looking for a stick, handheld, upright, or robotic vacuum,not forgetting their range of carpet washers, portable spot cleaners and steam mops, so you will never need to look anywhere else.

The only thing more impressive than the company’s massive lineup is their extensive 5-year limited warranty, which is available for the mass majority of their vacuums. This combination of features truly makes Bissell one of the leading manufacturers of vacuums, as it has been for over 100 years!


AEG is truly an immensely versatile company, which manufactures a wide array of home appliances. Of course, their amazing vacuum cleaners undoubtedly stand out amongst the competition.

They offer an array of different vacuums, including bagged and cordless. The Aufflex UltraFlex is one of their newest and it has already gained immense popularity among the masses. Much of this has to do with the product’s extensive reach and A-rated energy efficiency.

The company also offers a thoroughly impressive stick and handheld vacuum combo, which is capable of serving all purposes, also worth checking out is their corded Handheld AEG AG71A, which is still one of our best sellers here at Smart Vacuums

When investing in an AEG or Electrolux model, you will be happy to know than many of their vacuums are covered by a 5-year warranty, which protects from defects in workmanship and material.

When this is coupled with the company’s impressively responsive customer support, their product’s values definitely increase substantially. If you’re in the market for a worthwhile vacuum, you should be sure to consider adding an AEG to your arsenal!


Shark is undoubtedly one of the most widely known brands and their products are definitely innovative and unique. Of course, Shark has never failed to continue pushing the limits.

The company has managed to obtain J.D. Power’s coveted award for their customer’s satisfaction. Much of this has to do with the company’s amazing upright vacuums, but their customer support is also excellent. Shark specializes in floor cleaners and this is obvious from their excellent lineup of vacuums.

One of the most impressive aspects of all is the fact that Shark offers 5-year and Lifetime warranties on many of their vacuums.

When added to the company’s impressive customer support, you should have no problem maintaining your peace of mind, when investing in a Shark vacuum.

The company’s array of products is truly enormous and they offer a bit of everything, including uprights, canisters and handhelds.

If you’re in the market for a good vacuum, you could do a lot worse than investing in a Shark. Be sure to check out their products for yourself today.


Bosch is a company, which is known for a lot of products. Although their vacuum cleaners are likely lesser known, they cannot be ignored! In fact, the company’s new lineup of cordless vacuums will undoubtedly surprise a lot of consumers in the years to come.

The Athlet, which is one of the most efficient cordless vacuums, is capable of replicating the performance of a 2,4000W vacuum.

To date, cordless models have been plagued with frustratingly short runtimes, but Bosch’s Athlet will change this. With approximately an hour of battery life, the company’s cordless lineup is truly amongst the best of the best.

Another excellent feature associated with this company is their guarantee. The 2-year guarantee is universal and covers each and every one of the company’s appliances.

With Bosch, you can rest assured knowing the company’s customer support will respond to your inquiries within a timely manner, which enhances the value of their products immensely. Whether you’re in the market for a cordless or canister, you truly cannot lose with one of Bosch’s thoroughly tested vacuums.


When examining the world’s best vacuum manufacturers, it is truly hard not to mention Vax. The company has been in the game since 1979 and they’ve managed to accumulate a lot of respect from the residents of the UK.

Of course, their products have changed dramatically, since their inception and they’ve always attempted to push vacuums to their limits.

Now, they offer a wide array of different vacuum cleaners, including uprights, cordless, and hard floor cleaners. Their comprehensive range can truly satisfy the needs of nearly everyone.

Those looking for an excellent full-size, cordless vacuum would be smart to check out the lineup from Vax.

Their cordless models are immensely powerful and the battery life is truly surprising. The company offers a 6-year extended warranty on many of their products, so you can rest assured knowing they’ll last!


All in all, your floors aren’t going to clean themselves, (although a robotic vacuum will) When attempting to invest in the best vacuum cleaner, there is truly an abundance of different variables and features to weigh and judge.

 This can make the process much more complicated than you could ever imagine. If you need any assistance or advice, you should leave a comment below!

We also love to hear any of your own experiences or advice you can offer our readers, so don’t be shy, share your opinion below.

  • If I may recommend one it would be Morphy Richards 732000- it is perfect for carpet, stairs and walkways. Cleans flawlessly dry spills in the kitchen, as well. It is so easy for storage and price is fine.

  • Ryan Pena says:

    Good One! It is very helpful! Each product contains detailed information. Nowadays technology is improved a lot. So it makes the higher impact on all field. In vacuum technology, we can find the Robot vacuum that provides the better experience. I ma providing such information about advanced robot vacuum cleaners. Do visit my profile to find out the best among all.

  • Sandra Dove says:

    I have been using Hoover brand for the last 10 months, but currently it is not performing well. The only issue I am facing is the suction power. What do you think is the cause??

  • Jacquline D. Buck says:

    The best buyers guide I ever found on internet about vacuum cleaners! I’m looking for a vacuum specifically for dealing with routine cleaning around lead dust, particularly around windows. Any recommendations?

  • Sophie Allen says:

    Something to check out before purchasing a vacuum cleaner, especially a more expensive one! I have a question; are the ratings for various categories genuine?

  • Gemma Tyler says:

    Hey Sandra, the lack of suction could be down to several factors, however, one of the most common issues is not cleaning the filter. I would suggest doing this first instance at least. You might be pleasantly surprised.

  • Den Murphy says:


    We have moved house and our Miele c3 is now frustrating to use because of the deep pile carpet. It drags and rakes the carpet and feels like it is damaging it. I’ve been researching vacuum cleaners to suit deep/long pile carpets ( not sure what ours is) and cannot find a particular model suitable for this type of carpet. Any suggestions would be much appreciated. Thank you

  • Zara O'Brien says:

    It is really hard to choose the most efficient vacuum cleaner from the given list. You compared their features very well but still, I am facing trouble to pick one for me. By the way, which brand is your personal favourite?

  • Gemma Tyler says:

    Thanks for the comment Zara, agreed with so many models and brands out their it is a hard decision to make, and really to pick one without knowing your overall requirements wouldn’t be fair. So let me know what your budget is and what main use you need the vacuum for.

  • Gemma Tyler says:

    Hey Den – Maybe send us in a photograph, that said if it’s a C3 I would be suprised you are experiencing this problem. Maybe look at getting a specialist tool/attachment? Usually generic fixings/size on most vacuums cleaners and that may do the job for you.

  • Gemma Tyler says:

    Hi Sophie, Thank you for your question – Which ratings are you referring to, our own star rating ?

  • Gemma Tyler says:

    Hi Jaqueline,

    Good question – What you need is something with a few good tools included such as the https://www.smartvacuums.co.uk/best-cordless-vacuum/bosch-athlet-review/Bosch Athlet or Dyson V6, v7 or V8. Go with something lightweight, in case you need to reach high windows.

    Hope that helps.

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