Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 2-in-1 Review

morphy richards supervac review

Morphy Richards is a well-known electronic appliance brand that has served many households well over the years, and continues to do so.

They provide vacuum cleaners that are both durable and reliable, so you don’t have to worry about it breaking down on you after a few months.

Plus, they tend to be relatively affordable, which is great for those who have to watch their budget or don’t want to spend a great deal.

The Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 is a vacuum cleaner that is certainly able to live up to the standards that Morphy Richards are so proud of, and it comes at a fantastic price. So much so that this model was highlighted as a top pick in our best cheap vacuum cleaner guide here

Review Summary


Product Name:

Morphy Richards Supervac 732005

Product Type:

Cordless upright vacuum


R.R.P £80


This is the ideal daily cleaning solution, and with one of these to whizz around the home, you will be looking at a sparkling home in no time.

With a great running time and short charge period, this easy to use vacuum cleaner is one that you are going to want to know more about.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Morphy Richards Supervac 732005

If you have been looking for a vacuum cleaner that is easy to handle and will simply glide over your floors, the Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 is an excellent model to go for.

This upright vacuum cleaner has a slim build that makes it lightweight as well, so you don’t have to put massive effort into moving it across your floors.

It also slots away nicely into smaller storage areas, which is great for those who don’t have large amounts of space available.

It works superbly across all flooring, so whether you need to vacuum hard floors or carpet, this vacuum cleaner can tackle anything that you put in front of it.

There is also a superb filter built into it, so if you suffer from asthma or allergies, you are much less likely to have a reaction when you are sucking up dust and allergen particles.

Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 vacuum cleaner

So, when you look at the Morphy Richards Supervac 732005, and you consider buying it, what are the questions you should be asking yourself? You should be asking whether or not it can handle your floor types, and how effective it will be at getting what you want done.

You should ask if it has a good selection of tools, but also how compact it is and easy to store after use. For all the answers, and more, look further into this detailed and extensive guide. 

Presenting the Morphy Richards Supervac 732005

Morphy Richards Supervac 732005  carpet

The Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 can promise you a lot, but one of the top things that it will definitely deliver is powerful suction that will remove every tiny particle of dust and debris from your carpet or hard floors.

Plus, due to the fact that it is so lightweight, you will have an easy time vacuuming your home. The handle is collapsible as well, so you can slot it into any space for storage, which is ideal for small homes or storage spaces.

If you have a variety of floor types in your home, it can be difficult to find a vacuum cleaner that will allow you to switch between them without you needing to stop and switch things around.

With the Morphy Richards Supervac 732005, you can do just that, and it takes hardly any effort to switch between a hard floor and a carpeted one.

Additionally, the filter that has been built into it will ensure that allergens are sucked up promptly so that you don’t have an adverse reaction. 


Q: Does it have any attachments?

A: Yes, it has brushes, Nozzles.. all fitting on to the hand held part …. perfect for cars/furniture/stairs/corners etc.

Q: Is it possible to charge only the handheld unit for caravan use, without taking the whole cleaner 

A: No. You have to slot the hand held unit onto the base of the cleaner to charge it. 

Features and Benefits

The Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 has been designed to be incredibly lightweight and easy to move, which is great for those who don’t want to feel like they need to work out just to be able to use their vacuum.

It is nice and compact as well, which makes it easy to store away when you are not using it. Plus, the collapsible handle makes it even smaller, so those with homes that don’t have much storage space.

The head swivels easily with your movements, so you can reach every inch of your home with very little effort. 

It is a cordless vacuum cleaner, which is ideal for those who have very few sockets, or just hate having to switch between them while vacuuming.

It has a running time of approximately 35 minutes, thanks to the powerful 18v battery that is included with it.

Plus, it only takes around three hours to fully charge, so you will always be able to get your home clean when you need to.

One of the fantastic features that this vacuum cleaner provides is its ability to transform into a handheld vacuum cleaner. This makes it ideal for cleaning areas like the stairs, curtains, and other tricky locations that you just cannot reach with a regular upright vacuum cleaner – Read here for more information on Upright Vacuums.

Morphy Richards Supervac 732005

Both the upright and handheld versions of this vacuum offer incredibly powerful suction that is sure to lift even the most embedded dirt from the roots of your carpet. Plus, there is no need to start cutting hair from the roll brush as it will not tangle.

The dual power switch means that you can change to a version with stronger and more powerful suction – all available on the same charge. The dust canister is really easy to empty as well, so once it gets full, you simply need to press a button, and the contents will fall into the bin.

As it is see-through, you will always know when it is about to fill up. Additionally, there is a filter built into the canister, so if you suffer from allergies or asthma, this will help to prevent a reaction.

The Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 also comes with a great range of tools and accessories that will help you to keep your home beautifully clean. The crevice tool is perfect for reaching those tight corners that the rest of the vacuum cannot, while the dusting brush works wonders on hard floors.

 You also have the upholstery brush, which is great for getting your furniture nice and clean, but also for removing debris and dirt from the inside of your car. No corner of your home (or car) will be safe with this vacuum cleaner. 

How Does It Compare?

Here are some excellent alternatives to the Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 cordless vacuum, in case this model isn’t quite what you were looking for.

PUPPYOO Stick Vacuum

PUPPYOO Stick Vacuum

This lightweight vacuum cleaner offers a sleek design and comfortable handling that makes it easy to use around the home.

With powerful suction, it can pick up everything from your floors, leaving you with a clean and pristine home.

Plus, it converts into a handheld model so that you can reach the difficult areas in your home, like the stairs and curtains. With a reasonable price, it is one to consider.

Ovation HT102

Ovation HT102

This rechargeable cordless vacuum has a great battery, as well as a quick charging period, so you always have time to get your home beautifully clean.

Powerful and lightweight, it uses innovative ball technology to make it easy to handle, gliding across your floors effortlessly for a perfect clean.

Ideal for cleaning every corner of the home, it’s a powerful and affordable choice.

merlin 2 in 1 vacuum

Merlin 2-in-1 Vacuum

This sleek and lightweight vacuum cleaner makes a perfect addition to any home, and it even includes a good quality HEPA filter for those who suffer from asthma and allergies.

Converting into a handheld vacuum, it is perfect for tight spaces and difficult areas like the stairs, making this a great choice for those who have a lot of narrow areas.

Powerful and easy to use, it certainly makes a good option.

The Morphy Richards Supervac 732005 is the perfect cordless vacuum cleaner for any home. Whether you need something to run around on a daily basis, or if you just want a reliable cordless vacuum that can pick up all the dirt whenever you need it to.

Cordless and lightweight, it’s simple to use and does everything it says it will. Available at a very reasonable price, it’s perfect for asthma and allergy sufferers, and works on all floor types without any issue.

It’s a vacuum cleaner that we rate incredibly high, and one that we seriously suggest you try.

What do you think of the Morphy Richards Supervac 732005? Is there anything that you would have added to this review?

We love hearing your thoughts and opinions, so let us know what you think of this vacuum in the comments below. 

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