GTECH MK2 and K9 Review – The Best Cordless Vacuum Ever?

GTECH MK2 and K9 Review

GTECH first broke into the vacuum cleaner market with the original Air Ram model. At the time, it was revolutionary as it was a cordless stick vacuum cleaner that also has the appearance of an upright model.

Of course, it wasn’t long before similar models from other brands started to appear, and this is when the GTECH Air Ram MK2 was released. Superior in every way, it has everything the original (and competing models) does not.

We understand how tiresome and laborious vacuuming can be, as well as the stress that often comes with never having enough length in a cord.

This model of cordless stick vacuum cleaner from GTECH could just have all of your cleaning issues solved. Take some time, read our extensive review, and see if it’s the right model for you.

Review Summary


Product Name:


Product Type:

Cordless stick vacuum cleaner


R.R.P £200


The GTECH MK2 vacuum cleaner is a revolutionary vacuum cleaner. Lightweight, flexible, and a master of all floor types, it has so much to offer any home.

With powerful suction and incredible technology that aims to remove every spec of debris from your floor, it’s one that you will want to strongly consider.


  • Battery life is 40 mins
  • Works well across all floor types
  • Can reach under furniture
  • Easy to empty and clean
  • Comes with headlights


  • Attachments sold separately
  • Can be less effective on edges

Presenting the GTECH Air Ram MK2

The GTECH Air Ram MK2 vacuum cleaner is the ideal model for those who want something lightweight and that can really work to ensure that your floors are left beautifully clean. It has a lot to offer, both in terms of power and cleaning versatility, making it suitable for any homeowner.

Of course, for those with pets, the GTECH Air Ram K9 vacuum cleaner might be a better match, and you can read more about it further down.

If you are in search of a vacuum cleaner that comes with a good range of attachments to help you get the stairs, skirting, and other areas, this might not be the model for you.

While it does come with the option to purchase accessories separately, there are none that come with the model itself. 

Features and Benefits

Power and Design

The MK2 vacuum cleaner promises powerful suction, ensuring that your floor is left wonderfully clean once you have finished. This model uses new AirLoc technology, which works to improve the strength and suction of the machine.

This means that, unlike the original Air Ram, it is able to pick up larger chunks of debris while you vacuum alongside the smaller particles. The head of the MK2 is where everything is located – from the dust canister to all the mechanisms that make it work.

This makes for a more compact unit, allowing for more flexibility when it comes to using the handle – which is fully adjustable to help you reach higher locations, as well as get the lower ones. Plus, the power switch is located on the head, and operated by a simple tap of your foot.

GTECH MK2 and K9 vacuum

When it comes to the battery, the unit can be removed and charged in a separate area – allowing you to store your vacuum cleaner away in a cupboard or somewhere similar to keep it out of the way.

It also has an LED indicator unit to show you how much battery life is left and when you need to put it on charge. The next section takes a closer look at the battery life and charge period. 

Runtime and Charge Period

The GTECH Air Ram MK2 vacuum cleaner offers an excellent running period of 40-minutes, which gives you more than enough time to clean your home twice over. This makes it one of the few cordless stick vacuum cleaners that could work well with larger homes.

It only needs to charge for around four hours before it is ready to go again, and putting it on charge for just one hour will give you a quick power burst so that you can whizz around and get the essentials done.

The lithium-ion battery also means that you won’t damage its chemical memory by taking it off/outing it on charge early. 

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Weight and Handling

This vacuum cleaner is incredibly lightweight, which is helped by the fact that the long handle contains no key components – making it much easy to hold, lift, and generally handle.

This is great for those who don’t want something that’s going to take all their strength just to push across the carpet. The swivel head is a brilliant feature for quick turning and tight areas, as well as for getting right under the furniture.

This is aided by the slim head, as well as the fact that you can make this cordless stick vacuum cleaner go completely flat. No dust bunnies will be escaping your grasp anytime soon with one of these equipped. 

Dust Canister

Honestly, the dust canister is one of the most exciting features that this vacuum cleaner has. It is really easy to slide out of the head of the vacuum, and the way in which it empties means that there is no mess.

All you need to do is hold it over the bin and push a lever at the back, pushing the dirt and debris out without you needing to touch any of it. Once that’s done, you just slide it back in, and the 0.8L capacity is pretty good considering the size of the vacuum.

Cleaning Different Floor Types

One of the great things this model has is its ability to vacuum both hard floors and carpets without you needing to flick a switch or change any settings.

It works fantastically across them both, ensuring that debris is collected quickly and efficiently so that you are left with a nice and tidy floor. Some would argue that it is slightly less effortless on the carpet, but a lot of this depends on your floor and the thickness of your carpets.

Additional Features

The main additional feature that the GTECH Air Ram MK2 has are the headlights. These might seem like a flashy and pointless inclusion, but they are actually more useful than you might think.

They really help you to see under furniture and also make debris that you might have missed very visibly. Once you start using headlights, you might find it hard to go back to a model that doesn’t have them. They really do make for a very precise clean.

What Does the GTECH Air Ram K9 Have?

While the GTECH Air Ram MK2 is an excellent model, the K9 might be better suited to your home if you have pets or a lot of traffic over your floors. Here are a few features that the GTECH Air Ram K9 has that the MK2 does not.

Powerful Suction

The K9 features more powerful suction so that all of the fluff and debris that your pets leave behind can be collected successfully. It also has aluminium components inside it to reinforce and make the machine stronger.

This helps it to cope with things like pet kibble and cat litter being sucked up on a regular basis. It has also been designed to be resistant to clogging, unlike conventional vacuum cleaner models, so that pet hair doesn’t have to be an issue.

Better Smell

One of the worst things is when pet odours linger in your vacuum cleaner – and we have all vacuumed up something that we shouldn’t, only to be left with a stench that stays for far too long.

GTECH k9 vacuum cleaner

The K9 has a refillable scented tab that releases a pleasant odour both in the vacuum cleaner and throughout your home, so that you can rest easy knowing that your house smells better than you think.

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Attachment and Extras (Optional)

While the K9 does not come with any attachments, the optional extras that you can add on are more diverse than those offered with the MK2. There is a car kit with upholstery tools, nozzles, and other essentials to help keep your car in top condition – especially after a muddy walk.

You also have the choice to add the Multi-K9, which is a handheld vacuum cleaner. This can help you to clean your surfaces, tight areas, and even ensure that your stairs get a really thorough clean. You can find out more about the GTECH Multi in this review guide.

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How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of vacuum cleaner for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to a GTECH MK2 or K9.

bosch athlet

Bosch Athlet

The Bosch Athlet series is an excellent choice, and it’s the kind of upright cordless stick vacuum cleaner that can deliver fantastic results with very little effort.

It’s lightweight and comfortable to use, as well as powerful when it comes to cleaning carpets and hard floors alike. Plus, it comes with a great accessory kit so that you can clean every corner of your home including pet hair.

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Shark IF250UKT vacuum cleaner

Shark IF250UKT

Shark is an excellent brand, and this particular model comes with two brush rolls, giving it a unique design unlike any other model.

This means it can give your carpets a deeper clean, which makes it ideal for pets as well as thick carpet. However, it works brilliantly on all floor types and has an excellent runtime as well as a short charging period.

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Dyson v6 vacuum

Dyson V6

Dyson is one of the leading vacuum cleaner brands, and Dyson V6 is one of their most popular models.

A compact stick vacuum cleaner, it offers powerful suction coupled with an excellent runtime that will leave you plenty of time to clean your entire home.

Plus, it comes with an excellent filtration system for asthma and allergy sufferers, as well as a brilliant range of attachments.

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To Conclude

Hopefully, this GTECH Air Ram MK2 review guide has given you a little more information about how it works and the ways in which it can benefit you.

It works excellently across all floor types and offers great levels of power that are sure to leave you feeling impressed with the finished result. In addition to this, the runtime and short charge period mean that you always have enough time to get your home perfectly clean.

While it does lack attachments, the option to purchase the accompanying handheld vacuum is there – and it does a fantastic job. Plus, if you have pets, the K9 makes for an even better choice overall.

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What did you think of our GTECH MK2 and K9 reviews? Do you agree with our thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. 

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