Hoover FD22G Freedom Review Lithium 2-in-1 Cordless Stick Vacuum

Lithium 2-in 1 cordless stick vacuum

Not every vacuum is a Hoover, but every Hoover is a vacuum – a classic phrase that shows just how popular the Hoover brand became.

It’s one of the oldest on the market, and despite being older, they have certainly kept up with the times in terms of technology and reliability with their machines.

I have long been a fan of cordless vacuum cleaners, and as someone who finds cables to be very inconvenient, as well as a trip hazard, I was inclined to ditch my corded model and pick up a cordless one instead. 

Stick vacuums are an excellent choice, and Hoover Freedom is able to provide reliability and a compact design in one nifty package.

It’s a great vacuum for every household, and in this guide, I will be reviewing the Hoover  Freedom, as well as the FD22RP Pet – so one of them is sure to appeal to your needs. Why not take a moment to relax and read through this detailed review? You might just find your next vacuum.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Hoover FD22G Freedom

Product Type:

Cordless stick vacuum


R.R.P Around £94.99


Lightweight, compact, and easy to handle, this vacuum cleaner is here to take away the hardship that often comes with cleaning the home. It has a good running time, short charge period, and even converts into a handheld model for those really tricky areas. A great all-rounder that you will surely love.


  • Battery life is 25 mins
  • Works well across all floor types 
  • Converts into handheld model
  • Lightweight
  • Lightweight


  • Not great for pet hair (see FD22RP)
  • Is a little noisy

Presenting the Hoover FD22G Freedom

The Hoover Freedom is the ideal vacuum for those that want something compact and lightweight for cleaning their home. 

It promises power and reliability, as well as a thorough clean and fantastic results. Converting into a handheld model, it has everything you need to get started.

However, if you have a home with pets, the Hoover Freedom might not be your best choice as it is not great when it comes to removing pet hair from the home. Instead, you might want to look at the FD22RP Pet.

This model was made for your furry friends, and is one that I look at a little later on in this review.

Features and Benefits

Power and Design

The Hoover Freedom features a sleek design that makes it compact and easy to store away when it is no longer in use. 

In addition to this, it also sports powerful suction to keep your floors looking clean and tidy at all times, and it works across all floor types as well – something that we explore in further detail a little later.

One of the best design features for this model is the fact that it can be converted into a handheld model, which means that it can be used to clean your furniture, stairs, and car interior without any hassle. The conversion process is very simple, as all you need to do is remove the wand. 

Leading on from this, the wand is excellent for helping you to reach high or difficult places with ease.

It also uses one main floorhead, and this has a brush bar built into it so that it can give carpets a good clean while also remaining gentle on hard floors.

While many cordless vacuum cleaners do offer more than one floorhead, the Hoover Freedom is certainly able to keep up with just one. 

The controls are easy to access as they are located on the front of the handle, so you can change the power setting (low and high) while you clean without having to fiddle around or stop to find them. 

Lithium 2-in 1 cordless stick vacuum

It also has an excellent LED battery indicator, and this will let you know when the vacuum needs to go on charge and when it is starting to run low. 

Many cordless vacuum cleaners require you to hold down the trigger when you are using them, but the Hoover Freedom is different in that it offers you a choice.

You can hold down the trigger continuously (improved battery life), or you can press a button and have it going until it is pressed again (reduces battery life). It can also be a little noisy for some at 75db.

Runtime and Charge Period

The Hoover Freedom uses a 22v lithium-ion battery, and this gives the machine a total running time of 25 minutes. While this is a pretty good time, it does mean that it is not the best choice for large homes, as 25 minutes tends to be enough for small and medium ones.

It should be noted, however, that some customers have found it lasts 30 minutes depending on the floor type you are using it on. This model does have quite a long charge time of six hours, so it may not be readily available during the day.

It’s still a good time, as there are a number of models out there that can take in excess of 10 hours to charge up, so you definitely could do worse. Plus, the six-hour charge time means that it should be ready for use at least twice a day for you.

It also comes with a wall mount so that you can hang it on the wall to charge. This not only makes the charging process easier, but also means that it can be stored out of the way on the wall so that it is ready to go when you need it. If you don’t want it mounted, however, it can be plugged in to charge on the floor as well.

Weight and Handling

It is a very lightweight vacuum, weighing in at 2.2kg, which is about right for a cordless stick vacuum.

It means that pretty much everyone can lift and use it with ease, ensuring it reaches high and low places alike when you need it to. Plus, when it is in its handheld form, it only weighs 1.4kg, which is even better.

The Hoover FD22G Freedom is also very easy to handle, and can recline to reach under low furniture, so no corner of your home will be left unclean. The flexible head moves around smoothly, allowing you to dodge obstacles and really get into the cracks and crevices.

Dust Canister

The Hoover FD22G Freedom has an excellent dust capacity as well at 0.7L. This is larger than most cordless stick vacuum cleaners, and also means that you will not have to spend as much time emptying it.

The actual emptying process is also very simple, as you just need to hold it over the bin and press the release button for everything to fall out, although you may need to use your hand to clean the shroud from time to time.

It has two filters included, each of which are washable. However, they provide a very basic level of filtration that may still leave dust in the air and being pushed out of the vacuum. Therefore, I would not recommend this model for those who suffer from asthma or allergies.

Cleaning Different Floor Types

This cordless hoover works excellently across all floor types, so you are in for a good experience when using it. 

Plus, when it is in handheld mode it does a great job on your stairs, so you can get them looking clean and new in no time at all – especially with the assistance of the attachments (see next section).

The Hoover FD22G Freedom does work best on hard floors and laminate, ad the brush roll does a great job of picking up both large and small debris. Even so, it remains very gentle on your floors and is able to provide you with strong and continuous suction.

While it is also good on carpets, it is not as reliable as it is on hard floors. It will do a good job of removing surface debris, but it less effective at getting the embedded stuff as well as pet hair.


The Hoover FD22G Freedom comes with some excellent standard tools that will make cleaning your home much easier, and they can be attached both to the wand and directly to the handheld section.

The crevice tool is made to reach really tricky areas, like tight corners and down the side of the couch or car seat.

It’s really handy, and also does a great job on skirting. The dusting brush and upholstery tools come as a 2-in-1 accessory, so you have them both on one tool head.

The upholstery tool is great for furniture and car interiors, while the dusting brush is ideal for kitchen floors as well as delicate surfaces.

What Does the Hoover FD22RP Pet Have?

In short, the Hoover FD22RP Pet has the same core features as the FD22G Freedom. It is essentially the same model, but the pet version comes with a few variations that will make a real difference to your home if you are living with furry friends.

Take a look below and see what the FD22RP Pet is able to offer that the standard Freedom cannot.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Hoover FD22RP Pet

Product Type:

Cordless stick vacuum


R.R.P Around £109


Pets leave fluff behind, and it is no secret when it comes to pet ownership. This vacuum isn’t just a robust and reliable model, it also comes with better capabilities for removing embedded hair and grime from your floors. In a home with pets, you need something that offers you an incredible amount of power.

Powerful Suction

While the Hoover FD22G Freedom has good and powerful suction, the FD22RP takes it up a notch so that it can deal with pet hair and grime more effectively.

The suction is much better in both the handheld and stick mode, really lifting the carpet as it goes so that you get the best results afterwards. Despite this, it still has the same running time as the standard Freedom, so you don’t need to compromise for better results.

Great on Carpet

While the FD22G Freedom was not the best model for carpets, this is an area where the FD22RP pet has been able to improve itself. It works excellently on carpets, reaching right down to get even the deepest layers of pet hair and dirt.

Plus, it has better hard floors cleaner as well because it is able to reach right between the gaps to suck up any loose debris that previously escaped – providing you with a solid and reliable cleaning experience.


The Hoover FD22RP Pet comes with the same standard tools as the standard Freedom model. So, you get a crevice tool for the tight corners, as well as a 2-in-1 dusting brush and upholstery tool. In addition to this, however, you also have the motorised pet tool.

This compact accessory has a rotating brush head that will remove fluff and fur from your furniture, or tough areas of carpet, effortlessly. Like the rest of the tools, it can be attached to the handheld area of the machine, or directly to the wand.

How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of vacuum for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to a Hoover FD22.

gtech airram mk2


One of the best and sleekest cordless hoover out there, the GTECH AirRam Mk2 is perfect for reaching under low furniture with ease, and the smooth handling allows it to glide across floors and around obstacles without issue.

It’s lightweight and adjustable, but it still manages to retain an incredible running time and short charge period – so it’s always ready to go when you are.

morphy richards

Morphy Richards 732005

This is an upright cordless hoover, and while it may weigh a little more than stick models, it also offers additional power and suction when cleaning your home especially for pet hair. 

The collapsible handle means that it is compact and easy to store away when not in use.

The swivel head makes handling a breeze, especially when getting around tight furniture, and you will find that it can pick most dirt and debris up without any issue.

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To Conclude

We hope that this Hoover Freedom FD22RP review guide has helped you to learn more about the brand, as well as the model in question.

It comes at a fantastic and very affordable price, while also remaining a robust and reliable piece of kit to have in your home. This model is actually featured as one of our best budget cordless picks by the Smart Vacs team.

While it is not great with pet hair and is noisy, these cons are far outweighed by the pros. Plus, for the pet lovers out there (like me) we have included a quick review of the FD22RP Pet – leaving you with plenty of options.

Regardless of the choice you make, one of these vacuum cleaners is going to leave you feeling fantastic about the state of your home.

What did you think of our Hoover FD22 cordless vacuum cleaner reviews? Do you agree with our thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.

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