Best Steam Generator Irons – Release The Creases

STEAM through your laundry pile. Make time for what you love. 

By using our guide to find the best steam generator irons, you are sure to discover a model that makes life easier for you while also blasting away those pesky wrinkles. 

It’s time for quick results and easy handling. 

We’ve been busy working away and analysing over 30 models of steam generator iron and have spent well over 35 hours doing so.

Our process ensures that they work efficiently and effectively to get rid of lines and wrinkles. From Tefal to Morphy Richards, no brand is safe. 

But why did we bother? 

best steam generators irons

The simple truth is that we know how stressful it can be to pick a new home appliance. You want a steam generator iron that delivers RESULTS and slips into your budget nicely. Well, that’s something we can provide. 

At the end of the day, we presented the Tefal GV9071 with the crown and declared them the best steam generator iron on the market. A seriously good investment. 

We get it though, you might not think Tefal offers the best of the best, and if that’s the case you’re in luck. We have an exceptional selection for you in this steam generator irons guide.

Best Steam Generator Iron Picks (In Order)

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1. Tefal GV9071 Steam Generator Iron

Our Editors Pick – Best Overall Steam Generator Iron

Key Features
  • Weight: 4.72kg
  • Cord length: 1.93m
  • Steam Output: 150g/minute 
  • Tank Capacity: 1.6L
  • Anti-Calcium Cartridges: No
  • Auto Shut Off: No
  • Vertical Steam: Yes
  • Power: 2400w

Bringing you the perfect combination of POWER and compact size, this steam iron generator is no stranger to deeply creased clothing.

The ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use during even the longest ironing sessions, so you can get through the growing pile quickly. 

With one of the most impressive steam pressure levels we’ve seen in a steam iron, 7.5 bar will see those stubborn lines removed in a flash

Really stuck? The steam boost helps you wave goodbye to creases on even the most crumpled garments (like that shirt from last Friday). 

– Compact and lightweight design to make ironing a smoother task 

– Exceptional pressure for those really deep lines and creases

– Perfectly balanced heat and steam to leave a gentle touch on any fabric

– Worried about limescale? Push the fear away with the removable scale collector

– 33% extra glide compared to older models, giving you a speedier edge

The 1.6L capacity means that you have plenty of time to get through a good amount of laundry before it needs to be refilled. Plus, the steam iron tank is conveniently positioned so that you can fill it back up without any hassle. You even have the controls right there on the handle. 

Smart technology meets a classic household product, perfectly balancing steam and heat so that every garment and material that goes under it is treated perfectly. Looking for a better glide? A 33% increase in older models makes it faster and smoother than ever before. 

It has five settings in total, giving you full freedom when working with various fabrics and can be accessed from the cradle. There is also anti-stain technology to prevent unsightly watermarks and keep your clothes looking office-fresh every day. 

Pesky limescale threatening your kitchen appliances at all times? We’ve been there too. Tefal steam iron has a fantastic and patented removable scale collector that gathers all those irritating minerals and keeps them away from the interior of your machine – helping it keep going for longer. 

For us, it really is the best steam iron generator. However, we know that it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. So, full steam ahead, we say (I am absolutely killing this) and onto our runner up from Morphy Richards! 

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2 . Morphy Richards 332013 Steam Generator Iron

Our Pick For Runner Up – Steam Generator Iron

Key Features
  • Weight: 6.26kg
  • Cord length: 1.93m
  • Steam Output: 150g/minute 
  • Tank Capacity: 2.2L
  • Anti-Calcium Cartridges: No
  • Auto Shut Off: Yes
  • Vertical Steam: Yes
  • Power: 2400w
  • Steam Pressure: 6.5 bar (max) 

A surprisingly compact model in the traditional red and black that Morphy Richards steam iron is so well-known for, it retains a lightweight look and feel. 

The handle is comfortable to use with simple controls, allowing you to steam through that laundry pile (see what I did there?). 

Designed to be POWERFUL and economical, it boasts an impressive 6.5 bar of steam pressure, which means you really are going to get through those stubborn creases and wrinkles. 

When you include the massive steam boost, it truly feels like an unstoppable machine. 

The variable steam setting means that it is suited to a range of fabrics and clothing types, with simple controls that allow you to flick through these modes with ease. It also has a huge 2.2L tank that is easy to refill and will keep you going through piles and piles of laundry. 

-Stylish and compact design in those classic Morphey Richards colours  

-Impressive steam pressure levels for some serious steam production 

-Automatic shutdown to keep you safe and protect your clothes 

-Limescale protection that works automatically to keep you safe 

-Variable steam settings that keep things flexible for you 

The glide is smooth and easy, with no risk of the tip getting caught under buttons or snagging. Combined with the impressive steam power, you will find that it can penetrate even the thickest fabrics for a perfectly crisp finish. Did we mention it can steam vertically too? Hello, curtains. 

For your safety, the steam generator irons lock to the base – creating a portable package that is easy to store away after use. It also has an automatic shutdown, so when you have left the steam iron idle, it will switch off after a few minutes to keep your household safe as well as your clothes. 

Sick of limescale and the constant battle against it? So am I. The good news is, this steam generator iron generator uses auto-cleaning to flush out the system and keep those pesky deposits away. All you need to do is give it a quick rinse regularly to keep things clean and smooth. 

Whether you loved our runner up or you weren’t quite convinced, it’s always worth checking out the plethora of steam generator irons we have for you to choose from. Each of them has been chosen with your needs in mind, and we know you’ll find the perfect match. 

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3. Philips PerfectCare Elite GC9650/80 steam generator iron

Our Pick For Silent, Sleek, Sophisticated Steam Iron

Key Features
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Cord length: 1.93m
  • Steam Output: 150g/minute 
  • Tank Capacity: 1650ml
  • Anti-Calcium Cartridges: No
  • Auto Shut Off: Yes
  • Vertical Steam: Yes

We put these steam generator iron through some seriously tough tests, and it came out on top for every single one of them. I was able to get rid of even the worst creases in no time at all, and that is no easy feat when faced with my shirts.

The steam boost is very easy to use, and this was not just great for clothes, but also allowed us to vertically steam the curtains. It’s also comfortable to hold, preventing sore wrists while you steam iron.

For safety purposes, it shuts down automatically after ten minutes, and the added bonus is that it takes hardly any time to heat up again.

The soleplate is very durable, but also made to be smooth when going over clothes and massively reduces the risk of snagging the tip on buttons. Additionally, you have a temperature setting that will allow you to switch between modes quickly.

It also has a natural resistance to limescale, which means there is no need for anti-calcium cartridges. 

  • The soleplate is lovely and smooth
  • Great for vertical steaming
  • Strong resistance to limescale
  • The water tank can be removed
  • The cord is quite short for getting around the board

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4. Russell Hobbs 24430 Power 95 Steam Generator Iron

Our Pick For Affordable, efficient, lightweight Steam Iron

Key Features
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Cord Length: 1.9M
  • Steam Output: 95g/minute 
  • Tank Capacity: 1330ml
  • Anti-Calcium Cartridges: Yes
  • Auto Shut Off: No
  • Vertical Steam: Yes

It did a good job with our cleaning tests, and we were pleasantly surprised by how well it did, especially considering its budget price tag.

It excels with light creases, and while it might not be able to remove the deeper ones in a single swipe, all you need is to use the steam boost for some extra strength.

Despite this, it remains really efficient in terms of water use so that you can keep ironing for longer, and while the tank cannot be removed the hole is massive to make things easier.

The soleplate is a little thick, so you will need to be careful around buttons to avoid snagging, but it is otherwise very smooth when running over your clothes and you’ll find it does a superb job.

While easy to handle thanks to its lightweight build, the handle can be quite rough around the edges and this may feel uncomfortable over time.

On the plus side, it has incredible limescale resistance to help your machine last longer. While you will need to buy anti-calcium cartridges for this steam iron, you won’t need to use them too often. 

  • Brilliant on light creases
  • Great steam boost for deep creases
  • Efficient water use for long ironing sessions
  • Brilliant limescale resistance
  • The handle is not particularly comfortable to hold

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5. Tefal Pro Express – GV8932 Steam Generator Iron

Our Pick For Quick and efficient for record-breaking ironing

Key Features
  • Weight: 1.3kg
  • Cord length: 1.74m
  • Steam Output: 120g/minute 
  • Tank Capacity: 1510ML
  • Anti-Calcium Cartridges: No
  • Auto Shut Off: Yes
  • Vertical Steam: Yes

We really liked this steam iron, and when it came to our testing process it scored full marks across the board for things like crease removal and cleaning efficiency. It manages to produce a lot of steam, which is great for powerful boosts for those really stubborn creases.

It can also be used in a vertical position to help the curtains maintain their good looks, and its intelligent combination of heat and steam means that you don’t need to worry about fiddling with the controls to find the optimum temperature.

While the soleplate is lovely and smooth, preventing snagging and keeping things simple, this seems to have passed onto the handle which doesn’t have a great deal of grip and feels a little slippery.

Despite this, it still remains fairly easy to handle, especially once you are used to the handle. As a handy extra feature, it also has a built-in resistance to limescale that certainly saves you some time and money on anti-calc tablets. 

  • Produces loads of steam for efficient cleaning
  • Smooth soleplate for ease of use
  • Removable water tank to make life easier
  • Natural resistance to limescale
  • The grip on the handle can feel a little slippery

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6. Morphy Richards 333020 Steam Generator Iron

Our Pick For A compact powerhouse with a lot to offer

Key Features
  • Weight: 0.9kg
  • Cord length: 1.8m
  • Steam Output: 100g/minute 
  • Tank Capacity: 1700ml
  • Anti-Calcium Cartridges: No
  • Auto Shut Off: Yes
  • Vertical Steam: Yes

This is a compact and lightweight steam iron that did really well when we put it through our rigorous testing process.

Getting rid of creases was really quick and easy, with fast heating times that combine to create a lightning speed experience. It’s a great little companion if you need to get through the load quickly.

It’s lightweight design also means that it is easy to manoeuvre, and the handle itself has a grip that is both firm and comfortable for optimum control. The soleplate is lovely and smooth, and it’s pretty tricky to snag any buttons or corners, so you can relax a little while you iron.

It won’t scratch either, so if you are a little rough with your ironing, there is no need to worry on this front.

The only thing stopping this steam iron from reaching full points is the fact that it’s pretty hard to clean. It has great limescale resistance, but when you do need to clean it, it is fiddly and even involves screws so that you can get inside.

This can slow you down, but it is also the only flaw out of a list of pros. 

  • Superb ironing results
  • Speedy heating time
  • Great limescale resistance
  • Compact and lightweight
  • It can take quite a while to descale it

Further Steam Generator Iron Models

Here are some of the other great steam generator irons Just in case any of the above does not quite suit your needs.

Tefal GV8461 Pro Express Autoclean Steam Generator Iron

This powerful steam generator iron is on the higher end of the price spectrum, but it delivers excellent results.

Not to mention it’s also eco-friendly and energy-efficient. It delivers up to 6 bars of power, and an additional 260g/min of turbo steam. The anti-scale feature and automatic cleaning soleplate give the steam iron extra longevity and reliability.

The cord also has an automatic winding setting, so it is tidy and out of the way. In addition to this, there is an automatic shutdown feature for safety. Check the latest price here

How to Choose a Steam Generator Iron

It’s not always easy to choose a steam generator iron. In this section, we look at some of the factors that you should be keeping in mind when you pick your steam generator iron.

Price Range – The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend and this will help you narrow down your options straight away. 

Pressurised and non-pressurised – The former produces a blast of power into your clothes (usually using a trigger), helping you to tackle tough and stubborn creases. They make things a lot easier, but they also tend to be pricier than their counterparts. 

Non-pressurised steam generator irons models work in a similar way to standard irons but produce a lot more steam. They also tend to have a separate water tank to make refilling easier and less frequent.

Slim nose point on the soleplate – is also something that can really help. These are more precise when it comes to reaching difficult and tight areas, as well as less likely to snag on things like zips and buttons. 

Water Tanks – One of the great features that a steam generator iron has is the fact that the water tank tends to be removable. This is why the steam iron section is lighter than regular iron.

Key Things to Look for

There are a couple of additional features you might want to watch out for before you buy.

Automatic shutdown – This can be very beneficial, as the steam generator iron will automatically turn itself off when left unattended for a certain amount of time (usually less than ten minutes). This can prevent your clothes from being burned as well as people.

A comfortable handle – is also something that you should keep an eye out for. If you know you will be spending a while ironing, then a handle with a soft and comfy grip can be essential. This way, it can help to prevent your hand from cramping and also helps things to move faster and smoother.

A soleplate – with a thin tapered end can make getting into those nasty hard-to-reach areas a little bit easier.

An iron lock – is also something you should strongly consider looking for. These allow the irons to lock to the base, making them easier to transport and carry. Not all irons have this, so if it is something to look out for.

A limescale filter – can actually be more important than you might think. The vast majority of models have them, and it will often let you know when the filter is in need of descaling. Some even have a self-cleaning setting. 

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To Conclude

In this steam generators guide, we have looked at some of the best steam generator irons on the UK market. They all have a range of different functions and features that make them such a good choice.

Whether you are looking for one that is at a budget price, or one that is more high end, there is an iron here that will suit your needs. Of course, with such a wide range of steam generator iron models, it isn’t easy to pinpoint anyone as best for your actual needs.

After all, a lot of it is down to personal preference. However, each of the steam generator irons listed here is reliable and of excellent quality, so you aren’t likely to be let down by any of them.

What did you think of our steam generator iron selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

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