What is the Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner – Ultimate UK Guide

What is the Best Miele Vacuum Cleaner – Ultimate UK Guide

Picking a vacuum cleaner. What’s harder? When you are left with so many brands and models to choose from, it gets pretty overwhelming. You made the right choice heading over to the Miele vacuum cleaner guide though; it’s a fantastic brand.

What can I say? Miele has held their own over the past few decades, and they are one of those companies that you feel secure with. Their vacuum cleaners are tough and reliable, as well as providing you with some serious suction power to keep your home looking amazing.

There is a model for every situation, and they want you to have the kind of machine that will last you a good 15 years before it needs to be replaced. They care about the quality of their product, and that is part of what I love about them.

Choosing which Miele to buy? That’s a slightly harder task. Don’t worry, though; I am here to help you find the best Miele vacuum cleaner for the job.  Looking through loads of models and reviews, you will find I have brought you the best of the bunch.

Who Makes Miele Vacuum Cleaners

Well, Miele makes Miele vacuums. The company itself was founded back in 1899 by Carl Miele and Richard Zikann in Germany. Since its creation, it has remained a family-run company, and they don’t just make vacuum cleaners. 

Miele manufactures a whole load of home appliances, including things like ovens and washing machines. Many fully kit out their homes with Miele products because they are so reliable and have been designed to last an exceptionally long time.

It is amazing to think that a company that started out manufacturing cram separators and butter churns could become a multi-billion empire over the course of the next hundred years.

They even had a brief period of car production between 1912 and 1914. Since the creation of the first washing machine with an electric motor in 1914, they have become a household name, and their popularity is only growing.

Best Lightweight Miele Vacuum Cleaner

Generally speaking, Miele vacuum cleaners are pretty lightweight and easy to handle. You’ll find that pretty much every model below demonstrates that perfectly. However, if we are looking at the lightest of them all, the C3 range is where it’s at.

You’ll find there are a couple of them in the product section; namely the Cat Dog and the EcoLine. So, if you want to skip ahead, I would recommend jumping to these two models for a closer look at what they offer.

Where are Miele Vacuums Made?

They are made where they always have been; Germany. They have several different factories around the country making various parts for the vacuum cleaners (as well as their other appliances).

There is also one in China, but this does a minimal amount of work and production when compared to its European counterparts. It’s nice to see a European company manufacturing primarily on the continent, and it is part of what makes the brand so popular.

Miele Classic C1 Junior

Best Value for the Money

You know I love to make sure you get a good deal on vacuum cleaners, but I also make sure to find models that really fit into most budgets.

 The Classic C1 Junior is just that, and it is an affordable cylinder vacuum cleaner that will serve you as well as the more expensive models. See what you think.

The Good

This hardwearing and lightweight vacuum cleaner is ideal for most homes, and the compact size is perfect for small spaces.

The rotary dial on the machine allows you to pick the best cleaning mode for the situation, so it can glide over hard floor and carpets alike without issue. 

Combined with strong suction, the Classic C1 Junior is able to tackle most mess without a second glance.

It comes with some fantastic accessories to make cleaning easier, including a crevice tool and dusting brush. The upholstery nozzle isn’t just for furniture either; you can get the interior of your car looking excellent in no time as well.

The tools can be stored on the machine for easy access too. The self-sealing dust bag is great for allergies, and the long cable/hose means a wide cleaning radius

The Not So Good

The suction hose is not telescopic, so you cannot adjust the length for floor to ceiling cleaning.

Our View

This vacuum cleaner comes at an affordable price, making it the ideal solution if you are on a budget. While the hose is not telescopic, this doesn’t make it any less fantastic at cleaning the home.

The strong suction and easy manoeuvrability ensure that your time with this model is well spent. It has a superb range of accessories and additional features that make it easy to use, and storage is also pretty simple. Overall, a sturdy vacuum cleaner at a very low price.




            Complete C3 Cat Dog Vacuum           

Best for Pet Hair on All Surfaces

Shedding pets are often a problem, as is the dirt they bring in, but we wouldn’t be without them.

The best way to stay on top of things is to invest in vacuum cleaner that will get the job done. Enter the Complete C3 Cat Dog. I promise, this one is going to blow you away.

The Good

A classic retro design helps this model stand out from the crowd, but looks aren’t everything with Miele.

The exceptionally high suction power shows that it has been designed for pets, and to tackle all of the fluff and dirt that they leave behind.

Whether you have carpets or hard floor, no surface will be left free from pet hair. What’s more? The HEPA filter keeps asthma and allergy sufferers safe.

The AirClean filter also neutralises odours, so there is no more pet smell in the house, and you can be left with a home that guests are happy to enter.

The included turbo brush is also perfect for cleaning bedding, furniture, as well as tough areas of carpet that need extra attention.

The large operating radius and long cord also make cleaning easier, with a handy cable wind for when you are finished.

The Not So Good

It can be a little noisy compared to other Miele vacuums, and the bag does tend to fill up quickly.

Our View

This vacuum cleaner comes at quite a reasonable price, and it is a good deal for anyone in search of a top-quality vacuum cleaner for pet hair. It is a little noisier, but that is because of the additional suction power it contains.

As for the speed in which the bag fills up, this really can depend on how many pets you have and how much they shed.

It’s a lightweight powerhouse that promises to deliver years of good service and ensure that your home remains as clean as possible.




 Miele Blizzard CX1Comfort Powerline

Bagless Cylinder with Awesome Power

Carpets are home to so many different germs, and bacteria that you would never even know are there.

You need a vacuum cleaner that knows what it’s doing, especially when tackling this tricky surface.

The Blizzard Comfort CX1 Powerline is perfect for the job, and I reckon you’ll agree with me.
The Good

This bagless vacuum cleaner has a great design, and one that instantly shows you it is a Miele.

Interestingly, this is one of their bagless models; there is a clear canister that you can empty directly into the bin.

It’s great for picking up every speck of dust and dirt, with Vortex technology that improves suction and airflow while you clean.

The bagless bin itself clicks open and shut with a clean emptying process.

The main floorhead is effective on hard floors and carpets alike, but the carpet cleaning is truly out of this world.

The powerful suction lifts the carpet without making it too hard to push, removing all of the dirt and debris that has lodged itself in there.

The accessories are fantastic for those hard to reach places and a deeper clean, while the telescopic wand master floor to ceiling cleaning.

The Not So Good

It can be a little bulky to get up the stairs, and it is heavier than some of the other Miele models.

Our View

This vacuum cleaner comes at a higher price than some, but it is very powerful and is able to pick up a great deal of dirt and dust; not to mention the money saved on bags as this is bagless.

It is a little heavier and bulkier than other Miele vacuum cleaners, but it makes up for it in terms of power and capability. It’s easy to use and handle, and it can also get through carpet effortlessly. For carpeted homes, this is exactly what you need.




 Miele Complete C3 EcoLine 

Best for Wool Rugs & Carpets

Wool carpet is amazing, and it feels so good to stand on. However, it is also a pain to vacuum.

You can’t have too much suction, you need to be careful with brushbars and bristles, and it stains instantly.

Miele could have a vacuum cleaner to help you keep on top of it without the stress.

The Good

The EcoLine has less suction than many of the other Miele models, but this doesn’t make it a bad vacuum cleaner.

It’s still powerful, but it’s also ideal for those with wool carpets because it won’t pull the carpet up or stretch the fibres.

There is no brush bar either, and the bristles can be lifted up at the flick of a button so that you can clean wool carpets without worrying about damage.

The variable power control also gives you a lot more freedom when cleaning because you can alter the suction accordingly.

The bag inside is easy to change, and the filtration system means that asthma and allergy sufferers can benefit from cleaner air and a smaller risk of a reaction.

The cleaning radius is also a very generous 11m, which means that you can reach around freely to clean.

The Not So Good

There are no clear negatives for this model of vacuum cleaner so far.

Our View

This Miele vacuum cleaner is exceptionally affordable, and certainly one of the best if you are on a budget. There aren’t really any negatives for this model either, which makes it even better if you want something within a good price and that works well.

It’s ideal for wool carpets, and is sure to impress you both during and after the cleaning process. It’s gentle on the flooring, and is an absolute joy to use. Why not try it out for yourself?

Read more about the Complete C3 Ecoline 




Complete C2 Powerline

Ideal for Hard floor, Tile & Laminates 

Looking after hard floors is just as important as the carpets. After all, these are the easiest to scratch and damage with bristles and harsh brushes.

As with everything, Miele has a solution for you, and it might be exactly what you’ve been searching for. Take a peek; see what you think of it.

The Good

This is such a fantastic vacuum cleaner for hard floors because the main floorhead is so gentle on it, especially when using the soft brushes.

The controls for this are on the head itself as well, so all you need to do is slide your foot on it and switch things up.

There are also some brilliant accessories that are stored in a hidden compartment on the vacuum for quick and easy access with a stylish look.

The rotary dial on the main body gives you the option to select the power setting that is appropriate for you and your current situation. There is also a HEPA filter to ensure that those with asthma and allergies can clean the home comfortably and without fear of a reaction.

The telescopic wand, combined with the massive cleaning range means that everything, even the stairs, can be reached.

The Not So Good

It can be a little difficult to remove the cleaner heads as it is a little tough, especially in the beginning.

Our View

This vacuum cleaner from Miele comes at a reasonable price, and is definitely on the lower end of the pricing scale for this brand. The heads can be a little stiff when you are changing them, but it just needs a little wiggle, and it should come off effortlessly.

It has loads of positive qualities as well, though, especially regarding how gentle it is on hard floors. If you need something that will be kind to the whole home, this is the model for you.

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Further Models of Miele Vacuum   

Here are some further models of Miele models, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Miele Complete C3 Total Solution

Another that Excels with Long Dog Hair 

Dogs shed, and they tend to do it a lot. It is especially noticeable in a multi-pet household where not vacuuming one day leaves your floors covered in pet hair.

So, you need a good vacuum cleaner that can get the job done; enter the Miele Complete C3 Total Solution. 

Powerful suction means that no hair will escape, and it really works the floors to ensure they are left clean. 

The turbo brush is ideal for pet bedding and furniture, as well as tough areas of carpet that need a really thorough scrubbing. 

It works on both carpets and hard floors, while being exceptionally gentle on the latter.

The HEPA filter is ideal for those with asthma and allergies, as 99.7% of allergens and dust are captured within it. On top of all that, it’s quite a lightweight and easy to handle model with a fantastic radius.

Full review of the complete C3 here




 Blizzard CX1 Cat Dog Bagless  

Best for Thick Carpets

This bagless vacuum cleaner screams efficiency, and it is ready to tackle your thick carpets effortlessly.

It has a sleek, modern, design, combined with a compact and lightweight build that makes storage simple.

The turbo brush attachment is ideal for reaching down into thick carpet and really working dirt out of it.

However, the brush on the main floorhead is equally effective in this regard.

However, it is also good on all floor types for extra versatility.

There is also Vortex technology that keeps the suction going strong as well as providing a clear airway.

The HEPA AirClean filter is designed to make things easier for those with asthma and allergies, and it is also great with pet hair.

Combined with the telescopic wand for hard to reach places, it’s an exceptional model. The price is quite reasonable too.




To Conclude

Hopefully, this guide has helped you to find the best Miele cleaner for your needs, and that the reviews above have been able to help you choose the perfect one for you. It’s never an easy choice, but that’s why this guide was created – so let it help you out.

It’s hard to pick the best one, especially when each of them has its own set of pros and cons. There are models that are ideal for pets, some that are better suited to hard floors, and those that are perfect for wool.

You may notice we didn't feature any Miele upright vacuum cleaners in this guide, and whilst they do produce some great performing upright models I feel there strength lies in the classic cylinder.

If you want my overall favourite for a good all-rounder from Miele, the Complete C3 Cat Dog would be my choice. 

It works on all floor types, has powerful suction, has a great filtration system, and can tackle any mess. Even if you have no pets, it is a superb pick.

What did you think of our Miele vacuum cleaners guide? Are there any that you would have liked to see or recommended? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave us a message in the comments below.

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