Find Out What is the Best Steam Press Iron: with UK Reviews

Find Out What Is The Best Steam Press Iron: With UK Reviews

The feeling of freshly pressed trousers is an amazing one. They feel crisp, clean, and new on your body – which leaves you feeling good all day.

The great thing is, you can steam press all of your clothing, and even your bedding, if you invest in a steam press iron.

It’s a great device that can make everything easier, and it is a lot faster than using a conventional iron. In this guide, we help you to find the top steam press for you, by taking you through the top models and the steam press reviews that go with them.

Take a look and see if this handy guide can help you find the perfect match.

1. Editors Pick

Singer ESP-2 Steam Press, White

Singer ESP-2 Steam Press

2. Runner up

Compact Ironing Press

Speedypress Super Steam Press

How to Choose a Steam Press Iron

It’s not always easy to choose a steam press. After all, most of the models on the market are similar in almost every aspect.

However, not all of them are, and some will have features that are more beneficial to you than others. In this section, we look at some of the factors that you should be keeping in mind when you pick your travel iron.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is how much you are willing to spend and whether or not you are able to go over your budget.

This is probably the most important question, as it will help you narrow down your options.

Once you have determined your price range, you can move onto the other essential features and questions.

The weight is a key factor you need to bear in mind. After all, you need to be able to move it to and from its table location as and when you need the surface underneath it.

Most steam presses are pretty lightweight and portable, so make sure you check this before you decide to buy.

Some steam presses are able to take bulky items, such as bed linen, that has been folded several times, and steam press it accordingly.

 If you know you will be pressing materials like this; then it is essential that you make sure you purchase a model that is capable of taking that much material in one session without causing damage.

You should always check out the reviews for the steam press iron you are looking to purchase.

They can tell you a lot about a product and its overall quality, giving you good insight before you buy steam irons.

While expensive models are often more durable and reliable than the cheaper ones, this is not always the case, and so the reviews can come in very handy. Look at the quality and not the price tag when it comes to the steam irons.

Things to Look for

When you are looking to purchase your steam press, there are a couple of additional features you might want to watch for before you buy.

The first of these is the automatic shutdown feature. This tends to activate when the unit is left open for 15-minutes or more, or when the hot plate has been pressed and left unattended for over ten seconds. This provides safety as well as security.

Easy set up can also be pretty beneficial. Some models can be a little fiddly to get started with, and one that is easy to set up and get running can take a lot of pressure off you. You may want to also take a look at which water is best to use in a steam iron read our guide here. 

 It makes the process more relaxed from the beginning, and usually, means that the unit is easier to learn how to run.

The Advantages of a Steam Press Iron

Here are some of the advantages to using a steam press iron:

  • Much faster than conventional ironing methods
  • Portable and lightweight (mostly)
  • Uses less energy and water than an iron
  • Can be left unattended while you do other things at home
  • Can press bed linen easily

All that’s left is to choose the perfect model for you. Take a look at our steam press iron reviews for some of our favourite models.

Best Steam Press Irons Review (In Order) 

1. Singer ESP-2 Steam Press, White

Editors Pick

Singer ESP-2 Steam Press, White

Singer is a popular brand when it comes to the production of irons, and this steam press is no exception.

Take a look at the reviews and see if this is the right model for you and your home.

The Good

This steam press has a sleek modern design in white, allowing it to blend with just about any modern home.

It has a digital display on the front, so you can see the temperature and also the safety alarm should it go off. 

Alongside the alarm, it also has automatic shutdown for safety and security.

It is portable and easy to store, which is great for those who don’t have a great deal of space.

There is a good size pressing area, so your garments will be pressed to perfection. It has the ability to deliver a powerful burst of steam, but also to press bulky items that have been folded, such as bed linen and curtains.

The Not So Good

It does not always come with English instructions or an English plug.

Our View

This affordable steam press is great for those that want something portable, powerful, and able to deliver the level of skill required to remove even the deepest creases from your clothes and other materials.

It has a fantastic range of additional features, each of which contributes either to the efficiency of the machine or the safety features. A great model at a fair price.


Q: What would you clean the sole plates with please?

A: we would reccommend using an iron cleaner to make sure no damage are made to the plates. 

Q: Can you fold this model any smaller?

A: Unfortunately not, although there is a lock at the top which means you can stand it upright to store away which is a lot more useful. 




2. Speedypress Super Mega Double-Size Steam Ironing Press

Compact Ironing Press - Runner Up 

Compact Ironing Press

Speedypress is a UK company that has been manufacturing steam presses for over forty years.

Take a look at the reviews for this model and see if it lives up to your expectations of a unit from such a trusted brand.

The Good

This particular model comes in a sleek and modern design, so it will look great with your home.

It even comes with a few free accessories for protection and extra padding for a better, smoother pressing process. 

It also comes with a spray bottle and a measuring cup so you can replenish the water supplies quickly. It is quick to set up and has easy controls.

It is an incredibly lightweight machine, and has a very large board space for your garments and other fabrics – making it seven times larger than an ironing board.

It is possible to use dry and steam settings, as well as a turbo setting for the stubbornest creases.

It reduced ironing time, and also has different settings for different fabrics, as well as temperature indication lights.

The Not So Good

Smaller than expected and previous models.

Our View

This reasonably priced steam press is cost effective and energy efficient, making it a great purchase is you are looking to reduce your carbon footprint.

It has a massive range of settings and features, allowing you to steam press just about anything in your home with ease.

Plus, it works to reduce ironing time and leave you with perfect results. An excellent product at an exceptional price.




3. Fast Press Steam Ironing Press

Professional Steam Iron

Fast Press Steam Ironing Press

Fast Press is a reliable brand when it comes to the production of items such as steam presses.

Take a look at the reviews and see if this model is the right fit for your home.

The Good

This steam press is easy to use and set up, and even has an instructional DVD to make sure you get everything right.

It can be placed on just about any surface in order for it, especially with its lightweight and robust build.

It comes with 1500W of power and 46kg of pressure, ensuring your clothes are pressed quickly and efficiently.

It will even work around buttons and zips. This unit also comes with a spray bottle and a water filling funnel so you can keep the water levels topped up.

The Not So Good

It can be quite bulky and heavy at times, due to its 15kg weight.

Our View

This steam press may be on the higher end of the price scale, but it is certainly worth the money.

A professional machine, it will work hard to keep your clothes freshly pressed and ready for you and your family to wear each day.

While it can be a little heavy, it is easy to use and set up and does a great job of getting the creases out of your clothing. A great product that is worth the higher price.




4. Ultra XL Steam Iron Press

Ultra XL Steam Iron Press By Speedypress

Looking to cut your ironing time by 60%? You might not believe it now, but this steam iron press from Speedypress promises and succeeds in delivering just that.

It might just be what you need to keep your clothes looking fantastic. 

The Good

The extra-large opening area found on this steam iron makes it ideal for using on bed sheets and comforters that would be too large for a traditional steam press. 

At the same time, it remains ideal for using on regular clothes - everything from your shirts and blouses to jeans. It’s even gentle on delicate materials like silk that need a little extra care and protection. 

To keep you safe, it has an automatic shutdown feature that activates after ten seconds if you leave it closed and 15 minutes when open. 

For each of these, there is an audible alert to let you know. It has a number of fantastic steaming features, including wrinkle removal, special fabric settings, and a padded cover that is heat reflective. Plus, the tank is both easy to access and fill. 

The Not So Good

It can be quite heavy to lift and move around, and it is best suited to flat items only as a result. 

Our View 

This steam iron press is fantastic, and certainly one of the best on the market. Yes, it is a little heavy, but this isn’t surprising when you consider both the size and capabilities of this model. 

It’s packed with fantastic additional features to make life easier, and is sure to make ironing a speedier process. 




5. Double-Size Super Mega (PSP-206E+) Steam Ironing Press

Double size Super Mega

Another model from Speedy Press, you can say goodbye to creased clothes and bedding when you plug this powerhouse in.

If you’re searching for a steam iron press that can do it all, you just might be in luck with this one.

The Good

The great thing about this model of steam iron press is that it comes with some fantastic little extras that would usually cost a fair amount - this includes a replacement cover and foam underfelt, as well as a special spray bottle for spritzing clothes. 

It has brilliant temperature controls that can be adjusted according to the fabric that is being steamed. 

It can also press multiple layers at once, making it ideal for bed sheets and towels. The non-stick plates and variable settings also make it suited to delicate materials such as silk without risk of damaging them. It’s highly effective at removing creases and wrinkles alike quickly. Automatic shutdown is there to keep you safe, and you can operate it with one hand. 

The Not So Good

It can be a little tricky to iron the corner of shirts, but it’s possible to do this with a little practice. It is a little heavy to move as well, but this should be expected for its size. 

Our View 

This steam iron press is fantastic for any household, with a brilliant design that is able to cope with pretty much any material you throw at it. 

While it can take some getting used to with shirt corners, and it is a little bulky, its overall power is exceptional and you get the chance to enjoy beautifully crisp clothes whenever you need them.




Further Steam Press Iron Models

Here are some of the other great steam press irons Just in case any of the above do not quite suit your needs.

Compact Ironing Press

Double-Size Super Mega (PSP-206E+) Steam Ironing Press

Speedypress are a UK company have been manufacturing steam presses for over 40 years, with the aim of bringing you efficiency and quality.

It’s quick and easy to set up on any table, with controls that are simple and easy to use so you can get started right away.

It is able to press multiple layers at once, while also being suitable for use with delicate fabrics.

There are temperature controls that you can adjust according to the fabric that is being pressed. Plus, it takes less time than ironing.

Digital Steam and Dry Ironing Press

This steam press iron is fast, efficient, and can reduce ironing time by up to 75%. It has a large pressing area and can be set up on a table quickly and with great ease.

It has an automatic shutdown feature when left open for 15-minutes, and you can clearly see the water levels in the unit at all times – so you know when it fill it back up.

 It is very lightweight, which may come as a surprise when you look at it, and it can be used for a range of different fabric and materials. A great purchase at a reasonable price.

To Conclude

In this guide, we have looked at some of the best press irons on the market. They all have a range of different functions and features that make them such a good choice.

Whether you are looking for one that is at a budget price, or one that is a little higher end, there is a steam press here that will suit your needs.

 Of course, with such a wide range of models, it’s hard to pinpoint any one as the best. After all, a lot of it is down to what you want from it. However, you aren’t likely to be let down by any of the ones listed here. If this still isnt what you were looking for why not take a look at our steam generator iron guide.

What did you think of our steam press iron selection? Are there any you would have added? We love hearing from you, so feel free to leave a message in the comments below.

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