The Best Portable Washing Machine – Keep your Clothes Clean on the Go

The Best Portable Washing Machines

A portable washing machine may seem like a niche investment. They certainly have competition from their more established big brothers. However, in a modern age of efficiency and speed, the portable washer can be seen in ever-increasing numbers.

So many of us live in small homes and apartments that a full-size washing machine is nothing but a burden.

A more compact version will let you get your clothes washed with minimal hassle, while also saving space in an area that is already quite cosy. The best part? They don’t cost a great deal, which means they are gentle on your bank account.

Now is the age of the portable washing machine, something we have loved using in the past and no doubt will again in the future. Here, you will find everything you need to know before you buy. Small in scale, but mighty in function. Let’s begin.

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2. Budget Pick

The Best Portable Washing Machine (in order)

FitnessClub Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine

1. Best Portable Washer Dryer Combo – Think Gizmos


  • Washing Power: 360w
  • Washing Capacity: 4.6kg (washer) 3kg (dryer)
  • Voltage Frequency: 230v/50Hz
  • Overall Size: 60×36.5x70cm

Though many portable washers offer a spin cycle, few offer a combi-washer/dryer combo. Think Gizmo’s Portable Twin Tub Washing Machine, however, does.

Think Gizmo’s usually deals with exercise equipment, though their Twin Tub is certainly not unwelcomed in the market.

The Good

This Twin Tub is a solid device, offering many of the same advantages as other machines in the market. It comes at a reasonable price, with size, power and function similar to the Costway found above.

It can hold a capacity of 4.6 kg for a wash, with a 3kg capacity for the dryer. This is quite impressive, and makes it a suitable machine for those living alone as well as couples.

Its key advantage is in the Twin Tub design. Though other washers carry twin tubs, the Think Gizmo’s second is dedicated to drying, and can be operated simultaneously to the washer.

Both have separate timers, making it quite efficient. If you’re concerned about cost, this washer/dryer tags in with the more compact machines, despite operating as well as the high-end devices. The usual features are also present, including water and energy-saving measures.

The Not So Good

The Think Gizmo’s Twin Tub could be quieter. This is pretty much the only complaint that this portable washing machine has.

Our View

The Think Gizmos Twin Tub is a very competent machine. With a low price, dual functionality and some of the best specs on offer, this is a standout product.

Between our five top washers, this was a consistent favourite, only beaten in the more niche areas by other products.

If you’re in the market for a combi washer/dryer, or are looking for an entry device on a budget, this Twin Tub cannot be recommended highly enough.

Best Small Washing Machine – OneConcept

2. Best Small Washing Machine – OneConcept


  • Washing Power: 250w
  • Washing Capacity: 2.8kg
  • Voltage Frequency: 220v/50Hz
  • Overall Size: 65x44x44cm

The OneConcept washing machine was our top choice for small portable washers. OneConcept itself is a brand appealing to a wide audience with the latest trends in technology and innovative gadgets.

Such a company is naturally found on the frontlines of innovative tech such as this.

The Good

The OneConcept SG002 offers a range of great qualities. In particular, we enjoyed the quiet operation and low water and energy consumption, which made it particularly efficient. Other advantages include its lightweight, small size, transparent cover and decent capacity (2.8kg).

This gives you plenty of room to wash a good size load of laundry, making it ideal for singles and couples.

Among portable washing machines, the SG002 Mini Washing Machine is a champion camping. With enough capacity for an individual’s regular washing, lower water and energy use (and thus lower costs), it is the perfect companion for those living alone.

Those in small apartments will particularly enjoy having an SG002 to hand; its small size is a real boon.

The Not So Good

In return for being a solid workhorse in a small package, the OneConcept SG002 trades some of the creature comforts of other machines, such as a spin cycle, and only has standard and delicate washing options.

If you want more cleaning options, the Costway in this guide might be the better choice.

Our View

When purchasing your own portable washing machine, you should certainly consider OneConcept’s offering in the SG002.

Its capacity, simplicity and efficiency put it above the other contenders by a significant margin, while its quality of life features only sweeten the deal. It’s the perfect machine for those who live alone, or couples who are short on space.

Plus, it comes at a reasonable price that certainly makes it worth a quick look.

Best Brand Portable Washing Machine – Streetwise

3. Best Brand Portable Washing Machine – Streetwise


  • Washing Power: 250w
  • Washing Capacity: 4.5kg
  • Voltage Frequency: 220v/50Hz
  • Overall Size: 36×58.5x67cm

Streetwise is a company specialising in camping equipment, providing those living in nature with a touch of the modern world to make their experience just a bit smoother.

The Streetwise Portawash Plus is a perfect demonstration of the company’s focus, quality and goals.

The Good

Streetwise has made a worthy contender to OnePoint’s SG002, and definitely makes our list for top two washers. The Portawash Plus offers a great range of qualities for those willing to invest a little more.

It enjoys a larger capacity of 3.5 kg for a wash, and 4.5kg for a spin cycle – which leads to its second advantage, more options. It is easy to use, and comes equipped with built-in carrying handles.

The Portawash plus is relatively quiet, rarely louder than a friendly conversation would be. Its whirlpool operation also saves power and time, once again leading to lower costs compared to its counterparts.

It also carries many of the same creature comforts as its competitors. The only thing it’s missing for perfection is a dryer, something you can find in the model from FitnessClub later on.

The Not So Good

Compared to, for example, the SG002, the Portawash Plus suffers from a higher base cost. Therefore, it may not be great for those on a budget.

Our View

The larger capacity coupled with the added options (a spin cycle for drying can be a lifesaver, and saves from an investment into a portable dryer) makes this the paragon of portable washers.

This is a washer that will serve you well no matter where it is, and will serve you well just as long as you respect it. Take care of this washer, and you’ll see a return on investment of incredible proportions.

It’s easily among the best washers on offer, and certainly worth the price tag.

COSTWAY Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine

4. Best Portable Washing Machines Small & Lightweight – Costway


  • Washing Power: 300w
  • Washing Capacity: 5kg
  • Voltage Frequency: 220v/50Hz
  • Overall Size: 63×35.5x72cm

Costway is a company which provides consumers with options for home and garden utilities, as well as a range of other items in departments such as hardware equipment, vehicle and DIY project products.

Their contender for the portable washing machine market, the Costway Mini Washing Machine, is certainly nothing to sneeze at.

The Good

This is a strong machine in a small package. The Mini Twin Tub boasts a 5kg capacity, powerful motor, inbuilt spin cycle and independently programmable wash and spin timers. It is also easy to use and clean.

The Mini Twin Tub sits between the OneConcept and Streetwise washers, and could almost be seen as a hybrid between the two.

It has the power of the Streetwise, offering you a large capacity and powerful cleaning options. However, its size approaches that of the smaller machines.

It certainly doesn’t lose any of the functions you love either, in fact, offering better-operating options than either of the previous models. It offers a perfectly balanced compromise between quality and size.

The Not So Good

There have been some customers who have noted that it can be quite noisy, and the price is not ideal for everyone.

Our View

The Costway Mini Twin Tub Washing Machine is a giant powerhouse in a small package. If you’re prepared to invest, it can be a very useful device.

However, the hybrid approach isn’t for everyone, and you may find you’re better served by the more specific options presented.

That said, if you’re looking for a machine that refuses to sacrifice power while becoming as compact as possible, look no further. Your clothes will be washed and ready to go in no time at all.

Further Models of Portable Washing Machine

Here are some further models of the best portable washing machines, just in case the ones above do not quite meet your requirements.

Mini Portable Washing Machine

5. Best Portable Washing Machines for Apartments – Good Ideas


  • Washing Power: 250w
  • Washing Capacity: 1kg
  • Voltage Frequency: 240v/50Hz
  • Overall Size: 45x30x34cm

Good Ideas’ Mini Portable Washing Machine is a device made for compact use. At nearly half the size of even the OneConcept SG002, this washer brings compact to a new level.

You should consider this washer if your living conditions are especially cramped, or if you need to find an especially light washer. Although its small size limits the amount you can wash at once, this machine is deceptively powerful for its size.

A perfect companion for the washer on the go, or with limited space. Its price point makes it ideal for anyone on a tight budget. If you struggle with space, weight, or are looking for a machine to try out, this could be the best portable washing machines for you.

OneConcept Ecowash

6. Best Portable Washing Machines on A Budget – OneConcept


  • Washing Power: 380w
  • Washing Capacity: 3.5kg
  • Voltage Frequency: 240v/50Hz
  • Overall Size: 35x35x44cm

OneConcept returns with their second entry, the Ecowash-Pico Edition 2019. This somewhat alien-looking device is a top-loader with capacity for 3.5 kg of washing. Impressive, given that it’s among the smallest devices on offer.

This is an ecologically conservative device, saving electricity and water in its usage. It offers both a wash and spin cycle with an adjustable timer.

This washing machine is easy to use, and is a powerful washer. Another simple and compact design, you should consider this device if you’re looking for a powerful yet compact addition to your home.

Buying Guide

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to buying the perfect portable washing machine for your needs. Below you will find a brief introduction to Portable washing machines, how to use guides and reviews for five of our favourite machines.

What is a Portable Washing Machine?

A smaller counterpart to the standard washing machine, Portable machines are made to carry out similar functions but on a smaller scale.

They are physically smaller, only able to handle smaller loads, but trade this for a cheaper price, lower running costs, and usually do not require any large-scale installations, unlike standard machines.

They are cheaper, more efficient machines designed for those on a budget or in smaller living spaces.

What is it Used for?

Portable machines fit into an obvious niche, though really fulfil a variety of roles. Their function is exactly the same as a regular washing machine: washing clothes.

Their obvious role would be alongside students and those in temporary accommodation. Cheaper and less unwieldy than a full-size washer, a portable washer offers a variety of advantages over a regular washer.

lower price point, as well as ease of use and installation, make these a strong alternative for the price and space conscious. In places with shared washing facilities, they offer individuals an easy solution to the common issues of washer-overcrowding and sanitary concerns.

How Do Portable Washing Machines Work?

An automatic washer runs on electricity, but is not connected to your home’s plumbing.

Instead, the washer will connect to any utility faucet (such as a kitchen or bathroom tap) to draw water from, with a hose to drain water back into the sink once it has finished. The clothes are rinsed before an electric spinner rotates them to coat the laundry in detergent.

After coating the clothes, they are rinsed again to remove the cleaner, and the excess water is pumped out of the system.

Benefits of a Portable Washing Machine

Portable washing machines are often cheaper than regular machines, both in initial cost and in usage.

As they do not rely on the house’s plumbing systems, they can be installed more easily, without needing to hire a specialist to do the work.

They offer you the ability to bypass a crowded communal washing machine without needing to go to extreme, or expensive, lengths. They can also be taken to places that do not have conventional plumbing (such as camper vans) and are easy to store after use.

Naturally, you’ll find using a portable machine in the comfort of your own home much better than paying for a laundromat.

How to Use a Portable Washing Machine

Simply attach the washer’s inlet hose to a faucet in your home (you may need an adapter to connect them properly) and place the open end of the drain hose into a sink.

The washer otherwise works just like a modern washing machine. Any faucet can be used, including taps on a bath or sink. The process is simple:

1: Set up the washer’s inlet hose and drain hose. A sink or bath is recommended for this.

2: Add detergent and choose your settings.

3: Turn the washer on and wait for the cycle to end.

4: Remove your laundry for drying. Some units come with the ability to dry clothing too.

Though this is a general guide, all washers are different. Don’t forget to check your operating manual for detailed instructions for your machine!

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How-to Video

Here, Rose shows us her Giantex mini compact twin tub portable washer, giving a video guide and review for the machine. It gives a good look at how everything works, as well as how simple it is to use.

Choose One for Your Cleaning Needs

Portable washers often come with a range of special features, and not all are shared universally. Some key features include adjustable water settings, automatic wash cycles, speed level customisation and spin-drying.

It is worth doing your research before investing – fortunately, our guide further on should make this a breeze.

Invest in a Telescopic Dolly

A telescopic dolly is a device which can hold your washer, allowing for ease of movement. Although the washer is portable, it is not particularly light to move around. For this reason, investing in a dolly is recommended.

These are actually quite reasonably priced, and they can be found online or at your local hardware store.

Keep Your Machine Clean

Like all appliances, your machine should be kept clean. We recommend using any of the following methods to ensure a clean system:

            1: Add half a cup of liquid bleach to a white load.

            2: Clean your washing machine with bleach once a month.  Fill your machine with water and a quart of bleach. Thoroughly mix by running the wash cycle for a few minutes before pausing the wash cycle for an hour to let the bleach sanitise the tub fully.

            3: Use Clorox with a white or dark wash. Use half a cup of white distilled vinegar to guard against fading.

To Conclude

Each device here has something that makes it great, and everyone deserves a machine that functions well and provides them with clean clothes.

In a world where homes feel as though they are getting smaller all the time, it is important to buy appliances that are compact and fit easily.

Despite having more than one favourite, Fitness Club offers the best out of all the models here. It’s compact, easy to use, and exceptionally powerful for a thorough wash.

Would I trust it to get rid of stains in my clothes?

Absolutely. The price is quite reasonable as well; something we are very conscious of when picking out every machine for these guides. Of course, you will find one here that is perfectly suited to you, whether Fitness Club or another of these fantastic brands.

What did you think of our best portable washing machines guide? Did it meet your expectations, or did you lack a connection with the models listed? We love hearing from you, so make sure to leave a message in the comment section below.

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