How to Clean a Carpet with a Steam Mop ( With Instructions)

Ever wondered if you can use your steam mops to clean your carpets and keep them looking their best? 

Well, the answer is yes, and we are here to show you exactly how you can make that happen. 

It’s actually one of the best ways to kill dust mites and harmful bacteria that could be lurking in your floors.

Answering some of your most pressing concerns, as well as giving you a detailed step-by-step guide, by the time you are finished with this piece you’ll be a carpet cleaning pro.

Can Steam Mops Really be Used on Carpets?

Yes, steam mops really can be used on carpets. We actually have a detailed guide that takes you through the reasons why they can, as well as what makes them such a good choice for carpet cleaning.

They are highly effective, but the important thing is that you use a model that comes with a carpet glider.


There are some who demonstrate using a steam mop without a glider, and while this is possible we do not recommend it.

Gliders offer a barrier of protection for your floors, and it is important that you keep your carpets safe as well as clean. You can read more about this in our previously mentioned dedicated guide.

Are Steam Mops Safe for Use on Carpets?

Generally speaking, yes, steam mops are safe for use on carpet. The important thing is using it correctly and ensuring that you follow cleaning instructions.

On the whole, you will find that there are no issues, but you must remember that you are dealing with boiling hot steam coming into contact with delicate carpet fibres.

The only time that a steam mop can cause damage to your carpets is if you do one of two things.

The first is that you leave the steam mop on the same piece of carpet for a prolonged period of time while it was running. This can cause damage to the fibres, leaving it looking less than good.


The second thing is using chemicals in the steam mop. You don’t usually use chemicals in steam cleaners, and very few models come with the option for you do so.

Chemicals can cause serious damage to your carpets, including discolouration and tearing the fibres so that they end up looking dishevelled and feeling rough to the touch. 

The Step-by-Step for Carpet Cleaning with a Steam Mop

Here we are at the moment you’ve bee waiting for, the step by step to carpet cleaning with a steam mop. Before we get into the written details, this quick video should give you a good idea of what to expect from the process.

As you can see, the process is really easy. There are no complicated steps to follow, and this should make the process below much simpler to follow how to steam clean carpet yourself.

Step 1: Remove Obstacales From Your Carpet.

This includes lightweight furniture, objects, and toys that might get in the way while you are cleaning. It makes your life easier, and it also means that you can reach older areas that might have hidden stains.


Step 2: Vacuum Your Carpet.

This is one of the most important stages, and you must not miss it. Vacuuming deep cleans the carpet, bringing up hair and debris that a steam mop has no power over.

In addition to leaving the carpet cleaner, it will also help the steam mop do a more effective job.

Step 3: Attach the Glider to Your Steam Mop.

Secure the cleaning pad to the base of the steam mop, and then attach the steam mop carpet glider. Make sure the steam mop is off when you do this, as some start automatically and you could end up being scalded by the steam.

steam mop

Step 4: Add Water to Your Steam Mop.

This is a crucial stage because without water you cannot clean your carpets. Most will come with a little water jug to make it easier to fill the tank. Just ensure that you do not fill it past the MAX line.

Step 5: Start Cleaning Your Carpet With Steam Mop.

You should begin in the far corner and in straight lines. This means you leave yourself space to walk behind the machine and back towards the door. It is the most effective way to clean each room.

Step 6: Drying Your Carpet.

Your steam mop won’t leave the carpet soaked, but there will be a little dampness. Therefore, you should avoid walking on it until it is completely dry.

The amount of time it will take will vary, but it is advised to leave it overnight just to be on the safe side. If you really need to walk on the carpet, make sure you wear clean socks or indoor shoes so that you don’t undo your hard work.

Final Thoughts

It’s such a quick and simple process, and one that you don’t need to be nervous about undertaking. As long as you follow all of the steps and advice listed in this article, you will be just fine when you decide to use your steam mop on your carpets.

The key thing is ensuring that you only use a carpet glider for the task to ensure there is no damage to your carpets.

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