Miele C2 Powerline Review – Cylinder Vacuum

With the Miele C2 Powerline, cleaning carpets and floors is easier thanks to its 1600 Watts suction power. It’s not just about the power of this compact vacuum cleaner though, it’s so much more….. Lets get stuck into the features, the pro’s and of course the cons.

This is one brand we absolutely love at Smart Vacuums, just check out our Miele Cat and dog guide for proof and for those of you reading who have previously owned or are looking to upgrade you existing Miele, you will agree I’m Sure. 


We have checked out all the retailers of this model and at the end of this review detailed them all so you can be sure to get the best price in the UK market.

Carrying a vacuum cleaner around your house can be a real pain if it’s big and heavy. Thankfully that problem is a thing of a past. The C2 Powerline is light enough (4.8kg) to carry around your house and even up and down the stairs without too much of a struggle. This helps you to clean more parts of your house without the dread, and reduces fatigue along the way.

It has a 10-metre operating radius and a compact telescopic tube. The telescopic tube is adjustable to suit all users. It also has an XXL Handle making it comfortable to use.

The Miele C2 Powerline Cylinder Vacuum features a unique 11-stage filtration system. It has an Air Clean filter which adds to the effectiveness of the vacuum cleaner. Match this filtration system with the Hyclean dustbag and you’ll get a pretty decent dust emission rating B.

The Hyclean dustbag is self-closing to keep dirt and dust inside the bag when changing it over. After using the vacuum cleaner, you can use the one touch cable rewind which is a highly efficient way to finish your chores.

Key Features/Specs:

  • Power – Unlike other compact vacuum, this model comes with 1600 Watts of suction power, allowing it to clean almost every surface in your house where most dust and dirt is present. You might think that this vacuum cleaner consumes a lot of energy with its G rating on the efficiency scale.
  • Run Time – This vacuum cleaner runs off the AC mains only. No rechargeable battery option.
  • Weight – This cylinder vacuum weighs 4.8kg which is lightweight enough to carry around the house.
  • Size - 370mm in height, 590mm length, and 590mm width. Possibly a little big compared to other portable vacuum cleaners on the market, but this is certainly compensated by its gutsy power.
  • Collection Type – The C2 uses Hyclean dust bag; a self-closing dust bag that is easy to use. It also allows for an easy replacement without leaving a devastation about the place.
  • Pet Hair Friendly – Yes, it is pet hair friendly and brilliant for allergy sufferers
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Miele C2 Tools / Attachments

1.) Telescopic Tube – this comes as standard . A very useful tool. It’s adjustable to fit any user and to reach hard to get to areas. At its fullest extension, the telescopic tube allows you to reach corners under your furniture or on the ceiling.

2.) Crevice nozzle – This allows you to clean in-between parts of sofas, car seats and the likes. It is also good to use if you are looking for small items like hair pins and other small accessories as long as the item fits the nozzle, its history.

3.) Upholstery Nozzle – This is used for upholstered surfaces found in most sofas and chairs. Use this to avoid damaging your delicate furnishings.

4.) Dusting Brush Nozzle – This nozzle is used for hard to clean surfaces like carpets and the likes as these surfaces hold the most of the dust in your house. Unlike the crevice and upholstery nozzle, it has a brush with natural bristles which thoroughly cleans a surface. You can also use this nozzle in your car.

  • Price Point – Reasonably priced at around £200, a slight step up from the Miele C1 Junior and Powerline range, With the number of features and quality of the product, this really isn’t bad for your money. The fact that it is made by Miele gives you an assurance that this vacuum cleaner will last for a long time past your 2 year standard manufacturers warranty.

  • With Miele you can extend to the 10 year warranty, just add another £50. If the vacuum cleaner experiences any problems, you just have to call the Miele hotline and they will repair or replace your unit, not bad for some peace of mind.
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For a compact cleaner, the vacuum is feature packed. With 1600 watts of power, cleaning the house should be a breeze. It is light enough making it easy to carry anywhere in your house even upstairs.

The addition of Crevice nozzle, Dusting Brush and upholstery nozzle allows the C2 Powerline can clean almost any surface in your house, along with the telescopic tube for those really hard to reach areas.

The vacuum cleaner has an emission rating of B, thanks to its innovative 11-stage filtration system and Hyclean dust bag. The Hyclean dust bag is easy to change without leaving a mess because it an automatic hygiene shutter.

The 10-meter operating radius makes this easy and convenient to use. You can place it in the center of the area you want to clean and you can still reach most spots in that area without moving or carrying the vacuum.

It’s is easy to pack away after using it, thanks to the one touch cable rewind feature. It also comes with a built in tool storage to save additional time when finished. Since it’s made by Miele, quality is assured. They claim that it can last up to 20 years.

With a warranty of 10 years (additional £50 is needed to avail this though), you are secured that whatever happens to your vacuum cleaner, Miele’s got your back.


Vacuum cleaners with this much power tends to get a bit noisy. Everyone at home, and maybe even the people next door, will know that you are cleaning the house.

It’s a little bit gutsy on power consumption, however this can be forgiven for its power and capabilities.

Attractive good looks of this and many Miele models can be a negative for the modern tech savvy homeowners, however we prefer to call it classic and traditional with lots of style.

Finally the price could be a drawback for some . Priced at between £150-£200, some might consider this expensive, however compared to other UK vacuums brands such as Dyson, we think it’s worth every penny.

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If you’re looking for a feature packed compact cylinder vacuum cleaner, look no further and get yourself the Miele Powerline C2. We love it and so do most customers who already own one, you only need to read the customer reviews over at amazon to confirm this.

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