Miele Complete C3 Vacuum Review (Full Range Reviewed)

Miele C3 Complete Vacuum Review – Which Model is Best?

Miele has been around for over a century, so you know they have a good grasp on what they’re doing and what their customers want.

They don’t just make vacuum cleaners either; you can kit your whole home out with Miele appliances and accessories. There’s something about this brand that just sticks with you.

I can’t say I started out as a Miele fan; I was always drawn to the vacuum cleaner bad boy, Dyson. However, the more I have been able to test Miele models out, the more I realise that they could just be the superior brand.

They have so much to offer in such a little package, and it can be difficult to find a quality bagged vacuum cleaner at a reasonable price. Miele seems to have it all, and I can tell.

When I was offered the chance to test out the Complete C3 PowerLine, you absolutely know I said yes. In many ways, this rang is where I truly started to appreciate Miele for what it is and what it is able to do. Not convinced? I don’t expect you to be; yet.

Below is my Miele C3 Complete review in detail, and I highly recommend you check it out for a fresh look with a lot of excitement.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Miele C3 Complete PowerLine

Product Type:

Cylinder vacuum 


£180 Aprox


A vacuum cleaner that can offer you everything you need to keep on top of the housework, you’ll wonder what life was like without it. Stylish design, easy handling, and powerful suction work hand in hand to deliver the perfect experience.

With loads of accessories and a constriction that was made to last decades, what else is there?      

  • miele C3 Complete Powerline PROS AND CONS


  • Powerful suction
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle
  • Compact
  • Remote control handle
  • Variable suction controls
  • Easy to replace bag
  • Good filtration system
  • Long power cord
  • Tidy tool storage
  • Great attachments to choose from


  • The filters are not washable
  • Can’t reach up the stairs, so needs to be lifted
  • Not great for those with asthma and allergies

Presenting the Miele Complete C3 Bagged Cylinder Vacuum

The Miele C3 Complete PowerLine is the ideal vacuum cleaner for those who just want to get the housework done in a quick and efficient manner. It was made to be compact and provide easy handling; taking the hassle out of vacuuming.

It’s suitable for large and small homes alike, with plenty of additional features and attachments that will leave you experimenting.

However, it is not suited for those who live with pets or allergies. The filtration system is not quite refined enough, which can leave sufferers with unpleasant reactions to the air around them.

Similarly, the suction power is not quite enough to reach all that animal fluff, and for these situations, I would strongly recommend the Cat and Dog model,  reviewed below.

Looking at the Miele Complete C3 in Detail

Design and Features

The Miele Complete C3 PowerLine has a nice design, with a sleek build that really gives you the classic feel as you pull it out of the box. It’s easy to put together, as everything snaps into place, and the overall build is very compact. This makes storage a simple solution.

It comes with two floorheads; the EcoTeq and the hard floor. The former of these has foot controls for the floor setting (hard or carpet), as well as an articulated head.

It has also been designed to stay flat to the ground during cleaning so that it doesn’t lose suction. The latter tool has really been designed for hard floors with cracks and crevices.

On the body of the machine, you will find the controls, and they are both clearly labelled as well as easy to access.

They are marked from lowest to highest with little images to help you figure out when to use them. For example, setting one is curtains and setting six is seriously thick carpet.

The controls themselves are simple enough to use, and they are located above the power and cable tidy buttons.

The bag check indicator is also on the body of the machine, and you will find it right by the bag opening. This will let you know when the bag is starting to get full, or if there is an issue with it, by turning red. Despite first appearances, it is actually really noticeable.

I quite like this extra feature because it can be so hard to tell when you are near the end of your time with vacuum bags.

There is a parking slot on the back of the machine so that you can pause while you vacuum. Interestingly, it will switch off automatically when you park, but you have to turn it back on manually when you slide it out again.

It’s a minor niggle, and just a slightly odd design choice for Miele since their previous models switched back on when lifted from the park position.

One of my absolute favourite features is the internal tool storage. Pop the machine open, and you have a little section where all of your tools are being stored away.

It keeps the tidy and safe, but it also fits every single one so that you can clean conveniently and without wondering where on earth you put the dusting brush. 

In total, it has 800w of power. This complies with EU regulations and is still able to provide you with incredible suction while you clean. It may not sound like it, but it is able to clean just as well as the old vacuum cleaners with over 1200w of power.

How Noisy is it? 

The Miele Complete C3  PowerLine is 80db, which is the maximum allowed under EU laws and regulations. It is actually surprisingly quiet; a feature I have found myself appreciating throughout my time with this model. Of course, silent mode is a little quieter at around 76db.

Cord Length and Storage

You benefit from a 10 metre  cord with this model, so there is no more hopping from socket to socket every five minutes. Additionally, when you are finished cleaning you can use the handy cable rewind feature snap the cord back into the machine.

It just makes everything so much quicker and easier; a feature that I will always appreciate in any vacuum cleaner.

Weight and Handling

It only weighs 7.26kg, which is pretty good for a corded and bagged vacuum cleaner. Yes, it can be a little heavy to lug up the stairs, but you shouldn’t need to do it too often because it has a long hose and a wide cleaning 11 metre radius. 

At worst, you’ll have to lift it to grab the last three steps on a standard flight. Otherwise, because you pull it along behind you, the weight is pretty much never felt.

Handling is another good thing about the Miele Complete C3 PowerLine. It has wheels on the base that allow it to zoom over carpets and hard floors to your aid.

The massive cleaning radius also offers more freedom, and the telescopic wand makes floor to ceiling cleaning an absolute breeze.

Dust Bags and Filter

The bags that come with this model are 4.5L in capacity, which is pretty impressive considering your standard bagless usually only has 1L to spare. The front of the machine near the bag indicator light will pop open to reveal the bag chamber in all its glory.

Once it is full, you can slip the old bag (automatically sealed) out, and slide the new one in. The machine will not close or start without a bag in there for your safety either.

The filters can also be found in the bag compartment, and these are replaceable. You cannot wash these filters, but you do get one of them with a pack of four bags. These rectangular filters are also easy to access and replace.

How Does It Clean?

How about the cleaning power? Well, on hard floors it does pretty well, but the EcoTeq head is the best one to go for. Unless you have hard floors with gaps and crevices, the tool it comes with is not particularly useful.

Instead, put the EcoTeq head on hard floor mode, and use that. The only downside is that both of the heads do tend to snowplough and miss the larger debris, but they get it all after a few passed and gentle angling of the head.

On carpets, it is also quite good, although if you have pets, you need the Cat and Dog model in the next section. It is able to remove dirt and grime effectively after a couple of passes, but nothing severe like pet hair and really embedded grime.

It’s honestly pretty great at cleaning everything in silent mode, and I didn’t need the super powerful ones very often.

Stair cleaning can mostly be achieved with the hose and a tool attached to the end. However, you may need to lift it for the last three stairs or so.

Floor to ceiling cleaning is also simple with the combination of the telescopic wand and tools, so there is a lot of versatility with this model.


The Miele  Complete C3 PowerLine comes with the standard vacuum cleaner accessories, each of which you will find below:

  • Crevice tool. This one is quite short, but it works really well when getting into those tight corners and hard to reach places. It’s also great for skirting boards.
  • Dusting brush. This one is ideal for delicate surfaces, and it can be used for a whole host of situations. I quite like using it on my hard floor kitchen for a gentle clean.
  • Upholstery tool. This is used on your furniture and car interior. It has been designed to grab debris and gently scrub the material in question to leave it looking new again.

What About the Other Models?

The Miele C3 Complete PowerLine is not the only model out there in the C3 range, and you actually have another four models to choose from. Here, I will touch on each of them alongside some of the key features they have that the PowerLine might not.

Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Review

Miele Complete C3 Cat and Dog Cylinder Vaccum

Designed for homes with pets, the suction is more powerful and the cleaning more refined so that all of that fluff can be picked up effectively.

It comes with an additional turbo tool for the pet hair, and this means that you can get those tough areas of carpet, as well as their bedding and your upholstery. 

It’s pretty good for asthma and allergies too, although there is certainly some room for improvement. I will also note there are no remote controls, and they are all on the main body.

Miele Complete C3 EcoLine Plus review

Miele Complete C3 EcoLine

The remote handle is what really sets this model apart from the rest, and that’s not an exaggeration. It makes life so much easier to have all of the controls at your fingertips instead of constantly bending down.

It’s a perfect model, and I honestly can’t think of anything bad to say about it, except that you might find getting it up the stairs a little tricky. Improved power and control really help the EcoLine to remain one step ahead of the rest.

Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine Review      

Miele Complete C3 Total Solution Allergy PowerLine

This one was made for allergies. That means it has a better filtration system, and a secure way of trapping all of those allergens away so that they don’t get back into the air. The suction remains fantastic, and it also comes with the exceptionally powerful Electrobrush floorhead in addition to the standard floor and combination heads. It’s all the best parts of a Miele in one machine.

Miele Complete C3 Auto Comfort Boost Review

Miele Complete C3 Auto Comfort Boost

This model also has remote controls, as well as manual ones on the body of the machine. It uses the usual EcoTeq floorhead, which works brilliantly across all floor types.

The thing that really struck me about this model is the boost mode, which massively increases the power, so that hard to clean areas are no longer a challenge. Comfortable to use, and without needing to put massive amounts of effort into the cleaning process, though it seems Miele maybe discontinuing this model soon so getting one might be a challenge.

To Conclude

I hope that you have found this Miele C3 Complete PowerLine review informative and helpful, including the additional models in the line at the end.

The C3 vacuum cleaner  series is the perfect addition to any home, and the only tricky part is choosing which member of the line is coming home with you.

It’s not a completely perfect model, but there is very little that I can fault with it. Yes, the filters aren’t washable, and you might struggle to get the stairs clean at first, but these issues are nothing compared to its excellent benefits.

The Miele Complete C3 PowerLine vacuum cleaner is powerful, easy to use, and packed with features that you know you are going to be able to take advantage of.

Which of these Miele models is best? Personally, I always stick with the C3 Cat and Dog because of the added filtration and extra tool, but the standard PowerLine is equally fantastic.

What did you think of Miele C3 comparison guide? Do you agree with my thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? I love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below.

You can also check our Miele deals page where we compare prices from all the big online retailers for each of the Miele Complete C3 vacuum cleaner models featured here.

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