Hetty Hoover Review: The Pink Henry Hoover

Hetty is Henry’s pink counterpart. Whether she is supposed to be his wife, sister, girlfriend, or another member of the family, I’m not sure.

What I do know, however, is that I had never had a Numatic Hetty until now, and I was incredibly excited to see if she could live up to my expectations. After all, Numatic has never disappointed me. 


I had a lot of confidence that the Numatic HET200 would be just as good as I expected, and I knew this because Numatic always puts a lot of hard work and effort into perfecting their brand and the vacuums that they create. 

With the new lower wattage and the other extra features, I have come to expect from this company, I was suitably impressed with this Numatic Hetty Hoover.

I know you will be too, which is why you should take a moment to read through this Numatic Hetty Hoover review. 

Review Summary


Product Name:

Numatic HET200

Product Type:

Cylinder vacuum


Around £150


Powerful and reliable vacuums are what Numatic is all about, and the Numatic Hetty range is much the same. If you want great suction and reliability, you might want to take some time to check out the Numatic HET200 to see if it lives up to your expectations.

Presenting the Numatic HET200

Hetty 160-11

The Numatic HET200 is the perfect hoover for those that are in search of something that is powerful, reliable, and built to last.

It promises to keep up with whatever happens in your home, and that its lower wattage won’t let you down. In fact, you are likely to be surprised by just how powerful this little creation can be, and also how effective its cleaning is.

However, if you need a vacuum that is able to expertly deal with pet hair and other fibres, you should try having a look at the Harry Hoover HHR200-11, which we have written a full review on.

It was designed to deal with pets and all the fluff they leave behind. While the Numatic HET200 does do a good job with hair, it’s not as powerful as the Harry model. 

  • Pros & Cons

  • Features

  • Specification


  • Long cord and hose
  • Comes with an additional hose
  • Easy bag replacement
  • Portable design
  • Powerful suction
  • Great accessories and tools
  • Perfect for asthma and allergies
  • Quiet running


  • It is a little heavy and bulky
  • Does require more effort on hard floors

Features and Benefits

Power & Design

With the new EU laws about the wattage that vacuums can have, there was a lot of anger and worry about whether or not they would be as effective at cleaning.

The Numatic Hetty Hoover, as with the rest of the Numatic range, is a testament to the fact that the power levels remain unchanged. It’s environmentally friendly, energy-saving, and the perfect way to save a little money on your energy bill. 

This model of Numatic cleaner also has the option to switch between two power modes: low and high. The low mode is perfect for hard floors, while the higher one makes the ideal setting for carpets and rugs.

In fact, further down this review, you will find a detailed section on how well it can clean hard floors. The new floor head is great, and every Numatic model that we have reviewed features this new and improved design. 

It provides better power and suction, and has even incorporated side cleaners so that your floors are perfectly clean. The baseplate is also plastic now instead of metal, but this does not change the cleaning abilities.

Expert Tip

The Numatic HET200 comes with two hoses, so you can attach them together for maximum reach. This will allow you to reach the top of the stairs. It’s the only model in the Numatic range to come with two hoses, and it certainly saves you having to buy an extra one separately.

numatic hetty hoover

The foot operated switch on the head of the cylinder vacuum means that you won’t need to keep bending down to switch modes, and you can change between carpets and hard floors with ease.

There is onboard storage for one attachment, and also a parking slot for the main floor head on the back of the machine. This means you can keep it upright when taking a vacuuming break, or when you need to store it away.

The hose is one of the most exciting parts of the Numatic Hetty Hoover, and the one that I was surprised about (in all the right ways).

I did not expect it to come with two hoses when I opened the box – but it does. There is the standard 2.4m hose, and also an additional one that brings the total length to around five metres. This allows you to reach the top of the stairs with absolute ease.

The regular hose also comes with the new conical design (wider at the machine end) for better airflow. Additionally, there is an adapter to keep the two hoses together.

The power cord is the usual 10m, and it has internal storage to keep it out of your way and make putting it away easier. The handle comes with an extension tube for better cleaning and also contains a suction control panel that you can access easily at any time.

This allows you to have a little more control over the amount of suction the cylinder vacuum cleaner has. Plus, there is a comfortable handle for you to use to carry the machine around the house as well as up and down the stairs.

numatic hetty

Safety Tip

Always make sure you use just the right amount of cable for the space you are vacuuming. Always watch where you step, as cable that is too loose or too tight can become a trip hazard.

Effectiveness When Cleaning Stairs

The Numatic HET200 has something that no other Numatic does, and that’s the extension hose we briefly mentioned earlier. Combined with the extra adapter that is provided, it makes for a perfect length hose to reach the very top of your stairs from the base.

numatic hetty on cleaning stairs

This means that it is safe to use while stair cleaning, and there is no more risky balancing on the top of the stairs.

When you use the tools and attachments (which we go into detail about later), you will find that cleaning the stairs is incredibly easy and effective with this model of cylinder vacuum.

It’s certainly one of the best Numatic models for cleaning the stairs and other such areas. 

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Weight and Handling

The Numatic HET200 is compact in the sense that it is easy to store away, especially with the nifty parking slot that we mentioned earlier – and, of course, the attachment storage on the back of the machine.

However, if you are looking for a really compact model, you should look at the HET160 that we recommend later on. The compact series of Numatic vacuum cleaners may be smaller, but they are just as powerful.

The only niggle with this machine is that it can be heavy and cumbersome to carry around, especially between rooms and floors of your home.

However, thanks to the wheels, you won’t notice this when you are dragging it behind you on your normal vacuuming run. The handling is generally very easy too, and the wide cleaning radius certainly helps. 

Dust Capacity

The Numatic HET200 uses the new dust bags that Numatic have started manufacturing, and it comes with three spare bags as well as one that has already been fitted into the machine.

They have a very large capacity of nine-litres as well, so you know that all of the dust and debris in your home is going to fit in one of these.

They are no longer made from paper, and the HepaFlow material that is used works with a new and improved seal to not only keep all the dirt in, but also to ensure that even if you overfill it, it won’t burst in the machine.

Did You Know

Numatic has created new faces for their vacuum cleaner range. Instead of being stickers, they have been moulded onto the main vacuum for a more 3D effect. So, if the Numatic vacuum faces used to freak you out, there is no way to get rid of them now!

Easy Change Henry Hoover Bags

They are perfect for those with asthma and allergies, as well as widely available and very affordable.

The filter is also excellent. It is a standard Numatic one, but it slots nicely into the machine and captures the vast majority of dust and allergens – preventing them from being pushed back into the air. 

It is also easy to access, and you can clearly see when it is becoming full or in need of cleaning.

Different Floor Types

This pink powerhouse works excellently across all floor types, and the floorhead we talked about earlier means that edge cleaning is an absolute breeze. It can reach right up to your skirting so that even the sneakiest debris can be removed effectively.

Plus, the overall suction of the machine on your floors is superb. When it comes to carpet, it is definitely powerful (as we just mentioned). However, you might need to run it over the same spot a couple of times to get everything up.

This is because it can struggle a little with the smaller particles and fibres (like pet hair) and so needs a little effort to really bring it up. However, it works wonderfully for larger debris.

However, when working with hard floors, it works absolute wonders. There is the usual snowplough effect with the main head, which is where the debris is pushed forwards, but this is down to the design of the brush.

To tackle the large debris, all you need to do is lift the head slightly so that you can suck it all up and the job is done.

The small debris and particles are removed effortlessly, however, so you don’t need to worry about those being left behind.

New Improved Floor Head for Henry Hoover

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The Numatic HET200 comes with a great range of tools and attachments for you to use, and they are the classic pack that you can expect every Numatic vacuum cleaner to come with. The crevice tool has been designed to reach every nook and cranny in your home, so that even the tightest corners can benefit from a good clean.

You also have the dusting brush. This has been designed for gentler cleaning and is great for using on coffee tables and bannisters to prevent scratching or damage. Personally, I love using the dusting brush on my kitchen floor.

Henry Hoover Attachments and Tools

It’s tile, and I find that it ends up with a great shine once this has been run over it. Finally, you have the all-purpose nozzle.

This comes with a removable brush, and the attachment has been designed to deal with your stairs and furniture to make things easier for you.

Additionally, the adapter for the hose means that you are able to attach it directly instead of on the end of the handle – perfect for more confined spaces.

How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of cylinder vacuum cleaner for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to the Numatic HET200.

Hetty 160-11

This little powerhouse works in much the same way as the HET200, except that it is much smaller and more compact in size. Despite this, it offers an excellent level of power and also has a new tool storage system so that you can keep your favourite tools with you at all times. Affordable and easy to store away, it makes the perfect alternative to the full-size model.


Hopefully, this Numatic HET200 review guide has given you a little more information on how it works, and also the ways in which it can make vacuuming a simpler process for you.

It’s incredibly robust and reliable, and it comes in a great shade of pink for those who fancy a change from the classic red that the Henry officers. Additionally, it comes with great power and suction to keep your home pristine.
While it is great for cleaning, there have been a couple of issues with regards to the weight and bulk of the machine. It is true that it can take a little effort to carry between rooms and floors, but it also makes stair cleaning easier thanks to the addition of the extension hose in the box – something that Numatic have not done with other models.

Overall, it has turned out to be one of my favourite Numatic vacuum cleaners.

What did you think of our Hetty Hoover review? Do you agree with our thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. 

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