The Vax 6131T Review – The Best Carpet Shampooer?

Redefining Heavy Duty: The Vax 6131T 3 in 1 Multivax Dry Vacuum and Carpet Cleaner Review

As diverse as the market has become, so has the diversity of mess people make on their carpets. The immense variation of lifestyles has ushered in an age wherein stains, spills and dirt can find their way into almost any corner of the house.

In line with this ever-increasing battle against the toughest stains and the nastiest cleaning jobs, cleaning machine manufacturers have competed against each other to create cleaning machines that are said to handle the most difficult of cleaning jobs.


One such machine is the Vax 6131T review. This device performs as a dry cleaner, vacuum and spill-handler all rolled into one. This unique combination takes out the hassle of having to have three separate machines for each job.

But what separates this piece of cleaning equipment from other models is the fact that it trades delicacy and aesthetics for power. The fact that it runs on 1300 watts says something about what kind of suction power lies behind this orange canister.

To compliment this capacity, it has been equipped with two large canisters that can contain up to 4 litres of water each. One is used for clean water for carpet cleaning and the other is contains dirty water collected from the cleaning as well as spill vacuuming.

For this 3 in 1 carpet cleaning, this model comes with a Fibreflow wash tool that has been designed to go into the deepest mends of carpet carpet fabric to take out those hard-to-reach grime, that most conventional vacuums fail to reach.

The tool comes as a detachable head that fixes to the end of a 2.5 meter hose. If used with the extension tools, the machine can reach a total of 18.3 meters to help access those small corners without having to move too much in the way of furniture.


Because of the tremendous suction power coming from this orange canister, users can deal with some of the most challenging carpet stains and spills that lesser vacuums simply leave behind.

But just because the advertisement capitalizes on carpet cleaning, this hoover can also be used on sofas and upholstery.

The trade-off for power enables the vacuum to handle more stubborn mess found within the house: pet fur, sticky juices, washing machine overflow, play dough and even hay! Most home owners cringe at the sight of mud and carpet fiber becoming one.

This Vax 6131T 3 in 1 carpet washer review is happy to announce that this hoover can take out even the most outdated and hardened dirt particles that have been rubbed right into the weave of most carpets. This cleaning tool has also been designed to work well with car mats and carpet.

These carpets are exposed to varying temperatures of dirt throughout the day which makes them a cleaning nightmare. With the vax 6131T 3 in 1, these carpet cleaning clean easily for you.

vax 3 in 1 vauum attachments

The combination of the suction power and the Fibreflow wash tool also allows for quick drying.

Carpets and surfaces that have been washed with this machine dry out within a few hours. Couple this machine with compatible cleaning fluids to produce a fresher-smelling carpet by the time it dries.

While the vax 6131T 3 in 1 boasts of power, the Fibreflow wash tool was designed for function.

It claims to be able to clean almost any kind of carpet. This includes wool. Most vacuum manuals mention the use of caution or to avoid using them when dealing with wool carpets. The wash tool that comes with the vax 6131T 3 in 1 can handle wool without issue.


The power to clean out even dirt from carpets, may come at a price for some though. The immense cleaning power of this hoover is backed by a heavy frame and weighs in at about 10 kg. Lifting it in between rooms for some could be a problem.

In addition to the weight, the size of the cleaning bags and water containers can be bit difficult to empty and clean.

In exchange for power, the vax 6131T 3 in 1 seems to be lacking in terms of delicacy & aesthetics and despite being able to handle wool carpets and vinyl, some sensitive surfaces can sometimes become tricky areas for the vax 6131T.

The product package does not include rotary dusting brush or rotating heads. That means users will need to keep the nozzle on any stains until it disappears. 

Vax 3 in 1 canister vacuum cleaner

The absence of variation in the cleaning heads might put sensitive surfaces and fabrics at risk of shredding or fraying when faced with a high suction power.

Finally, this powerful machine only comes in one colour Orange.

And although carpet cleaner will spend most of its time in the shed or the cupboard, some variation in the color would have been most welcome.

The Verdict

The choice to buy this product is a choice between strength and subtlety. Although both are important, leaning towards one will mainly depend on what kind of mess awaits the carpet cleaner when it is being used.

Most vacuum cleaners and hoovers have been designed for the modern family without much consideration for what a modern family is.

This is why most hoovers out in the market lack the power to contain the more complicated and difficult messes. This is where the vax 6131 T shines the most.

It has the power and the capacity to deal with the stains that most families consider as normal. These messes could Vax 6131 carpet cleaner Tools and Accessoriesinclude long-forgotten animal fur, ignored milk stains, party accidents and forlorn carpets.

But if the needs demand subtlety, ascetics and delicacy, maybe the vax 6131T carpet cleaner may not be the right product.

At the end of the day, the choice of hoover really depends on the kind of family and the mess that they make. Ideally, the vax 6131 T is best for large households that have children and pets and even frequent parties.

These are demanding situations that require a lot of cleaning power from carpet cleaning. For households that have few people and smaller messes, a bulky and strikingly-colored carpet cleaner may not be the best idea. It might take up too much space and a hassle to move around.

Overall the Vax 6131T may not be The Best Carpet Cleaner in the market, however with all things considered at the price point, you will not find anything in the same league as this model.

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