Vax Floormate Review – Top Hard Floor Washer ?

Everybody wants a house that’s spic and span. And one good way of knowing that a house is clean is the look and feel of the floor. No one wants to step on floors that are muddy or full of grime, and it doesn’t make you feel good.

So of course, the solution is to make sure that floors are totally clean—without a speck of dirt on them. But what if the floors are made of hardwood or laminate? What needs to be done, then?

HF86-FM-D Floormate

Cleaning hardwood floors can be tricky. Sometimes, no amount of sweeping or mopping can make the floors as clean and clear as they should be. But, this should no longer be a problem—Vax Floormate’s Hard Floor Range can do the trick!

In the UK, Vax Floormate’s Hard Floor Washer Range is one of the most popular products, along with some of the best prices.

Here are some of  the key things about this range:

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  • Being able to switch from sucking liquid from the floor, washing, and dry vacuuming
  • Being able to clean a lot of space in just a short amount of time;
  • Lots of “dirt” storage—so you can just keep on cleaning without worrying that you’ll have to empty the storage frequently;
  • A kind of technology that other manufacturers can only dream of;
  • Various colors and styles to choose from—so you can find one that you know you’d really like;
  • Liquid cleansers included in the package that will make cleaning much easier for you, and make sure that the cleanser works with the machine;
  • Tile and grout brushes for easy cleansing of hard to reach spaces, and;
  • Foldable handles for easy storage, among others!


All the products come with a 2 year warranty as standard—so you know that you’re really taken care of, and you have some of the nicest products at hand. Best of all, you can be sure that by using the products in this range, you’re able to treat yourself to a more hygienic and more effective way of cleaning!

Take a look at the three products in the range, along with the best prices on offer:


Vax HF86-FM-D Floormate Deluxe 

With a combination of clean boost and spin-scrub technologies developed by Vax Floormate, this device will surely do you a lot of good. It’s the perfect product for those times when it’s heavily raining outside but you have no choice but to go out or go to work, and when you get back inside the house, the floor is just filled with puddles because of the dirt that you have taken with you. Well, now this would no longer be a problem!

Some of the things that you can expect from HF86-FM-D Deluxe Hard Floor Washer are as follows:

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  • Counter Rotating Brushes. With the help of these brushes, you can sweep the floors not only in one direction alone, but in spinning sensations that would make it easy for you to clean even the grimiest edges of the house;
  • Clean Boost Technology. If there are puddles or stains on the floor, you can also get rid of them now because of this device;
  • Quick Drying Power. This technology extracts all unnecessary puddles of water from the floor to keep it squeaky clean;
  • Twin Tanks. This holds more dirt and water for you, so you can be sure that you’d be able to clean a lot and that what you have cleaned won’t just spill on the floor at the slightest provocation;
  • Pet hair will also be gone! If you have pets and your floor is littered with their fur, you can be assured that the fur would also be cleaned;
  • Wide Path Cords. So you can reach even the edgiest parts of the house;
  • Foldable Handles. Sometimes, some people have problems with storing their devices, but this one won’t give you a hard time because you know you can just fold the handles and store it wherever you want to;
  • Floor to Floor Solution. A 250 ml liquid cleanser is also included—so you would no longer have a hard time looking for one, and so it would really work with the device, and;
  • It works best on cushion flooring, too! See? It’s not exclusively meant for hardwood floors—so you can truly make the most out of this product!



Why you need it: Sometimes, it’s good to just have a product that’s close to old-school items you once owned so you can truly focus on cleaning the floor, instead of on its features—just like this one. But, the best part is that it’s not only useful, it’s very innovative, too. In its simplicity, it can already do a lot—which means that investing in it would be a very good decision for you to make!

What’s not so good about it: Of course, if you’re going to look for something that can help you clean the house in the best possible way, then you’d go for something that has a lot of features already. And while this one is good, you know that it can still do more, and there’s more from the line for you to choose from.

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Vax V-120 Floormate

Meanwhile, the V-120 3 in 1 Hard Floor Cleaner is a product that would make the act of cleaning hard floors ultimately easy for you. Basically, what’s great about it is that it allows you to wash hard wood, and sealed floors by means of sucking liquid from the floor, washing the floor, and vacuuming it, as well. You get to hit three goals with only one shot, how’s that?

You can think of this device as something that can do the usual mop and bucket mechanisms for you, but without the hassle of having a hard time to breathe because of how heavy the mop is, and without the extra dirt caused by mopping the floor! Features include:

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  • Hard wood floor washer—so you can clean those floors with ease;
  • A function dial, which makes it possible for you to switch from three different mechanisms, such as washing, vacuuming, and drying—without any hassle;
  • Spin-scrub technology. These combines the acts of sweeping and scrubbing the floor without actually having to use a real broom, and while making sure that all the edges of your house are kept clean;
  • 1 L Clean Water, and 1.6 ML Dirty Water Capacities. So, you wouldn’t have any problems carrying two different buckets of water where you can place your mop in, and one that you can use for cleaning as it’s all built-in for you;
  • Wide Path Cords. This will make it easy for you to reach the parts of the house that you thought you wouldn’t be able to clean anymore;
  • It also works for stone and unnatural wood floors—so you can use it even if your flooring isn’t made from hard wood. It can be used on tiles, too;
  • Vacuum Capacities. It cleans even the driest of floors and has this vacuum cap that will help you see what you have cleaned, which makes it perfect for tiled porches or dens;
  • Foldable Handles. Again, these are important for easy storage of the product, and most importantly;
  • Repair information is included—so you wouldn’t have a hard time finding someone who can fix the product for you in case something goes wrong with it. You can now do it by yourself!


Why you need it: Realistically speaking, no one wants to feel like cleaning is exhausting. No one wants to have to use various kinds of vacuum cleaners and steam mops  just to make sure that the floor is kept clean. With the help of this product, you can be sure that you’d get to make the most four your money because you can do three different things with it, when you want, and in whatever sequence —which means that it’s one of the most reliable things you can buy!

What’s not so good about it: Basically, it’s the best of the line so you can take a sigh of relief because there’s not too much negative to say about it, except for the fact that it may not be suitable for untreated floors, and if you use it too much, the brushes can slowly disintegrate—but only if it’s in a time span of a at least year or two. Otherwise, and if you know how to take care of it, there should be no problems.

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Vax HF86-FM-T Floormate Trio Hard Floor Washer

And finally, there’s the HF86-FM-Trio Hard Floor Washer! Just like the 3 in 1 Floor Cleanser, this product is very useful for people who hate having to use a couple of products just to make sure that they have properly cleaned the floor.

The HF86-FM-Trio Hard Floor Washer can help you do a lot of things at once and is specifically meant for the smallest, farthest places of the house. Some of the things you could expect from it are:

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  • Spin-scrub technology. You’ll be able to clean the floor from different angles, so you can be sure that it has been thoroughly cleaned—without any hassle;
  • 1 Liter Clean Water Capacity. This means that you are able to keep a lot of clean water for you to use to swipe the floor clean and so you wouldn’t have to go back to the faucet just to get more and look for somewhere to place the water in;
  • Rotating brushes. This will help you get the dirt out from every angle of the house and make sure that you clean even the smallest spaces;
  • Quick Drying Power. Clean and dirty tanks are separated so you wouldn’t be confused and so you’d also see that you’re really able to clean the floor;
  • Vacuum Capacities. With the help of this product, it would be as if you’ve already bought a vacuum cleaner, without really having to buy one! It means that you get to save a lot of space and effort;
  • Foldable Handles. Which again, are important for people who like to save space;
  • Dry Vacuum Container. This way, you know exactly where the dirt goes—so you won’t have any problems whatsoever, and;
  • It can also be used for laminated or tiled floors! So you certainly get your money’s worth!


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Why you need it: Vacuum cleaners take up a lot of space, and this one is a pretty good alternative. It does not only take too much space, but it’s something that can do a lot in just a short amount of time—which makes it a good buy.

What’s not so good about it: A lot of the people who’ve tried this have said that among the Vax Floormate Hard Wood Line, this is the product that possibly does not live up to its name, because it’s supposed to be a “trio” hard floor cleaner, but its main selling point is its vacuuming capability, so where are and what are the other two? It also cannot be used on carpets or grainy tiles, and has no other accessories included.

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Cleaning hardwood floors shouldn’t take all of your sanity away. Take note that it can be done and there are products, such as the ones mentioned in the above reviews, that can help you out with it. Don’t forget to read this guide once more before you choose to buy any of these products so you’d know exactly what you’re going to get. Choose well so you can clean well! Good Luck!


Last Updated on February 3, 2021 by Gemma Tyler

  • Hi
    I am thinking of buying one of the vax hard floor cleaners and have read a number of reviews on Amazon. Some of these state that Vax are unwilling to supply spare parts for these machines. Is this the case? If so why does it say in the literature “Repair information is included with machine so you can do it yourself.”
    Many negative reviews are making me wary to the point of putting me off buying one of these machines. I would like reassurance that after service and spares are readily available, in particular the brushing mechanism.
    I await your reply to the above.
    Many thanks

  • Anthony,

    Although I would like to offer the reassurance you are after , your questions are probably better pointed at Vax themselves as it is them who ultimately cover your warranty and supply you replacement parts where required. They have a helpful support page here, either by email, phone and live chat…..Go straight to the horses mouth I say

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