6 Alternative Uses for Your Unwanted Vacuum Cleaner

Vacuum cleaners are bought for their functionality and nothing else; however, there are a number of ways in which vacuums can be used for a different purpose if we let our creativity – and handiness – do its work.

Lets find the alternative uses for your unwanted vacuum cleaner.

From a retro lamp, hovercraft, ambient noise, toys cars, halloween costume and go karts. 


Plus, recycling helps the environment, so don’t throw those old carpet cleaners just yet.

Cool Retro Lamp

Cool Retro Lamp

Who would have thought that an old, bulky cylinder vacuum cleaner can be used to decorate your house? Denmark-based artist KristianLinneberg Sorensen had the idea to reuse vintage vacuum cleaners as lamps.

Sorensen was inspired by the classic design of these cleaners that he decided to transform them into something new and usable.

By using the vacuums’ body and parts, he was able to give the machine a new purpose.

A Hovercraft

Like something straight out of a futuristic sci-fi movie, Australian computer scientist Thomas Tilley managed to make a hovercraft.

The innovator showed how this device worked in a video below.


By using the cover and motor of vacuum cleaners, he was able to reverse its sucking function in order to make the hovercraft ‘float’ from the ground.

His son sure looked happy enough to volunteer to test the device himself.

Ambient Noise for the Sleep-deprived

It’s very common for people these days to try to look for ways to improve their sleeping habits. Most times, they depend on music or other ambient sound to help keep a calm slumber.

These sounds usually include rainfall, trains running on the tracks, cicadas, and, to some people, the sound of a vacuum cleaner.

That’s right. The soft, soothing sound of a running upright vacuum cleaner might just be the key to help cure that insomnia, after all!

A Tool to Make Art

Have you ever wondered if there was any other way to use your vacuum cleaner aside from, well, cleaning? In this video, artist Chalit Nakpawan used a vacuum cleaner to create a beautiful piece of art.

Using a vacuum cleaner, Nakpawan carefully arranged the colored sand in order to form each stroke. Now, this only proves that being resourceful can help transform a simple household appliance create something masterful from scratch.

Costume for Halloween


There are tons of ways you can use an old vacuum cleaner to dress up for Halloween.

Be creative about it and you just might get yourself a neat astronaut costume like the one in the picture.

Some people even dress up as vacuum cleaners using its parts. Go ahead and score some candy with your cool space suit!

Toy Cars and Go-karts

Yes, you read that right. The geniuses at Dyson decided to perform a challenge of racing cars and go-karts using parts from vacuum cleaners.

The participants were none other than the engineers behind the company’s products. They were given one week to prepare for the competition with the strict rule of only using parts from handheld vacuum cleaners.

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