Our 10 Favorite Cats Vs Vacuum Cleaners Caught on Camera

Cats are just known with that sass and arrogance they have and with that cat confident walk they do around the house. Most of the time, they are just so hard to impress or to satisfy. 

When it comes to vacuum cleaners, they keep that attitude. Well, at least most of the time. 

Here are some cats vs vacuum cleaners funny compilation which shows different and funny reactions.


The video shows cats that are super relaxed enjoying the slow messaging of the vacuum cleaner. They don’t even seem bothered about the sound or the suction feeling.

In fact, they seem pretty enjoying themselves there. Sometimes, they even move to get all their fur cleaned and massages. Well, still not enough to show excitement.

They are cats. Most probably, they think we care about them, because they are sort of gods!

Cats are intelligent animals and they have strong curiosity. They pay attention to every detail. A moving robot vacuum cleaner would be sufficient to trigger this curiosity and have their attention.

While the moving mysterious thing gets towards them, caution and suspicion arise inside them. However, cats are cats. They rarely show fear and they keep their confident posture while observing.

So at first, they are cautious and trying to identify the vacuum and what it’s capable of doing. Next thing you know, they are conquering the room and riding the vacuum as their fancy transportation.

Some cats wouldn’t even wait for the vacuum to be operated to enjoy the ride. Instead, they will go and operate it by themselves. Don’t they just look cute riding on that robot vacuum cleaner? Today the vacuum and tomorrow the world!

Beat box or beat vacuum? In this video, the cat didn’t just love the vacuum cleaner, but also wanted to show some real affection and started licking it.

The sound resulting from the little cat’s tongue and the vacuum cleaner air suctions from the tubes are more like beat boxing. That’s pretty cool!

In some rare occasions, cats can get freighted. However with these two cats, fear would be a small word to refer to the panic they felt when they heard the sudden and loud sound coming from the vacuum.

It’s a mix of funny, cute and totally sympathizing thing to watch. Have a look at the poor kitties.

"How do you dare point this thing at me?" Some cats started attacking the vacuum hose the moment it got closer to them. They apparently didn’t like the idea of something sucking and making noise.

This cat was really scared of the vacuum cleaner, but once the vacuum got closer to it, the cat pulled it together and attacked. Brave poor kitty!

Some cats won’t only like the massage. They would really love it, that they won’t just easily let go of the vacuum cleaner. Cats are the only ones who decide when to stop patting, feeding or “vacuuming massaging”! Some scenes show a cat holding on the nozzle or the tube tightly and refusing to let go. Watch the great love for the vacuum starting from minute 2:50 in this video.

Our last entry on the list is another collection of cat's reactions on vacuum cleaner. Which one do you think the funniest? Is it when cats run away scared? Well, it might be cruel thing to say, but I think that’s something you won’t see every day.


Check the compilation videos of cats vs vacuum cleaners once more and pay attention to how cool and confident they are.

While many pets and even little kids freak out when they hear vacuum cleaners for the first time, most of the cats caught on camera are pretty brave and cool dealing with the equipment.

You know what can be really worth watching? A Grumpy cat vs. vacuum cleaner. I mean, this cat breed is the most difficult one to impress or to attract its attention.

Do you think a robot vacuum or a regular one will be more interesting for her? None? Yeah, that’s what I thought too.

fierce cat

Did you have fun? If you have some videos of your cat vs vacuum cleaner, don't hesitate to share that with us through the comment form below. 

Last Updated on February 27, 2021 by Gemma Tyler

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