Sleep with Vacuum Cleaner White Noise -Top 10 Free Downloads

There is still a lot of debate going on regarding whether vacuum cleaner white noise aids sleeping. However, there are certain studies which validate the positive role of white noise in bringing in sleep.

For instance, a 1990 study finds that children aged two to seven years slept quickly when noise equivalent to a household vacuum cleaner was played compared to when there was no noise.


With so much happening around, it would not be out of place to discuss what actually white noise is. Actually, what we call white noise is not a noise, but it is a kind of signal or sound frequency that is audible to us as a mild hiss, like the sound of the ocean surf, waterfall, or the wind making its way through the trees.

Although vacuum cleaners do not produce pure white noise, the sound can be quite relaxing and calming especially for babies. Research has revealed that such sounds render a sense of security and comfort to the baby, enabling him or her to sleep properly.

But why does the sound of a seemingly chaotic vacuum cleaner help the child to sleep? The reason is simple yet very few know about it. Before the child was born, he was able to hear sounds like the mother’s heartbeat, voice, the flowing of blood in addition to other body noises.

Apart from this, the baby could also hear sounds and voices coming from the outside of mother’s womb. That is why when the baby hears chaotic sounds like those coming from a hair dryer, vacuum cleaner or dishwasher, it gets soothed and often stops crying.

These sounds remind the baby of the previously sheltered world he used to inhabit, that is, the ‘noisy’ womb.

If you want to use the white noise of vacuum cleaners to soothe yourself as well as your baby, check out these free downloads that you can avail.

This video gives you a very relaxing noise to ensure that your baby will sleep soundly. It can also help you if you are suffering from insomnia.

The sound of a vacuum cleaner can be one of the best baby lullabies and this video indeed proves that. This white noise spanning for two hours can work like magic.

You can listen to this sound and relax with 8 hours of sound sleep. Keep it on the entire night and feel the effect the next morning!

This is another 8 hour long white noise that is very effective in putting fussy babies to sleep. Try it out for your crying infant.

Here you have another vacuum cleaner white noise video with a relaxing sound effect that spans for 10 hours, so you can sleep wonderfully putting it on.

We have another effective white noise here with good modulation that has a very calming effect. It works well for both babies and adults.

This is yet another solace for those looking for white noise relaxation. Be cozy on your bed and put in on.

Vacuum cleaning your soul and getting sound sleep isn’t hard if you just turn on this device and get to bed. This is a relaxing video with a much deeper sound soothing you for 8 hours.

This video extends for a couple of hours and is quite relaxing for your crying kid. Experiment with this if you too are facing sleep issues.

Here you get some pure sound from a vacuum cleaner at work. This genuine ‘white noise’ can put your little one to sleep.

So, take care of what you are listening to when you are falling asleep. Proper utilization of white noise can go a long way in helping adults, children, as well as infants. Apart from helping in comfortable sleep through relieving restlessness, sleeplessness or insomnia, white noise helps in a number of other ways including improvement in study skills, making the work environment better, and also giving you your own comfort zone while you are traveling. Protection Status