Vacs Under Attack: Our Favorite Pets vs Vacuums Videos

It goes without saying that vacuuming the nooks and corners of the house including the upholstery and the carpets is a fulfilling job. 

Your work might be interrupted if you have a continually barking dog or a grumbling cat chasing the vacuum or even attacking it. 

There are of course a number of reasons why our favorite pets hate this equipment.


Just put yourself in your pet’s shoes and you will understand the whole scenario. For instance, take the case of a dog. You might own an upright vacuum cleaner to get your job done properly, but your dog has many reasons to attack it.

First of all, the sound of the gadget as well as its size might make the dog afraid. Secondly, your dog might consider it to be an alien thing because he would never know or understand its purpose.

If your pet finds something on the floor or carpet, he will simply lick it; he cannot even imagine cleaning the carpets or floor with something noisy and large.

Finally, your dog loves you and when you move about oddly (at least it seems so to your dog) with the vacuum cleaner and appear to be fighting with it, he gets into the defensive mode.

Be it dogs, cats or any other pet, vacuum cleaners can trigger fearful reactions, even when the pet has been getting accustomed to it for years. Check out these interesting videos of our favorite pets attacking vacuums.

Dog Attacking A Vacuum Cleaner

Here you have a cute little pet dog attacking a vacuum cleaner within a shop every time it is being switched on.

The video in fact shows a couple of dogs, one perhaps too afraid to come closer to the gadget while the other continuously getting into the defensive mode trying to bite off the suction tube, to the enjoyment of the person operating the vacuum.

Funny Dogs Attacking Vacuum Cleaner Video

This short yet appealing video is a compilation of different types of dogs reacting to vacuum cleaners being operated.

You can see various types of vacuum cleaners in operation, much to the woes of the pets, who are either running after the gadgets or trying to bite them off, unable to tolerate them. This is no doubt one of the funniest videos showing how man’s best friend reacts when the vacuum is switched on.

Confused Pet Video Attacking The Dog 

The homeowner uses a small, harmless vacuum to clean the carpet, much to the frustration of the little furry pet. It seems that the pet is moving here and there following the vacuum, trying to understand what actually it is.

But when he is unable to understand, he leaps at the uncanny creature (the vacuum off course), trying to take a bite now and then. You really cannot make out whether this cute pet is confused, amazed or afraid.

Funny Dogs Vs Vacuum Cleaner Video 

Well, it seems that our brown colored friend here wants to grab the sock and play with it, but at the same time he is afraid of the vacuum cleaner.

So, what to do? He takes attempts in pulling out the sock but poor fellow- a portion of it is underneath the vacuum! But you must appreciate the fact that he keeps on trying, and ultimately succeeds. Good job dear!

Crazy Barking Dog Video 

These crazy dogs abhor the very sight of the vacuum. Even before the vacuum is switched on, the two dogs start growing restless, one of them barking weirdly as if opposing the use of this gadget.

The creature goes completely mad, barking incessantly the moment the vacuum cleaner is switched on.

The entire scenario becomes all the more hilarious as the person operating the vacuum tries to communicate to the dog at the time the vacuum is switched off, explaining that there is now no reason to become mad.

Your pets do have their own reasons to dislike the vacuum. It is your responsibility to train them to accept this gadget as a part of their everyday life. Just teach them to enjoy it! Take a look at our article to stop pet hair destroying your vacuum

Do you have a crazed pooch that goes mad at the sight and sound of your vacuum cleaner?. Then please share your story, or even better share your video with us 🙂

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