12 Things You Can Use a Pressure Washer for (Number 6 is Weird)

Pressure washers are incredibly handy pieces of equipment, and many of us would not be able to imagine our homes without them. The amazing thing about pressure washers is the almost endless number of uses they have.

I put this little collection of pressure washer uses together so that you can see just how beneficial owning a pressure washer can be. 

Watch out for number six, though; it’s a little weird!

12 Things You can Use a Pressure Washer for

Hopefully, you will enjoy this little guide and see exactly what a pressure washer can do for you.

Top 12 Uses for Pressure Washers 

  1. BBQ Grill 
  2. Outdoor Furniture
  3. Reverse Graffiti 
  4. Lawn Mowers 
  5. Vehicles (and boats) 
  6. Chimney Sweep 
  7. Fencing
  8. House Exterior 
  9. Wooden Decking
  10. Tile Patio

#1 BBQ Grill

Our summer (or even winter) BBQs can leave the grill looking particularly grimy and unloved.

Of course, many people opt to wash them by hand or throw them in the dishwasher, but with all of that caked on muck, it can take quite some time to have it back to its pristine self.

If you empty the BBQ of fuel/coal and then use a pressure washer on the grill, you will see amazing results in an incredibly short amount of time. It’s faster than washing them by hand, and it leaves a fantastic finish.

jet wash deck share

#2 Outdoor Furniture

Sometimes we experience terrible weather that leaves our garden furniture looking particularly rough and worn.

Either that, or they are left outside and unused over the winter months and end up thick with grime and other forms of dirt.

Regardless, a pressure washer can be a huge help when it comes to returning your outdoor furniture to its former condition.

It’s incredibly fast, which is good if you don’t have a lot of time to spare for cleaning your chairs and table.

#3 Reverse Graffiti

You may have seen this art form on dirty cars and vans, with comical phrases such as “clean me”, and others that aren’t so family friendly! The latest trend is to do the same with your pressure washer on your dirty driveway, home, or decking.

Creating words, patterns, and other designs in the dirt have led to some amusing and colourful results that have spread across the web like wildfire.

So next time you are cleaning with your pressure washer, you might want to try out a little bit of reverse graffiti of your own.

#4 Lawn Mowers and Garden Tools

I’ve heard some people question why you would use a pressure washer on your lawn mower, but people forget that their mower is just as deserving of a good and thorough clean as your car or decking.

Using the pressure washer underneath the lawn mower can help to get rid of gunk and debris that has built up over time, all of which helps the overall efficiency of the machine.

Your general garden tools *such as your shovel and pitchfork) can also benefit from a good scrub with the pressure washer. Same goes for your strimmer.

jet wash dirty car

#5 Vehicles (Including Boats)

Our cars are one of the best when it comes to collecting dirt and grime.

Whether they are used solely on the road or across all terrain, they will be in need of a good wash at several points in the year.

Some say that a pressure washer is great for getting the main bulk of the grime, but they still need to use a sponge and soap to get it to a perfect level of clean.

However, you can invest in some great tool accessory kits for your pressure washer that can be used to clean your car thoroughly as well as effectively – so you won’t need to use a sponge and bucket again.

The pressure washer is fast, and leaves you with great results.

#6 Chimney Sweep

This is definitely one of the strangest uses for a pressure washer that we have come across. A use that is particularly common in the USA, using a pressure washer to help clean out chimneys has proven to be quite an effective method.

With rising popularity, it is proving to be a quick and tidy way to make sure everything is clear after the initial sweep.

#7 Fencing

Most of us have fences around our home, either in the front or back garden. Over time, and with the help of the weather, they often become grimy and discoloured.

This can be unappealing to look at, as well as unpleasant to touch if you need to keep your balance or end up leaning on it accidentally.

A pressure washer can help to solve these issues. The powerful stream can remove all of the built up dirt in seconds, leaving you with a clean fence that is just like new.

pressure wash house exterior

#8 House Exterior

If you have a brick or vinyl house (especially in white), then it does not take long for dirt and grime to zero in and stick to the surface.

Over a seemingly short period of time, your home can go from a dazzling white to a murky grey.

The best way to fix this issue is by using a pressure washer to remove the dirt. You can even buy soap that has been specially designed for use on the outside of your home.

Before you use a pressure washer on the exterior of your home, make sure you read the instruction manual carefully so that you know you are using the correct settings.

#9 Wooden Decking

Your wooden decking is in need of a good clean with the pressure washer at least once a year – especially if it has not been used very much over the winter months.

We actually have a fantastic guide to pressure washing your deck like a pro, and you should definitely take a look if you want a simple method for cleaning your deck in seven easy steps.

#10 Tile Patio

Much like your decking, your patio is also in need of a good clean on a regular basis from a power washer– especially if you want to keep moss and other plant life from growing in the gaps.

A ten-minute going over with your pressure washer is often all your patio needs to get back to its ordinary self. If you have a stubborn stain on the tiles, you can also use a detergent mix to really power through them effectively.

#11 Wasp Nests

This isn’t actually as crazy as it sounds. Wasp nests can be a real hazard, especially if members of your household are allergic to them. If you find yourself with a nest hanging from your home, it might be an idea to use a pressure washer to knock it down.

Of course, it is strongly advised that you use some kind of spray on the nest first to kill the wasps.

There is little worse than an angry hive swarming you, after all. Once the wasps are dead, the pressure washer will knock the nest off your home so that is can be disposed of safely.

pressure wash driveway

#12 Driveways

This is the area that a pressure washer is most commonly used on.

Our driveways and garage floors are used on a daily basis, and so it is only natural that they will build up a thick layer of grime over a relatively short period of time.

Using a pressure washer to clear this away on a regular basis (generally weekly) can really help your driveway and garage floor remain well maintained and clean. Plus, it looks nice as well, so your drive can remain aesthetically pleasing.

To Conclude

Hopefully, you have found this simply guide on the things you can use a pressure washer for useful. From the ordinary to the slightly more bizarre, there are countless uses for a pressure washer around the home.

If you are thinking of investing in one, then this guide should be all you need to convince you that it’s the right choice to make. Versatile and easy to use, they are the household tool you never knew you needed until now.

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