Best Commercial Heavy Duty Pressure Washer Review Guide

No more HALF MEASURES. Let’s get a commercial on grime.  When you use our guide to find the best commercial petrol and electric pressure washers, you know you’re going to find quality and reliability. It’s time to show your filthy decking who’s boss.  We got down to business and put over 35 hours into analysing … Read more

How to Clean a Wooden Deck Without Using a Pressure Washer?

How to clean a wooden deck without using a jet-powered pressure washer -- Best methods reviewed

So you’ve decided to take matters into your own hands and clean your wood deck without a pressure washer. But how to do it exactly and how can you prepare for this?  Fret not as we have the answers for all of your questions. There are many DIY solutions and ways to clean your deck … Read more

How to Clean Your Wooden Decking Like a Pro

How to Clean Your Wooden Decking Like a Pro

In many ways, your deck is the pride and joy of your back garden. It is where you host some of the best parties and get-togethers in the summer, as well as a tranquil place to stop and think in the winter months. Your deck is an inviting place, just waiting to be occupied by … Read more

12 Things You Can Use a Pressure Washer for (Number 6 is Weird)

12 Things You can Use a Pressure Washer for

Pressure washers are incredibly handy pieces of equipment, and many of us would not be able to imagine our homes without them. The amazing thing about pressure washers is the almost endless number of uses they have.I put this little collection of pressure washer uses together so that you can see just how beneficial owning … Read more

How to Pressure Wash your Car Engine Like a Ninja Cleaner

How to Pressure Wash Your Car Engine Like a Ninja Cleaner

It’s important to take good care of your car. After all, their appearance is a reflection of ourselves, and we want to impress people. As a result, you will often see people spending their Sunday afternoons washing their cars and getting them back to that shiny new appearance. Of course, doing it right isn’t always … Read more

How to Clean Your BBQ Bacteria Free Using a Pressure Washer

How to Clean Your BBQ Bacteria Free Using a Pressure Washer

You may be surprised to hear that the way you wash your BBQ is actually hotly debated. Should you use a pressure washer, or should it be done by hand? How do you clean your bbq bacteria free using a pressure washer? There are pros and cons to both methods, but ultimately it comes down to … Read more Protection Status