Review: Harry Hoover HHR200-11 Pet Friendly Model from Numatic

Numatic manufacture some of the best and most renowned vacuum cleaners on the market. So much so, that most people forget that they are called Numatic and simple reference to them as Henry instead!

Harry is another member of the family, and this nifty little hoover has been designed to cope with all the pet hair your furry friend has left behind. 

Harry hoover HVR200-11 Review

As someone who owns a dog that sheds enough fur to create a new puppy, I was really excited to try this hoover out and see if it could cope with the amount of fluff in my home. 

It actually turned out to be one of the best vacuum cleaners I have used for cleaning up all the pet hair, and it did an excellent job on my floors.

It really goes to show that a model of hoover with a lower wattage can offer just as much (if not more) power than the high wattage counterparts.

To learn more about this brilliant hoover and how it could benefit you, take a moment to read through this detailed and exciting Harry Hoover Review.

Review Summary


Product Name:

Harry Hoover HHR200-11

Product Type:

Cylinder vacuum


R.R.P £150


The Harry Hoover HHR200-11 is a hoover that promises to deliver excellence at all times, and if you live in a home with pets it could be just what you need.

With a range of excellent tools and surprisingly powerful suction, you can rest assured that your home will be left spotless.

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11Review

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11Review

This Harry Hoover review will show you the perfect vacuum for those who live in homes with pets and need something a little stronger to deal with all the fluff and debris that they leave behind.

It promises to deliver power and excellence while cleaning your home, and it works pretty well for those with asthma and allergies too.

However, this hoover might not be entirely suitable for those who don’t have a lot of time to clean. The narrow shape of the HarioBrush means that it can take longer to clean your home.

In this case, there is an option to buy a larger one online, or you can take a look at the Henry hoover Xtra – which comes with a full-size HarioBrush that can be used as the main floor head which will work just as good for you pet owners. 


  • Long cord and hose
  • Easy bag replacement
  • Lightweight design
  • Powerful suction
  • Great for pet owners homes
  • Perfect for asthma and allergies
  • Quiet running


  • The HairoBrush is a little narrow for big jobs
  • Not ideal for cleaning the stairs


  • Energy efficient – A rated
  • Compact whilst offering professional 9L capacity.
  • Easy reach, 10-metre cable and rewind storage system.
  • Convenient, on-board wand and floor-tool storage.
  • Easy to change HepaFlo bags.
  • A tool for every job, full accessory kit HS1 with stainless steel tube set.
  • MicroFresh activated charcoal filter.
  • HairoBrush, perfect for picking up pet hair.


Energy Efficiency: Class A
Carpet / Hard Floor: D / C
Dust Re-emission: C
Sound Power Level: 72dB
Annual Energy Consumption: 25.2 kWh/annum
Capacity: 9 L
Suction: 2300 mm H2O
Cleaning Range: 26.4 m
Weight (Machine + Kit): 8 kg
Dimensions: 340x360x370mm
Motor Power: 620 W
Power: 230V AC 50/60Hz

Features and Benefits

Power & Design

As you may know by now, the EU imposed strict laws for hoovers, stating that they must reduce their wattage to 1200 so as to help protect the environment and save energy. 

The Harry Hoover HHR200-11 actually has 620 watts of power and is still just as effective as a regular hoover with a higher wattage. It’s an eco-friendly powerhouse that will leave you feeling incredibly impressed. 

To make things even better on the suction side, there is a low and high switch that you can press for regular or increased levels of power on the harry hoover. The low setting is perfect for use on hard floors, while the high one works wonders on carpets.

Plus, each of these power modes is kind to the environment and your energy bill – you can read more about how they work on different floor types further down.

Expert Tip

New models of vacuum from Numatic come with a parking bracket. This means that you can slide the floor head into it when you take a break from cleaning. Alternatively, it makes it more compact for storing away after use. 

The new floor head for the harry hoover has been an exciting improvement. There are some that have commented that they are disappointed with the new plastic baseplate, but it doesn’t actually make any difference in terms of the functionality and ability of the floor head. There are even side cleaners for added cleaning power.

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 rear view

To make things easier for you and to put less strain on your body, there is a switch on the harry hoover head that will allow you to switch between carpet and hard floors mode. 

This is operated using your foot, and there is even storage space for one attachment, as well as a parking spot on the back of the machine for the vacuum head to keep everything upright when you need to put it away or take a cleaning break.

Sadly, it does not fit the HarioBrush that it comes with.

The Harry hoover cord is a great length, and at ten metres, you won’t have to keep switching between sockets in order to clean your whole house. Plus, it is stored away internally to minimise mess and keep things looking tidy. 

It takes a lot of the hassle out, and the accompanying 2.4m hose provides a larger cleaning radius. Speaking of the hose, the new model of harry hoover is actually conical – meaning that it is wider at the machine end.

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 head

This will improve airflow and ensure that the suction ability is as good as possible. 

The handle has a suction control feature, so you can slide the vent open to reduce the suction or keep it at a strong and steady level.

This gives you more control over Harry Hoover and its capabilities, and it also has a very comfortable handle for you to use to clean. 

Additionally, the extension poles are a massive help with everyday cleaning, but also for reaching high areas like the ceiling and above mirrors.

Safety Tip

The hose that comes with the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 is not long enough to reach the top of their stairs. It is not safe to balance the vacuum at the top, and so we recommend purchasing a longer hose online so that you can keep your safety as a priority.

Effectiveness on Cleaning Stairs

If you are able to use it safely on the stairs, the tools and attachments can make stair cleaning an easy and enjoyable task. However, the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 is a little awkward for stair use due to its bulky design and shape.

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 stairs

The hose cannot reach the top of the stairs, and we don’t recommend balancing it on any steps above you. However, all is not lost in this situation.

There is actually the option for you to purchase hoses that are even longer than the one it comes with.

With a massive number of retailers online that can sell you an official and licensed hose, you will be able to pick one up at an affordable price for safer cleaning. 

Weight and Handling

It’s quite a compact vacuum and comes at a good size, meaning that it is relatively easy to store away and also quite lightweight to use.

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11Review

Plus, it will be dragged along behind you on wheels most of the time, so you shouldn’t notice any difference in the weight.

Of course, carrying it can feel a little heavy, and the shape does make it a bulkier form of vacuum.

However, you shouldn’t need to carry it around too often, and the handle makes things much easier for you when you are taking it between rooms or levels of the home. 

Did You Know

You can purchase an even larger HarioBrush from the Numatic website. This will make larger cleaning jobs in your home a lot easier to handle.

Dust Capacity

One of the great things about the Harry Hoover HHR200-11, as well as Numatic vacuum cleaners as a whole, is the fact that it actually comes with spare bags for you to use as well as one that has already been fitted – leaving you with a total of four bags.

They have a massive nine-litre capacity, which can hold a lot of dirt and debris. Plus, they are really strong due to the new material. As they are HepaFlo bags, they are also very secure, ensuring that dust and other allergens such as pet hair doesn’t escape when you go to empty them. 

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 bag

The seal is very strong, which makes it very convenient and easy to empty out when you are finished.

The charcoal filter should also be mentioned, as it is an excellent addition. While most vacuums can start to smell a little over time, those that are used for pet hair smells stronger faster. 

One of the things I loved is that the vacuum bags for this model are odour reducing – ensuring that you have a home and hoover that smells better.

Cleaning Different Floor Types

It does a fantastic job across all floor types, and works hard to remove debris as quickly as possible. Thanks to the new floor head, it is the ideal model for edge cleaning and will get everything right up against your skirting board for effortless removal.

I discovered this is great for homes with pets as their fluff always gets right into the edge of the carpet. The suction is very powerful on carpets, and you will only need to run it over the area once or twice to get the vast majority of the debris.

It’s perfect for the larger pieces, but the extra running over will likely be needed for the smaller debris as the suction is very powerful and can end up lifting the carpet as well as the dirt. 

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 heads

When it comes to hard floors, the situation is much the same It does a great job of removing all of the fluff and grime, but you might need to put a little extra effort in. 

It can push the debris forward, creating a snowplough effect, and so you will need to lift the head slightly so that it removes all of the debris. 

Still, it works really well on hard floors, and I was more than impressed with the finished results. 


The Harry Hoover HHR200-11 comes with a great selection of attachments and tools to make things a little easier for you to do. The dusting brush is ideal for surfaces like end tables and bannisters, as well as reaching high areas that would ordinarily be out of your reach – such as the ceiling and on top of mirrors.

The crevice tool is the ideal tool for reaching tight corners and nooks that you would not ordinarily be able to reach – helping you to remove all of the dust and debris from your home. There is also the all-purpose attachment that has an accompanying dusting brush to help you clean things like your upholstery effectively.

Plus, the adaptor means that you can slide them all on with ease. The HarioBrush, also known as a turbo tool, has been specially designed for pets. It works great on all floor types, but its narrow design means that it can take longer to get things clean and tidy.  

Presenting the Harry Hoover HHR200-11 tools

However, there is an option to buy a new HarioBrush that is much larger for an affordable price. 

Regardless, it still acts as a main floor head and makes the perfect tool for using on pet bedding and your furniture to remove all the pet hair. 

The turbine can be accessed easily in case of a blockage, and the brush bar is very still to ensure the best possible collection rates. Plus, it has wheels so that you can tilt it up and collect all the debris.

How Does It Compare?

Here are some other, similar, models of vacuum cleaners for you to consider, just in case you want to look at other options before you commit to the Harry Hoover HHR200-11.

To Conclude

Hopefully, this Harry Hoover review guide has given you a little more information on how it works, and the ways in which it could benefit you when you are cleaning the home.

Despite the fact that the wattage is much lower than it used to be, it actually seems to deliver more power than it used to, which makes it a great investment.

The only real issue with this model is that the HarioBrush is smaller than it could be, but there is the option to purchase a larger one separately.

The Harry Hoover HHR200-11 is a great model for homes with pets, and it does an amazing job of removing all of the pet hair and fluff from your entire home. It’s a great option to pick, and a vacuum cleaner that is sure to serve you well.

What did you think of our Harry Hoover review? Do you agree with our thoughts on the models listed, or are there others that you think are better suited to the task? We love hearing from you, so make sure you leave us a message in the comments below. 

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