What Are The Best Vacuum Attachments for Cleaning Blinds & Curtains

You know what really sucks (pun FULLY intended there.)? Cleaning the blinds. It has to be one of the worst and most irritating household chores in existence, but it also needs to be done. The question is, how to get them done well and efficiently? 

If you’re wondering what the best vacuum attachments for cleaning blinds and curtains are (you are, don’t be shy), the answer is simple. Soft dusting brushes, tiny tube brushes, the flexible crevice tool, the mysteriously named blind brush, and a few more. 

We’re here to take the hard work out and guide you through what makes each vacuum attachment for blinds and curtains good as well as the… well, not so good. 

Vacuum Attachments for Blinds and How to Use Them

There are three main attachments that work best for cleaning the blinds, and you’re sure to find that vacuuming them is a much easier and more relaxing task

Soft Dusting Brush

What is it Good For?

This attachment is perfect for vacuuming the blinds, lampshades, and other awkward areas of the home thanks to its long and soft bristles. The long bristles also mean that they can easily collect dust, cobwebs, and other debris efficiently. 

If your vacuum cleaner has variable suction, you will also be able to adjust the POWER according to the task at hand. This means daintier blinds can be accommodated easily.

  • Gentle on all surfaces 
  • Soft bristles that collect fine dust 
  • Great suction through attachment 
  • Can collect a lot of cobwebs and muck in the bristles

Tiny Tubes Brush 

What is it Good For?

Otherwise known as the Dust Daddy (hilarious, right?), the tiny tubes brush is perfect for blinds because of its delicate touch and surprisingly powerful suction. Once attached to the vacuum, each tube becomes its own mini vacuum cleaner that’s there to tackle dirt and dust. 

It can slide through and reach each individual blind, those irritating dust clumps at the edges, and even stretch behind them and into the small gaps you didn’t know were there. Why not try using it on your keyboard as well? It works wonders. 

  • Perfect for small or difficult areas 
  • Specially designed for dust 
  • The tubes can get blocked easily and need vacuuming 

Flexible Long Crevice Too

What is it Good For?

The flexible crevice tool has a lot more length than its standard counterpart. Not only is it LONGER, but the flexibility means that it can twist and turn to reach really awkward areas. This is great when cleaning the blinds as it means you can reach right to the top. 

Furthermore, the flexible crevice tool also has the ability to clean the edges of the blinds – those difficult spots where the string runs through and leaves minuscule dust patches. It’s surprisingly effective in this area, likely because of the powerful and focused suction it benefits from. 

  • Great for getting to those hard to reach places 
  • Powerful and focused suction 
  • Can be a little long and awkward to handle 

Cleaning Tools for Blinds and Curtains 

Looking for something that you can use on both the blinds and the curtains? Well, you’re in luck as we have four exceptional tools that are perfectly suited to the task. 

Triple Venetian 

What is it Good For?

The triple Venetian duster is perfect if you don’t want to spend ages faffing over the blinds. It makes the job quick and easy, cleaning both the top and the bottom in record time. The soft microfibre material is also gentle on the blinds themselves, ideal for wood models. 

They can be used on all blinds – including metal and PVC – without issue. Since there are three layers of duster, they can easily tackle three layers of blinds at once as well as the curtains. Or, if you have very wide blinds, two at a time. 

  • Clean more blinds in half the time 
  • Cleans the top and bottom of the blinds 
  • Really easy to use and comfortable to handle 
  • Gets dirty very quickly 

Blind Brush 

What is it Good For?

For standard blinds, this is the perfect cleaning tool as it has three layers that are able to sweep between them perfectly and collect any dust on the top and bottom of each blind. The bristles on the brush are also soft, which makes them suitable for use on all materials. 

Small and compact, it is easy and comfortable to hold as well as store away once you have used it. The bristles are expertly able to collect dust and grime from the blinds, and are easy to clean once you have finished with them. 

  • Can easily tackle three layers of blinds at a time 
  • Small and compact for easy storage 
  • Great at collecting dust 
  • They do moult, which leaves questions about how long they last 

Extendable Duster 

What is it Good For?

The extendable duster is perfect if your blinds are quite high up and you don’t have the reach to get to them. They can be used to collect everything from dust to cobwebs with minimal effort and have a massive cleaning radius while in use, plus they work great on curtains. 

Since the fluffy head is quite large, it means a lot of dust and grime can be stored inside before they need to be cleaned, and usually, the fluffy parts that are sticking out can reach harder to access areas of the blinds for a quick touch-up. 

  • Extendable, offering more reach while dusting 
  • Wide cleaning radius due to the fluffy head 
  • Great for collecting cobwebs that have formed 
  • Gets messy quickly and needs to be vacuumed 
  • Can be tricky to reach small spaces

Dusting Mittens 

What is it Good For?

Finally, a dusting brush that truly moves at your pace. This glove cleans the top and bottom of the blinds at a speed comfortable for you – the speed of your hand. It is ideal for getting rid of all that grime and debris in a manner that is both quick and efficient and great for curtains

The mittens themselves are actually great for collecting the dust, capturing it in the soft bristles and helping to keep it trapped until you are done. Just watch out, if you move your hands too fast you’ll end up with very dusty air! 

  • Quick and efficient 
  • Moves with your hand to collect dust 
  • Surprisingly good at collecting dust and debris 
  • Does tend to make the air dustier, watch that sneeze! 


Which Dyson attachment is for blinds? 

The Dyson attachment for blinds is the soft dusting brush. It is nice and gentle on the material while also being tough on dust and dirt to leave a beautifully clean finish. 

Can you wash Dyson attachments? 

Absolutely, you can wash Dyson attachments. It is best to use a damp microfibre cloth to wipe away the grime and dust. In severe situations, you can give them a rinse under the tap. Just make sure they are completely dry before you slip them back on the vacuum. 

Final Thoughts 

So many tools and so little time. Which one have you opted for in your blind and curtain cleaning expedition? Personally, I am an advocate of the dusting brush and long crevice tool as I think it does a spectacular job while also remaining gentle on the blinds. 

Did you enjoy this informational piece on the best techniques for cleaning your blinds and curtains? We actually have a whole series of helpful tips and tricks that are sure to make life easier when vacuuming your home. 

Last Updated on May 24, 2021 by Gemma Tyler

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