Can You Leave washing Out Overnight (Do You Need To Re-wash)

We all have busy lives, and not all of us have the time to get up and hang the laundry up first thing in the morning before work. Wouldn’t it be easier if you could just leave it on the line to dry overnight? 

Well, Guess What. 

You can leave washing out overnight and you won’t need to re-wash it afterwards. There is nothing wrong with it, and there will be no damage to your clothes as a result. Just be mindful of how many nights you’re leaving them out for and the time of year. 

Want to learn a little more about how long your clothes can be out and any risks associated with them? Good news for you, you’re in the right place. 

Do I Need to Re-Wash Clothes Left Out Overnight? 

No, you DON’T need to re-wash clothing that has been left out overnight. It will be perfectly fine, and you can collect it from the line after work that evening. Just simply leave it out to soak up the sun to save you a little time and effort. 

When you hang clothes up to dry in the warm weather, make sure they are inside out. This is because if it’s a really hot day with a great deal of exposure to the sun, it can bleach the clothes

REMEMBER: It’s best if the inside of the garment is bleached rather than the outside! 

Of course, you must remember that you are at the mercy of the British weather. If it rains, you will have to leave it out a little longer to dry (and knowing the weather on this island, it’s likely). However, on those warm summer days, it’s perfect for laundry to be left out. 

If you suffer from hayfever or allergies, do keep this in mind if you decide to hang your laundry up overnight. Pollen and allergens can stick to the clothes, which would mean that you need to re-wash the clothes in order to remove the allergens from them.

Will My Clothes Smell if Left Out Overnight? 

If you leave them outside in dry weather, you will find that they don’t smell at all. I know the morning dew can be a concern, but when the rest of the day is dry you will find that there is no odour left behind and you will be left with lovely clean clothes. 

Sure, they might be a little damp when you wake up in the morning and you can smell the dew – but by the time you get home that evening, it will be like that never happened. 

Take a look at these fresh clothes fragrant sachets which are perfect to hang in your wardrobe or simply lay in your drawers next to your clothes that you feel may smell a little damp.

Can I Leave My Clothes Out Overnight in Winter? 

You can leave your clothes out overnight in winter, but we wouldn’t recommend it. The winter months can be quite damp, which means your clothes will take a lot longer to dry. If they are left for prolonged periods of time in the damp, they can be susceptible to mould and mildew

In the winter, we recommend using a dryer or getting a heated drying rack inside your home to keep clothes safe from mould and to ensure they get dry. We actually have a great guide on heated drying racks that we think you should check out. 

Final Thoughts

Leaving your clothes out overnight is no big deal – especially in the summer when there is plenty of dry weather to keep them looking good. Just remember, that leaving clothes in the sun for too long can bleach them, and the winter months can be a little too damp. 

Sometimes, you just don’t have the time to research questions like this. Home maintenance isn’t always easy, and that’s why we have created a series of expert guides that answer all the burning questions you have. Feeling stuck? Make sure to let us know so we can help. 

Last Updated on August 13, 2021 by Gemma Tyler Protection Status