Why is My Dyson Cordless Not Charging ( V6-V11 Models)

The house is a mess and in need of vacuuming, but when you go to take your cordless Dyson off charge you realise that it hasn’t been charging. Even when you put it back on, that familiar charge light isn’t coming on. Afraid you’re going to need a whole new Dyson cordless? 

Dont give up, we can help answer your question why is my Dyson cordless not charging.

Make sure you go through our checklist of reasons it may not be charging first. Is the battery damaged or cracked, make sure the airway is not blocked and check the charger fuse.

You may even need a new replacement battery, either way, we can fix your Dyson without a replacement vacuum.


A lot of the time solution is a simple one, and you’ll find that your machine is back on charge and in full working condition in no time at all. 

Here’s a better look at why your vacuum cleaner might not be charging and how to fix it.

Why isn’t my Dyson charging?

There are several reasons why your Dyson vacuum might not be charging, and sometimes the solution is painfully obvious. 

It doesn’t matter whether you have a classic V6 or one of the snazzy new V11 models, the reasons for your sudden lack of power tend to be the same between them all.

cord free battery

Checks for Cord-Free Dyson Vacuums

If your cordless Dyson is playing up, there are a few checks you can undertake to try and determine what the issue is. Thankfully, they are really quick and easy to carry out.

1. Check the battery casing is not cracked or damaged
You can find the battery in the handle of your cordless Dyson. Every model before the V10 has a removable battery pack, like the Dyson V6, so you can slide this out easily and check to see what’s wrong. 

A crack in the casing will usually mean permanent damage to the battery pack, and it will need to be replaced.

battery will need to be replaced

For the V10 and V11 ranges, you can still access the battery pack but will need the assistance of a screwdriver to get past the protective outer layer. Just as with the older models, cracked or damaged casing is not a good sign, and again a new battery pack is needed. 

This can be done for the V11 and V10 models, it just takes a little extra time and fiddling to get the new battery in. 

2. Make sure your vacs airway isn’t blocked
This is a common issue, and blockages in the wand, hose, or even the dust canister can cause a total loss of power. Similarly, if you have neglected to wash the filter this will also cause the machine to shut down – but you risk permanent damage with a full and filthy filter. 

Check every inch of your cordless Dyson for potential blockages and make sure you remove them with care. You will find that it’s likely a sock or something similar that got sucked up accidentally and lodged itself in the hose.

unblock tube

3. Check the charger fuse
The charger and cradle for your Dyson vacuum cleaner has a fuse, and just like any other appliance there is always the risk that it will blow. Thankfully, it’s both cheap and easy to replace, and you will find the fuse under a small panel in the plug. 

Simply remove this using a flathead screwdriver and then pop the old fuse out so that it can be replaced with a new one. When you remove the old fuse, it will have the amp reading printed on the front so that you replace it with the correct level of power. 

4. The battery might need replacing
If you have a Dyson V6, V7, or V8, the battery in these models is designed to last approximately three years. After this time, they often run out of life and need to be replaced. They only cost around £50 and can be ordered directly from Dyson.

It’s really simple to replace them, and instructions can be found in your user manual. For the V10 and V11, these batteries have been designed to last 15 years thanks to new technology. Therefore, you should not need to replace these vacuum batteries any time soon.

attach battery for handheld

Similarly, there is an interesting phenomenon for all Dyson cordless vacuum cleaners. There have been times where models ranging from the Dyson V6 to V11 have arrived with a dead battery that will not run or charge. 

These are usually bought from retailers who have had the products sitting in the stock room for over a year. Appliances with batteries do have a death date, and usually if it goes completely unused for a year or more that battery has a high risk of total death. In cases like this, a new battery is needed.

5. Check it is plugged in
Sometimes, it really is as simple as plugging it into the mains. We all have those overly tired days where nothing quite makes sense. Check your charging cradle is plugged into the wall and that the actual vacuum cleaner is sitting in the cradle correctly. 

Even if it is off by a fraction, your vacuum is unlikely to charge if it isn’t perfectly settled. If it’s still not working, switch sockets and try a few different ones throughout the house. More often than not, it’s just a case of the plug and the socket not agreeing with each other.

6. Check the charging cable for damage
It’s very easy for cables to get damaged over time. They might get pulled too hard, nibbled by pets, or even trampled when people run past. When the cables get damaged, they won’t work as well or might just stop working altogether. 

Check the cable casing for any nicks and cuts that leave the wires exposed or close to it. If you find any evidence of this, stop using the cable right away and order a replacement. These can be bought from Dyson for a very reasonable price.

7. Try mounting the docking station
If your Dyson docking station is not attached to the wall, you may want to see if mounting it is able to help. Some Dyson customers found that their charging station cable wasn’t reaching the vacuum properly, or it was overstretched and so unable to charge properly. 

To remedy this, they mounted the docking station to the wall so that the vacuum could hang freely and charge that way. This method has been especially successful in older models such as the Dyson V6. It takes pressure off the cable to keep the flow of the charge properly directed.

chargin station

8. Clean the unit thoroughly
This is especially true for models, like the V6, V7, and V8, that have interchangeable batteries. Sometimes, the interior of your Dyson vacuum can get quite dusty and grimy, interrupting the connection between the battery and the vacuum. A thorough dusting and cleaning can really help to get your Dyson back in use.

charging battery


How long does a Dyson battery last?

A Dyson battery has been designed to last a good number of years, with the average being 3-5 before you need to consider replacing it. However, while this is true of the Dyson V6-V8, both the V10 and V11 ranges use new battery technology. 

This tech has been specially devised by Dyson to make the battery pack last a good 15 years before you even need to think about replacing it – hence the battery is not interchangeable in the new series.

Do you have to charge a new Dyson battery?

Yes, you should charge a new Dyson battery before you use it. 

This is advised in the manufacturer’s instructions as it helps the battery to last longer and retain charge better through what is known as chemical memory – something almost every modern battery has to slow the loss of charge over time and keep us going when on the move.

Can I leave my Dyson on charge all the time?

Yes, you can leave your Dyson on charge all the time. This will not damage the battery or run the risk of overheating. 

It works using a trickle charge once it reaches full power, ensuring it remains at 100% without causing damage to the battery or running the risk of overheating.

How do I know if my Dyson is charging?

The Dyson cordless range uses a light system to let you know when the battery is charging. A solid blue light means that it is charging, flashing means it is not charging and there is an error. 

No light means charging is complete, solid amber means not charging due to a temporary fault (such as temperature), and red means there is a fault and to call Dyson customer support.

Final Thoughts

There could be a few reasons why your cordless Dyson cordless cleaner isn’t charging, but the good news is that they are very easy to fix. Of course, there might be times when you find that nothing seems to work, and in cases like this, it is best to call a Dyson customer support to come and look at it or just pick a new model up. 

We know it’s stressful when Dyson vacuum cleaners just don’t want to work, but with this quick and easy guide, we hope that we’ve been able to take some of the pressure off and help you find a solution for your problem. Let us know how you got on in the comments below.

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