Best Car Cleaning Kit (Perfect Gift For Any Car Enthusiast)

When was the last time you cleaned the interior or exterior of your car? I see that sheepish smile, we’ve all been there, it can feel like a massive chore that you just don’t want to deal with. The dread that becoming part of the weekend car cleaning club means you’ve approached middle-age.

Well, there’s no shame in taking pride in the appearance of your car and cleaning it yourself not only saves you money but also gets you outside while you give it a scrub. Where to start? Well, you’re going to need a car cleaning kit that has all the ESSENTIAL tools you need to get sparkling results.

What we’ve done is grabbed 15 of the best car cleaning kits on the market and spent over 40 hours washing our cars, getting them dirty again, and repeating the process until every single one has been thoroughly tested. All of this because we want you to be able to choose from the cream of the crop.

For us, the DTAYL Professional Kit was the clear winner here. It’s packed with everything you need to clean and detail your vehicle without any fuss or hassle. In a word, PERFECT.

But, we know that you might have a different opinion which is why we have plenty of options for you to choose from. The best car cleaning kit is just a scroll away.

Car Cleaning Kit Comparision Table

1. DTAYL: Professional 10Pcs Car Cleaning10YESYESYESYES
2. King of Sheen Waterless 11 Piece Car Cleaning Kit11NOYESYESYES
3. Rapide 9pc Car Cleaning Kit9NOYESYESYES
4. Car Gods Interior Detailing 8 Piece Car Care Cleaning Kit8YESYESYESYES

Best Car Cleaning Kit (In Order)

DTAY® Professional 10Pcs Car Cleaning & Detailing Kit

1. DTAYL: Professional 10Pcs Car Cleaning & Detailing Kit

Our Pick For The Best Professional Car Cleaning Kits

What do we love about this car wash kit? It would be easier to list the things we don’t. Certainly the best car cleaning kit on the market, it comes with 9 exceptional tools to help make life easier for you and all of them are professional quality.

Whether you need a wheel cleaner or something for the interior, this kit will have you putting the pressure washer away and getting back to more intimate cleaning.

All cloth’s and mitts are made with microfiber to ensure a soft touch that won’t damage the paintwork, and even the rim brush has been made with this gentleness in mind.

The high foam shampoo is ideal if you have a foam gun that’s just begging to be used and once you wipe the soap away you’ll be blinded by the shine. Ideal for beginners and detailing veterans alike, it’s easy to use and does what you need.


  • You get some serious professional results at a very affordable price
  • Are you a car detailing beginner? Put down the garden hose, this is for you
  • Makes an ideal gift for any car enthusiast
  • 10-piece kit that offers everything you need for a sparkling vehicle
  • Microfiber towels and a wash mitt that’s fully washable
  • You get interior and exterior cleaning products for results that look good all over


  • While the professional detailer spray is very small, it does last longer than you might think. We just wish it was bigger.

King of Sheen Waterless 11 Piece Car Cleaning Kit

2. King of Sheen Waterless 11 Piece Car Cleaning Kits

Our Pick For The Best Eco-Friendly Car Cleaning Kits

This eco-friendly kit doesn’t just smell better than an air freshener, it also comes with a fantastic selection of cleaning products that tackle everything from glass cleaner and wheel cleaner all the way to interior detailing that will leave your car looking brand new again.

There’s even a wash and wax that will keep the results looking superb for weeks to come after your detailing session.

It comes with some brilliant tools to help you clean the exterior and interior, and the cloths are microfiber to ensure care during every car wash.

The thing that really struck us with this car wash kit is the fact that it doesn’t need any water at all. You heard correct, you don’t need water to use any of these products and you’ll still get incredible results – a truly revolutionary car care kit.


  • Comes with a fantastic protective polish that keeps the results sealed in
  • Uses environmentally friendly products for the eco-conscious car lover
  • A special formula that won’t scratch your car’s paint or damage the exterior
  • No water? No problem, this kit uses revolutionary water-free tech
  • You get exterior and interior cleaning products for fantastic results


  • You don’t get a storage bag for the kit, but it does come with a snazzy gift box

9pc Car Cleaning Kit

3. Rapide 9pc Car Cleaning Kits

Our Pick for The Best Budget Car Cleaning Kits

The thing that won us over is the fact that you get a big car wash kit that offers great results on a small budget. It’s the perfect thing for beginners, and it offers exceptional value for money because you are guaranteed that this will last 20 washes.

Incredible, right? Your garden hose and fairy liquid can’t give you results quite like that. It’s the kind of cleaning kit that we all need in the boot.

It comes with a brilliant selection of interior and exterior cleaning products that cover everything from the glass and wheels all the way to the dashboard and seats.

If you have a foam gun handy, the exterior shampoo really froths up for one of those TV-quality reveals of all the cleanliness underneath. The cloths are also microfiber, showing careful attention to the impact of the cloths and mitts on your car.


  • Big kit, small budget
  • Great value for money because it’s guaranteed to last 20 washes (WHAT!?)
  • You get some very nice interior and exterior cleaning products
  • Lovely microfiber wash mitt and cloths


  • You don’t get any storage for the products
  • The bucket might not be black, there’s an assortment of random colours

Car Gods Interior Detailing Gift Pack

4. Car Gods Interior Detailing 8 Piece Car Care Cleaning Kit

Our Pick For The Best Premium Cleaning Car Kit

Sometimes you just need simplicity from a car wash, and we like that this kit offers just that. No need to fiddle with the pressure washer or try and locate a foam gun, it’s a premium kit that offers exactly what you’d expect – amazing results that you can be proud of.

Even the microfiber towels feel softer than usual, and you can tell that every tool in this kit has been made with quality in mind.

The cleaning products in this car wash kit are simple yet effective, with two made for the exterior and two for the interior.

One of the interior cleaning products is actually a fabric reviver, which is ideal for the seats that have been through World War Three and never complained about it. Glass, wheels, interior detailing, all of it can be restored with one of these premium car wash kits.


  • A stylish premium backpack that lets you keep your detailing kit ready at all times
  • A trusted brand that’s got a 60-year reputation, this is the definition of premium
  • A car care kit that has interior and exterior cleaning products
  • Microfiber cloths because why would you want anything else?


  • It’s a little pricey, but we think it’s worth the expense

THINKWORK Pink Car Cleaning Kit Interior and Exterior

5. THINK WORK Pink Car Cleaning Kit

Our Pick For The Best Cleaning Car Kit For Women

The thing that really drew us to this car wash kit is the fact that it comes with 17 pieces. That’s an incredible count, and every single one will help you keep your car beautifully maintained.

It even has a squeegee for the glass so that you end up with a streak-free finish that you can be proud of. Wax applicator, microfibre wash mitts, and even a stone hook mean that you are prepared for anything.

The cleaning gel for the interior works everywhere, absorbing stains and polishing the dashboard in a way that will change your car wash experience for the better.

It comes with everything you need to keep the interior and exterior looking their best, and the inclusion of specialised tools for things like the hub caps and tyres mean that you are able to be as detailed as you want every time you clean.


  • You get a whopping 17 pieces in this car care kit which is absolutely fantastic
  • Interior and exterior cleaning products because you’re worth it
  • Microfiber cloths and mitts that are completely washable
  • The perfect gift for any woman (or man) that likes all things pink


  • It is bright pink, which does tend to be a little off-putting for some

How We Selected Our Chosen Products

Transparency is key, and that’s why we like to take you through the process we use when choosing each car cleaning product in our guide.

We test each product extensively before we review it, making sure that you are getting authentic results that mirror our experiences with the kits. That’s why we pour HOURS into cleaning our car’s exterior and dirtying it all over again – we get results for you.

Additionally, we do look at the brands and reputation of each product before we test it out. These are important features as a good rep and strong reviews tend to lead to higher rates of success not only for us when testing, but for you as the customer.

We also look at what each product comes with, the number of tools, additional features, and the price point to make sure you’re getting a good deal.

What to Consider When Buying a Car Wash Kits

Car cleaning is serious work, and we know how important it is that your ride looks exceptional at all times. So, when you are looking at car care kits there are a few things that you’re going to want to keep in mind if you want to ensure you’re getting the best product out there. Good thing we’re here, right?


As with everything, price is an important aspect of your car cleaning kit purchase. You want to ensure that you are picking a product that fits in with your budget while also providing you with the essentials you need in order to keep your car looking its best.

That’s why you should always set a clear spending boundary when you are browsing – it’s also why we are offering a nice selection of prices for the kits.


There are loads of car cleaning products that make great accessories for your next car wash session, and you might want to make a note of them. Here’s a quick list of what we consider the essentials:

  • wash mitts or microfiber towels (separate for interior/exterior)
  • brushes for interior cleaning
  • wheel and rim brush
  • exterior shampoo
  • interior shampoo/detailer

Liquid Products

When I talk about liquid products, I mean car shampoo, wheel cleaner, glass cleaner, all the good stuff that keeps your car looking exceptional.

There is usually interior cleaner as well as exterior products, and these will be clearly labelled so that you use the right one. You might also get a butter wet wax because nothing says longevity like a good wash and wax for your old reliable.

The important thing is that you want your car wash kit to have a good variety of liquid products so that you can get all aspects of your car nice and shiny. Glass cleaner and wheel cleaner are very important in our opinion because they allow you to get every inch of your car looking great and keep it maintained.


There is only one material that is truly acceptable for any area of your car – microfiber towels. This material is durable, reliable, but also soft enough that it won’t damage your car’s paint or any of the interior detailing.

In addition to a microfiber towel, you might also get a microfiber wash mitt which allows you a little more flexibility with your cleaning.

Interior/ Exterior Cleaning

What you want is a car cleaning kit that comes with an interior detailer as well as exterior cleaning tools. This is because when you are scrubbing your car, the inside needs just as much love as the outside (if not more).

You’ll want tools to help you reach all the crumbs left by the kids (or that messy friend that insists on eating a meatball sub in the back seat. If you’re reading this, Calum…).

Usually, you will find brushes and cleaning products that have been designed for the delicate and hard to reach areas of your car. You may also be blessed with a car shampoo specifically for leather if you have one of those fancy cars with expensive seats. The best car cleaning products cater to everything.

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Does detailing extend the life of your car?

A good detailing job does extend the life of your car, and if you do it right you don’t need to worry about your car’s paintwork or any scratches. Just make sure you read the instructions for your car cleaning kit carefully before you use it and you’ll find you get a few extra years added onto your car’s life.

How often should I clean/detail my car?

Thorough car cleaning and detailing only need to be done every 4-6 months. However, this will also depend on how regularly you maintain your car’s interior and exterior between sessions. Giving your car a regular wash and wax tends to be the best way to keep it looking shiny and new for longer between major sessions.

Read our full guide on how to clean the interior of the car, we look at the easy steps for you to follow and what tools you should use on which part of the car.

How do you maintain your car detailing?

Between the big detailing sessions, you should give your car a quick wash and vacuum once a week. This keeps the exterior and interior clean so that you don’t have to undertake the big detailing sessions regularly. A good wash and wax also go a long way in preserving that smooth finish.

How much does it cost to get a car fully detailed?

While car detailing prices vary, if you are looking for a full detailing of the interior and exterior of your car it will usually be between £250 and £500. On the other hand, a very basic interior and exterior wash are more likely to be in the £35-£60 range.


So much choice, so many great car cleaning kits, and a whole load of reasons to choose each one. We hope that this guide has been able to help you find a car care kit that ticks all the boxes and has the whole vehicle looking brand spanking new.

The DTAYL car cleaning kit was just spectacular, and we really can’t see a better option as an interior detailer or an exterior cleaner. It comes with a brilliant selection of tools, is really easy to use, and comes at the kind of price that won’t leave you full of regret later. What more could you want from a car wash kit?

What did you think of our guide to the best car cleaning kits? Did we hit the mark, or are you left feeling less than impressed? We’d love to hear your thoughts and even your recommendations, so make sure you drop us a message in the comment section below.

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